Wood and Steel | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 58

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Flando Maltrizian
Flando Maltrizian - 4 months ago
HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
1:10 Liam announces his running mate
2:25 Ashley roasts Sam
8:05 The road to 10 million
11:10 Intro cinematic
12:45 Episode Starts
15:25 Recap Ends
15:45 Yasha is more alert than usual
25:15 Jester has an important task for Beau
26:30 Beau flashes her stick
27:10 And break
28:10 The flask
30:40 Fjord meets a bigger half-orc at the forge
36:30 Fjord can almost carry a barrel
38:55 Fjord’s too tough for jewelry
41:25 Wersh and Fjord
45:00 His advice had abs
45:55 Consoling Fjord
47:00 Fjord backstjory
49:05 Half-orc-ling
52:05 Beau teaches us to deal with cops at the library
56:25 Liam gets to hit Marisha back
1:01:20 Professor Tuskwaco
1:10:40 Beau flashes ab
1:20:20 Long-winded pigeon
1:25:00 How dare you Sam
1:33:55 Jester goes for the full tickle at the jeweler
1:36:00 You can’t trick The Dragon with cubic zirconium
1:37:20 Sam is under attack
1:40:00 Jester is great at compliments
1:42:05 Turmin’s tinctures and tonics
1:42:50 Chemists: you can’t take them anywhere
1:43:45 The splash zone
1:44:10 Too adventurous
1:45:25 Not just sex powers
1:52:10 Rain on Sam night
1:53:25 Nott goes back to her old ways
1:58:05 Break Starts
2:07:30 A full-cast Thank You video
2:10:35 Art Montage
2:23:20 Break Ends
2:24:45 In medias res
2:28:05 Shaft
2:32:45 If they did a morning-to-night game some weekend, I’d be there for it
2:35:20 Jester gives up her weasel
2:38:20 Exchanged messages
2:39:20 Taliesin backstory
2:41:15 I LOVE YOU
2:43:30 Nott and Caleb update their character art
2:51:10 Through the Ghostlands
3:12:10 Foreman Boto
3:14:00 Fjord mjurders Foreman Boto
3:16:05 Contradictory orders
3:41:30 Nott cleans up loose ends
3:44:45 Ashley is welcomed
3:48:05 Episode Ends
The in-game start date for the episode was the 20th of Horisal 836. Sam’s flask says “Creepy ain’t a crime, neither is D&D” over a picture of Brian W. Foster
Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?05
David Parkes
David Parkes - 27 days ago
qcnixongab81 - Month ago
What's the music in the art montage ??
Davis Straus
Davis Straus - Month ago
Flando Maltrizian 1:28:38 “Good luck boys have fun storming the castle!”
aboppy6 - Month ago
Can somebody explain 1:37:20 to me. I'm so confused
Cole24 - Month ago
Praise be
polor awesomelex
polor awesomelex - 9 hours ago
3:07:07 Forever Fall
DragonFartMaysa - 15 hours ago
27:13 bottom row had a perfect wave
Raven Cross66
Raven Cross66 - Day ago
2:25:00 beau only got one d*ck in. ;)
frog - 2 days ago
When Sam said at least I have the comfort of my imaginary husband, I was so confused, Liam is right there.
thewaxman4 - 3 days ago
Final7even - 4 days ago
Why is the orc professor a friggin mobster?
Final7even - 4 days ago
Of course the 2 humans decide to go alone. Oh dear.
Treegona - 6 days ago
The Fjord is a Shorthalt theory makes way too much sense: Relatively tiny, not terrifically strong, healthy, able to charm the proverbial pants off anything, kinda book-smart, wisdom score of 7.
Josh Rupp
Josh Rupp - 7 days ago
The Robe of Indecent Exposure....
Terry Maughan
Terry Maughan - 8 days ago
Look at my Balls!... now, that's a distraction technique worth holding on to.
Scott Mefford
Scott Mefford - 9 days ago
That's not a flask, its a bloody Gerry can.
AsherPH2020 - 10 days ago
Taliesin is so much more lively with Ashley around and she’s a riot in her own right. I’m glad she’s back!
wouter neirynck
wouter neirynck - 10 days ago
Mat wanted Sam to steal that that 1k potion so bad by sending the dwaf to the back and looking at sam while he waited for a moment.
Thor B.
Thor B. - 11 days ago
1:54 the Roast of Sam
Eugore Sdrawde
Eugore Sdrawde - 11 days ago
Any time Nott’s husband Is polite Like I Know it’s Normal but One of My characters Would just Be like “Ooooh My God I love how oddly nice you are and it is amazing! how no person you’ve met has just wanted to be nice to you, like damn!”
acentric Soul
acentric Soul - 12 days ago
at 1:46:46 you can hear travis (?) making the zombie minecraft sounds in the background and its great
Joshua Fuller
Joshua Fuller - 12 days ago
I legit thought all of the art was going to be chairs for a second, I almost died
Joshua Fuller
Joshua Fuller - 12 days ago
1:13:25 Laura: "I thought he said Vex" 😭😭😭
Rebekah Pierce
Rebekah Pierce - 14 days ago
