THE FIRST PURGE (2018) Ending Explained

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Magical girl Unicornia
Magical girl Unicornia - 2 days ago
I would just steal money and food. Pretty sure that’s what most people would do
onlyoldnavy - 3 days ago
White men behind the death of millions surprise surprise.
FallenCreeper - 4 days ago
I’d like to see a fight between Dmitri and Leo
Tracy Cromer
Tracy Cromer - 4 days ago
Anarchy is the only purge I liked.
Brownie lover
Brownie lover - 18 days ago
Movie about demons who are threatened by others existence! So they want to ensure they have a deep rooted control and power to do as THEY saw fit to people they envy and cant COMPETE with!
Otherwise ! Why the f**k do they care enough to do so much damage? Rich! Enjoy your wealth! And think out of sight out of mind! Nope! I feel this hate and anger towards these people because THEY THREATEN THEIR OWN EXISTENCE! Truly why do people truly hurt OTHERS! And hate them so much!
These TYPES mental instability is a large issues ..but Hilter denoted the reason best! JEALOUSLY! As well AS his( the Nazi) felt less than and did everything to seem better than!PATHETIC
Abigail Murphy
Abigail Murphy - 18 days ago
I just realized, they technically killed Aunt May. 😧 How dare they?!
To Fu
To Fu - 20 days ago
Nslayyy - 24 days ago
I would like to see a Purge movie where a foreign family who got stuck in the US during a vacation has to survive the purge. It can be called Purge: Outsiders
dette mcreal
dette mcreal - 27 days ago
it's fine if the rich people want to get rid of the poor people so the rich can get more money, but if there are no more poor people to the hard work who does it? the rich won't they don't want to get there hand dirty
Ezekiel Glenn
Ezekiel Glenn - Month ago
5000 dollars that ain't shit maybe 4 or 5 months worth of money
Helena - Month ago
‘I’m more into breaking into Baskin Robins and eating all of their ice cream’ very relatable
Futcho Bishh
Futcho Bishh - Month ago
“Massive apartment building” damn Chris you never been to the projects? & mercenaries? You mean neo-nazis who wanted to kill blacks regardless of government pay or not?
alex toll
alex toll - Month ago
Also does that mean that during the purge, raping children and kiddy porn are legal for those 12 hours? I don't see how allowing rape serves a greater purpose
alex toll
alex toll - Month ago
God I wish that the purge was real
Edwin Watts
Edwin Watts - Month ago
If there was a purge I’d probably just graffiti a wall or something :/
Cake - Month ago
heyyyy when did we make this level 4 weapons deal.
Doriell Hayes
Doriell Hayes - Month ago
So you said d wanted his ppl off the island that was wrong he literally told them they couldn’t leave the island when seven suggested it.
Then you said his crew got murdered then he finds out about Niya. But they had actually went and help 3 then heard about niya was doing the plan then got gunned down. Okay I’m through
TheWalking Quadriplegic
Skeletor fucked shit up on those mercs
Bojan Babic
Bojan Babic - Month ago
There is a major plothole in all the franchise. If they are wasting money on mercenaries, fixing everything, funerals,etc how the fuck are they controlling the economy at all? They should be losing more money than what they are balancing. Its a stupid story.
Cotton sheep
Cotton sheep - 2 months ago
Do murderers who are in Prison get to do that stuff too?
Oscar Ramirez
Oscar Ramirez - 2 months ago
The only thing I'm doing on the purge is raiding area 51
Molten Freddy
Molten Freddy - 2 months ago
Wonder why James DeMonaco never got the director’s chair of The First Purge.
TigaLiga - 2 months ago
The tv: Its purge night
me: *Sitting in my apartment watching movies on illegal streaming sites while i eat popcorn.* WOOOHOOOO PURGE NIGHT!!!
Moira C
Moira C - 2 months ago
The very idea of a purge scares the crap out of me
Krishnan Arivanandam
Krishnan Arivanandam - 2 months ago
It’s aunt may
Myrna Laboy
Myrna Laboy - 2 months ago
The ultimate study in fear and terror.😈
Just A Little Anxiety
Just A Little Anxiety - 2 months ago
Think about it: tax fraud, pay a dollar for all your taxes so that you still paid at least... illegal immigration! Come to America and don’t deal with the a— uhh, the annoying people... hmm, what else... oh! Early Christmas “shopping”... having trouble with money? need I say more... just treating yourself like seriously makeup is effing expensive... basically only the screws loose/insane/chaotic evil people actually kill during the purge. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
macsmith2013 - 2 months ago
If you want to see the best take on "purging", look no further than the corresponding Rick & Mory episode "Look Who's Purging Now".
