Rust - Robbing the WEALTHY!

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Sophie McDaniel
Sophie McDaniel - Month ago
I saw you upload this🤪
A S - 20 hours ago
+Prism guys she's 12.
Johan Shabo
Johan Shabo - 15 days ago
+Fineness Kidkai No. You dont. If you actually did you do not feel the need to flex it kiddo.
Johan Shabo
Johan Shabo - 15 days ago
What are you..? I have never heard of Women before..
Fineness Kidkai
Fineness Kidkai - 25 days ago
Prism uh I do 😂 wtf not all rust players are nerds
benny buckshot
benny buckshot - 6 hours ago
Let me take you back to how every rust youtuber begins as a naked on the beach *cue edm*
Davon The Gamer
Davon The Gamer - Day ago
As a naked on the beach
Medium rare Microwave
i am so addicted to these videos. Ive already watched like 4-5 of them and watched that 1 hour one with that naked u teamed up with at the end
good job and amazing quality videos
keep up the outstanding work
JAYJAYandMali tv
JAYJAYandMali tv - 2 days ago
kody ethridge
kody ethridge - 3 days ago
Shook - 5 days ago
Oh my gooooooooooooood why does everyone try to be welyn
Babazooka boi
Babazooka boi - 5 days ago
That's still the English flag you fuckin numpty
LIXD - 6 days ago
Your voice IS amazing
DeadZ_ReapeR - 7 days ago
10:55 that poor innocent just having fun on his boat gets slaughtered by these ruffian thieves, you disgust me stevie
LukePlaysTV - 7 days ago
cat go yes
Cypher Crypt
Cypher Crypt - 8 days ago
just gonna say that all these "we the people" ads to impeach trump are the same people who want to take away our right to bear arms and our right to free speech. The first 2 amendments in the Bill of rights. So don't fall victim to these mindless people who pick and choose which parts of our freedoms they like and don't like.
Almighty Smough
Almighty Smough - 8 days ago
The fucking boat guy had me dead 💀
Fusion Gamer
Fusion Gamer - 8 days ago
32:16 you live in your moms basment
Daniel Collier
Daniel Collier - 8 days ago
Is anyone going to comment about Stevie's amazing paint skills
Dbonezz Back
Dbonezz Back - 9 days ago
At 2:10 the song beat sounds like someone running on a metal floor in rust
opoiuuu - 9 days ago
25:33 i didnt know this was fortnight
Liam Bourne
Liam Bourne - 9 days ago
You should take their loot then kill them
Vinny Crooks
Vinny Crooks - 10 days ago
20:05 there was a ladder going up that base that he didn’t see
Adrian Rosenpärla
Adrian Rosenpärla - 12 days ago
Never played rust but this is one of the best videos ive watched in a while👍🏻
encrypted - 12 days ago
low key the next blue clues drawer
Toxic Can
Toxic Can - 12 days ago
Wow a naked with a bow killed that dood
THE BOY WHO IS A MAN - 13 days ago
English folk tale
I like how you corrected the flag of the UK
to the actual current England flag
Ethan Frear
Ethan Frear - 14 days ago
Robin hood the communist
patrickg781 - 14 days ago
Wow Minecraft looks different these days
MysticGloX 69
MysticGloX 69 - 15 days ago
I like how you got right into the video, nice vid.
wistone wintchester
wistone wintchester - 16 days ago
║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ U U ║
Noxi Was Taken
Noxi Was Taken - 17 days ago
I have never seen this mans channel before... (I somehow subscribe to him) but I don't get why his narrator voice is so annoying and sounds so forced and his normal voice is nice to listen to? am I alone in hearing this or do y'all also hear it?
K.y.S - 19 days ago
this joke is so overused “lets take it back to the beginning” just stop you’re not original
MarvelSamStudios - 20 days ago
youtube recommendations:
mraustin3410 - 20 days ago
LOL you sound like Ralf from Ed, Edd 'n Eddy:
"Ed boy, you are getting raided!" XD
CptSpears007 - 20 days ago
I’m sick of all the bull intros and narration, just play the game, we don’t need a story
Jakko Plays314
Jakko Plays314 - 21 day ago
I love how u put the mining sounds to the beat of the song
Plox - 21 day ago
You should use live commentary clips in your videos too! Love the vids man keep it up!
