The Lion King Official Trailer

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ELISE AIYANNA BASAMOT - 14 minutes ago
Haha saw the trailer before the avengers endgame started😂😂😂WAKANDA FOREVA
Royce Kenneth De Vera
Royce Kenneth De Vera - 49 minutes ago
James Earl Jones as Mufasa once’s my childhood all over again
Diego Ubaldo
Diego Ubaldo - 52 minutes ago
I think in this movie everyday
Rafeque Khoso
Rafeque Khoso - 2 hours ago
My child hood favorite cartoon iam wait for this movie
ดูได้ก็ดู ไปเถอะ
Seina Art
Seina Art - 2 hours ago
Vincent ManChini
Vincent ManChini - 4 hours ago
Run away, Simba. Run away and never return.
My 2 pence
My 2 pence - 5 hours ago
This movie looks EPIC!
Angel R
Angel R - 7 hours ago
Benedict cumberbatch would have been a good scar
BI wifeu
BI wifeu - 9 hours ago
hakuna matata song pls
Francisco Morales
Francisco Morales - 9 hours ago
I can’t wait even at 25 💯💯💯💯💯💯
Eduardo Soares
Eduardo Soares - 11 hours ago .... Ohh well... That's what I call a copy.
Watch the video!
Minkyung Kim
Minkyung Kim - 11 hours ago
Nashim Ikbal
Nashim Ikbal - 11 hours ago
Best cgi effects i ever seen, after Avatar.
Nodnarb Laborigine
Nodnarb Laborigine - 11 hours ago
It's the same damn movie from the 90s , it's just animated different, waist of money. Tired of remakes
Rain RedFox
Rain RedFox - 13 hours ago
James earl jones legend.
Wesley Lachrymose
Wesley Lachrymose - 14 hours ago
0:40 look at how they massacred my boy
All jokes aside, I’m actually a little excited.
Welington LJ
Welington LJ - 15 hours ago
Run away Simba and NEVER return. OMG.
Kids And Toys - Nursery Rhymes
It's great, it's my childhood ^^
Jennifer ARMY
Jennifer ARMY - 16 hours ago
I'm crying...😭😭😭❤😭😭❤😭❤😭❤😭
χανιεr - 18 hours ago
I got triggered when my friend said this movie is only for kids...
I totally disagree 99999999999%
Hit like to disagree :)
Normal Is Overrated
Normal Is Overrated - 11 hours ago
Your friend had a sad childhood
Johnny Rocket
Johnny Rocket - 18 hours ago
Wtf no Jeremy Irons???? Omg! You can't make a remake without all the original voice over actors! Apart from simbas voice over actor who isn't young anymore.
Skittycat 7000
Skittycat 7000 - 18 hours ago
This is going to be a ROARMAZING MOVIE
Velocity Rapture
Velocity Rapture - 20 hours ago
Disney can not mess this one up! Please!
Lyall van der Linde
Lyall van der Linde - 20 hours ago
"I am 10 times the king Mufasa was"!...if that part sound intimidating, then this Scar gets a pass!
Omkar Chavan
Omkar Chavan - 22 hours ago
Waiting For This Movie 😍😎
USA AMERICAN WOMAN - 23 hours ago
Every 40 something yr old including myself will be watching this!!! Mufasaaaa
Zalfa Syahira
Zalfa Syahira - Day ago
Dipoo Sahoo
Dipoo Sahoo - Day ago
Trump Should watch this thousand times ....learn something from this a true king should be ..
Michael P.
Michael P. - Day ago
Check this out; it'll blow your mind! The story behind "The Lion King":
Marsalis Hall
Marsalis Hall - Day ago
Timon better dress in drag and do that hula!
Mrinmoy Gogoi
Mrinmoy Gogoi - Day ago
I don't know how i will handle the death of mufasa in live action....
