Little Mix - Hollister Roadtrip

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Luna NightShade
Luna NightShade - 3 months ago
I’m actually crying and I’m so upset because I really want to meet you girls and I’ve known you since 2011! I’m only 12😭 I have dreamed my whole entire life to meet you girls and I really want to make t come true, I REALLY NEED TO MEET YOU GIRLS, YOU JAVE HELPED MW THROUGH SO MANY HARD TIMES AND IT HURTS SO MUCH TO KNOW THAT I WONT MEET! I AM CRYING😭♥️ I love you girls so much♥️💕
Amore Weasley
Amore Weasley - 4 months ago
Seeing the Mixers in the video fangirl was just absolutely sweet!
LittleMix DemiLovato
LittleMix DemiLovato - 7 months ago
Who else thinks Perrie is amazing
Angel Love
Angel Love - 11 months ago
That made me cry and yeah I was there
Steph - 11 months ago
Why did my dumb brain tell me to watch this in univeristy? Now there's 30 people worried about me because im crying in the bye
Comments Lol
Comments Lol - Year ago
Hopefully they were going here again at the Philippines
Lexi Maxine
Lexi Maxine - Year ago
That moment when you thought that this was the only song of theirs that you haven't heard 😂😂😂
Master Gaming
Master Gaming - Year ago
Can you come to Devon
hannah waterson
hannah waterson - Year ago
Please come to Egypt little mix love you
mixerr elsie.x
mixerr elsie.x - Year ago
Can they please do another competition like this 😫😖😤
Daku Hall
Daku Hall - Year ago
I 💖 Them so much, 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse - Year ago
So amazing 😍
1D worthhh
1D worthhh - Year ago
i hope i get a chance to meet and shopping with them 😭
johnrey montejar
johnrey montejar - Year ago
oohh..i want to met the Little Mix but i cant because im here in the Philippines ive never met him before since last year or how many years...cry....please help me.....
Mixers Forever
Mixers Forever - Year ago
@littlemixvevo can you do one in manchester
위은경 - Year ago
What a adorable girls!! I love them
Stephanie Luzano
Stephanie Luzano - Year ago
that girl crying is SO me.
Blood Lines
Blood Lines - Year ago
Perrie sooo beautiful ....
Lexa Dollente
Lexa Dollente - Year ago
Waaaaah, i envy those fans. 😭 i wish i could see little mix too. 😭
G E T - Year ago
I miss this
KaykayHunna - 2 years ago
Saw the comments number 666....... I had to change it
K - 2 years ago
Leigh was so cute with the fan at 2:31. And Leighade taped together is everything. And that Lerrie moment at 0:21 (Perrie knew what Leigh was gonna do and did the exact same motions as her)
bahah haha
bahah haha - 2 years ago
their so cute 😭😍
bahah haha
bahah haha - 2 years ago
900k views 🙌1milli next !#!
irem keskin
irem keskin - 2 years ago
onları görmek vardı 💓
《 salmon 》
《 salmon 》 - 2 years ago
It's funny to think that one of those girls could be one of those hardcore mixers who get butthurt when little mix gets teased a tiny bit.
Big Mixer
Big Mixer - 2 years ago
3:42 is me everytime I hear little mix and do throwbacks
Rawaan93 - 2 years ago
The CEO of Hollister is known for fat shaming people. I don't understand why Little Mix would want to associate themselves with this disgusting company.
BZM ́S NIGHTCORES - 2 years ago
I could not stop smiling while watching this
Perrie fied
Perrie fied - 2 years ago
Ashanti Pauline
Ashanti Pauline - 2 years ago
Wow how I wish they come here in our country
Dani TDE
Dani TDE - 2 years ago
Nunca vi gringas llorando, que esta pasando? ahr 😂
Dany Rodríguez
Dany Rodríguez - 2 years ago
Ya me acuerdo de esas frases de let's go shopping que las vo en la película de White Chicks (Pollitas Blancyas) llamada en Hispanoamérica ¿Y dónde están las rubias?.
mari colovine
mari colovine - 2 years ago
y love you
Un noticed
Un noticed - 2 years ago
jadey such a cutie 😍
Amanda Beatriz
Amanda Beatriz - 2 years ago
Go and Brasil for tanks
Hala Nahfawi
Hala Nahfawi - 2 years ago
I thought its a music video😂😂😂👌
Hala Nahfawi
Hala Nahfawi - 2 years ago
Taylor Lawrenson :P
Diamond TJ101
Diamond TJ101 - 2 years ago
Hala Nahfawi 😂 😂 lol
Hala Nahfawi
Hala Nahfawi - 2 years ago
Taylor Lawrenson Lol😹
Diamond TJ101
Diamond TJ101 - 2 years ago
Hala Nahfawi me too
Aldrin Glen Gumandoy
Aldrin Glen Gumandoy - 2 years ago
3:19 omfg Normani?
Hala Nahfawi
Hala Nahfawi - 2 years ago
Aldrin Glen Gumandoy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Tf dude No
Sadiyah Nagdi
Sadiyah Nagdi - 2 years ago
Sadiyah Nagdi
Sadiyah Nagdi - 2 years ago
Taylor Lawrenson I wish I was you!!!!!
