MLB Crazy Oddities 2018 ᴴᴰ

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Jesse Daniels
Jesse Daniels - 15 hours ago
MLB best barehanded plays?
LordYggdrasill - 2 days ago
1:40 that's such bullshit
Batman 13
Batman 13 - 7 days ago
3:05 The Philly Phanatic is the best mascot in sports
Chiweenie Mode
Chiweenie Mode - 9 days ago
2:31 lol😂😂
Chiweenie mode
Kevin Cho
Kevin Cho - 12 days ago
한국인 손
Robert Crump
Robert Crump - 17 days ago
Andrew Parker
Andrew Parker - 20 days ago
That's bull they should have let the guy keep the bat
Journey Steinberg
Journey Steinberg - 22 days ago
3:33 reverse Jose Canseco
parker likestorapalot
parker likestorapalot - 22 days ago
Shaqin a fool mlb
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown - 24 days ago
5:15, I don't get it, what happened?
a v
a v - 25 days ago
This cracked me up 3:55 what kind of stance is that lol
Jahta Dumas
Jahta Dumas - 27 days ago
At 2:46 it was so funny he got hit in the head with the ball when the catcher threw it . It sounds mean but it really is funny.
Chris Khan
Chris Khan - Month ago
I'm just pissed the guy didn't get to keep the bat that's not right
gerardo pitty
gerardo pitty - Month ago
I like , beautiful
Rafael Nunez
Rafael Nunez - Month ago
Austin Murray
Austin Murray - Month ago
Like that video cr
Isis Garcia
Isis Garcia - Month ago
Who is here for the tumbnail
Carrie Pumphrey
Carrie Pumphrey - Month ago
nice dance party cubs
Cynphany Henderson
Cynphany Henderson - Month ago
2:41 JESUS😍😍😍
Jacqueline G
Jacqueline G - 15 days ago
Cynphany Henderson sorry he’s mine
Mister E Yt
Mister E Yt - Month ago
6:19 best sentence
Fortniteplays Everyday
Noah D
Noah D - Month ago
You ask for a like, I dislike
Dj gamerGT
Dj gamerGT - Month ago
Net lento
that Italian guy
that Italian guy - Month ago
5:03 daddy colòn
Chris Marston
Chris Marston - Month ago
Before we even watch this how much you wanna bet it’s clickbait
Sami Flanagan
Sami Flanagan - Month ago
0:55 is my last brain cell
Juan Gonzalez Jr
Juan Gonzalez Jr - Month ago
Sami Flanagan that’s funny cause it’s also his # lol
Evil Noah05
Evil Noah05 - Month ago
These aren’t oddities there just clips of cool plays
Mendo Maniac
Mendo Maniac - Month ago
I died at 2:37😂😂😂
jack Anderson
jack Anderson - Month ago
“Pebbles al in his beard “😭😭
Rickey Williams
Rickey Williams - Month ago
Dan Geiger
Dan Geiger - Month ago
Mancini is so fast, his shoe can’t keep up lol
Aliyah Asay
Aliyah Asay - Month ago
Omg the second one😍go braves❤️❤️
Zane Rinehart Productions
Nathan Marti
Nathan Marti - Month ago
I am
ふわまりも - Month ago
Jacob Gaudet
Jacob Gaudet - Month ago
j1gsaw7 - Month ago
At 6:52 look at the catcher. He goes through the legs and does a somersault. That’s more amazing than some dirt in your beard
Jonny Hendrix
Jonny Hendrix - 29 days ago
j1gsaw7 yeah. that’s tremendous IQ
j1gsaw7 - 29 days ago
Jonny Hendrix true but it stopped the runner at third from coming home
Jonny Hendrix
Jonny Hendrix - Month ago
j1gsaw7 that pass wasnt even accurate
anissa - Month ago
5:15 what did it say? 😂
What I Wonder
What I Wonder - Month ago
Sounded like Fore's Field, supposed to be Coors Field. Colorado Rockies Stadium.
Oro Jackson
Oro Jackson - 2 months ago
1:50 is out?
GetAJob - 2 months ago
1:42 fuckin hardo
elpidio ramirez
elpidio ramirez - 2 months ago
notvalidcharacters - 2 months ago
How is Vince Velasquez' throwing a runner out with the wrong arm not in here?
Axle Grind
Axle Grind - 2 months ago
5:45 "that's not cricket"
Joseph Okey
Joseph Okey - 29 days ago
That's how he was playing it though. ;)
Ryan Herberger
Ryan Herberger - 2 months ago
How do these happen
Shad So Suave
Shad So Suave - 2 months ago
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Russell Stinson
Russell Stinson - 2 months ago
In the second one, I can't tell whether or not the ball hits off the wall after the center fielder deflects it but before the left fielder catches it--if it did hit the wall, isn't it considered a bouncing ball (just as if it hit the ground first), so there's no more flyout in effect? I'm no expert on the finer points of MLB rules, but I think that's right.
