Colbert Gets His Copy Of The Mueller Report

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nikprntss - 5 hours ago
There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.” ― Socrates....America get it together you are way behind the truth and in the bullshit. Trump is for Trump
Torbjörn Lekberg
Torbjörn Lekberg - 12 hours ago
Why is Stephen just recycling the same jokes over and over? It seems to me that he have lost his touch.
Zlatko Vuckovic
Zlatko Vuckovic - Day ago
This guy irritates me as do the audience, he is not funny.
Rondalyn Reynolds
Rondalyn Reynolds - 3 days ago
Great Barr impression.
DARTH SURAK - 4 days ago
Fake comedy is so funny
Ahyh Channel
Ahyh Channel - 6 days ago
the Ahyh Channel is a channel that objects to the iniquities and injustice of the human race such as all kind of injustice , negligence, corruption, bribery, drugs, prostitution,power uses, all kind of forgery, corrupt media, theft, etc. Ahyh Channel not only view the problems but will give the solution
Monga - 6 days ago
Now Americans know how it feels to have a dictatorish president, but the law's tricky stupidity keeps on shielding him/her.
Welcome to the world. U may talk but nothing happens.
Ahyh Channel
Ahyh Channel - 6 days ago
unfortunately they have solutions to make the world better
james mcguinness
james mcguinness - 7 days ago
AG needs to be impeached?
ray Seckler
ray Seckler - 7 days ago
Why ? He can't understand. It so why? Dumb as he is I say he.may.have an ole style outhouse n needed the paper for, well you know!!!
riplstrip - 8 days ago
Honestly Stephen, could anyone blow smoke up that Fat orange ass?
Dee Webb
Dee Webb - 8 days ago
Make Trump accountable!!!
Dale Roberts
Dale Roberts - 8 days ago
This Colbert and the rest of them make me sick. And just think they pay him millions.
Joe Magnets
Joe Magnets - 11 days ago
As long as dONALD dUCK keeps kissing the ass' of the JEW, only the AMERICAN PEOPLE will continue to be FUCKED.
Joe Magnets
Joe Magnets
Joe Magnets - 11 days ago
dONALD dUCK is merely a symptom of the TOTAL CORRUPTION OF AMERIC BY THE JEW, born anywhere, loyal only to israel and THEMSELVES. The reason that dONALD dUCK is just a symptom, is because of EVERY OTHER prez of JEWmerica, from LBJ, through today's newest JACKASS of the JEW, all promising 'change' but as far as israel and the Middle East, the FUCK"N dUCK still blame the Mexicans and the Muslims for the ocean of kosher BULLSHIT the JEW is STILL DROWNING AMERICA IN. Until the JEW and those they corrupt, 'our politicians' SUFFER NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE EXCEPT THAT AMERICA WILL REMAIN JEWmerica, the the zionazi IDIOTS that 'our JEW corrupted politicians, will still FORCE the American people to KILL DIE and PAY to enforce the 'religious' insanity of the INSANE JEW. *The talmud revealed*', type it in your search box and choose from the MANY videos that the JEW explains why the JEW WILL REMAIN "OUR KINGS" IF you continue to allow the JEW and 'our' JEW corrupted 'politicians TO BE "OUR" KINGS. The only way to de-throne a KING is to KILL THEM.
Joe Magnets
Joe Magnets
Joe Magnets - 11 days ago
THE JEW and 'our' JEW corrupted 'politicians, why are they still alive in JEWmerica? THAT"S WHY.
Joe Magnets
J Andrews
J Andrews - 7 days ago
Joe Magnets I smell a Republican evangelical, who has no idea that Jesus was a jew
Clinton Shorrock
Clinton Shorrock - 11 days ago
Clinton Shorrock
Clinton Shorrock - 11 days ago
Clinton Shorrock
Clinton Shorrock - 11 days ago
Razorsharp 392
Razorsharp 392 - 9 days ago
And yet,.....there You are!!!
Clinton Shorrock
Clinton Shorrock - 11 days ago
William Rudman
William Rudman - 11 days ago
Is this really what is to be taken as comedy? Nothing funny here, move along.
don't care
don't care - 11 days ago
It looks like they glued a book cover over a phone book. Phone books are these ancient relics that once housed thousands of local and business phone numbers listed in alphabetical order.
Kevin Bergman
Kevin Bergman - 13 days ago
jesus this show is garbage
Ricky Sanchez
Ricky Sanchez - 14 days ago
Stephen Colbert is so funny!!
