The Stranger Things Cast Teaches Jimmy the "Chicken Noodle Soup" Song

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John Mitchell
John Mitchell - 10 hours ago
I ❤️ stranger things
Amaidea Estrada
Amaidea Estrada - 18 hours ago
Are you guys in. La
Andres Alfaro
Andres Alfaro - 19 hours ago
Jimmy definitely knows how to use psychology for take spoilers
Kavli BertarafMusic
Kavli BertarafMusic - 21 hour ago
you guys are kid , why don't you act like a child ?
Maddie Ragsdale
Maddie Ragsdale - Day ago
My new favorite song
Maria Barajas
Maria Barajas - Day ago
I love this show and stranger things yasss😆🥰💋🎆💝💖❤️🇱🇷
Hania Khan
Hania Khan - Day ago
5:55 finn and sadie😍😍#fadie
Alessia Rainone
Alessia Rainone - 2 days ago
Noah: sad *makes hand moves*
Me: i know what you did here😭
Colton Ventry
Colton Ventry - 2 days ago
Anyone know the lyrics... that last line, i had no idea
Fridabella4 Coffman
Fridabella4 Coffman - 2 days ago
Milie are so beautiful
Kamal Kamil
Kamal Kamil - 3 days ago
The interviewer sucks
Andres Jimenez
Andres Jimenez - 3 days ago
Sause HH
Sause HH - 3 days ago
Look how gorgeous the Girls are
Pauline Esteban
Pauline Esteban - 3 days ago
That time when Millie got annoyed because of Gaten 🤣🤣🤣 6:52
Sara rivera
Sara rivera - 3 days ago
They're all gorgeous and very talented and I can't believe i'm the same age as them
Imran Ali
Imran Ali - 3 days ago
Who’s idea was it to have 6 ppl on here
Marko Zivanovic
Marko Zivanovic - 3 days ago
Great bunch of kids 👏
Leo Sartori
Leo Sartori - 3 days ago
So we're just ignoring Noah's socks?....
Melina Cali
Melina Cali - 4 days ago
Me lying on rhe floor laughing when I’m watching finn don’t know the lyrics of “chicken noodle soup “😂😂 # stillloveyoufinn
InsaneZylex - 4 days ago
I think we all gotta agree that Rhett and Links chicken noodle soup song was better
Playing Time
Playing Time - 4 days ago
What happened with Finn's hair😭
The Flaming Broz
The Flaming Broz - 4 days ago
I wish I could meet the hole cast of stranger things pls god
Txsha Fjxla
Txsha Fjxla - 4 days ago
look how so close Millie and Noah are
Theo Fitness
Theo Fitness - 4 days ago
me in school when we sing 4:56
Roger Braswell Jr.
Roger Braswell Jr. - 4 days ago
It still amazes me how British actors/actresses can hide that accent. That'd be like me trying to speak "yankee."
I feel like, Finn is the *silent comedian*

Many people think it's Caleb who is funny but every time in an interview, when they are all talking at once, then suddenly Finn speaks up, everybody goes silent, Finn makes a joke and they laugh.
Sorry, Observations.
Every time Noah and Millie share eye contact
and Finn's like, staring at them, in disbelief, and sadness...

And I'm over here like,
It's okay, Finn, you have Jack. :)
Gamer Hailo
Gamer Hailo - 4 days ago
No one:
Literally no one:
My brain in class:
Thiago Ribeiro
Thiago Ribeiro - 5 days ago
Kids Biz
Kids Biz - 5 days ago
dustins face at 7:13 tho it was hairlarious
misha’s a cinnamon roll
Jimmy loves Finn the most UWU
ITSBOOTLEGGED - 5 days ago
Wholesome off beat Singing
Sarah Rockett
Sarah Rockett - 5 days ago
Noah and Millie loosing it over "bigger" was so funny 😂
Blob Poop
Blob Poop - 5 days ago
Begining of the video :
Noah: Yeah
Millie: Yeah
Noah *looking at millie* : Yeah
Orii YT
Orii YT - 5 days ago
Am I the only one who still doesn’t know what Millie was talking about when she said “Spreading”?
aristemocless - 6 days ago
GUYS 0:06
Nowah: Yeah
Millah: Yeah
Nowah again: Yeah (smiling)
noynoy sopongco
noynoy sopongco - 6 days ago
Season 4?
Emily Pandaan
Emily Pandaan - 6 days ago
finn needs a haircut right now
Tyler Strombom
Tyler Strombom - 6 days ago
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Itziar Navarro
Itziar Navarro - 6 days ago
Season 1: mike meets he’s first love
Season 2: Lucas gets he’s first love
Season 3: Dustin get a girlfriend
Season 4: everyone marry and will playing DyD in the wedding 💒 😂
Tyler Strombom
Tyler Strombom - 6 days ago
Jesus is the only way
Boiled Eyelash
Boiled Eyelash - 6 days ago
who else watching cast interviews because they ran out of episodes to watch

just me? ok.
Xcute Irrelevant
Xcute Irrelevant - 2 days ago
me me too
Ya ye
Ya ye - 2 days ago
Me too
Kyara Clitheroe
Kyara Clitheroe - 7 days ago
I think Noah likes Sadie 😂😮😍they would be a great couple 😂😍🖤✨
Hae mon
Hae mon - 7 days ago
Nilesh Lashkar
Nilesh Lashkar - 7 days ago
Who is here after season 3
Sam Richeards
Sam Richeards - 7 days ago
I actually cried at the end of s03 when el left 💔😩
Makaylee Oof
Makaylee Oof - 7 days ago
Chicken noodle soup I feel good when you're around chicken noodle soup
Akshay Nilkanth
Akshay Nilkanth - 8 days ago
To lucas..... "Wakanda Forever"
Subrat Dash
Subrat Dash - 8 days ago
Who else cried on hop's last speech?
Ser Alcan
Ser Alcan - 8 days ago
Yha orda 0.18 ve 0.20 arasında sadie ve noah el kol hareketleri yapıp bakışıyolar. Orda bişeyler dönüyo ama...
Jay Gaptic
Jay Gaptic - 8 days ago
Sadie and millie are both so fuckin' gorgeous 😍😍😍
Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez - 8 days ago
Them:ChIcKeN nOoDLe sOoP
Official Prestige
Official Prestige - 8 days ago
Is Starcourt located in New York?
Anupam - 8 days ago
Stranger things was supposed to be as good as dark but it's not even 10% of that dark is...
Addison Lemirande
Addison Lemirande - 8 days ago
so i’m with my friend right now and i stated singing the chicken noodle soup song lol and my friend was so confused but then i showed her lol 4:25
ToadsteR 13
ToadsteR 13 - 8 days ago
4:23 🐓🍜
Charlie Charlie
Charlie Charlie - 9 days ago
where is the demagorgon interview ??
Sourish Saha
Sourish Saha - 9 days ago
I really enjoy these young actors fighting for screentime at a live show..I just can feel all the desperation for screentime already 😂
Sourish Saha
Sourish Saha - 9 days ago
Finn Wolfhard is one those disturbing and annoying character-like Harry Potter
Bandito Donburrito
Bandito Donburrito - 8 days ago
Alexuskin_ 18
Alexuskin_ 18 - 9 days ago
7:13 aawww
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