TissyD - Day ago
This movie is gonna be unreal
Tsukino101 - Day ago
A piece of me is hoping they keep the scene where Timon dresses in drag and does the hula
Ethan Ng
Ethan Ng - Day ago
this nat geo wild documentary looking sweet
Tyler Ha
Tyler Ha - Day ago
im only here for one thing

kjl - Day ago
scars voice is similar to jeremy irons but definitely not the same
The Sober King
The Sober King - Day ago
Guys we need an outrage for the un-imaginative crap our culture receives. Live action? C'mon guys this story needs to be left alone. Those of us that remember the how enchanted we were when it came our know this is unnecessary. This is a cash grab. You guys will hand over your children if they hyped something enough.
It Means Joy- My name
Pumba: Shes Gonna EAT ME!!!! 😂😂I pray its there😆
Karina Belén Gonzalez
Leo RC
Leo RC - Day ago
They are so dirty and ugly, i don´t understand why the look like that.
Gage Tenebris
Gage Tenebris - Day ago
What was the point of making this "Live action"?
Th0t Patr0l
Th0t Patr0l - Day ago
To reintroduce this movie to this generation. And also to make it more “popular” again.
She doesn't even go here!
Still can’t believe they didn’t bring back Jeremy irons for Scar.
It Means Joy- My name
Me too that voice is legendary
P Narenpithak
P Narenpithak - Day ago
I’m a dog person, but this makes me feel like picking up a random cat and raise it high hahaha
shanyarozewal01 - Day ago
Watching this has scarred me regarding the plight of thousands of poor lion cubs that are exploited for cub petting from their births, are forced to live in horrifying conditions and die a humiliating death at hunting farms. Hope no Lion King lover ever encourages cub petting and spend money or volunteer at such places. Love Simba!
GhostlyMeow - Day ago
This isn’t even live action it’s still animated
idontlend mybody
idontlend mybody - Day ago
Vineet Kumar
Vineet Kumar - Day ago
Too good to be true
s h
s h - Day ago
These movies look so much better and are so enticing for the masses to run to, but in the end when we die none of this stuff will matter. Most of us when we stand before God to be judged we are going to wish we spent our time doing Gods will instead of living a life giving into all the entertaining distractions filling our self with pleasure. I now see why Jesus said His second coming is going to be like a thief in the night. Everyone on earth is going to be distracted by entertainment and not thinking about it. It literally is going to shock the entire world even though the signs are everywhere. Remember the 10 virgins who were waiting on the bridegroom. They all fell asleep like most people in the world are today. Asleep. And only 5 of them made it to the wedding.
Aribelle - Day ago
This trailer gave me literal chills. It's so good. I'm excited to see the movie!! :)
Art Fun with Blake Lane
Art Fun with Blake Lane - 5 hours ago
Aribelle I am so excited to see this and I’m excited for the Aladdin
Sketchskaparen - Day ago
It’s either The Lion King or Avengers: Endgame who Will win Best VFX 2020
Dylan Boccardo
Dylan Boccardo - Day ago
Kids today will never understand how powerful this movie was. I am most humbled to be alive during this time. ❤
Scar looks AMAZING!
Мария Золотых
I russian and I like The Lion King!!! Do you know, in russian Scar voised same actor who voised Toni Stark on russian? If you want to hear how I sing song Can you feel the love tonight subscribe on my channel!!!
Mark - Day ago
Which lions which
This is about Jesus...the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! Scorned, rejected, hated, while Satan (Scar) rules for a short time, then Simba (Jesus) returns the victorious King and sets things right again! That's why it touches everyone's hearts!! Hope and victory for the future!
Aminul Islam
Aminul Islam - Day ago
0:51 It's not only a soundtrack but also a magic to give u hope,energy,courage in your a timemachine it took me back to my childhood.
IamCharlieRobinson - Day ago
Grant Stoutenburg
Grant Stoutenburg - Day ago
This disgusts me. Disney recycling all of these classics.
carter4784 - 2 days ago
1:09 little, big, Biger!
