Ariana Grande - imagine (lyric video)

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ri pottorff
ri pottorff - 27 minutes ago
this song and the high notes😍
Piano Covers PPIA
Piano Covers PPIA - 3 hours ago
Like the beat of this song. Tried covering it in piano!
Bomilover Apink
Bomilover Apink - 10 hours ago
Step up the two of us, nobody knows us
Get in the car like, "Skrrt"
Stayin' up all night, order me pad thai
Then we gon' sleep 'til noon
Me with no makeup, you in the bathtub
Bubbles and bubbly, ooh
This is a pleasure, feel like we never
Act this regular
Click, click, click and post
Drip-drip-dripped in gold
Quick, quick, quick, let's go
Kiss me and take off your clothes
Imagine a world like that
Imagine a world like that
We go like up 'til I'm 'sleep on your chest
Love how my face fits so good in your neck
Why can't you imagine a world like that?
Imagine a world
Knew you were perfect after the first kiss
Took a deep breath like, "Ooh"
Feels like forever, baby, I never
Thought that it would be you
Tell me your secrets, all of the creep shit
That's how I know it's true
Baby, direct it, name in the credits
Like the movies do
Click, click, click and post
Drip-drip-dripped in gold
Quick, quick, quick, let's go
Kiss me and take off your clothes
Imagine a world like that
Imagine a world like that
We go like up 'til I'm 'sleep on your chest
Love how my face fits so good in your neck
Why can't you imagine a world like that?
Imagine a world
Can you imagine it?
Can you imagine it?
Can you imagine it?
Can you imagine it?
Can you imagine it? (Can you imagine?)
Can you imagine it? (Can you imagine?)
Can you imagine it? Ooh
Imagine (Can you imagine?)
Imagine it, imagine it
Imagine it, imagine it
Fisher Jones
Fisher Jones - 12 hours ago
Fisher Jones
Fisher Jones - 12 hours ago
no guy can sing this cuz stupid voice cracks
Fisher Jones
Fisher Jones - 12 hours ago
that glitch thoooo😍😍
Willie Sanchez
Willie Sanchez - 12 hours ago
Imagine you met ariana grande.....
Oskar Smith
Oskar Smith - 12 hours ago
Ariana : hits the high note perfectly
Me: squeals think I did it perfect 👌🏻 and thinks is as good as Ariana the best of all time when I’m bad
Oskar Smith
Oskar Smith - 12 hours ago
Wha this wired on the top of the comment section it says one second ago but I scroll down and then says 2 minuets ago so I go back up and they are two same comment it mite just be for me idk
Rosie Bhogal
Rosie Bhogal - 12 hours ago
2:08what I see when I rub my eyes too much
YUNG CHUN - 18 hours ago
Imagine Michael Jackson and Ariana Grande did a song together 😫💯
TheLightning Ro
TheLightning Ro - 20 hours ago
Imagine this is the re place for "imagine" from 1960
Agust D suga
Agust D suga - Day ago
I think i went blind
Waji2005 - Day ago
I thought it was a cover of the John Lennon song. False advertising 😂
Polish girl Justine
I can't see the lyrics properly bc the background looks so messed up like my screen was broken
Ezekiel Bender
Ezekiel Bender - Day ago
Was hoping this was cover of imagine by John Lennon
丁 馬
丁 馬 - Day ago
love ari 's face fits so good in my neck
yleana evelyn
yleana evelyn - Day ago
After lots of replays, I think the background is more than just a cool effect and symbolizes life falling apart. At the beginning all is fine and beautiful, there are people on what looks like a raft chillin. Suddenly, the ice breaks and all they can do is watch as that huge chunk of ice goes plummeting toward them to their impending doom. Then everything distorts even more until it’s only darkness.
Merlen - Day ago
Imagine the pain after Manchester and then losing him after breakup
Nice song name steal you fucking overrated bitch
B S - Day ago
Why does it make me thing about Global Warming ?
Katerpillar - Day ago
1:15 I hear this as "Took a deep breath like uwu"
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia - 2 days ago
John Lennon came back please
James Laderman
James Laderman - 2 days ago

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Hello, have a nice day
Hello, have a nice day - 2 days ago
This song has nothing to do with water but for some reason I feel like the background really suits this song
STAR POWER - 2 days ago
Umm well I can barely see the lyrics! L😂 L
A B B INTEX - 2 days ago
Comment💧selena............I luv both ..
