Pete Davidson Addresses Age Gap With Girlfriend Kate Beckinsale

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winehousedrunk - Day ago
The rebound boy. I wouldn't recommend it. Ariana woke up real quick. Good for her.
vEn om
vEn om - 2 days ago
he's FUGLY
iceman5815 - 4 days ago
Kate must be desperate....
Suraj Singh
Suraj Singh - 8 days ago
First ariana and now kate. I think Pete need to give us some tips on his game
Pickle Dick
Pickle Dick - 10 days ago
oh pete.. you are one lucky bastard!!!
Peter Greci
Peter Greci - 13 days ago
I give you proof that any guy can get any girl, the missing link between human and ape lands one of the most beautiful woman in Hollywood! now excuse me while I go throw up
Sage Oldmann
Sage Oldmann - 13 days ago
The age gap wasn’t the issue, you’re a 2 and she’s a 10, that was the issue.
Efrain Dimas
Efrain Dimas - 14 days ago
holy crap! no way!
Hans Müller
Hans Müller - 15 days ago
She is so beautiful 😉 Sie ist so schön und sehr jung! Ich wünsche ihr viel Glück!
*S3AN* East*bound*
*S3AN* East*bound* - 15 days ago
WTF!!! is she thinking..i mean really that little goof!!!!!
Steven Fifield
Steven Fifield - 16 days ago
My mannn
Malm alf
Malm alf - 20 days ago
20 years different 🤮
Max - 22 days ago
Lmao wtf
cécé - 29 days ago
whoever the president of france is 💀💀
Y T Comment Police
Y T Comment Police - Month ago
It's weird
mb_ jay
mb_ jay - Month ago
No hate appreciate
Matthew - Month ago
How the f@@@ did this guy get her?
mike ramos
mike ramos - Month ago
Jeremy Hunter
Jeremy Hunter - Month ago
Just don't mention you used to watch her in "Underworld" all the time when you were growing up.
omri cabaza
omri cabaza - Month ago
You do her good for me man. On the other hand Hollywood relationships never last too long. She left Michael sheen moved on to len wisemen now this guy and some other douch is next who knows could be 1 of you YouTubers round here
Tripptank - Month ago
He's 25. That means this dude was beating his meat to Underworld before he was even famous.
Mason Ginn
Mason Ginn - Month ago
Lucky bastard
Vaas - Month ago
Davidson has had relationships with QUEENS. Dude is one of the luckiest men alive
logan Logan
logan Logan - Month ago
She blocked me in insta because I thought that was her gay son
Aylee - Month ago
Ariana Davidson?😣😭
Bobble HatGaming
Bobble HatGaming - Month ago
who cares
Angelo Pellicci
Angelo Pellicci - Month ago
U think 20 years is bad? Look up sarah paulson.
Allabout KPOP
Allabout KPOP - Month ago
he's so funny hahahahahaha
Lancelot Xavier
Lancelot Xavier - 2 months ago
I used to think she was so beautiful, now I feel sorry for her.
KING KONG - 2 months ago
Wtf...she blind?
Alex Salazar
Alex Salazar - 2 months ago
2 mi is a locky guy she is awesom
Dean Lover
Dean Lover - 2 months ago
He chetet
Seven - 2 months ago
Pete looks like a hood rat off the streets of Chicago. Why would you be seen with him
Shawn Spears Fan
Shawn Spears Fan - 2 months ago
Kate is gorgeous I've had a crush on her since underworld.
Dennis Tokay
Dennis Tokay - 2 months ago
He's a lousy comedian and a douchebag who cares
Luis Benitez
Luis Benitez - 2 months ago
Dude a legend
霧裡探花水中望月 - 2 months ago
He left out Woody Allen
Friend - 2 months ago
No chance this will ever work...
Marijn Blancke
Marijn Blancke - 2 months ago
How come an ugly guy like him can get both Ariana and Kate?..
- The wonders of the world -
T Bear
T Bear - 2 months ago
Who the fuck is Pete Davidson????? Never heard of the arsehole, but then again SNL sucks now, that’s why I don’t know him.
Lesminster - 2 months ago
Nah, it's not that because it is woman doing it. It's because Kate Beckinsale is doing it. The most beautiful woman on the planet currently is dating a funny, self-confident, not that attractive dude ;) That just hurts us men you know ;) It is totally not about male patriarchy ;)
G - 2 months ago
Dumb. She is too good for him.
Vood jin
Vood jin - 2 months ago
She is way to hot for him, she is like a 12, he is not even a 5...
HollowDolly - 2 months ago
It's not because Kate is a woman. I'm okay with her dating guys 20 years younger. I just expected her to do better. Maybe someone like Ansel Elgort, Zac Efron, or Dylan O'brien. I know I shouldn't judge Pete by his looks or status or lifestyle but I don't know. It just seems so off. Kate is just too classy and elegant. She's just really up there. I guess having a huge heart really pays off. :P
Casey Schubert
Casey Schubert - 2 months ago
There is a 9 year age gap between my husband and I...I'm older.
Bmw Forlife
Bmw Forlife - 2 months ago
He is proof that outer looks don't matter to women! lol
Michael M
Michael M - 2 months ago
Lol I’m 26 and I’m hella jealous she’s been my celeb crush since boyhood. lol what a pimp
Valentine - 2 months ago
uhu... HIM!!... HER!!!! sure, makes sense o_O... the age diff, no prob, but HIM??? excuse me, I'm going off now to ask God why he hates me..
Etiti Yulolo
Etiti Yulolo - 2 months ago
he won the lottery... he won...
ugh ok
ugh ok - 2 months ago
he said tommy lee, and months later he made a movie about him lolol
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