Leniah Lunsford
Leniah Lunsford - 2 months ago
Can someone explain 3:10 to me
Rico Suave
Rico Suave - 2 months ago
He just going to let take the bat away from him ...
ViZu Restart
ViZu Restart - 2 months ago
1:44 why they retrieve the bat from him thats stupid
Vertical Gaming21
Vertical Gaming21 - 2 months ago
Cot dammit Harrison got some dirt and pebbles in your beard
Bananapeel81 - 2 months ago
The lady’s reaction in the bottom left corner at 3:24 is hilarious
디자인밥 - 2 months ago
0:27 더블플레이 라고?
Cayden Metcalf
Cayden Metcalf - 2 months ago
Its Eternihty
Its Eternihty - 2 months ago
Anybody not like baseball at all but then you watch one video and u love it
COCHILOCOS FILMS - 2 months ago
jajajaja se paso de verga el cacher jajaja en el puro casco le pego jajajajajajajajajaja
joeytheflash - 2 months ago
3:31 what are the odds of that! Hahaha
addie - 2 months ago
1:05 balk
ShriLL KiLLs
ShriLL KiLLs - 2 months ago
Sooo... Wtf is an oddity? 🙄
Arif Abdullah
Arif Abdullah - 2 months ago
Baseball is stupid
Carson Kalbfleisch
Carson Kalbfleisch - 3 months ago
3:31 The ball came back down and hit him in the head to add insult to Injury 😂
Seaweed 111
Seaweed 111 - 3 months ago
I’m a cubs fan
Gsfbffx Pdhhdf
Gsfbffx Pdhhdf - 3 months ago
He played cricket
Vismar Laso
Vismar Laso - 3 months ago
Vismar Laso
Vismar Laso - 3 months ago
Erick R.D Martinez
Erick R.D Martinez - 3 months ago
Eje la calle bota fuego fuego fuego fuego fuego fuego prendo un blon blon blon blon blon blon juego
Anthony Vlogz
Anthony Vlogz - 3 months ago
Erick R.D Martinez speak English bitch
Edmur Júlio
Edmur Júlio - 3 months ago
Show 🖒😎
JumpMannJosh - 3 months ago
I just cannot wait until baseball season😢😭😭 soo cloosede
Evan Meeks
Evan Meeks - 3 months ago
Danny Cancu Piano
Danny Cancu Piano - 3 months ago
God bless everyone who reads this comment 🙏 🙌
Malith Jayathillake
Malith Jayathillake - 3 months ago
5:40 face reveal
Marty Mcnally
Marty Mcnally - 3 months ago
Will Tellez
Will Tellez - 3 months ago
Lmao the due at :36 ‘WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!’
The Blue MIMOSA - 3 months ago
Karl Pants
Karl Pants - 4 months ago
I can’t tell if I was clickbaited or not
Chad Sessions
Chad Sessions - 4 months ago
The epitome of the Orioles season in 1 pitch.
jh l
jh l - 4 months ago
5:10 😆
RWB Team
RWB Team - 4 months ago
5:06 so BIG SEXY can run!
Rahul Upadhya
Rahul Upadhya - 4 months ago
American and Chinese should come and play Cricket it would take 20 yrs to ace it with all the money and talent
정란이매니저 - 4 months ago
0:36 깨알 최지만
BVF-dreams - 5 months ago
6:19 i watched that game
Isaiahs Bobo
Isaiahs Bobo - 5 months ago
Out of all the shit on YouTube and all of the other shit, this ranks among the most genuine of shit. I'm so thankful for this kind of video production. I will try to support it better.
Travis Elder
Travis Elder - 5 months ago
@3:49 I don’t think he’s very happy about this 😂
ADD KiD - 5 months ago
1:45 That guys face was priceless when he had to give that bat back 😂
LA monka rd
LA monka rd - 5 months ago
Katsuki Simpson
Katsuki Simpson - 5 months ago
Damn that ballgirl is thicc 0:15
Carlas De la cruz
Carlas De la cruz - 5 months ago
Camden Neal
Camden Neal - 5 months ago
3:20 the woman in the pink tank top is 3000% done with that guy
임선홍 - 5 months ago
2:38 오빤 강남스타일
Rocking Bird
Rocking Bird - 5 months ago
It’s Uncle Sam
Lucia Liang
Lucia Liang - 5 months ago
Lucia Liang
Lucia Liang - 5 months ago
what a play! 0:22
ItzTikoz - 6 months ago
ItzTikoz - 6 months ago
Hey I can pick it out from there by five if I don’t know anything that way I’ll pick
ItzTikoz - 6 months ago
Skydive Probert
ItzTikoz - 6 months ago
We love you astros
ItzTikoz - 6 months ago
We love you are supposed
ItzTikoz - 6 months ago
The Astros win
ItzTikoz - 6 months ago
Jose active is the fastest
ItzTikoz - 6 months ago
Why pretty sore the Dodgers are you genius
王あめーば - 6 months ago
양희관 - 6 months ago
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