If u also share in the comment.....🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Rhys KNEEBONE - 2 days ago
John lennon's song was better
Thiago Nascimento
Thiago Nascimento - Day ago
that’s ur opinion sweetie stay pressed 💋✨
whyutubesostupid - 2 days ago
EM Bongat
EM Bongat - 2 days ago
Am I the only one who heard “Can you eat my vagina” in 2:21 ? Lol hahahaha
Njeri Gakuru
Njeri Gakuru - 2 days ago
no one:
android nibbas:
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith - 2 days ago
Such a beautiful song, cried the 1st time I listened to it😭

1 like= 1,000,000,000,000 hearts to Ariana ❤️
Thu Nguyen
Thu Nguyen - 3 days ago
My eye will die after watching this video
Aysia's World
Aysia's World - 3 days ago
Imagine a world u can sing like that
Suriya Phyo
Suriya Phyo - 3 days ago
Over me pad thai 🇹🇭
Oh i love her so much ❤
xxsophie xx
xxsophie xx - 3 days ago
Omg those whistle notes 😍
leo - 3 days ago
such a beautiful song... I made a cover of it, and although I'm nowhere near Ariana's level, I worked really hard on it, so I hope y' all check out. (did I hit the whistle notes???) here's the link--
Zexus Gaming
Zexus Gaming - 3 days ago
John Lennon
big moron
big moron - 3 days ago
"Imagine there's no heaven"
max paul
max paul - 3 days ago
Ariana nice imagine 😀❤
sp1dey 15
sp1dey 15 - 3 days ago
Hmmmmm is this what the server lools like after she realeases all her songs?
Lea a allumer sa caméra
😍😍😍😍 imangine Ariana grande is your Sister
Deryus Thompson
Deryus Thompson - 3 days ago
So I may be reaching and late but where she says “order me pad Thai” makes this song about Mac because in his song Cinderella which she confirmed about is about her he says “and when you’re hungry I can chef you with the stir fry” I think there’s some kind of relation in those lines
Kim Possible
Kim Possible - 4 days ago
Ariana Grande or Mariah Carey
Comment Mariah
Kim Possible
Kim Possible - 4 days ago
Juliette Paris
Juliette Paris - 4 days ago
was trying to fix the video quality for 3 mins and 30 seconds...
Dolan forever
Dolan forever - 19 hours ago
Romain Mellet
Romain Mellet - 4 days ago
Trop belle voix impressionnante
Romain Mellet
Romain Mellet - 4 days ago
Veronica Sicilia
Veronica Sicilia - 4 days ago
Imaginé happi
Acacia Nole
Acacia Nole - 4 days ago
imagine a world like that.
N O - 4 days ago
I had to put my phone down this visuals fucked me up 😂
Marta Choińska
Marta Choińska - 5 days ago
Ariana vs Justin Bieber
Gary 1000
Gary 1000 - Hour ago
You can’t compare Justin Bieber with Ariana Grande
Ghala Alsulaiti
Ghala Alsulaiti - 3 hours ago
both tbhh
Hya Cat!
Hya Cat! - 23 hours ago
Marta Choińska totally Justin jk
Harvey C.
Harvey C. - 5 days ago
My most favorite song in this album! ;) It needs to be a single!
GamerAnimeCoverer 2
GamerAnimeCoverer 2 - 5 days ago
I love the tune, but the lyrics for me is inapropriate for kids like me singing that because of lyrics not good for them.
Just like
and some more.
I am sorry if I offend most of you all... I love Ariana Grande
But if it’s fine for you and your family, of you singing that
I love the tune and all but I’d like to sing it when I’m alone.
‘Cuz I feel like it offends people sometimes.
I am sorry for my offending opinion.
I love the tune and her voice so I’d like watching in lyrics, audio or original
Again, sorry for my offending opinion
i hate carrots
i hate carrots - 5 days ago
I can't even whistle properly but she can do it in high notes. Pure talent. This is my favorite song from thank u next.
softly - 5 days ago
are we not gonna talk about how those people were eaten by an avalanche?
oh yes darling
oh yes darling - 5 days ago
i thought this was imagine by John Lennon but this song is pretty good
Jubis caca
Jubis caca - 5 days ago
rip phone screen
Mr. Wolfy
Mr. Wolfy - 5 days ago
Lyrics : Imagine there’s no heave- Wrong song!
Maddi_Vlogs - 5 days ago
I like this song
Park Jimin 지민
Park Jimin 지민 - 5 days ago
april 2019?
jon doe
jon doe - 5 days ago
so u trying to say that Antarctica ice wall is melting so fast, once is a meltdown and everything will be under the water, imagine a world like this? right?
