The Lion King Official Trailer

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RandomBlake - 6 hours ago
The original will always be better
Delirium - 6 hours ago
Jon Favreau cool dude
Jin Kazama_ TekkenGamer
Jin Kazama_ TekkenGamer - 7 hours ago
*”back when I was a young cub I used to have a heart, to my ex girl Nala she left me all Scard, cause she was all about a dolla but when I’m with you it’s HAKUNA MATATA!!”*
Sly Onyia
Sly Onyia - 8 hours ago
loved the movie, but I hated the narrative. Given the wide deviation of the storyline in recent Disney remakes, Lion King 2019 should have had Scar survive and give room for a remake of the sequel or fuck sakes at least have Scar put up a decent fight against the Hyenas or at least negotiate with them where they spare his life. Come back in the remake as Kovu's mentor/ dad or whatever. There were so many ways it could have been re-written to where "us" Lion King fans would have been oh shit! I didnt see that happening! Can't wait for the remake of the sequel
darkangelik - 8 hours ago
I cried all over again as if it was my first time watching The Lion King!
Mark Younger
Mark Younger - 9 hours ago
Absolutely amazing movie! It will have to win the Oscar for visual effects!
mafbloggerdanny - 9 hours ago
[ROSS’s] [VISION] - 8 hours ago
mafbloggerdanny why?
abod jan
abod jan - 9 hours ago
What is the name for that music!
jaaaz32 - 14 hours ago
I’ve watched this show AND it’s amazing in my opinion but I think Pixar could of done better on the 2019 version to be honest.
Battle Angel
Battle Angel - 15 hours ago
Remind me of my childhood I’m watching this cartoon lion king 🥰🥰🥰
Dima Att
Dima Att - 16 hours ago
Call out your CAST 👉
THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING AND DISRESPECTFUL TO US (NGUNI PEOPLE) If they are going to sing in iSizulu,they should sing in proper Zulu and properly,or else just hire real Zulu artists to sing the song in their mother tongue. Not this embarrassment. I'm disgusted as a Zulu man. Sies!!! 🤮
Angel Pusheen
Angel Pusheen - 16 hours ago
Just watched it!
It was sad, amazing, beautiful.
I regcommend you watch it!
TheSimo901 - 17 hours ago
The lion king died of mans fault.
TheSimo901 - 17 hours ago
If everyone likes the lion king and the animals, then instead of talking we defend the savannah and all the forests of the world and all the wild animals around the world. But unfortunately we humans will be the only and only guilty of the instinct of world fauna. Due to our fault, in a few decades we will see many species of animals only on photos or on videos unless they are reproduced in the laboratory. Between saying and doing there is the sea and beyond.
HITESH WORLD - 20 hours ago
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Dark Demons
Dark Demons - 20 hours ago
Copy kimba
viluz26 vivs
viluz26 vivs - 21 hour ago
Liong Glirn king
Gairffe buill evunp
Baby happy sheuo
Zanbe elpnen cogrhailli
NKN chanel
NKN chanel - 22 hours ago
It is very very fun
WonkafiedWizard Chan
WonkafiedWizard Chan - 23 hours ago
As much as I dislike this, the cgi is phenomenal.
EL Dinamita
EL Dinamita - Day ago
I dont feel emotion in their faces
Youtube Sucks
Youtube Sucks - Day ago
This movie was dry
Blue Jade
Blue Jade - Day ago
I Think 2019 Better Realistic.
Maya Cohen
Maya Cohen - Day ago
bad boy Sandte family
TheSm1thers - Day ago
Disney need to just stop making CGI remakes. This might be an unpopular opinion but sorry I hate remakes. Jungle Book was ruined for me, and I'd rather see more original stuff.
Anggie Ilham
Anggie Ilham - Day ago
bad boy Sandte family
Today I'm going
to see it it's sat Aug it's 7:50pm 2019 IM GOING TO SEE IT AT 9:50pm
Ath Tah
Ath Tah - Day ago
I saw it it was really sad I cried when mufasa died it was a happy 😃 ending
Marwane Ennachat
Marwane Ennachat - Day ago
I want the name of the song in the end please help me !!
sandhy Suelen
sandhy Suelen - Day ago
Assisti esse filme no cinema maravilhoso ! 😊😍
BigDaddyCool42 - Day ago
Horrible movie. Nala is now clearly black. And they don’t do the ICONIC hula dance. F-
Ash Ley
Ash Ley - Day ago
the black hammer the black hammer
great a remake
Whipper Snapper
Whipper Snapper - Day ago
Fuck u Disney you just copied Kimba shameful, disgusting
hope in everything
hope in everything - Day ago
Dubbing of mufasa done by shah rukh khan in hindi is so deep and intense
zachire - Day ago
"have you seen Fullmetal alchemist simba?"
Nancy M T
Nancy M T - Day ago
Jeremy Irons should have been brought back as Scar ... his evil, sneaky, brilliant British articulation was missed terribly. Two best voices in original animated film were Jones and Irons. Big mistake to eliminate Irons in this "epic" remake.
Foop - Day ago
This movie fucking sucked
Michael Perkins
Michael Perkins - Day ago
I vividly remember my husband asking me to go see this movie when it 1st came out some 20+ yrs ago and i said to him " What grown people go see an animated movie without taking kids?" So I reluctantly went and boy oh boy, it was love at 1st site! We were in our early 20's and I never thought that an animation could make me cry. So now I'm going to see it again, this time with kids (my grandkids).
Yang Gang
Yang Gang - Day ago
Free Kimba
minne stone
minne stone - Day ago
How can simba grow but not simon and pumba lol
Shadi Salhab
Shadi Salhab - Day ago
Slaughter Them
Slaughter Them - 2 days ago
So does anyone remember asking for this? And if so all I ask is why?
