Colbert Gets His Copy Of The Mueller Report

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Hug0Pro - 9 days ago
Muller report had nothing of importante and just asssumptions!
The Reckoner
The Reckoner - 14 days ago
HOW a Truptard could watch ANY episode of Stephen and not question their stupidity in voting for the Head Cheeto is beyond me. Of course I'm always concerned that most of Stephen's references just fly over the head of the average Trump supporter.
Walter Rovina
Walter Rovina - 16 days ago
I am waiting for the AG Barr to be impeached himself for obstruction of justice. Criminal lawyers should not be able to defend criminal presidents. They should be disbarred before that can happen.
Swift chopper
Swift chopper - 22 days ago
Toilet paper
bamaslaten - 24 days ago
What he should have stated in his monologue was how "The House" got their arse handed to them. That would have been true and a fine piece of comedy.
bamaslaten - 24 days ago
Colbert is such a Democrat shill. The talking point was "He sounded like Trump's lawyer." Every liberal news agency spoke the same sentence. What is scary is the left has beat this drum for 3 years when you included the FBI investigation. It is laughable how many people were "All In" on the investigation finding evidence. It is shameful for our country and while I may not agree with everything says and his level of social media activity I still don't believe our government should frame another candidate for a crime they didn't commit. Hopefully none of you fine people don't find yourselves on the receiving end sham government investigations.
JAMES ELLIANO - 27 days ago
I love it....but Colbert you backed Mueller and the fake investigations based on accusations. What ... you don't agree???? Then ask yourself this one question.....did Trump Hack the Election? Did anyone hack the election...which means that someone did hack the voting machines. But the told us that DID NOT Happen. What did happen. The democratic committees computer was hacked or more specifically one of Hillary's team. That was never HACKING an election, that was hacking a single computer !!! Grow up people. Fact is that IF TRUMP ever investigated Hillary and the money that rolled through her accounts and that of her foundation she might have some issues and in kind so would a lot of other people connected to them. Conspiracy...., yeah right....who is hiding and turning the investigators in the wrong direction and you my friend are the pawns. This whole joke was about hacking a SINGLE computer not tied to the government. And you bought it. So....tell me where I'm wrong. Losers like Colbert are part of the problem because he tells you what you want to hear instead of the truth and he gets paid for it. Sucker.
MsFair - Month ago
It took me 3 weeks to read it. Trump absolutely colluded, the reason Mueller couldn't prove collusion (conspiracy) was because of Trump obstructing.
He needs to be impeached, NOW.
Guitar Overkill
Guitar Overkill - Month ago
What’s crazy is Hillary breaks the law with a private server and no one says a thing about it. Trump could cure cancer and they would still hate him.
Hector App
Hector App - Month ago
A totally corrupt system .......but the orange orangutan made it to the highest stupid position of the USA ... well ...let me tell you orange guys and whities dont come into my country .... not even for vacations ... YOU WIL DIE !
Mi Cu
Mi Cu - Month ago
And the USA has just been consigned to the dustbin of history
Welcome to the club.
yours truly
YaaPokua Boateng
YaaPokua Boateng - 4 days ago
Mi Cu with the oncoming “no deal” Brexit you may as well consign us to the aforementioned “dustbin of history” Regards United (or not so united) Kingdom
jack smiths
jack smiths - Month ago
Insane fxxxing inside!
reza asadi
reza asadi - Month ago
stephen colbert :" Mueller was made special council specifically to answer the question , did the president obstruct justice ? " and mueller didn't find any collusion or obstruction of justice . end of story
blues mamarara
blues mamarara - Month ago
It's his criminal activity that affects his capacity to govern
G Gg
G Gg - 2 months ago
It's sad to watch Stephen Colbert Gaslight and propagandize people. You can hate Trump and recognize this is bullshit simultaneously...... #ResistTribalism
Coletha Albert
Coletha Albert - 2 months ago
Mueller won't be the fall guy. I think Trump has pee tapes on everyone in Washington DC and Putin has a pee tape on him. #IntegrityMatters #DecencyMatters
Hypercube1729 - 2 months ago
Stupid libtards. This report had nothing! Nothing is happenng. Two years libtards chanted 'Mueller report Mueller report', then it comes out, and no fucking thing happens.
kikiwest2001 - 2 months ago
When he said “I’m f**ked” lmao
Þyngd Tap Dietitian
Þyngd Tap Dietitian - 2 months ago
Tus videos son incre�bles y son los mejores amo tus videos son grandiosos
xin chen
xin chen - 2 months ago
OMG such a thick book! He must have done a lot .....
xxSUPER SUTTONxx - 2 months ago
Why does his piano player laugh like the shitty jared letto joker lol
Andy M
Andy M - 2 months ago
hahahhahah sh#$ now this guy will investigate collusion. hahahahah oh my zero content.