*deadpan* Jannik is angry and likes to kill
Corvus - 14 days ago
There's something kinda hot about the thumbnail.
nott my cup of tea
nott my cup of tea - 16 days ago
to be fair yasha should've had ½ or ¾ cover when hiding from the giants in the forest
nott my cup of tea
nott my cup of tea - 16 days ago
'i feel real confident about this plan'
proceeds to send the whole party to stealth around the mines
without even casting past without a trace
3 seconds later, the whole party is discovered
*slow clap*
can't wait for tpk lol
Maxime - 16 days ago
Why are orcs texan?
The Egky
The Egky - 16 days ago
very sexy of them to make that the thumbnail
sedeslav - 16 days ago
Mercer is one of the best story teller on this mortal plane!
Christian Nieto
Christian Nieto - 17 days ago
1:37:20 Watch sam change colours
Bby Cheese
Bby Cheese - 17 days ago
Are all half orcs from texas
Nakurasden6460 - 18 days ago
Anyone else like to think that the blacksmith is fjords dad?
DtoonerGames 7
DtoonerGames 7 - 18 days ago
Talisen whispering ‘welcome back’ melted my heart
DtoonerGames 7
DtoonerGames 7 - 18 days ago
ryan k
ryan k - 18 days ago
Will Ashley learn how to play that character someday?
Patrick - 17 days ago
It's easy to criticise the way someone dances when you've never worn their shoes, Ryan.
David Sarilaksana
David Sarilaksana - 18 days ago
2:38:25 Tal you cant count.
Storm Belladonna
Storm Belladonna - 19 days ago
Patrick - 17 days ago
Stones Poi
Stones Poi - 20 days ago
All the fan art pictures of THE CHAIR. OMG Im dying over hear.
Justin Zymbaluk
Justin Zymbaluk - 21 day ago
God I would watch a whole spin-off show of Beau and Caleb navigating social situations
Selim Tuncel
Selim Tuncel - 21 day ago
Ashley is back and it rolling like always!
Saiko Kurosu
Saiko Kurosu - 22 days ago
49:10 - *Look* at the face Matt pulls in response to Jester's suggestion. It's just so glorious... xD
WarBacca 101
WarBacca 101 - 24 days ago
"Don't be ashamed of that, son."
Matt's 'Old Man Western' is coming out a bit, and it really works.
a lesbean
a lesbean - 24 days ago
1:10 A challenger approaches
2:25 Hello 911? I'd like to report several murders.
3:42:45 She's back
Anthony Guarneri
Anthony Guarneri - 25 days ago
Cobra Kai never dies. Nice Marisha. So in some of the episodes I hear her putting together kick punch knee elbow combos and describing fighting techniques and sequence. And then she gestures the moves and has her hands up, elbows in, shoulders down, chin tucked, eyes gazed, rooted even seated in the chair. ...and I am like, she knows martial arts! Found some Marisha martial arts clips on Youtube. Check it out. Good job M.
OoainauT - 25 days ago
Gaa! Gems are so blah. Magic items! Magic items!
Hayden C
Hayden C - 26 days ago
All half orcs are cowboys
Althea Gwebraedd
Althea Gwebraedd - 26 days ago
Listening in the car on the way to work, 1:18:00 yelling to myself TAKE THE SWORD, TAKE THE DAMN SWORD
Farrell 494
Farrell 494 - 26 days ago
Fjord- wisdom 7.... didn't notice that before.... that explains a lot
Harley Michael
Harley Michael - 27 days ago
Awww Desmond is the name of one of my characters! It’s a girl and she’s an orcish teifling. Made me very happy that the guard guy at the tome place was named Desmond
Recurvess - 27 days ago
When they animate the Mighty Nein I full expect a random pigeon to be in the background of scenes like this. It can be a "hidden pigeon" type thing where it's even a statue on a shelf behind them.
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - Month ago
The half orc lady sounds like Danny DeVito
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - Month ago
I’m right there Travis. Fuck scary movies and haunted houses. I don’t need that stress in my life.
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - Month ago
Right there with you*
Brandon Barry
Brandon Barry - Month ago
Caduceus being the proud Mother of these murder hobos when they simple toddler things like share and chip in gives me life. He lights up and beams every time one of them acts decent, Like a Gigantic Pastel Jane Goodall.
Unbid Omnivore
Unbid Omnivore - Month ago
Nott's HP is 69.. Nice
Rabid Pixy
Rabid Pixy - Month ago
I’m assuming they have a license for the wow music. But I wonder why they chose wow specifically
Simone de Vries
Simone de Vries - Month ago
Bookmark: 00:45:00
DarkAuraLord - Month ago
47:36 "you could plant a tree in that hole..." god Cad killed me with that. Awkward Jester is the best.
miamormoncheri - Month ago
Fit To Crit Workout:

