The Lion King Official Trailer

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tumishang seema
tumishang seema - 3 hours ago
To be honest I prefer the animation😧...
Patty Kishengere
Patty Kishengere - 9 hours ago
They used the word ' shenzi ' name of the hyena leader and in Africa swahili shenzi ' means stupid (typical character of hyena
Eskild Pedersen
Eskild Pedersen - 9 hours ago
Us: we want an original movie

Daniel Freitas
Daniel Freitas - 13 hours ago
Dai Prasetya
Dai Prasetya - 15 hours ago
Please Make a Story of Scar
Toffee - 16 hours ago
Singing Animal Planet. That's how this movie felt. Looks real but nothing compared to the original. Tasted like eating cream Dory fish without a dip.
maybe - 18 hours ago
guys its a realistic version chill out sorry they couldnt give scar fucking eyebrows lol
Badong Rubiles
Badong Rubiles - 20 hours ago
I cried after watching this movie....i can still remember my childhood days from the 1994 Lion King.
MrGabeanator - 22 hours ago
i still liked this movie despite everything
GIN MAXIMO - Day ago
waste of time. it should be lion king 4 not a remake where we all knows the script and same speech same scene. wtf ?
in the original lion king 1994 when simba...pumba ect sang...they have all the teeth out. i didnt fight those kind of smiling..funny expression here.
get lost with your hd remake.
Yuri Plisetsky
Yuri Plisetsky - Day ago
I have tears on my eyes my childhood
lmao everyone needs to realize that a remake is not going to be the same as an original and the voice actors are not. all of you saying that you wanted to original voice actors wouldn’t work at all, they are older people and it wouldn’t sound the same, their characters would not be the same. the movie and all the actors did great, the people who made this tried their hardest to remake it but it will never be the same. instead of bashing the movie and saying you hat everything about it, just go watch the original or something. yes i prefer the original but this remake wasn’t bad at all.
option 2000
option 2000 - 9 hours ago
Yea i didnt like it really...i thought they changed a whole lot and i guess when it comes to remakes we want to maintain this vision of a movie and when it changes we feel like something is taken away from not that good but folks recognize the effort lol
Lolrtfyu Lolytfru
Lolrtfyu Lolytfru - Day ago
Stolen from ''Kimba the White Lion''
Sergiu - Day ago
bet that was a Tiger roar again!
silicone vibes
silicone vibes - Day ago
finally....u got a swahili commnt ...n"ngori sana"
akbarmohammed4eva - Day ago
Kimba the White Lion 2019
n sp
n sp - Day ago
Absolutely flawless CGI.
سمورة علي
سمورة علي - 2 days ago
نزلته كلش حلو
Keisha Avyanna
Keisha Avyanna - 2 days ago
Who is nala's father? Mufasa?
If so, Then that is incest..
kaniz pervin
kaniz pervin - 2 days ago
Me and my cousin got so emotional saw the last gonna say The Best Movie everr
Kala Satyesh
Kala Satyesh - 2 days ago
This is a super movie
Official Chicken
Official Chicken - 2 days ago
Awimba weh!
Sadia Chy
Sadia Chy - 2 days ago
I was a little girl when i saw this movie. N let me tell u i know this movies digloge by heart coz.. In weekend my treat was to see this movie. If i do well in. School i get to see the movie. I have seen in my vcr may be 300 time or more. The expration of simba, nala, mufasa, rafiki, sarabi,Pumba ,timon. ,sarabi, scar, even the hyenas i learn by heart, it was my childhood.. After seeing this movie i must say i m a little disappointed, sorry bt i expected m glad the new genaration will see the movie.
munna bhai
munna bhai - 3 days ago
we all went in past and saw the movie in 1995 guess what we all are time travelers congrats
GTXMike - 3 days ago
I just watched in 4K... My god what a pile of shit, emotionless animals, emotionless music that hurt my heart, where the fuck is Elton John... Hakuna Matata song felt so crap. Music and voice over couldn't be worst. Why Disney is butchering them classic animated movies, quick cash grab? I thought Walt Disney once said "I'm not doing movies for the money. I'm doing them to make more movies". I'm sure he didn't mean shitty remakes. They literally shitting on his grave. Disney didn't had a penny out of me since their Captain Marvel bull crap and they wont. Their shit should be watched for free like a lot people do because it's crime to actually charge people for this anal product of political agenda wankers, SJW's and political correctness whores. Watch the original The Lion King, its million times better and leaves an impact on you.