CazeerLizardyt life
CazeerLizardyt life - 22 days ago
I know this is late but when he said rewind i just thought of pewdiepie rewind time SUB TO PEWDIEPIE T SERIES BAD PEWDIEPIE=💪T SERIES =🐔CHICKEN LOSERS
Fabby-Maury Perez
Fabby-Maury Perez - 23 days ago
i loved how you started the vid
Neon Gamer279
Neon Gamer279 - 24 days ago
You're a pretty good drawer 👍
Jaaykify - 24 days ago
had to pause at 1:36 to come here and give you props for how much time and effort went into that beautiful intro
Kyle Ray
Kyle Ray - 25 days ago
Idk why I just really hate this dudes voice, he sounds like such a cocky asshole XD
Winnie - 25 days ago
35 minutes?? bruh
Hr1s7i - 25 days ago
I love how you can be a total savage in this game and it's considered normal. We need more games like this one :D
Crab Rave
Crab Rave - 25 days ago
Next episode: Eliminating the middle class!
SMi TTy - 25 days ago
Frozen - 25 days ago
role player
Big ChangGaming
Big ChangGaming - 26 days ago
HAHA that whole snapchat story lol no wonder he carried on having a shower
His car would have got broke into and still wouldn't no what it meant LOL
Mikky Hunter
Mikky Hunter - 26 days ago
*_You guys robbed the Beach Bums of Rust lol! That’s like if you met the guys on the beach from Point Break who robbed the bank in presidents masks with Patrick Swayze & robbed their house with crossbows lol_*
XpertJD42 - 27 days ago
Welp, I'm new here just watched the whole video, .....very entertaining stevie you got yourself a new sub lol
_BMX _
_BMX _ - 27 days ago
Is that only a pc game
Im TRAGIIC - 27 days ago
This dude reminds me so much of another YouTuber called Ramsey
Xander Ching
Xander Ching - 23 days ago
He uses the same exact editing style and even uses a similar script hahha. He probably got inspiration from some of his videos.
Jackson A
Jackson A - 27 days ago
That first 2 mins of the vid is always my favorite it’s really cool how you do that and ur vids are definitely one of the best youtubers to watch. I just wish you uploaded more but I understand I think this is like my third time watching this vid btw😂
Crusader Gamer
Crusader Gamer - 27 days ago
Robbin hood headas
D C - 28 days ago
Long ,but good .
Joseph Lemon
Joseph Lemon - 28 days ago
Absolute amazing content make more like this 🙏
Hell Bent
Hell Bent - 28 days ago
Ur intro got me bored took two minutes .
I left the video didn’t seem to have a point after that long dumb intro.
Hell Bent
Hell Bent - 28 days ago
Grayson Bauer - why are you mad gayson? We All have a chance to voice your opinion’s, And to be real with the fella so he knows where he’s gone wrong. I honestly don’t know why you commented.
Grayson Bauer
Grayson Bauer - 28 days ago
then why tf u commenting
Calvin Girling
Calvin Girling - 28 days ago
What’s the name of this game?
Lor Barry
Lor Barry - 28 days ago
I’m new to your channel love your vids
MmBeasTmM - 28 days ago
“My server” something is fishy here
Stevie - 28 days ago
How so?
Mason Rodrigues
Mason Rodrigues - 29 days ago
Cale Sanders
Cale Sanders - 29 days ago
I liked when I saw the intro u sly bastard that was awesome
Joshthe CapGuy
Joshthe CapGuy - 29 days ago
Haha, wealthy hoarding up the capital and assets, the poor stealing the capital and assets... Greed with different faces
OrangeSpiderOS - 29 days ago
Gets hit in the head with an arrow
*puts bandages on arm*
DB gaming
DB gaming - 29 days ago
Hi Stevie, I'm currently needing help supporting a server that is dying, It;s a modded 10X server called Terminal Rust, the owner and admins take their time to help players and their experience in the server. I have been playing for months on the server watching it slowly die and if it doesn't have any activity soon the server will be shut down. Please take your time checking it out and maybe endorsing it for more activity.