Diamond TJ101
Diamond TJ101 - 2 years ago
Sadiyah Nagdi I ❤️ them too but I'm going to see them in 2 weeks
manon boccalatte
manon boccalatte - 2 years ago
avec la chanson d'Ari dans le magasin
Smiley Hearts
Smiley Hearts - 2 years ago
Omg I'd cry too if I met them
Shayne Montezon
Shayne Montezon - 2 years ago
Little Mix is The BEST💓
G Bace Ontald
G Bace Ontald - 2 years ago
does anyone realise how tall jade was at the start
Diksha Mawri
Diksha Mawri - Year ago
G Bace Ontald yeah! They all are almost of same heights. Perrie is the shortest while jesy or leigh are the tall one.
DanVaz - 2 years ago
Are they Australian?
pink sheep fan
pink sheep fan - 2 years ago
I feel like little mix is a copy of fifth harmony just saying
Tuğba Gül
Tuğba Gül - 2 years ago
Please come to Turkey
negrini Douaa
negrini Douaa - 3 years ago
I love little mix and I am from tunise
Jemimah Obasemo
Jemimah Obasemo - 3 years ago
I love Perrie and Leigh Anne are my favourites💋
Juené - 3 years ago
Can someone who disliked this video please tell me why you disliked it
come to thailand please. 😂
cisse Sibi
cisse Sibi - 3 years ago
Little mix l when to go
Juliana E Lucas
Juliana E Lucas - 3 years ago
y. love you💓💓💓
Juliana Ogbeama
Juliana Ogbeama - 3 years ago
I love little mix!!!
Little Mix Mixer
Little Mix Mixer - 3 years ago
did you noticed thar leigh is so cute in 00:14?
Emelia Lonergan
Emelia Lonergan - 8 months ago
*cough cough* Leigh is so cute from 0:00 to 4:12!
Sami ___
Sami ___ - 3 years ago
Please come to Finland! Please ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ I love you little mix! XX
Devina S
Devina S - 3 years ago
This is the reason why I think I'm not gonna meet them:
Live in Indonesia
My dad wouldn't let me
I'm not confident enough
Devina S
Devina S - 3 years ago
+ReynaPur ikr :(
ReynaPur - 3 years ago
my mom will let me, but i never heard they're coming to indonesia :(
llukiinhas oliveira
llukiinhas oliveira - 3 years ago
algum brasileiro q ama elas 😍?
Safa Ahmed
Safa Ahmed - 3 years ago
Elennior Dela Peña
Elennior Dela Peña - 3 years ago
Little Mix is Literally the Sweetest 😍
Mellisa Nguyen
Mellisa Nguyen - 3 years ago
Little mix should make a Vlog channel.
Omar Andrés Espino Borda
Mellisa Nguyen They have it
amanda moira
amanda moira - 3 years ago
Jessica Stuart
Jessica Stuart - 3 years ago
I know its not mentioned in this video, but thank you for coming to Reno Nevada! I got to meet my beautiful idols. hopefully i get to see you again
Grace Johnson
Grace Johnson - 3 years ago
Come to England
uzma baz
uzma baz - 3 years ago
they're from england lol
Nicole Reyes
Nicole Reyes - 3 years ago
i was crying i wish i was there too shoping with little mix omg if that will happen to mah life omg!!!!
Nicole Reyes
Nicole Reyes - 3 years ago
theyre accent s are killing me awsome
Elena Vega
Elena Vega - 3 years ago
They are so sweet doing that for their fans
Abbie Morgan
Abbie Morgan - 3 years ago
Those disliking are making a huge mistake I'm a true mixer xx
Romina Perez
Romina Perez - 3 years ago
one question ..I live in Arizona ...WHEN DID U GI THERE I NEVER GOT NOTIFIED
Jack Byrne
Jack Byrne - 3 years ago
Lol so cool I love little mix
BOBA M I K H A E L L A - 3 years ago
i love you little mix
Jordana Chaya
Jordana Chaya - 3 years ago
Oh cute the extra from the Black Magic vid was at the LA shop and he waved to them.
Fernanda Nava
Fernanda Nava - 3 years ago
please come to MEXICO
Majda Moustaid
Majda Moustaid - 3 years ago
venganse a españa pendejas
mariah holden
mariah holden - 3 years ago
There true beauty. I love them all and they are all so kind to there fans. 💖💜✨✨💜💖💖
Bonnie Lennox
Bonnie Lennox - 3 years ago
I love that they're a real group of besties.
Nurul Natasha
Nurul Natasha - 3 years ago
Plz go to Singapore
Kiki Papadopoulos
Kiki Papadopoulos - 3 years ago
I wish to shop with them one day too
Dayeon Lee
Dayeon Lee - 3 years ago
beautiful xx best girl group ever
Rach - 3 years ago
nabila sekar
nabila sekar - 3 years ago
come to indonesiaa!!! pleasee
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