Hi This Is Flume [Mixtape Visualiser]

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Flume - 2 months ago
Flume & Friends
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JPEGMAFIA + slowthai
Aug 6 | Red Rocks | All new production ⛰️
CROCKY BIRD - 20 hours ago
This is so fucking beautiful,the last time I had a musical visual experience like this was when I first heard Yung lean Gatorade
JUX SOUNDZ - 17 days ago
Fucking Aaaaaaaa
Exlo - 27 days ago
Sam Cook
Sam Cook - Month ago
Flying from AZ to see this show. See you there!
Claire Worrall
Claire Worrall - 5 hours ago
Vadim Luke
Vadim Luke - Day ago
Definitely a masterpiece, so much work, so concentrate of style. I feel myself 20 year young again, drooling on someone’s piece, flashing inspirated
lxst time.
lxst time. - Day ago
can we get this video to 2 million?
Ryan Paez
Ryan Paez - Day ago
71M3 looks like the word LIFE mixed around. The visuals fit perfectly to that.
Ryan Paez
Ryan Paez - Day ago
I will always come back for 31:11
71m3 is The most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. I’ve never connected to a song so much.
Majestic Casual
Majestic Casual - Day ago
this is everything and more ❤️
budsyremo - 2 days ago
At 7:30 , any one felt like it was some Indian woman singing?
Денис Тазиков
Electrochoc, than soulwax fm, than this
Josh Lits
Josh Lits - 2 days ago
I hear a lot of people don't like Flumes new ablum, however, I would argue this is best most experimental ablum to date. Flume has sometimes appealed to the mainstream, but he blooms when he does his own thing.
ilsound - 2 days ago
ICubixZed - 3 days ago
Watched it when I was practicing for my OSSLT
Christian Surprise
Christian Surprise - 3 days ago
I have a bunch of travel footage that I would love to edit a trippy visual to for one of these songs. Your 2012 FLUME albums were really inspirational for me and was the first album I dropped acid to. You can visualize so much with your astoundingly unique sound!
Gijs Hooghiemstra
Gijs Hooghiemstra - 3 days ago
Anyone seen the flashes of the Friends (feat. Reo Cragun) cover at 39:00?
Yhips - 3 days ago
catch me at the wholefoods
Sunverzé - 4 days ago
This album is so good even the intro is fire.
TheMisterValouch - 5 days ago
The visuals and songs are insane, what a sensitive experience, thank you for this !
TheMisterValouch - 5 days ago
Australia is breath-taking :)
Mind Grow
Mind Grow - 5 days ago
Most expressive Sounds and Visuals ive ever Seen Thank you Flume that is more than Amazing.❤️
Miranda Miller
Miranda Miller - 5 days ago
I love how there was a sneaky pic of the 'Friends' cover in there, as this came out before 'Friends' did!
Yirmiyahu Loops
Yirmiyahu Loops - 5 days ago
Simon - 5 days ago
I want to watch the visuals in 16k.
Stefan Mai
Stefan Mai - 6 days ago
Hi tHiS Is fLuMe
Lrzq - 6 days ago
this was unreal on acid
Moo Nugget
Moo Nugget - 7 days ago
Can some one help me out? What's the name of the tie dye thing he is wearing. Can't find anything like it online because I don't know what to call it
D3cimate - 7 days ago
Maconheiro se perde nesse video
DRGIZMO29 - 8 days ago
the indications that you might be listening to Flume's music :

1. you've never heard that kind of shit before
Lyricsed. - 8 days ago
99% of the Comments:
"Hi This Is Flume"
Denis Dorovikov
Denis Dorovikov - 8 days ago
dasbiggles - 9 days ago
what a lovely car
TRE - 9 days ago
Pete Calatayud
Pete Calatayud - 9 days ago
🙋🏾‍♂️ Ugh guys what you think of a Flume x FlyLo should collab?
DILLWAX - 9 days ago
omfg of course
Griffin Martin
Griffin Martin - 10 days ago
Spring is such an epic finisher
Black Jack
Black Jack - 10 days ago
i love u jo and that as amazing
Manrique Sotillo
Manrique Sotillo - 10 days ago
Fin - 10 days ago
The drop at 29:00 has to be the best piece of music I have ever listened to
MrFeyerwire - 11 days ago
Who else wants that car ?
