Wood and Steel | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 58

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Ayla Bell
Ayla Bell - 4 hours ago
Den Icozrin : *exists*

Fjord : I'm about to end this man's whole career.
Christopher Teale
Christopher Teale - 6 hours ago
I like how the largest PC's are riding the smallest morebounder
Braden Potts
Braden Potts - Day ago
Glad for summer break I can finally catch up on the show maybe by next Thursday I can listen in to it live on twitch again
adir mugrabi
adir mugrabi - Day ago
as a rule lawyer. i vote Liam
Chikage - 2 days ago
i love jester’s “size doesn’t matter speech”
Torrey Sauter
Torrey Sauter - 3 days ago
"He told you not to talk anymore"
I just about died
Joey Gallo
Joey Gallo - 3 days ago
The hell?! Why is Yasha's STR 17?! Everyone else hit 20 in their primary stat long ago! Is she working on DEX or CON? Did no one assign ASIs for her? The hell!
VSKKG - 2 days ago
She has chosen feats instead.
I'm the caiman
I'm the caiman - 3 days ago
*Mollymauk* I am your god, long may I reign
*Cadeuceus* Even his advice had abs
PixelatedSparks - 4 days ago
I know Fjord has had dark moments but wow was that dark 😰
Nodranil - 4 days ago
Big shout out to Travis and Matthew for the talk between the blacksmith and Fjord. Many nerd dudes feel inferior to other jocks, players, etc. Regardless of your pursuits and interests as a guy, it doesn't make you any less of a man. That was some dope shit.
Austin Bryant
Austin Bryant - 5 days ago
Taliesin's hungry eyes for that sword XD
Whos Datguy
Whos Datguy - 6 days ago
Damn, those burns laid down by Ashley were worse than the ones my rogue suffered in the hellish realms of Baator.
tomisabum - 6 days ago
I watch this with closed captioning on a lot just due to me often getting distracted or not quite catching a word, and good lord bless whoever does that for the team here. They have fun with it, and I appreciate that. [JENGA]
ArtLifemusic2011 - 7 days ago
Somewhere in a parallel timeline Jester has opened a petting zoo and gives children rides on a very loyal and well trained Yarnball.
Ph34121307 - 7 days ago
Hottest. thumbnail. ever. made.
CRH - 7 days ago
The entire reward discussion could've been solved in 10 seconds by them just accepting the job, going back to the rest of the party and discuss the rewards, do the job, and get the rewards they all agreed upon. That was made way more complicated than it had to be, lol.
Simurgh - 7 days ago
CRH I think Marisha misunderstood and thought they had to choose up front - which is why she was was trying to talk to Liam/Caleb about what to take, while he didn’t understand why she was trying to choose, thus kinda having two different discussions
genesis frog
genesis frog - 7 days ago
3:21:00 what IS it with caleb and piss?? Off the top of my head Liam has roleplayed caleb pissing at LEAST twice (correction: at least THRICE), and in the past few episodes he has commanded two cats to pee. I don't understand this man's fascination with piss. Why is it his go to intimidation. Why is he like this
Dom Zim
Dom Zim - 8 days ago
I just realized that yashas ability stats where not increased at lvl 4 and 8. Is there a reason for this or just an error?
Dom Zim
Dom Zim - 9 days ago
Best VP speech in American history.
Boz - 9 days ago
Fjord:I would stop talking if I were you.
Matt:Make an intimidation check.
Matt: Fjord walks over to the foreman and mushroom stamps him in front of the Aurora Guard.
Kise Khan
Kise Khan - 9 days ago
Half orcs are like onions , they have many layers
Emily Dueck
Emily Dueck - 9 days ago
1:05:35 - The players get a taste of their own medicine
Tododile69 - 9 days ago
Sam being a good guy for Laura is so sweet at 54:40
Andrzej Gieralt
Andrzej Gieralt - 9 days ago
I want Liam to be president of dnd beyond
SingingWolf's Random DIY and Gear
First we had had Sam looking like Tim Curry on Valentine's day and now we have Matt giving a Fisher Stevens style performance for the Professor. (Or possibly a twitchy Ethan Hawke) I love this show.