Nebula Skies
Nebula Skies - 2 days ago
DeQuetta Rogers
DeQuetta Rogers - 2 days ago
This movie is for those of us that actually grew up on this movie ... yes us grown ass adults lol
ristua margareta
ristua margareta - 2 days ago
Kudu siapin tisu ini sih ga yg kartun ga yg animasi real tetep aje bikin nangis filmnya, who cut onion I can't handle my tears T.T
Excitable Videos
Excitable Videos - 2 days ago
People really saying Scar ain't all the hype like they're not waiting to see him get torn apart by the hyenas in live action.😂
Weirdo :3
Weirdo :3 - 2 days ago
The king has returned 🦁
Rachel M
Rachel M - 2 days ago
“Oh I just can’t wait” to watch this!!
Lexx Sinclair
Lexx Sinclair - 2 days ago
I really really really can't wait. The original movie was the best part of my childhood.
Please God don't let them ruin this 😭
Jc Parker
Jc Parker - 2 days ago
I hope Simba kills Scar PROPERLY THIS TIME!
Doctor Spin dash2.0
Doctor Spin dash2.0 - 2 days ago
the best part right here!1:19
Herb Coswell
Herb Coswell - 2 days ago
I'm sorry but for the first few lines of scar in the trailer imagine how much cooler they'd sound if done by Jeremy irons.
Miguel Salas
Miguel Salas - 2 days ago
I hope this movie is better than the first because the original is a classic.
Carlos Brown
Carlos Brown - 2 days ago
hold up:
If Mufasa and Scar are the only male lions in the pride, then does it mean Nala's dad is probably Mufasa
Shah Rukh
Shah Rukh - 2 days ago
Anyone Waiting For HAKUNA MATATA?
J/Ash/Bran - 2 days ago
Not crazy about Scar’s voice
stephen mcferran
stephen mcferran - 2 days ago
i dont see the point.. lion king has already been done. the story has been told.. why redo it..u cant better it. just money at the end of the day. leave it alone..
GilWojtek2016-Tails - 2 days ago
Why can't they better if? Of course, they can! We don't know if the plot will be the same or with some changes.
MavisRos - 2 days ago
RIP Replay of the soundtrack
x_Desiree_ Baker_x
x_Desiree_ Baker_x - 2 days ago
This is the only live action movie that I’m interested in seeing, absolutely love this. Can’t wait to see this, Lion King is my fave movie ever ❤️ gonna be a mess with the stampede scene lol 🤦🏻‍♀️
x_Desiree_ Baker_x
x_Desiree_ Baker_x - Day ago
GilWojtek2016-Tails I’m the complete opposite, I’ll literally cry at anything 🤦🏻‍♀️ Tom and Jerry we’re both bad as each other tho
GilWojtek2016-Tails - 2 days ago
+x_Desiree_ Baker_x Meh. I didn't cry. I have a strong sympathy to cats, but not specially here. I remember that as a kid, I was so sorry for Tom from Tom and Jerry. I love cats, so that was quite sad to me to see this poor cute cat suffer so much. He seemed to be quite sensitive and Jerry smashed his rear paw with a hammer. 🔨🐾 When I watched The Lion King first time, I was expecting to feel sympathy to young Simba since he was cute and barefoot like Tom, but... No. No animal seriously harmed him. So well, The Lion King is a comedy to me - much funnier than Tom and Jerry!
x_Desiree_ Baker_x
x_Desiree_ Baker_x - 2 days ago
GilWojtek2016-Tails because of the mufasa death made me cry in the original so gonna be crying again in this one lol
GilWojtek2016-Tails - 2 days ago
Why a mess?
Bhanu Pratap singh
Bhanu Pratap singh - 2 days ago
I'm gonna be sitting in the theatre with all these kids lmao
Cheering at every scene and crying out of nostalgia
It has been so long😣😣
GilWojtek2016-Tails - 2 days ago
I watched original movie 1 year ago and the last time I rewatched it it was less than 1 month ago. Therefore, I know all scenes by heart! :> And I will laugh watching this version the same as I laughed 1 year ago watching original one first time! ☺
Taehyung's headband
Taehyung's headband - 2 days ago
In my birthday
Energy123 - 2 days ago
GilWojtek2016-Tails - 2 days ago
Of cuteness?