Nate Bey
Nate Bey - 11 days ago
28:26 absolutely blows my mind. Oh my god. 😭
Jordan - 11 days ago
The first and only time I tripped on acid I swear Flumes music saved my ass from having a bad trip. I was watching one of the music videos with that flower looking thing from the album cover that was just morphing and it one of the most captivating things Ive ever seen. And of course the music was beautiful. Im adding this to my solo acid trip playlist I plan on making
Dilip - 11 days ago
Flume is my religion.
His music makes me feel things...
that i once used to...
remembering what its's like to be happy.

i love Flume
Leonid Kryvtsun
Leonid Kryvtsun - 11 days ago
Mood repairing!
Best thing I`ve heard this year)
Aditya Dani
Aditya Dani - 11 days ago
thank You Gods of YouTube Algorithm.
Vivian Cox
Vivian Cox - 12 days ago
is this what it's like to be on acid
wilson wendy
wilson wendy - 12 days ago
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Pedro joel Cortsz
Pedro joel Cortsz - 12 days ago
Sigue ah si broo están chidas esas rolas!!
TheSierpat - 12 days ago
This is not a music video - It's an efffing another dimension.
Shibui Nigai
Shibui Nigai - 12 days ago
This totally ripped my face and mind off. Blown away.
Nick Moses
Nick Moses - 13 days ago
19:35 goes hard
Sebastián Dávila
Sebastián Dávila - 13 days ago
What a trip!
Felipe azul
Felipe azul - 13 days ago
Snow Floofer
Snow Floofer - 14 days ago
H i   t h i s   i s   f l u m e
Glen Ervin
Glen Ervin - 14 days ago
When the acid kicks in!
David Park
David Park - 14 days ago
26:57 love that part
jo jo
jo jo - 14 days ago
lá pros 26minutes volta
jo jo
jo jo - 14 days ago
*assistir a parte da terra y sair fora*
jo jo
jo jo - 14 days ago
p assistir esse vídeo você tem que estar online, xambrakkkkk carai q lombra :(
Kris Ketland
Kris Ketland - 14 days ago
TBH this is the most trash flume has ever dropped... disappointing
DEX - 14 days ago
i love you flume
Liam Fallon
Liam Fallon - 14 days ago
slowthai collab - talent recognises talent
ef perez
ef perez - 14 days ago
ayler.G - 14 days ago
Cant wait to trip to this. Thanks for the summer vibes
Benni Buchinger
Benni Buchinger - 14 days ago
dope track my man
Daniela Guerrero
Daniela Guerrero - 15 days ago
Everyone here has an excellent taste of music
Ron Jon
Ron Jon - 15 days ago
Damn what am I missing this is some stupid shit
PrstegeWrldWide - 15 days ago
I just introduced Flume to my friend at work and her reaction was so wonderful.
Spontan - 15 days ago
The best mixtape ever ♥️
Mairon Beats
Mairon Beats - 16 days ago
Lorn se adelanto a su tiempo esto ya lo hizo lorn aunque si esta brutal esta mixT
Earl Grimes
Earl Grimes - 16 days ago
i literally feel like discovering this is marking a chapter of my life
Shibui Nigai
Shibui Nigai - 12 days ago
Earl Grimes Absolutely. Same when I discovered Shlohmo’s Bad Vibes. New chapter of something
OAK FOREST - 16 days ago
I know how Im gonna spend my next lsd trip
sodatuna - 16 days ago
Shinkehh - 16 days ago
im trippin rn
Shinkehh - 16 days ago
not a fan of this comment. downvoted.
Shinkehh - 16 days ago
hella fly
Shinkehh - 16 days ago
CAUSE JOY - 16 days ago
gosh I can't stop listening to this
UNBRKN - 17 days ago
Listening to Flume on Acid its just mind blowing..Beautiful.
kyle schlappich
kyle schlappich - 15 days ago
I hope one day you get to see him on acid live one day. He did something i've never seen any musician do...he bleeped a high passed sound and i saw it clear the air/space around me. I saw the waveform come out of the speakers and it wiped everything clean.