Domingo Ayala
Domingo Ayala - 5 days ago
1st time listening to it : It's ok😒
2nd time : Well, I actually KINDA like it🤨
3rd time :[Me in my room] IMAGINE A WORLD LIKE THAT!!!🎤🎶
Tommy Baim
Tommy Baim - 6 days ago
Ariana vs Selena Gomez
Ari 1 like
Selena 1 comment
Amylee Salleh
Amylee Salleh - 6 days ago
So good ariana😀
coolpilotcapitan_123 Pilot
Wow umm how to rate out of 100% 70%
70%= A
Nope Lol
Nope Lol - 6 days ago
Music is the real ASMR video
Naanananna nananananan
Naanananna nananananan - 6 days ago
mad eldon
mad eldon - 6 days ago
Fuck this shit i just want some Lennon
Reem alalian
Reem alalian - 6 days ago
my fav song evaaa
Shay Liváno
Shay Liváno - 6 days ago
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Ami - 6 days ago
*Even when you give me a cockroach I can't hit that note.*
Kadin Sisavat
Kadin Sisavat - 7 days ago
People are forgetting this song after the setlist...
justmark - 5 days ago
i know 😭😭💔
Prisca Pramesti
Prisca Pramesti - 7 days ago
not gonna lie it scares me a bit when it started to glitch
Aisha Hayat
Aisha Hayat - 7 days ago
am i the only one who can hear (i think) mac saying "yeah" in the prechorus?
Megan Flegg
Megan Flegg - 5 days ago
he's saying damn, but yeah that's him.
Lucy Michie
Lucy Michie - 7 days ago
Jolie 2.0
Jolie 2.0 - 7 days ago
That moment you search “imagine” looking for “imagine” by John Lennon, and this piece of dog crap is the main search result
Multitalented Nainika
Multitalented Nainika - 7 days ago
One day I’ll be famous like Ariana Grande. Remember this comment. Subscribe to me for support.
Romain Mellet
Romain Mellet - 7 days ago
Ally Gomez
Ally Gomez - 7 days ago
Imagine 💡🌍
Rimel - 7 days ago
i feel like video is the way it is to make whoever is watching see whatever they want to see
some of us see snowy mountains some say waves and some see whatever they see and it's all up to the imagination of the person
Hanane don't know
Hanane don't know - 7 days ago
She can sing
She can dance
She can act
She can slay it. What she can't do?
John reed
John reed - 7 days ago
Shit wrong imagine. Sorry John Lennon
Drop Tooned Sk8 or Die Babby!
You like i finnally opened my mouth??? Thank the 442# an this song
Laser Doge
Laser Doge - 8 days ago
John Lennon is rolling in his grave
Kate _
Kate _ - 8 days ago
Definitely nothing like John Lennon's song.
NePaLi TiTaN
NePaLi TiTaN - 8 days ago
This is probably her best song!!
Courtney Holt
Courtney Holt - 8 days ago
If I see a rat I can hit those high notes
Perry Liang
Perry Liang - 8 days ago
i’m fuckin hate the
“who’s better Ariana vs ??? ”comments.
if you made a song and seeing people comparing you to others what would you feel.Every artist have their own iconic talent.
gabriell poletti
gabriell poletti - 9 days ago
I love is song
Anna VT
Anna VT - 9 days ago
Which Imagine do you prefer?
Like: Ariana’s Imagine
Comment: John Lennon’s Imagine
Philis Gram
Philis Gram - 7 days ago
Anna VT
Anna VT - 9 days ago
Imma comment on my comment cause I like johns better
Get Schwifty
Get Schwifty - 9 days ago
I first thought I have a virus or my screen broke or somethin like this. 🙄
Kookie Jeon
Kookie Jeon - 9 days ago
OMGG !! Whistle >
Sanjay Rai
Sanjay Rai - 10 days ago
Belen Villa
Belen Villa - 10 days ago
A alguien mas le dolió la cabeza ese fondo?
Aleena Trevino
Aleena Trevino - 10 days ago
At the beginning do any of y’all see the baby face in the middle of the mountain
Gustavo Gacha
Gustavo Gacha - 10 days ago
0:25 DOWN
KT Lem-Mel
KT Lem-Mel - 10 days ago
OMG she did that? That humming bird whistle tone! Goosebumps 😘😘😘😘😘😘
SierraxGacha 126
SierraxGacha 126 - 10 days ago
0:08 *Samsung users*
Aylin xoxo
Aylin xoxo - 10 days ago
This is a type of song that I would ALWAYS listen to no matter in what mood I am lol
귤2 - 10 days ago
후반부의 검은 화면에서 알 수 없는 슬픔이 느껴진다 왜인지는 몰라도 아리아나가 울고 있을 것 같음
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