-Said no one EVER
ghosttimer - 14 days ago
The AG is the president wingman if the Obama administration AG comments are to be believed.
ghosttimer - 14 days ago
Why set up the report? Media spin and political bs obviously
Tikalasi Paul
Tikalasi Paul - 15 days ago
Why are people upset when they should be Happy there is no collusion with Russia. 🤦‍♀️ Fuck your feelings 🖕🖕🖕
Henry K.
Henry K. - 15 days ago
Oh how’d I love for you to be my older, highly educated Uncle.
Mario RS
Mario RS - 15 days ago
Minute 4:44 Barr is asked a simple question that tears the curtain down!!Attorney General could not respond!Embarrasing moment of his career.Should the USA have this kind of leadership in charge of very important offices.Or is it a bit wreckless??
Mario RS
Mario RS - 15 days ago
Critical Thinkers are now the majority!!Speak up!When you know theyre lying to you citizens!Power in the Constitution.For the people by the people!
Jawanna Man
Jawanna Man - 13 days ago
Not in America
Jim Pankey
Jim Pankey - 16 days ago
Colbert is fanastic. Trump is a fanatic.
Brian Lewis
Brian Lewis - 16 days ago
😴😴🤤😂 A stack of papers to use as a paper weight.😂😪😴😴
Deja Vu
Deja Vu - 16 days ago
Barr is a liar
Deja Vu
Deja Vu - 16 days ago
What’s funny is Barr just admitted to senator harris that he didn’t read the evidence so how do you even come out to tell people that lie
Alex Bestoso
Alex Bestoso - 16 days ago
someone literally stole and sold credit cards to Russia, and Trump supported setting the criminal free!
linda brown
linda brown - 16 days ago
The Nixon salute! Love it!
linda brown
linda brown - 16 days ago
Is Rosenstein still alive or just propped up??
Mikel McGrann
Mikel McGrann - 16 days ago
Pat Orsban
Pat Orsban - 17 days ago
Now, if only Colbert could read facts, rather than hallucinate his feelings.
Pat Orsban
Pat Orsban - 14 days ago
+MHN forgive me for not participating in your hallucination, feel free to show any evidence Trump cannot read.
MHN - 14 days ago
At least he can read unlike the president
M F - 17 days ago
What a jerk, he isn't even funny. I'm turning him off.
Chris Warble
Chris Warble - 17 days ago
Where did you get your law degree?
Zak Hossain
Zak Hossain - 17 days ago
Pathetic Barr performance
Testing T Test
Testing T Test - 17 days ago
Lol you are the best
Sli ck
Sli ck - 17 days ago
I have this to say about Barr , he is a damn fine criminal.
World Peace
World Peace - 15 days ago
Daniel White
Daniel White - 17 days ago
you suck....anything to say other then trump
Joey Mooney
Joey Mooney - 17 days ago
Colbert can you please stop being political propaganda disguised as comedy.....
DVD Holguin
DVD Holguin - 17 days ago
That's Eerie, Since When Can Anyone With A Degree In Theater Read.
Javier Bonilla
Javier Bonilla - 17 days ago
Now Joe Biden has to choose a nickname for 45. Commander bone spurs? PPP President Porky Pig? President shallow? Fat corruption gig? What’s your sugestión?
harry Henderson
harry Henderson - 18 days ago
I hope you made the 80k indict list Colbert "
TJ Curly
TJ Curly - 18 days ago
Very funny , is this guy a queer ? Excuse my French !
Dennis Martens
Dennis Martens - 18 days ago
Fcking idiot
Immanuel K.
Immanuel K. - 18 days ago
10:00 stfu colbert+producers . podesta $$ ring any bells ? yeah, so stfu and lawyer up.
Clark Williams
Clark Williams - 18 days ago
WOW 29k simpltons liked this dribble. First time and last time viewer. The USA is in trouble if this program is any indication of their intelligence. Absolute mind boggling biased crap.
ms3er - 18 days ago
6:40 nice joke but the reality is what YOU said at the beginning of his Presidency is a Joke on you Mr. Colbert. Love all the probablies and could be's you have to you use because that's all you have.......nothing.
ms3er - 18 days ago
3:14 there was no obstruction because he didn't do anything to obstruct. LOL! 4:45 I love how Barr just looked at that dipshit reporter and said "no". Like he has time wiping the ass of a dumb ass question from a green reporter. 5:40 Trump proved he can troll Colbert better than anyone.
James Dodson
James Dodson - 18 days ago
LOL, Your going to Freak when Trump wins in 2020!!! But at least you'll have something to whine about... So I guess you still have value???$$$
hellrzr1966 - 19 days ago
You're nothing without him. You're Donald J Trumps puppy now.