Cyrus Slapatich
Cyrus Slapatich - 2 months ago
Yea, so what?
Hazard David
Hazard David - 2 months ago
Barr reminds me of the Msia’s AG defending the ex PM over the abscondment of the sovereign fund money....that infamous 1MDB case...
Patricia Leonard
Patricia Leonard - 2 months ago
The olc is an opinion.
The constitution is the law of the land . No one is above the law
rodney myers
rodney myers - 2 months ago
The Mueller report is a joke! The FBI as well House Intel and three other reports ALL found NO COLLUSION End of story. Get a life Robert, Stick with acting your very good at acting
alexanderthekev - 2 months ago
Guilty until proven innocent
Ab Hopkins
Ab Hopkins - 2 months ago
I would really love to read the Mueller report! AG Barr blacked out most of it with magic marker. He neglected to blacken the most important parts, but his clear lines were enough to prove his false summary. He just flunked writing an essay ( an English 101 test). Barr thinks that noone will check his findings. Trump also lies like a 10 year old by repeating what he wishes to be true, and factual. He blocks these investigations on his innocence, because there is evil to hide from the courts and the American people.
Russel Nokes
Russel Nokes - 2 months ago
This is a criminal administration put in place by Russia and I don't recognize them or anything they do. It will be so nice when this shit show is over and the criminals are in jail. Oh and if you want to know how our education system is working just listen to a maga. It's de-evolution back to the planet of the apes.
Razamanaz - 2 months ago
I didn’t know a bulldog with glasses could be AG = Acting Growler (getting the steak for the Mops(ter Boss Dog)😈😈
And it’s «super f***** up»🤯🤯⚖️
don reed
don reed - 2 months ago
Darrow Eymundson
Darrow Eymundson - 2 months ago
I guess this shows you are Stupid or a LIAR
Hull Style Produtions Change the World
Today is the first day Mueller spoke on public. Trump still claiming fske news
Brenda Orr
Brenda Orr - 2 months ago
Wow Stephen...when you first came on I felt like you were a bit angry and stout...but now while watching you on YouTube, man...i do believe that you have stepped up your game to master comedian/political commentator and are rockin' it!!! Now That's what I'm talkin' about!!! Ooh yeah!!!🇺🇸🔑🌺🍱
Deborah Lawson
Deborah Lawson - 2 months ago
The Three Stooges!
Bad 357s
Bad 357s - 2 months ago
This Colbert guy is Crapola... prob a Dem Idol Hahahaha
nikprntss - 3 months ago
There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.” ― Socrates....America get it together you are way behind the truth and in the bullshit. Trump is for Trump
Torbjörn Lekberg
Torbjörn Lekberg - 3 months ago
Why is Stephen just recycling the same jokes over and over? It seems to me that he have lost his touch.
John Apple
John Apple - 3 months ago
cos this presidency just won't end
Zlatko Vuckovic
Zlatko Vuckovic - 3 months ago
This guy irritates me as do the audience, he is not funny.
Rondalyn Reynolds
Rondalyn Reynolds - 3 months ago
Great Barr impression.
DARTH SURAK - 3 months ago
Fake comedy is so funny
Monga - 3 months ago
Now Americans know how it feels to have a dictatorish president, but the law's tricky stupidity keeps on shielding him/her.
Welcome to the world. U may talk but nothing happens.
james mcguinness
james mcguinness - 3 months ago
AG needs to be impeached?
ray Seckler
ray Seckler - 3 months ago
Why ? He can't understand. It so why? Dumb as he is I say he.may.have an ole style outhouse n needed the paper for, well you know!!!
riplstrip - 3 months ago
Honestly Stephen, could anyone blow smoke up that Fat orange ass?
Dee Webb
Dee Webb - 3 months ago
Make Trump accountable!!!
Dale Roberts
Dale Roberts - 3 months ago
This Colbert and the rest of them make me sick. And just think they pay him millions.
Joe Magnets
Joe Magnets - 3 months ago
As long as dONALD dUCK keeps kissing the ass' of the JEW, only the AMERICAN PEOPLE will continue to be FUCKED.