I also want to murder all of the characters except maybe Caduesus. Was no one LISTENING when the Bright Queen said, "Be careful who you show these symbols to..."???!!!???
David Tracy
David Tracy - 11 days ago
I FUCKIN love Turman
RandomHer03 - 11 days ago
Waka was incredible.
Milford Weeks
Milford Weeks - 11 days ago
Moor Bounder: TMN Rent A Kill.... I can dig it! Wow Ashley... I can smell the smoke from Sam's roasting from here. Female Orc Doc Emmitt Brown here.
Lilith2014 - 11 days ago
Goddamn, Matt is looking really sexy in this episode.
TopRaptor - 12 days ago
What was Marisha referencing when she said she'll look for the ass trumpeters? 25:40
LucasB2882 - 10 days ago
blog.cnbeyer.com/history/marginalia-medieval/introducing-marginalia/ The third picture down.
Marc Laurents
Marc Laurents - 12 days ago
Sam has lost my vote. Weasels and ferrets aren't the same thing.
Mega Bacon
Mega Bacon - 12 days ago
2:42:25 you can see Caleb get a little disappointed when nott decided to ride with jester and not him.
Nnaron - 12 days ago
At 2:26 - is that Grim Fandango music? Awesome
well, - 12 days ago
Once again, Caleb resorts to animal shit and pee to make people uncomfortable. Including me.
Fook - 13 days ago
Veth Brenatto: sugar mommy to her own husband
FireSanctuary - 13 days ago
Bart Curlish vibes from the Professor!
Dallas Oliver
Dallas Oliver - 14 days ago
Deucy clear your throat!!
Kyle Sharks
Kyle Sharks - 14 days ago
Level 9 barbarian with 17 strength...that's rough.
Lost Folklorist
Lost Folklorist - 14 days ago
Smack smack smack
Laura: Damn that was a hard hit!
MiniCleric - 15 days ago
Does anyone know what Taliesin said at 1:24:58
Woodywoodmc - 15 days ago
You can really tell Taliesin age sometimes but then his face lights up when he gets excited and it looks like he is 30 years younger and it’s so adorable.
Nick Terrell
Nick Terrell - 9 days ago
He isn't that old, late 30s or early 40s I think.
Meadhall Mike
Meadhall Mike - 15 days ago
Taliesin is one of my favs but...I don't know if he's got a condition or what but he has GOT to clear those throat bubbles
Woodywoodmc - 15 days ago
His advice had abs
Woodywoodmc - 15 days ago
This is better than an actual political campaign
Julia Maaño
Julia Maaño - 15 days ago
Ring, staff, and magic robe? I'm getting some serious Deathly Hallows vibes over here
liljimmygreen - 16 days ago
You should go check and see if you left the oven on.
Tim Green
Tim Green - 16 days ago
I did not hear why Mat grew the deard and mustash. Tired of shaving (my personal fav. excuse), role, works better then none beards for I attains y
Johnny 6
Johnny 6 - 16 days ago
Sam thought he had the favor of celebrities, but you can't beat having the star of You've Got Gail as your running mate
Sparky TDK
Sparky TDK - 16 days ago
i am slowly realizing either matt has a loooooooooooot of gold his campaigns or i might be a stingy GM
Zach D
Zach D - 16 days ago
This is my first time seeing Talisons "Twitch Subscription Zone" commercial, and its so fitting, I'd watch him host Twlight Zone for years lmao
Lontasmenn - 16 days ago
Ayyyyy, episode 58 and the... what, second or third episode Ashley is in?
Skallia Ray
Skallia Ray - 16 days ago
If they dont have a debate... I'll be sad lol a savage debate against Liam and sam, then Dani and Ashley... I'm here for it.
Kt Dreamer
Kt Dreamer - 17 days ago
@1:01:58 Marisha does THAT. Laura: *cringe* Liam: nice Me: *faints*
MRAtPt - 17 days ago
43:33 i was so scared Marisha hurt herself again
CAP10 - 18 days ago
He kinda looks like donkey with some kind of mask...