Bill Whiteside
Bill Whiteside - 19 days ago
It's British Intelligence. British Intelligence, British Intelligence, and CIA Democrat GOP MSM assets versus USA.
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor - 19 days ago
Can't understand how all these people can be afraid of someone who dodged the draft 5 TIMES!!!!!!
Rk Ding
Rk Ding - 18 days ago
OLD News? Non Starter? Non Issue, Ala Billy Bush....
A Pove
A Pove - 19 days ago
This is why street fighting became a thing.
doobiewah357 - 19 days ago
I love watching Colbert on YouTube eat the "biggest shit-sandwich on live television", as Bill Mahar put it, on his election night show. lol
Boo - 19 days ago
Read it...the President was innocent. Nothing … no collusion … no Russian collaboration. Just some pissed off Clinton attorney's who were working on the investigation who sounded pissed off because the guy was squeaky clean. You can try to spin this to the negative...but to be honest, this whole narrative is boring and a big yawn. Guess your getting old and tired like the rest of the liberal left wallowing in some imaginary parallel universe spiraling into black holes once again. To bad … you use to have what it takes. Now your just depressing.
Louis Hawthorne
Louis Hawthorne - 19 days ago
Colbert was better on Comedy Central playing a faux republican
Mino Mohamed
Mino Mohamed - 20 days ago
Is soo funny
Frank Geddes
Frank Geddes - 20 days ago
Good God. Wtf do tv personalities insist on getting political. They should concentrate on being entertaining rather than jumping on a bandwagon to be more relevant. I can watch a news channel for politics. Scrap this show and donate the savings in costs to the democrat party. Just replace it with re runs of Magnum PI or something. I’ve had more fun staring at a slice of cheese than channel hopping into this crap.
Jack D
Jack D - 20 days ago
Prancy dancy just doesn't cut it.
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker - 20 days ago
I used to race home to watch late night TV I loved watching Ozzy talking about Randy Rhodes on Carson. I remember racing home to see Letterman's Top Ten. This is not entertainment. It is propaganda.
Kelly MancardOutdoors
Kelly MancardOutdoors - 20 days ago
Can't wait to see the jokes in the coming weeks with the FISA investigation and the 302's declassified.
mega lodon
mega lodon - 20 days ago
Low IQ Host low IQ audience
Dave - 20 days ago
Have you read it Colbert
MrDostoeyevsky - 19 days ago
Get out
CooL WaTa
CooL WaTa - 20 days ago
Lmao.......Love Him
Eric Cavey
Eric Cavey - 20 days ago
I can taste the salt coming from the leftist pundits.
Patrick Brumm
Patrick Brumm - 20 days ago
just recently watched George Costanza do the same "End of our marriage" bit on an old Seinfeld
Uncommon Sense
Uncommon Sense - 20 days ago
How can you have intent to obstruct justice if there wasn't a crime in the first place? If there was no crime, nothing to hide, then how on earth could there be intent to cover it up? Intent to cover up a crime that never happened? Huh?
There are lots of good reasons to criticise Trump. Maybe the so-called Left could focus on the real issues instead of the fantasy ones, just for a change?
OG JOHNCRANE - 20 days ago
Does anyone else think this is a bunch of stupid leftist bullshit?
KNOTHEADFRED - 20 days ago
I cant believe anyone even watches this shit of a propaganda show. If anyone believes what this poor excuse of a comedian says then you have serious problems.
Nomernomz Nomz
Nomernomz Nomz - 20 days ago
Wtf is he talking about I’m guessing everyone commenting on cable networks never took pre law and hasn’t read the report???
Mahande - 21 day ago
Well well well... Colbert lies again. At 3:00 you say that Mueller was appointed as special council in order to investigate Trump for obstruction of Justice. This is 100% false. The first scope memo (Mueller had Rosenstein amend it later to widen the scope due to lack of evidence of collusion) stated that Mueller's mandate was to find evidence of Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election. Now we all know there was one candidate who DID interfere, but he wasn't looking for evidence against her because Mueller was a partisan hack all along.
I know your show is an opinion show, but don't lie to your audience, Stephen.
H. D.
H. D. - 21 day ago
necromancer - 21 day ago
Sir are you sure that you aren't biased towards Mr. Trump ???
Whatever people say but Mr. Trump is a honorable man who always puts America first.
Julian Chavez
Julian Chavez - 21 day ago
Hey libtard losers how's your day going? Maga2020
TLC Landscaping
TLC Landscaping - 21 day ago
Colbert so butt hurt thats whats funny. Lmao. Get ready 2020 Americans president trump again.