BlackDragon129 - 2 days ago
I watched it. I give it a 9.5 out of 10 because it's good!
Amanda Guthrie
Amanda Guthrie - 2 days ago
Da poo fells bad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Vera Nchezor
Vera Nchezor - 2 days ago
What's the difference between the first one and this new one?
Chanmi Park
Chanmi Park - 2 days ago
Mario C - not much
little black dress
little black dress - 2 days ago
It's beautiful, congratulations to the creators tlk deserves Oscar.
paehipex poonpoon
paehipex poonpoon - 2 days ago
Rem - 2 days ago
I'm worried that the realistic CGI wont allow for emotion like animation does
Cristián Arano
Cristián Arano - 9 hours ago
@[ROSS’s] [VISION] No no! He has every right to claim, even with very weak arguments. It is incredible the innocence of some when saying "Disney must stop trying to make money from these remakes". Surely this people think that when they made the movie of the year 94 (I will not call it the original because it is not, the original is "Kimba, the white lion"), Disney did not seek to earn money, but instead they did it for charity and love of art... Jajsjsjajaa. If you didn't like the movie, it's fine! But please, that eternal comparison with the "original" (which isn't) is tedious and boring.
Jaden Karpoff
Jaden Karpoff - 2 days ago
You were right to worry. Shame on Disney for continuing to cash in on their own movies knowing people will waste some of their lives watching a product inferior to the original. I feel bad for everyone the mouse has conned with this soulless husk of a movie.
Мартин Минчев
Perfect film!!!
Lu Tello
Lu Tello - 2 days ago
Taxidermy King nostalgia bait trash!
Clark Ellins
Clark Ellins - 2 days ago
I watched this on its last day in theatre, and... I still cried when mufasa died 😭😭
iijacexo - 2 days ago
ABOUT TO GO WATCH IT TODAY! starts at 6:30 at every movie theater . Adults, Teens 10$ Kids $9.50
Chanmi Park
Chanmi Park - 2 days ago
Mario C - you getting any profit buddy?
amy clarke
amy clarke - 2 days ago
lk 19 s 😣
secret_Lx _
secret_Lx _ - 2 days ago
Sec 51 is the king feeling
K-TAB - 2 days ago
Alright lets wait another few decades for part 2
Midnytcowboy - 2 days ago
Was great to travel back in time ⌚ to relive THE LION KING TODAY. Only thing I didn't see in my time travel is "ED THE HYNA MUFASA...MUFASA"!
-Nåłi Gåchå-
-Nåłi Gåchå- - 2 days ago
i never watched lion king ;-; the 1994 one
fallen stall
fallen stall - 2 days ago
Visit my channel tnx me later and make it blue👇👍
أليسا Elissa
أليسا Elissa - 2 days ago
This movie is very fantastic and fassinated
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez - 2 days ago
The toy King
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez - 2 days ago
TED and JOHNNY : [ Singing ]
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez - 2 days ago
GRANDMA GRANDPA : You must take your place. . . in the circle of life. [ Roar]
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez - 2 days ago
NEW SCAR : Run away Tommy. . . and NEVER return!
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez - 2 days ago
GRANDMA GRANDPA : Everything you see. . . exists together in a delicate balance. While others search for what they can take... a true king searches for what he can give.
Logan Levin
Logan Levin - 2 days ago
Oh my gosh! How i missed that wonderful movie....😔😣😖
aysha x
aysha x - 2 days ago
i will always love it so much
aysha x
aysha x - 2 days ago
i loved it so much
DYNO MATE - 2 days ago
Laurine - 2 days ago
I saw it and it was incredible! Very epic.
wolfdog - 2 days ago
Thanks for killing my childhood, dumbasses
Jen Joe
Jen Joe - 2 days ago
No body cares about your feelings
Leon Jones
Leon Jones - 3 days ago
Not sure if i could watch his dad DIE again.. Still have flashbacks lol
Mikaela Wegner
Mikaela Wegner - Day ago
Sloppy Slopster what?
Sloppy Slopster
Sloppy Slopster - Day ago
@Mikaela Wegner you're a Disney plant lol
Johanna Fernandez
Johanna Fernandez - Day ago
Leon Jones look you are not gonna support how bad prepared is in the movie I mean THE BEST song in the original becomes the worst song in the remake SCAR DOESNT EVEN SING HE JUST RHYMES
Leon Jones
Leon Jones - 2 days ago
@Mikaela Wegner watching it now!
Dvonne Loring
Dvonne Loring - 3 days ago
I love how Mufasa's voice over is James Earl Jones again. Paying true homage to the original
TheSm1thers - Day ago
Yeah, but nothing of substance added to it. Just a shameless cash-in from Disney.
Light Screening
Light Screening - 3 days ago
My review:
Minh đỗ
Minh đỗ - 3 days ago
glad a movie Disney rip off and didn't leave any credit get an (live action?) movie
Ethan shenk
Ethan shenk - 3 days ago
if you like collectibles then check this out only 2 days left
Dark cadence
Dark cadence - 3 days ago
Academy awards please
Faith Ervin
Faith Ervin - 3 days ago
I love going to the theatre!! I at least like most movies that I see!
I was super bored in the theatre.
The new voices were😳😬👀...
It wasn't the lion king that I grew up with and loved so much.(it was like based of the movie)(not a remake of the movie)
Just my honest opinion...
If you have kids that have never seen the lion king I think they might really enjoy this
But if you're a lion king Stan... Be prepared to be disappointed...
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