Anime Man
Anime Man - 3 days ago
never replace the original "The circle of Life"
nikola poyukov
nikola poyukov - 3 days ago
Its good except simba and his mom's voice actors are absolutely TERRIBLE and the musical part is the shittiest thing that can possibly exist. Btw lions are like ppl... males are stronger then females. The pc messeges just take away from the immersion. I much preffer the original
Vinh CHANNEL - 3 days ago
Spoutnik - 3 days ago
if they can make avengers with multi star so why not Tarzan in Lion King!
Marry Singkom
Marry Singkom - 3 days ago
Loved this movie ❤❤❤❤
upane kaushalya
upane kaushalya - 3 days ago
Alek Wolf
Alek Wolf - 22 hours ago
Why is that, I also see lots of dislikes
Heldana Solomon
Heldana Solomon - 3 days ago
I don't get it. The Lion King remake was already hated by the people who haven't watched it and was beloved by the people who had seen it in theaters. It had received a "bad score" on Rotten Tomatoes. Last time I checked on my Instagram 3 months ago and there was a post that said "Tomatometer Reveal Tomorrow!" which The Lion King is going to land on the "Tomatometer". The next day I checked on my phone and it was 58% rotten and a few days later it's now 53% with 388 reviews, I thought this movie was going to have a Certified Fresh score on rotten tomatoes. It had received so many negative reviews from critics, I was so upset by the way people treated this movie like trash. This movie deserves to be beloved by everyone and a Certified Fresh. And the worst part, is that people keep saying that live-action Disney remakes shouldn't have exist. Jon Faverau tried so hard to make this movie visually stunning and amazing, and the critics kept hurting his feelings for nothing. I mean, what does it have to do with a dramatic talking-animal disney movie to be hated? ROTTEN TOMATOES SUCK! People kept saying that the movie was a total dissapointment of the original film. Let this movie be released in 2020 so I don't have to hear those dumb hateful comments.
Lego Qui-Gon Jinn
Lego Qui-Gon Jinn - Day ago
Are you that desperate for validation????
PhilipB - 4 days ago
Disney, 2 questions please:
1) Why did you "blackwash" the majority of the cast? Everyone, including Nala, sounds a bit too......"thug". It's annoying AF
2) How the hell in Zeus's Butthole, did you accept Beyonce's Shit Soul "I am trying too hard because I am a Diva" Version of "Can you feel the love tonight"?
Srividhya Jayaraman
Srividhya Jayaraman - 4 days ago
The Elephants
Other Speed
Flamingo Disney
Run Away Simba Wildebeests
Hakunna Matata
The Lion King Drinks
Adrian Ramirez
Adrian Ramirez - 4 days ago
When the trailer is wayyyyyyy better than the movie.
Mr Helo
Mr Helo - Day ago
Frog Whisperer
Frog Whisperer - Day ago
I knoow right? This trailer got me so hype
القناص ๛
القناص ๛ - 4 days ago
عربي؟ ☻ اضغط لايك 💙✨
Ryan McAnalen
Ryan McAnalen - 4 days ago
barely started watching before hearing John Olivers dumbass and left the couch...
hồ chí Sách
hồ chí Sách - 4 days ago
bo phim nay ten gi vay
A - 4 days ago
This movie was great except for a few things, beyonce as Nala is one. I love beyonce but the whole point of musicals is to make your voice fit the character and that wasn't Nala, It was straight up Beyonce. Unnecessary runs and all. We all know Beyonce can sing like a goddess but musicals are about voice control. That spirit song ruined a classic moment too.
The two male hyenas were lacking.
And scar's major song with the hyenas (my favorite song) was the biggest let down of all.