Be glad its only 8 yrs. Lol
TLC Landscaping
TLC Landscaping - 21 day ago
Dems are so stupid, they were only one trying to cheat during election. That why trump 2020 will be so awesone, dems will elect him... and then cry on TV. I can hardly wait
MrDostoeyevsky - 19 days ago
It's over man just let it go. He's done
Very upset Tenant
Very upset Tenant - 20 days ago
TLC Landscaping lol wut
livingthedream - 21 day ago
Wait.. that's it?
Caitie Barnwell
Caitie Barnwell - 21 day ago
leaves the party. Everyone wanted to blow muller until he came to his conclusion. A bunch of nut jobsI wonder when these late night shows will stop getting paid to talk shit on trump lol. How far left will the left go until everyone
Charles Blair
Charles Blair - 21 day ago
stick to regular dick jokes and leave the grown up talk to Bill Maher.
Steven Car
Steven Car - 21 day ago
When man3do know English life much good man how
And #÷%#@?,?? Y
Leanna Geyer
Leanna Geyer - 21 day ago
Barr is a gutless, trumpturd and is a totally disgrace just like trump is to the United States of America.
This is what we are dealing with every day. Trump lied as he took his oath of office for president. Neither one of these slugs should be in government. They both should be in jail, picking up garbage off of a super highway
Paul FredEric
Paul FredEric - 22 days ago
watching those people defending the obvious,that feels disgusting
Patrick Gragg
Patrick Gragg - 22 days ago
rotten otten o
rotten otten o - 22 days ago
I just dont understand! Check and balance? Its just crazy.
Kaptain Kmann
Kaptain Kmann - 18 days ago
the lobbyist write the checks and politicians do a balancing act to make it look as if the people of this country didn't get screwed. hope that clears things up, I would have said helped but I'm not sure that is possible anymore. please understand this in no way is a knock on you , just pointing out the serious misuse of our governing systems.
TILR - 22 days ago
2:12 hold on did CNN, MSNBC, and FOX all say the same thing??? What is happening!?
Wayne Schumacher
Wayne Schumacher - 10 days ago
+Krizzzy That is an option post, said the blind man to his deaf son
Krizzzy - 10 days ago
Wayne Schumacher That is an opinion post
TILR - 18 days ago
+Krizzzy Yeah, that's the sad thing is there are good hosts and journalist at all of the news organizations, but they get overshadowed or forced to make clickbait or whatever
Wayne Schumacher
Wayne Schumacher - 19 days ago
+TILR Tell me does this sound familiar?
TILR - 19 days ago
+Wayne Schumacher The question I would be asking is, where is your evidence that someone is feeding them these talking points? Also, how do you know "they" aren't feeding the alternative media as well? Maybe, they both are being fed different things to hide from the real truth.
Rob Meek
Rob Meek - 22 days ago
Jeruselum Palestine, 9/11, Zionism, Our war on terror is happens to be Israel's neighbors. look at military spending, foreign aid, trump praising Israel, but nobody questions Israeli spying in the USA, nor Israeli Meddling.. You dont see billions of dollars going back n forth to Russia now do you?
Rickey Brown
Rickey Brown - 22 days ago
The funny papers and the S/H can’t read
Zorro in Hell
Zorro in Hell - 22 days ago
Why is no one recognizing the fact that everyone is now talking about "Obstruction" and no longer " Russian Collusion to Steal the Election"? Because no one not even Setphen Colbert have been willing to tell you the facts. You have been lied to for two years by not only CBS but also Rachel Maddow and the rest of the idiots at MSNBC and CNN and the rest of the corporatist networks.
It was the media aka MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, that gave Trump billions in free prime time network time. The former CEO of CBS stated " Trump may not be good for the morality of the country, but he sure is great for CBS".
Here is a debate between two Pulitzer award winning journalist debating the Mueller report, you can here and see where one of the reporters reads the part of the report where Mueller states " NO COLLUSION". I recommend anyone here that wants to stop being MIND FUCKED, watch the video in its entirety, and watch and listen where they share the facts about what the democrats did in collusion with the Ukraine and with the Russian government.
Julian Chavez
Julian Chavez - 22 days ago
Hi losers. MAGA2020
Aedan Manning
Aedan Manning - 22 days ago
Orange man bad
playlists - 22 days ago
conservatives - morons clubbing together to try and pass as people who can think
Mo LFC - 22 days ago
I just want Ivanca 😂🤣😂
Doerthe Manahan
Doerthe Manahan - 22 days ago
I've read some Trump supporters' comments, they are so clear on what they know about Trump, yet, none of them have read the 400 pages. The summary of my findings? Uneducated people talk like that.
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