Christian Dejesus
Christian Dejesus - 17 days ago
Hugo Clarkin
Hugo Clarkin - 17 days ago
i feel like i have just been on acid for the past 43 mins
Clay Gaunt
Clay Gaunt - 17 days ago
Y’all are just hatters the ones who are this shit is gas gass get your mind right then slap and you’ll here it
MrBadAim - 17 days ago
Why does the intro look like a JoJos intro?
4:44 - 17 days ago
im too high for this
Datu hammurabi Idris
Datu hammurabi Idris - 18 days ago
Smoking weed while listening to Flume youre the best!!! Thanks man!
Ishiki Creative
Ishiki Creative - 18 days ago
I would say ahead of its time but I don't think time is linear in Flume's mind...
kshitiz bhatt
kshitiz bhatt - 18 days ago
Devashish Mishra
Devashish Mishra - 14 days ago
@kshitiz bhatt dude you know what. Let's leave this. There's enough negativity already in my usual life and I don't want any more. I take back what I said. Let's make peace buddy.
kshitiz bhatt
kshitiz bhatt - 14 days ago
@Devashish Mishra 12 too?? that means you're 12 man.. m just double your age bro. don't ya parents told you how to respect ya elders bro. its better you bug off! not here to start a war. outty bro!
Devashish Mishra
Devashish Mishra - 14 days ago
@kshitiz bhatt okay, you're 12 too... Yeah, I don't wanna go into prison for making a pre teen commit suicide so I'll just push off and hope you won't meet me again. Peace out, holmes
kshitiz bhatt
kshitiz bhatt - 14 days ago
@Devashish Mishra its not my fault you on the phone buddy! sorry you cnt *ENJOY TRIPPIN* HAH!! *peace out* my friend!
Devashish Mishra
Devashish Mishra - 14 days ago
First of all it's something from 2015. Secondly, I'm on phone rn. Thirdly, Why do you have to spoil this fuckin video and none else?
MICKEY kratos
MICKEY kratos - 19 days ago
Candace typical last name
ANY one else super turned ON!! LOL love it!!
SPF infinity SPF infinity
Candace typical last name lol wot
MisterCKenner - 19 days ago
Awesome car, just too cool. Great stop at the servo. Visit Australia
Marcin Joterka
Marcin Joterka - 20 days ago
Nice canon rytmic Flume you ar the best
Tassiano Oliveira
Tassiano Oliveira - 20 days ago
What name 5:45 ???
orenrr1 - 20 days ago
He lost it, nothing like the first material he had
Addi Rúnar
Addi Rúnar - 20 days ago
What a ride
entity// - 20 days ago
Dude. This is amazing. Some of your best work and its all good. Really Sick!
Pablo Tv6
Pablo Tv6 - 20 days ago
orgazmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 🧠🧠🧠🧠 yhmmmm 👾
qhale1 - 20 days ago
Anyone else feel porter?
Ricardo Leon
Ricardo Leon - 20 days ago
Shane Korytowski
Shane Korytowski - 20 days ago
i cant get past the 7th song. send help.
Nadeem Badran
Nadeem Badran - 21 day ago
Who is the artists that raps at 16:30 because he’s FUCKING COLD. Flume this is one the best things iv ever heard in my life. How can someone keep a song going with such detail for a such a long time. You are truly a different breed. No producer can chat shit to you haha!!!!
Josh Hambleton
Josh Hambleton - 21 day ago
this sohuld be in 4k
Marcus Dutra
Marcus Dutra - 22 days ago
essa é uma das coisas mais incriveis que eu já vi, e to completamente lucido agr
🌙 - 22 days ago
flume has discovered combs and reverb
Charlie Crane
Charlie Crane - 22 days ago
My fav part is where he says this is fluMe
S. Hit
S. Hit - 22 days ago
SIK0PATA Juas - 23 days ago
30:16 P A T A S D E F L U M E 💪💪💪👌👌👌💗💗❤❤❤❤💗💗
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