I'd take it over those shit movies anytime,
They were white supremacists organizations
Arianna Joseph
Arianna Joseph - 2 months ago
was that a scott pilgrim poster? im living for it
Jessica Raelene
Jessica Raelene - 2 months ago
I'm curious, if the purge only lasted about 10 years, how did the senator loose her family 17 years ago, in the third movie?
Jamal Willis
Jamal Willis - 2 months ago
So the movie was based in 2014 in movie time, but had songs in it from 2018...... so no one noticed that?
Gaming Freak
Gaming Freak - 2 months ago
Who the fuck would want to save the people in a purg I don’t think she has brain
Tushar Gupta
Tushar Gupta - 2 months ago
Way to go America 🇺🇸
Talking_Head 420
Talking_Head 420 - 3 months ago
The first purge (white people bad)
Talking_Head 420
Talking_Head 420 - 3 months ago
Excuse me... I meant to say (white men bad)
Rodom87 - 3 months ago
I get so pumped whenever I see new videos from FoundFlix I haven't seen yet! Keep up the good work!
DJ Does Dumb Stuff
DJ Does Dumb Stuff - 3 months ago
Not gonna lie, this movie has one fundamental issue. Killing all the poor people will increase the cost of basic labor driving up the cost of literally everything. Aside from being totally morally fucked it’s an incompetent move financially.
BlueVoringFox Gamer
BlueVoringFox Gamer - 3 months ago
And also another thing which i think glosses over people heads itd that all the leaders are black so it aldo has abit of racism in it
Proudmario 2
Proudmario 2 - 3 months ago
The Purge: Year Of The Trump
A killer Gets bigger
A killer Gets bigger - 3 months ago
This is a fucking 12 hours of a PUBG server coming to life
mickeypoo305 - 3 months ago
“Okay have fun!”
Blake H
Blake H - 3 months ago
Flix keeps subtlety demonizing white people in these video.
Robin TheHood
Robin TheHood - 3 months ago
So, the badass dude who kills all the militia in The First Purge is the leader of the resistance in The Purge: Election Year?
Thomas Palazzolo
Thomas Palazzolo - 3 months ago
Wait, what's that awesome poster on your wall next to the door?
Andy Lee
Andy Lee - 4 months ago
The Purge:
1. Deleting own student debt.
2. Steal food
:P - 4 months ago
7:13 Have No Fear The FireTruck Is Here!
Having Tea With the Devil
Having Tea With the Devil - 4 months ago
So you get 5 grand just for staying on the island and more IF you become more active? Ok just give me the 5 grand and I’ll stay posted up in a house for the night. I don’t have to participate, just give me the money. Plus i love how everybody just decides to go out into the middle of the street and party like it’s Mardi Gras, as if nobody is getting murdered. 😒
Where's the Freedom?
Where's the Freedom? - 4 months ago
I still think the main idea is dumb. But entertaining nonentheless.
Daniel Leal
Daniel Leal - 4 months ago
I honestly hate these SJW nonsense films
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson - 4 months ago
Wait cyborg.
YooForik - 4 months ago
I get watch porn legally
dan rentschler
dan rentschler - 5 months ago
Did the tv series air already?
Travis Dillon
Travis Dillon - 5 months ago
I always thought of The Purge as a way to make a siege movie like Assault on Precinct 13 work in the cell phone era.
Kaitlyn Knutson
Kaitlyn Knutson - 5 months ago
this movie was cancelled when it revealed the fursuit partyers.
Kaitlyn Knutson
Kaitlyn Knutson - 5 months ago
disclaimer: it's a joke.
Sunset GamingXo
Sunset GamingXo - 5 months ago
Is it in only in one country if so I’d move but if it was in every country I’d do something bad so I could go to jail that could be the safest place
Dan Cliffton
Dan Cliffton - 5 months ago
where the hell is snake pliskin? oh wrong movie
Omiigee - 5 months ago
Honestly I would just go find a small town and hide in a dumpster
Trophy Quest
Trophy Quest - 5 months ago
All you have to do to stop the purge is to lie on your taxes. If the government isnt making any money like how they wanted the purge to do in the first place they would shut it down as it would have failed.
Mr Shelton
Mr Shelton - 5 months ago
This movie pissed me off at first because they targeted black and brown people. But ended up liking it because the brothers got to kill Klan members and skin heads😂😂😂😂😂💣💣💣
James Hoekstra
James Hoekstra - 5 months ago
Dude, did you even watch the movie? You have some things completely out of sequence. Dimitri and his crew were never going to leave the Island. When he had the meeting with his crew, it was suggested, and he said it was too risky and would make them look weak. And then you said his crew was taken out by drones, and THEN he learned of Nya being in danger. But his crew was taken out by drones AT Nya's why was he even there? Come on man, if you are gonna give a synopsis, at least get the order of events right. Otherwise it makes it seem like you didn't even see it. And if you haven't seen it, how can you break down the end of it correctly?
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