Also Rafiki singing that nonsense in the field? Huge let down not adding it in.
R MCK - 5 days ago
Wonderful, beautiful movie. I highly recommend it.
Mr. Noice
Mr. Noice - 5 days ago
Tbh simbas expressions look so dead compared to the cartoon movie
RPG Is Life
RPG Is Life - 2 days ago
@Lore So, why remake it then if the animals just act like animals that flap their lips every once in a while? Disney-MONEY!
Mr. Noice
Mr. Noice - 2 days ago
@Lore it's obvious I agree but it's not really live action is it? It's all green screen used and lots of high quality computers making it appear real. It's a good movie but I feel like adding that extra cartoon magic from the original lion king would have made the movie perfect
Lore - 2 days ago
this is obvious! this is a live action and animals have no eyebrows!!
RPG Is Life
RPG Is Life - 2 days ago
@Veleho And that's the whole problem with this remake, it's like watching a nature documentary that is also a bad dub.
Veleho - 3 days ago
That's the idea of the whole movie, they tried to make it look as realistic as possible and minimize the facial expressions
Top Fertilizer
Top Fertilizer - 5 days ago
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Top Fertilizer
Top Fertilizer - 5 days ago
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Top Fertilizer
Top Fertilizer - 5 days ago
Every animals in this movie look so realistic, EXCEPT female lions. They look so fake. Why??????
ali akrami
ali akrami - 3 days ago
yeah, their eyes were very artificial, it was bad for a movie that claimed the best special effects !
jose beria
jose beria - 5 days ago
I need the same version of this song please. (sorry for my english)
Drake's Dog
Drake's Dog - 5 days ago
still a shit movie
John QPublic
John QPublic - 5 days ago
This is a total shit-stain and uninspired "live-action" film. #LionKingSoBlack #DisneySoPC
just joel
just joel - 5 days ago
This movie has so many heart touching quotes.
Damisuru Jayaweera
Damisuru Jayaweera - 5 days ago
just watched it😍
rosie0042 - 5 days ago
How is this not a complete RIP- OFF of Dinah Maria Mulock Craiks' "The little lame Prince"? Please someone tell me that this storyline is derived from the 1928 classic and she got the credits bc the"screenwriter" is somebody else.
Sruthin das Vallukkandiyil
2020 Lion the king varanam tigar lion Fight super movie
Chris R
Chris R - 5 days ago
its a longer movie and somehow less happens lol. poop remake
orange bird
orange bird - 4 days ago
They stupidly dragged out random scenes, like the mouse and Simba's hair flying
Mr. Noice
Mr. Noice - 6 days ago
Say what you want about this remake, the music is still amazing
ali akrami
ali akrami - 6 days ago
i wanted to see a better feeling in their faces, it was very real and their faces didn`t make me feel good, it was just wonderful special effects!
vαмρɪяє нυиτєя ツ
It was amazing in some points and boring in some points, I will rate the movie 7.5/10 Worth watching.
Fizza Saleem
Fizza Saleem - 6 days ago
I will watch the old lion king over the new one any day n many times .. just couldn’t feel the same emotions in the new one
00 00
00 00 - 6 days ago
This is sad af
GOLDEN SmilE - 6 days ago
Come to my channel and download this movie ful 5.1 dual audio HD
creforce - 6 days ago
first beyonce is fucking singing and the voice actors is no where NEAR as good as the original cast.
where the 1994 lion kind was about emotions and acting through a childs movie it's the 2019 movie out for money and bad acting.
It's sound like the actors just doing it for a work not for something that will live on for a very long time.
final verdict: 1994 was one of my favorite movies *I was born 1980* total was the movie 9/10
2019 whit the bad singing and actting 3/10 this movie should have never been realsed in my OPINION.
Carlos Saavedra
Carlos Saavedra - 6 days ago
What a mediocre scar character! Where is Mr. Irons, where is Woopy Goldberg. Disney #Cheap.
Krishon Kennedy
Krishon Kennedy - 6 days ago
*Leo* 🔥

*The movie that put all other Zodiac to shame*
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