Joe Magnets
Joe Magnets
Joe Magnets - 3 months ago
dONALD dUCK is merely a symptom of the TOTAL CORRUPTION OF AMERIC BY THE JEW, born anywhere, loyal only to israel and THEMSELVES. The reason that dONALD dUCK is just a symptom, is because of EVERY OTHER prez of JEWmerica, from LBJ, through today's newest JACKASS of the JEW, all promising 'change' but as far as israel and the Middle East, the FUCK"N dUCK still blame the Mexicans and the Muslims for the ocean of kosher BULLSHIT the JEW is STILL DROWNING AMERICA IN. Until the JEW and those they corrupt, 'our politicians' SUFFER NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE EXCEPT THAT AMERICA WILL REMAIN JEWmerica, the the zionazi IDIOTS that 'our JEW corrupted politicians, will still FORCE the American people to KILL DIE and PAY to enforce the 'religious' insanity of the INSANE JEW. *The talmud revealed*', type it in your search box and choose from the MANY videos that the JEW explains why the JEW WILL REMAIN "OUR KINGS" IF you continue to allow the JEW and 'our' JEW corrupted 'politicians TO BE "OUR" KINGS. The only way to de-throne a KING is to KILL THEM.
Joe Magnets
Joe Magnets
Joe Magnets - 3 months ago
THE JEW and 'our' JEW corrupted 'politicians, why are they still alive in JEWmerica? THAT"S WHY.
Joe Magnets
J Andrews
J Andrews - 3 months ago
Joe Magnets I smell a Republican evangelical, who has no idea that Jesus was a jew
Clinton Shorrock
Clinton Shorrock - 3 months ago
Clinton Shorrock
Clinton Shorrock - 3 months ago
Clinton Shorrock
Clinton Shorrock - 3 months ago
Razorsharp 392
Razorsharp 392 - 3 months ago
And yet,.....there You are!!!
Clinton Shorrock
Clinton Shorrock - 3 months ago
William Rudman
William Rudman - 3 months ago
Is this really what is to be taken as comedy? Nothing funny here, move along.
don't care
don't care - 3 months ago
It looks like they glued a book cover over a phone book. Phone books are these ancient relics that once housed thousands of local and business phone numbers listed in alphabetical order.
Kevin Bergman
Kevin Bergman - 3 months ago
jesus this show is garbage
Ricky Sanchez
Ricky Sanchez - 3 months ago
Stephen Colbert is so funny!!
-Said no one EVER
ghosttimer - 3 months ago
The AG is the president wingman if the Obama administration AG comments are to be believed.
ghosttimer - 3 months ago
Why set up the report? Media spin and political bs obviously
Tikalasi Paul
Tikalasi Paul - 3 months ago
Why are people upset when they should be Happy there is no collusion with Russia. 🤦‍♀️ Fuck your feelings 🖕🖕🖕
Henry K.
Henry K. - 3 months ago
Oh how’d I love for you to be my older, highly educated Uncle.
Mario RS
Mario RS - 3 months ago
Minute 4:44 Barr is asked a simple question that tears the curtain down!!Attorney General could not respond!Embarrasing moment of his career.Should the USA have this kind of leadership in charge of very important offices.Or is it a bit wreckless??
Mario RS
Mario RS - 3 months ago
Critical Thinkers are now the majority!!Speak up!When you know theyre lying to you citizens!Power in the Constitution.For the people by the people!
Jawanna Man
Jawanna Man - 3 months ago
Not in America
Jim Pankey
Jim Pankey - 3 months ago
Colbert is fanastic. Trump is a fanatic.
Brian Lewis
Brian Lewis - 3 months ago
😴😴🤤😂 A stack of papers to use as a paper weight.😂😪😴😴
Deja Vu
Deja Vu - 3 months ago
Barr is a liar
Deja Vu
Deja Vu - 3 months ago
What’s funny is Barr just admitted to senator harris that he didn’t read the evidence so how do you even come out to tell people that lie
Alex Bestoso
Alex Bestoso - 3 months ago
someone literally stole and sold credit cards to Russia, and Trump supported setting the criminal free!
linda brown
linda brown - 3 months ago
The Nixon salute! Love it!
linda brown
linda brown - 3 months ago
Is Rosenstein still alive or just propped up??
James M McGrann
James M McGrann - 3 months ago
Pat Orsban
Pat Orsban - 3 months ago
Now, if only Colbert could read facts, rather than hallucinate his feelings.
Pat Orsban
Pat Orsban - 3 months ago
@MHN forgive me for not participating in your hallucination, feel free to show any evidence Trump cannot read.
MHN - 3 months ago
At least he can read unlike the president
M F - 3 months ago
What a jerk, he isn't even funny. I'm turning him off.
Doggie Style
Doggie Style - 3 months ago
Where did you get your law degree?
Zak Hossain
Zak Hossain - 3 months ago
Pathetic Barr performance
Testing T Test
Testing T Test - 3 months ago
Lol you are the best
Sli ck
Sli ck - 3 months ago
I have this to say about Barr , he is a damn fine criminal.
World Peace
World Peace - 3 months ago
Daniel White
Daniel White - 3 months ago
you suck....anything to say other then trump
Joey Mooney
Joey Mooney - 3 months ago
Colbert can you please stop being political propaganda disguised as comedy.....
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