These videos are long, don't forget to get up, stretch, and get a little exercise!

Once the game begins, these are the rules:

10 situps- every time Sam Riegel makes a bad pun
20 pushups- Caleb says something optimistic
50 jumping jacks- " Roll Initiative"
10 squats- Jester draws a penis
30 second plank- When Yasha is intimidating

Bonus Rules:
1:00 min plank- Caduceus says " Thats nice"

Caleb's "Feel the Burn" rules:
Turn all situps and pushups into full Burpees, and squats into Jump Squats!
miamormoncheri - Month ago
@Chris B That's still better than nothing!
Chris B
Chris B - Month ago
miamormoncheri I'll do like, one of those things. Per episode.
Hunter Hagen
Hunter Hagen - Month ago
3:13:56 now that’s how you intimidate someone.
Unstable Games
Unstable Games - Month ago
Yezza sounds like my great aunty barb like it’s uncanny
Gabriel Novak
Gabriel Novak - Month ago
Ok a history check here, Rexxentrum is the capital of the empire, yes? And that is assumed to be near or a part of the Zemni Fields? So speaking with a strong accent and even the actual language is mayhaps THE MOST SUSPICIOUS FUCKING THING one might do in Xhorhas, correct?
You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head
Wood and Steel summarized.
Robin Delgado
Robin Delgado - Month ago
Marisha really put her foot in her mouth with the whole “you know like the way you go up to a cop to show them” line. My god how is she even part of this group of talented people. Matt noticed where the stupidity was going and put her on the spot real quick. What a lack of self awareness.
tadhg ogorman
tadhg ogorman - Month ago
Oh yes finally Ashleys back!
30noir - Month ago
Why has Fjord got worse stats than everyone else? Aggh! This is why point-buy is better. It's so stupid that Jester is stronger than Fjord.
Patrick - 17 days ago
Why? They rolled stats and got interesting character quirks, I don't see any real problem here...
The Void Potato
The Void Potato - Month ago
Bookmark 3:41:25
Thomas Clifford
Thomas Clifford - Month ago
Fjord has that short man complex.
Michał Jaros
Michał Jaros - Month ago
Jesues, I just skipped this whole episode cause goddamn Travis keeps snorting with his goddamn runny nose. Guys! Please do something about it, some people find it utterly disgusting :C
Roah Yasmin
Roah Yasmin - Month ago
Travis is fkn AMAZING in this EP ~ MVP
Jalen Goode
Jalen Goode - Month ago
wait ashley's BACK back??? excited to say the least