Renzo Benzor
Renzo Benzor - 2 days ago
I saw the trailer from the lion king 2019 in this place
Someone quite taken from the avengers endgame
Lucas Van Caeneghem
Lucas Van Caeneghem - 2 days ago
This is so sad, I wish these live-action remakes are going to stop soon. It's even worse since we're talking about Disney, the birthplace of the entire medium of animation. Walt might be spinning in his grave right now. Either this will be the company's death or it's just another bad stage they're going through like in the 70's, 80's and early 2000's.
+Lucas Van Caeneghem Ok.
Lucas Van Caeneghem
Lucas Van Caeneghem - 2 days ago
+GilWojtek2016-Tails don't be so butthurt, you don't even understand what I say. The fox and the hound is your favorite, whatever it's your preference but I'm not saying the movies from those days were bad, Disney was just loosing a lot of money and some of their movies started to become huge box office flops, it was also shortly after Walt had died.
GilWojtek2016-Tails - 2 days ago
80's?! Shut up! In 1981 there was 'The Fox and The Hound' - my favourite Disney movie!
Monica Ibragim
Monica Ibragim - 2 days ago
I'm crying even though I'm 18. You know, this is my favorite childhood cartoon film. When I saw this trailer of the film in my tape, I was happy. I watching the trailer and crying. Oh.. my favorite memories are coming back. I cry....
Jonathan Watkins
Jonathan Watkins - 2 days ago
That roar of revenge at 1:26 instantly made chills of nostalgia
GilWojtek2016-Tails - 2 days ago
It scared me like it was a real lion! xD
LOULOU FNAF - 2 days ago
Daniel Owen
Daniel Owen - 2 days ago
Dee Daryl
Dee Daryl - 2 days ago
I’ve been waiting for this for so long and I CANT WAAAAIT! *awimba weh awimba weh awimba weeee”
Molly Page
Molly Page - 2 days ago
When they completely trash Scar (appearance, voice, etc.) and we villain fans are just supposed to live with it... (please don't even @ me about the "realism" behind his appearance they're literally making the animals talk and it's DISNEY we're talking about here)
Victoria Troianas
Victoria Troianas - 2 days ago
So excited for this movie
Okeanos Stappaerts
Okeanos Stappaerts - 2 days ago
my childhood is reborn
Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan - 2 days ago
Oh boy I can't wait for all the videos talking about how this movie is the biggest blunder in cinema history. Ooo maybe I'll get lucky and Doug Walker will make a video with his dead eyed brother about how people are dumb for enjoying it and how we don't really know what we like
GilWojtek2016-Tails - 2 days ago
It's very abusing to name 'dumb' all people who enjoyed this movie! Everyone has his own taste! For example, I will enjoy it, because I do love animals and I don't care if something is a masterpiece or shit. All I want is to see cute animals and nothing else!
lorena brico
lorena brico - 2 days ago
I am soooo exited for this movie!
alpha raptor jp3
alpha raptor jp3 - 2 days ago
I'm not sure if I can watch mufasa again I don't want to cry on cinemas
GilWojtek2016-Tails - 2 days ago
I will laugh watching The Lion King! It's so funny! Nothing makes me sad in it! 😂
mushroom boy
mushroom boy - 2 days ago
It's not even live action it's just cgi because there's no humans
Punnarooth Srimongkolsilp
Beautiful, from Thailand:)
M B - 2 days ago
I use to watch this all the time when I was a kid
Goog 1 huna
Goog 1 huna - 2 days ago
I've already watched this!
Sunday Binge
Sunday Binge - 2 days ago
Well.. the kids now a days... you better watch this space... the adults will fill the theatres before you ... #childhoodMovie... 🙈🙈😂😂
Elena Plotnikova
Elena Plotnikova - 2 days ago
Is this the message we want to pass to our children: know your place, do not dare to raise your voice against the unjust and unfair order?! Indoctrinstion cannot start early enough, huh?
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