CampaignerSC - 18 days ago
49:08 Jester trying to kill Fjord
1:42:48 Yeza is savage
the biggest big Mac ever
the biggest big Mac ever - 19 days ago
I missed Ashley so much
Jeff West, Jr.
Jeff West, Jr. - 19 days ago
I love all the mouthing and whispering banter between Travis and Ashley in this episode. Obviously they miss each other with Ashley working in New York, but you can tell the miss sitting next to each other.
ortham vega
ortham vega - 19 days ago
the thumbnail for the video reminds me of this elric pic . http://www.stormbringer.net/images/elric/elric7.jpg
Matthew Nadeau
Matthew Nadeau - 20 days ago
The poor Foreman!
Lothmar22 - 20 days ago
Inverse attack on titan?
PLGRN8R - 20 days ago
Gonna be honest, when the professor is looking over Beau and Caleb, I get a little bit of ASMR going on.
ErichWilliam - 21 day ago
The moment the orc speaks to Caleb Beau and Caleb = Mel Brooks presents Critical Role
Mystery Post
Mystery Post - 21 day ago
Keeping me alive over here you guys. Thank you so much for doing this every week! I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't found Critical Roll.
Servan Castillo
Servan Castillo - 21 day ago
Missed Ashley so much!
Blythe Westchild
Blythe Westchild - 21 day ago
Blythe Westchild
Blythe Westchild - 21 day ago
Marisha, I love you - but the breathy maiden voice is cringee
carvy catalan
carvy catalan - 21 day ago
I would just like to say that the D-ck drawing by Beau was ingenius! I was cracking so hard.
HoaxNess - 22 days ago
I have travelled across the land, searching far and wide. To find the one blacksmith, who can bring this sword to life. 🎵
Kailob Moore
Kailob Moore - 22 days ago
I love Fjord's inferiority complex with other half-orcs. He is so uncomfortable around them xD
greenquartz - 22 days ago
"Hot goat piss?" I mean I'm legit crying laughing, but I still gotta say I like Sam's smile. He's got great teeth & I have a weakness for dimples. Still...holy crap Ashley!😂😂😂
Kailob Moore
Kailob Moore - 22 days ago
You know, if i worked in a haunted house, *I* would be scared to try and scare someone that looks like Travis xD
Elena Maxima
Elena Maxima - 22 days ago
The thumbnail of Ashley!!!
Work Shop
Work Shop - 23 days ago
Erreul - 23 days ago
You know... It's good to be back, HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAH
Allison Humfleet
Allison Humfleet - 24 days ago
"Yonik is angry and likes to kill."
MilkChocolateBoombox - 24 days ago
Fjord pulls up to camp with the biggest dick energy
Sam C
Sam C - 24 days ago
The professor's, "ahh but he only mostly dead".
Candy breacker Cat
Candy breacker Cat - 24 days ago
(Just so you know yes im copy pastiong this but only beacause im tired of scrolling so far down)

HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
1:10 Liam announces his running mate
2:25 Ashley roasts Sam
8:05 The road to 10 million
11:10 Intro cinematic
12:45 Episode Starts
15:25 Recap Ends
15:45 Yasha is more alert than usual
25:15 Jester has an important task for Beau
26:30 Beau flashes her stick
27:10 And break
28:10 The flask
30:40 Fjord meets a bigger half-orc at the forge
36:30 Fjord can almost carry a barrel
38:55 Fjord’s too tough for jewelry
41:25 Wersh and Fjord
45:00 His advice had abs
45:55 Consoling Fjord
47:00 Fjord backstjory
49:05 Half-orc-ling
52:05 Beau teaches us to deal with cops at the library
56:25 Liam gets to hit Marisha back
1:01:20 Professor Tuskwaco
1:10:40 Beau flashes ab
1:20:20 Long-winded pigeon
1:25:00 How dare you Sam
1:33:55 Jester goes for the full tickle at the jeweler
1:36:00 You can’t trick The Dragon with cubic zirconium
1:37:20 Sam is under attack
1:40:00 Jester is great at compliments
1:42:05 Turmin’s tinctures and tonics
1:42:50 Chemists: you can’t take them anywhere
1:43:45 The splash zone