also I'm 2 months late but it's news to me lol
Kyouko Tsukino
Kyouko Tsukino - Month ago
3:00 Ashley should get a HDYWTDT on Sam's ego.
16:00 The Nein forgetting about pets? Never happened before!
20:00 "We spent so much money on something that's gonna eat us someday." So, they became parents...
25:00 Nott makes sure her kids have their IDs before sending them off to the playground. Mama Bugbear?
45:00 "Even his advice had abs." Caduceus Clay.
49:00 Jester finally figures out why Fjord is so puny for a half-orc. The other half is halfling! Logic! Sort of.
50:00 The two fountains of awkwardness go somewhere together. *Grabs a big bowl of popcorn.* I'm ready.
1:00:00 Caleb meets Dr. Orctopus.
1:05:00 Five minutes in, can't wait for Tuss to meet Deuces.
"Oh hi."
"That's... That's nice."
1:08:00 The Nein. Not sure if allied to the Dynasty yet, but they'll help them build weapons of mass destruction. Harmless sidequest!
1:15:00 Oh, a broken sword blade. Nice...
1:35:00 They went from trying to avoid attention to flaunting their "The Queen Loves Us" medals everywhere, whenever they can, in less than two days.
Their Vox Machina is showing.
1:37:00 Sam is the victim here, people!
1:39:00 Jester, don't mess with that jeweler! She will cut you. Cutting is part of her job.
1:46:00 Halfling and Goblin, kinky... I guess there's weirdos for every kink, and kinks for every weirdo.
1:50:00 Xhorhasian math is weird, what with splitting things into half dozens and eights and sixteens instead of just neatly arranging everything into tens like the Dwendalians (and pretty much the rest of Exandria) do. They likely do it to feel special and better.
1:51:30 It looks like Sam has a -10 to everything for this episode.
1:54:50 ... Or maybe not(t) since he kind of Skyrimed some potions away effortlessly.
2:25:00 Me: "Okay, they're done with the shopping episode, maybe now something will finally happen."
The Nein: "We need to buy pretty dresses and camping gear!"
Me: "... Son of a bitch."
2:30:00 Caleb has a big jar of Senzu Beans.
2:35:00 Without proper context, what Nott told Jester sounds hot/wrong/kinky/all of those.
3:10:00 The Nein meet Foreman Bodo. Fjord turned him into Forewimp Bodowned.
3:26:00 How long has that hobgoblin been a miner? "ELEVEN DAYS!" And how long do they live... Yeah, you guessed it right, eleven days.
3:42:00 Ashley rolled a one on stralth. The universe is still as we know it.
timeotter - Month ago
Please tell me i'm not crazy and there actually were some music from the first Fable?
jamespooh2 - Month ago
Dont worry travis I hate haunted houses too
ohheyitstaylor Gray
ohheyitstaylor Gray - Month ago
Sam is a comedic genius! XD
Harris Jones
Harris Jones - Month ago
the two clerics have divine light behind them because of where they're sitting. that's nice.
Humble TreeStump
Humble TreeStump - Month ago
I read that's nice in cads voice
Riddlewrong - Month ago
If you're trying to get caught up: This is a dreaded _shopping episode_ and you can safely skip to 2:48:37. At that point, they leave the city to embark upon a quest to investigate and possibly kill some giants. Everything else in the episode is just talking to shopkeepers and pet interactions. In my opinion, that stuff is okay when watching live, but pretty tedious to watch when you're catching up.
Kameo Hancox
Kameo Hancox - Month ago
Gah, I love Waccoh. And Caduceus talking to Yarnball is heckin' adorable! BEST SHOW EVER!!!
Monferno - Month ago
Fjord got adulted
EDIT:if I catch up with C2 ima try to continue C1 but I mean if the animated series comes out before then... plz I need the animation
berdybirdy8878 - Month ago
I wonder why Taliesin enjoys when Sam or his character fails at anything. He has a sour face most of the time Sam or his character succeeds as well. I don't know why but I hope it stops one day. They are both great roll players and this story could take another step up if they joined up and got on a better page together. Not just them but there characters as well. I think it my be because Taliesin is a little bit of a meta gamer and Sam enjoys to fail a little for plot twists. Both make the game enjoyable to watch but I cant help but see all the missed moments that could have happened if they didn't have tension.
Someone's Side Channel
You see, Travis _could_ just say no, I really don't enjoy that thanksss and pass on it each year, but he doesn't.
Someone's Side Channel
My favorite Talisin laughs are the faint wheezes in the background
LoopDeLoop - Month ago
I really like the way Travis plays out a successful intimidation check. Laid back in his chair, complete poker face, very often cuts off the NPC's tangents and keeps them from verbally squirming out of the situation while he coolly lays out exactly what he wants.
Paige Marie
Paige Marie - Month ago
Professor Tuskwaco sounds a little like Gannondorf at times.
KingSkelett - Month ago
Ashley is Liam's Vice President.
Caleb is a magician
Yasha has the magicians judge

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