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Kalysta - Day ago
grab traves, cscoop and Callmecarson
Not Sl33py
Not Sl33py - Day ago
Oliver tree hoodie 🔥🔥
tori Del
tori Del - Day ago
Wait for the merch is it new Zealand money or Australian money???
Sophie Miller
Sophie Miller - 2 days ago
10:12 is the best part I love it
Bridget Marlow
Bridget Marlow - 2 days ago
Did anyone notice that Courtney is wearing an Oliver tree sweatshirt!??
Nim Zy
Nim Zy - 2 days ago
You should bring @drawingwithjazza on
Piper Schepperly
Piper Schepperly - 3 days ago
Do a try not to laugh video with the impractical Jokers
Bob Kaplan
Bob Kaplan - 3 days ago
Better team up than Avengers: Endgame.
Eagle Heart
Eagle Heart - 3 days ago
"Always be prepared" -Link
Zeri Payne
Zeri Payne - 3 days ago
Yaniel DJ
Yaniel DJ - 3 days ago
Ok but Shayne's Rhett impression is spot on
Liam Altman
Liam Altman - 4 days ago
Is it just me or doe link look like will ferrel at 10:23
Paul Lizotte
Paul Lizotte - 4 days ago
This was great, but that very last one was so clever, I might just have to steal that for myself for a halloween costume.
gracie :P
gracie :P - 4 days ago
10:14 link is radiating major cotton candy randy energy & im here for it
Morro - 4 days ago
Thomas Bartlett Wagoner
Run along now Lizagerth 😂
Gregory Bishara
Gregory Bishara - 5 days ago
Bring in ryan higa
Jeremiah goff
Jeremiah goff - 5 days ago
Vitto Congi
Vitto Congi - 5 days ago
Should of had Stevie as well
Bailey Marcum
Bailey Marcum - 5 days ago
Watch this at 0.5x speed.. I promise you won’t regret it. It’s amazing😂😂😂😂😂
Joannemathilde - 5 days ago
Hahah the banana and apple one killed me! 🤣
Merit Tikka
Merit Tikka - 6 days ago
Just noticed how small everybody is compared to Rhett
Jordynn Gozjolko
Jordynn Gozjolko - 6 days ago
I feel like they should get some of the people from the vlog squad like maybe Zane, liza, Matt, ooh maybe carly and Erin. They should also get Thomas Sanders and Keith and noah
Chipopiii Boiii
Chipopiii Boiii - 6 days ago
Link looks like Ian's long lost brother.
Cynthia Awesomeness
Cynthia Awesomeness - 7 days ago
U NEED to do it with Vat19
Christopher Chaboyer
Christopher Chaboyer - 7 days ago
Courtney’s Apple Juice bit honestly kills me
Maria Insana
Maria Insana - 9 days ago
They should do a try not to laugh with the Dolan twins or Shane Dawson
shark dix
shark dix - 9 days ago
Anxious College Student
Anxious College Student - 10 days ago
I didn’t know Rhett was a giant. I just thought link was short
Michaela Williams
Michaela Williams - 10 days ago
So I had to dive deep in my memories but I finally remembered that I first saw Rhett and Link in Julian Smith's video Waffles back in like 2011 😱😂😂😂😂💕
Nigel Cooper
Nigel Cooper - 11 days ago
16:12 He should have held it in his left hand, as both Links are left handed.
Michael Kiehl
Michael Kiehl - 12 days ago
Damien should be a comedienne or voice actor
Assassin 006
Assassin 006 - 12 days ago
You said jOin
Assassin 006
Assassin 006 - 12 days ago
There’s no o in Hawaii don’t ask how I know this
Dave Marriott
Dave Marriott - 13 days ago
Hulk hand lobster hand seems like a song by Ian and Anthony!
Theresa Viviano
Theresa Viviano - 13 days ago
You guys should make a shirt that says “hey bro, eat this bean"
Soap Operas
Soap Operas - 13 days ago
is there a highschool nickname joke?
MackyBoi TheStrongLad
MackyBoi TheStrongLad - 14 days ago
2:00 white people
Tori Reeves
Tori Reeves - 14 days ago
Rhett and Link's collective dad laugh at 5:24 after Link's joke is just adorable
Gabriel Hoekstra
Gabriel Hoekstra - 15 days ago
Imagine being Rhett and Link's kids watching this shit.
Gabriel Hoekstra
Gabriel Hoekstra - 15 days ago
Rhett is 6'7"
Toby599 - 15 days ago
12:00 is still my favourite Damien/Shayne bit of all time
Whitetail Doe
Whitetail Doe - 15 days ago
Kids watching with no water:
Me: -puts water in mouth and spits it out laughing as water goes up my nose and all over my phone
bmags88 - 15 days ago
They should get Cotton Candy Randy to come on the show
Bella Bushman
Bella Bushman - 16 days ago
I absolutely lost it when I saw Link at 10:14 XDDDD
AnogaTheRose - 17 days ago
In my opinion this is the most hilarious episode of try not to laugh 😂😂
lynettebr - 18 days ago
14:45 is that the first time this character came up?
Nicholas Brzezicki
Nicholas Brzezicki - 19 days ago
What is that song when rhett is saying "have you got any whistle to blow"
Benjamin Wylie
Benjamin Wylie - 19 days ago
best crossover \m/.
nikola jaksic
nikola jaksic - 19 days ago
Reath is like a sky screper
We are all fish boi
We are all fish boi - 19 days ago
The guy with the blue hair is hilarious does he have an acount
Hex4rr _
Hex4rr _ - 19 days ago
6.66 subs
Luke D
Luke D - 19 days ago
Anyone here ship Shayne and Courtney?
Pizookie Tuesday
Pizookie Tuesday - 20 days ago
Ruth & Angie Hill
Ruth & Angie Hill - 20 days ago
Link is by far the funniest one there
Zelda Fan
Zelda Fan - 20 days ago
And here I thought that Damien was tall
Alex Barkley
Alex Barkley - 20 days ago
you guys should do a group round against Gus Johnson
Carlo loke lim
Carlo loke lim - 21 day ago
Danielle Darling
Danielle Darling - 21 day ago
It seems like everyone spits when there is a mistake lmao
Katrina Mclaughlin
Katrina Mclaughlin - 22 days ago
Link is so much taller then I expected
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