1:44:10 Too adventurous
1:45:25 Not just sex powers
1:52:10 Rain on Sam night
1:53:25 Nott goes back to her old ways
1:58:05 Break Starts
2:07:30 A full-cast Thank You video
2:10:35 Art Montage
2:23:20 Break Ends
2:24:45 In medias res
2:28:05 Shaft
2:32:45 If they did a morning-to-night game some weekend, I’d be there for it
2:35:20 Jester gives up her weasel
2:38:20 Exchanged messages
2:39:20 Taliesin backstory
2:41:15 I LOVE YOU
2:43:30 Nott and Caleb update their character art
2:51:10 Through the Ghostlands
3:12:10 Foreman Boto
3:14:00 Fjord mjurders Foreman Boto
3:16:05 Contradictory orders
3:41:30 Nott cleans up loose ends
3:44:45 Ashley is welcomed
3:48:05 Episode Ends
The in-game start date for the episode was the 20th of Horisal 836. Sam’s flask says “Creepy ain’t a crime, neither is D&D” over a picture of Brian W. Foster
Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?05
Ross Thane
Ross Thane - 25 days ago
Kinda wish we had the option to see the whole cast's reactions to the pre-game skits, but for whatever reason the cunty camera operators pander to the people watching this on their cellphones to maximize who's speaking. Would've loved to see Marisha/Travis/Liam's reactions for 95% of the d&d beyond joke. Alas, this has pretty much become routine and I doubt one youtube comment will actually change how their derpy camera crew manages the stream focus.
Something Dumbs
Something Dumbs - 25 days ago
Rhino. Sex. I’ve heard it all...
sleepingArisu - 25 days ago
I'm so happy Ashley is back I might actually cry but please fix her AC
Michael Rasmussen
Michael Rasmussen - 25 days ago
Fjord being a hardass makes me very uncomfortable ^^ But it's awesome to see regardless :)
darkecofreak23 - 26 days ago
Sam's gonna hurt someone with flask eventually.
Keith Brown
Keith Brown - 26 days ago
Marisha mistaking Taliesin's comment for Sam is the Mighty Nine equivalent of rolling a natural 1.
aripockily - 26 days ago
and here i thought no one could beat Sam but today i'm voting with my Johnson
Doodle Hawk
Doodle Hawk - 26 days ago
Doodle Hawk
Doodle Hawk - 26 days ago
Cap'n caviar
Cap'n caviar - 26 days ago
Everyone is talking about Ashley roasting Sam but can we just appreciate how fjord tore apart and broke a man. I know it was in game but that was thorough. #pleasesteponmefjord
matthew tate
matthew tate - 27 days ago
Is it just me or does the professor sound like miracle max?
Tilphoron - 24 days ago
I was thinking a mixture of Max and Woody Allen.
dedf15 - 27 days ago
did i miss something? the Mighty Nein's treatment of Waccoh's competitor seemed unecessarily cruel.
SabreDance256 - 27 days ago
I don't want to imagine a conversation between Jester and the Professor.
It would be too much fast talking and fun.
The Scrub
The Scrub - 28 days ago
Anyone else having issues with twitch??
Yikes It's Belle
Yikes It's Belle - 28 days ago
For a hot sec I thought the background music was a flute cover of Sound of Silence and I sat here having an existential crisis about it
pike vena
pike vena - 28 days ago
Liam and Ashely. Let's do it with the sword.
ebony1442 - 28 days ago
Matt: There was an unfortunate encounter with about 7 or 8 giants....
Me: That is, with respect, a paltry sum....
NEJ C - 28 days ago
You know the arts good when you get 7 pictures of chairs in a row.
AmishRiot - 28 days ago
I love it when Ford puts on his game face and intimidates people. Travis is so pro
Luke Good
Luke Good - 28 days ago
I keep thinking, shit do I have hearthstone running and I've just forgotten about it
Andy Malik
Andy Malik - 28 days ago
I love it when Ashley is here for the shopping episodes because her bartering is on point.
"What if we just play less gold?"
She doesn't even try, she just does,
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