A$AP Ferg Reacts To New NYC Rappers (Lil Tecca, Pop Smoke, Lil TJay) | The Cosign

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Amoeba Dum
Amoeba Dum - 17 hours ago
Wonder how many crimes this n done komitted on hood cos
Xd kiwifruit 21
Xd kiwifruit 21 - Day ago
Hey ferg
Xd kiwifruit 21
Xd kiwifruit 21 - Day ago
ASAP rappers are great
puzz88 - 3 days ago
"i think all genres fall under hip hop now" *proceeds to list green day and then all other artists who are already hip hop*
I am Galaxy
I am Galaxy - 6 days ago
ABG and CA$$ no challenge
Dj Wave_MAN
Dj Wave_MAN - 6 days ago
I’m upset 22gz or and Blixky boys wasn’t in it. There not mainstream yet so why not
Games Only
Games Only - 6 days ago
I want Eminem in the Cosign of all of the rap culture he would he like f*ck all of em
walte r
walte r - 17 hours ago
ok boomer
ONDAT AZZ!! - 7 days ago
https://youtu.be/T1V1_-4DgZs 💙❤♥SHOUT OUT 2 GENIUSTV!! WATCH KEV MAC VIDEO'S!!
Qamar Hashim
Qamar Hashim - 7 days ago
Pop Smoke. Brap brap
K.M.G - 8 days ago
This nigga just want the pussy
ok - 8 days ago
"Tecca reminds me of amine" Facts lmao
Leslie Nche
Leslie Nche - 8 days ago
ASAP Ferg:This video is funny
Also ASAP Ferg: Doesn’t laugh at all
Adan Guapo
Adan Guapo - 11 days ago
we need more ogs like dis
Yair Martinez
Yair Martinez - 12 days ago
“I see jay critch on this....he’s dumb tall”
Chaotic Carti
Chaotic Carti - 12 days ago
This where pop smoke got all the clout
Carmalious Rodriguez
Carmalious Rodriguez - 13 days ago
Lil tecca is not from nyc he's from Toronto
Avery Kellogg
Avery Kellogg - 15 days ago
I’m glad that he wasn’t shitting on all these new age rappers cuz if you can’t respect the future you’ll get left behind
EL GEE - 16 days ago
i had to listen to blood hound 5 times to purge my self of these lame fools sound.
EL GEE - 16 days ago
was nas busy?
Ifedili ,
Ifedili , - 16 days ago
fuck work i ain't gonna be a doctor
blitz lord
blitz lord - 16 days ago
Ferg is new hip hop this....
Hector Garcia
Hector Garcia - 17 days ago
I like uk beats alot we should start embracing the uk and see what comes out
j.jordan.s - 17 days ago
Lil TJay the best
Kona Fenske
Kona Fenske - 17 days ago
Did anyone like kitty?
Ryan Grant
Ryan Grant - 17 days ago
Why doesn’t anyone trash anyone on these video
C R - 17 days ago
no one:
ferg: he reminds me of....
XiiLe - 18 days ago
Where’s peep......
Mischa - 18 days ago
Pop Smoke is gonna be a big name soon. People can hate on it, but he merged with the UK's grime really well and brought the 50 Cent vibe to it.
Liam Cusack
Liam Cusack - 18 days ago
Where's Joey Bada$$
anton - 18 days ago
the funnies thing is that he actually knows they trash but doesn't want to roast them so he just talks about their swag mostly
InsideOutMedia - 18 days ago
Griselda Records >>> all these lil NYC niggas
wait what
wait what - 20 days ago
no sheff? no sleepy? no 22gz? no eli fross? no envy caine? whaaaaa
MrBluYoshi - 21 day ago
Do Tupac reacting to new dead rappers: Fredo Santana, Lil Peep, XXXTENTACION

The Chefette
The Chefette - 21 day ago
They had ice cube for west coast and Ferg for NY? They couldn’t get Busta, Nas or Method Man??
Jessica Umeh
Jessica Umeh - 23 days ago
my guy said "all of them are dark skin because they're African ", some American people really have like 2 brain cells
Nayya Santana
Nayya Santana - 23 days ago
"he got the poly on, we gotta get him a silky" LMFAOO
StranGaming - 24 days ago
Tf is zillakami? And lol durk is even singing rapping before they did.
LordGabbe - 24 days ago
Oh damn CK was on Floor Seats
djshadow 32
djshadow 32 - 29 days ago
Nathan Wen
Nathan Wen - Month ago
Where the choos
TruthBeTold - Month ago
The first rappers had Ferg confused he just commented about the dressing/swag 🤣🤣🤣
Shounok Kar
Shounok Kar - Month ago
Honestly lil tjay and lil tecca are more popular than ASAP Ferg now.
Junior Valle
Junior Valle - Month ago
Lil Tecca from Long Island and people shit on Long Island
CAP'N FTB - Month ago
I thought ferg was from philli for the longest time
Humble People
Humble People - Month ago
Honestly they all trash in my opinion lol but ehh
Drop Top25
Drop Top25 - Month ago
No Maxthademon
RAYAN KHATIB - Month ago
East cost 4 life
Frivey - Month ago
Where J.I at?
William Boström Daltorpskolan 8F
lil tjay nyc golden boy no cap
BeeBee Tee
BeeBee Tee - Month ago
Pull up with a white tea in a Bentley....
Fabian Henry
Fabian Henry - Month ago
Acting like he doesn’t know who Pop Smoke is 🤦‍♂️
Jimmy Hooks
Jimmy Hooks - 23 days ago
I literally don't know who that is lol but its pretty dope
Nudah Not Verified
Nudah Not Verified - Month ago
Pop Smoke is wack lol
J Pak
J Pak - Month ago
these youngins suck
J Pak
J Pak - Month ago
there’s only one lil. stop riding wayne’s cok you trash phukin younglins
J Pak
J Pak - Month ago
lils ARE Trash
J Pak
J Pak - Month ago
all the lils were TRASH. why you keep using lil you lazy Trash. don’t kno how to be original anymore? uzi etc
823 GSC
823 GSC - Month ago
ferg kinda sound like casanova
JosephMhBx - Month ago
Why nobody know about the lower east side in Manhattan the lower is wild dangerous
Tim buck two
Tim buck two - Month ago
Get 21 to co sign UK rappers
ASD Kidd
ASD Kidd - Month ago
Ferg stop lying you picked Chinese kitty so you can hit That thickness
6thGearPinned - Month ago
This nigga judging how good music is based off of dances and gap hoodie smh kill yo self ferg you a cornball ass nigga anyways.
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