-thanks DB gaming
Bara Nawabit
Bara Nawabit - Month ago
very well done vid
Charlie Francis
Charlie Francis - Month ago
How hard is it to not confuse the UK and England?
GotWood? Bushcraft and more
''chill chats''
''stive i love you'' yea.. if that is a chill chat to you your ego is bigger than i tought^^
Mr Wizard
Mr Wizard - 26 days ago
+GotWood? Bushcraft and morethe fack you mean. Views arent limited to 1 per person
GotWood? Bushcraft and more
+Mr Wizard thats not how views work. but have fun.
Mr Wizard
Mr Wizard - 26 days ago
+GotWood? Bushcraft and more nah i'm confused as to how that had anything to do with his ego. But I'm also down to give Stevie another view sooo guess I'll "watch the video fgt" again
GotWood? Bushcraft and more
+Mr Wizard watch the video fgt
Mr Wizard
Mr Wizard - 26 days ago
knightassassin plays
knightassassin plays - Month ago
stevie-hits guy on the boat
Only Jealousy
Only Jealousy - Month ago
This video earned yourself a subscribe 🙏🏽💕
Administrator Skye
Administrator Skye - Month ago
Violin music at 5:29 ?
Isaac - Month ago
Revenge is a dish best served cold
Tony Huynh
Tony Huynh - Month ago
Best rust gameplay on YouTube😛 ain’t boring the whole time.
FranskPlays - Month ago
Amazing video quality
Muneer Miller
Muneer Miller - Month ago
Love the montages😂❤️❤️
BrianHayden 66
BrianHayden 66 - Month ago
Why can’t they just release it to console already
iNeverSell - Month ago
6:46 brb
SpaceCreeper11 - Month ago
7:20 is literally D-Day from German prospective.
Dylan Schultz
Dylan Schultz - Month ago
Robin hood didnt plunder the rich he stole back the ill gotten gains from the rich that they took through taxation
Ryli K
Ryli K - Month ago
*cough* *cough* communism
Brolic Dan
Brolic Dan - Month ago
Ur vid quality is so good props
Tydiggity - Month ago
But did you ever finish the shower?
ƹ̴ӂ̴ʒ - Month ago
Wats ur specs
It's Just Ryan
It's Just Ryan - Month ago
This game community is toxic towards new players.
Duhreel Vlogs
Duhreel Vlogs - Month ago
Gotta git gud somehow skrub
Ehsanullah Fakhi
Ehsanullah Fakhi - Month ago
Florida Nigga
Florida Nigga - Month ago
"The big base boys" lol
Stay Covert
Stay Covert - Month ago
Comrade Gritty approves
Malick Toure
Malick Toure - Month ago
6:10 Yikes
Propyp - Month ago
You have such great film making skills
Shane Abens
Shane Abens - Month ago
This was a really long and drawn out video that didn't even make me giggle
Isaac Simpson
Isaac Simpson - Month ago
Your good at making yourself seem like the good guy lmao.
GoatedDilly - Month ago
I like how you make video's
Braxton Gamer
Braxton Gamer - Month ago
I had to like the video the amount of editing that went into this is crazy. Good Video
Stevie - Month ago
Thanks so much man!!!
ACTIVISON the amzing
ACTIVISON the amzing - Month ago
cool vids
Boi - Month ago
This good
Crowns Flex
Crowns Flex - Month ago
I like how you do the sketches they help me understand better lol😂👍
RNG OXY - Month ago
And not giving to the poor 😂😂
NonRedTiger NonRedTiger
Help out this channel and sub He is really funny and streams on mondays Wednesdays and Weekends
CVG unity
CVG unity - Month ago
25:18 my food built a wall like it was fortnite
NM_ 95
NM_ 95 - Month ago
Wow amazing intro and great editing I just clicked and I’m subbing :)
NM_ 95
NM_ 95 - Month ago
Stevie ohh I loved it
Stevie - Month ago
Thanks so much man, glad you liked it!!!
Dill Pickles
Dill Pickles - Month ago
Who else went back to the into when he said that at 32:20
Mark - Month ago
loving the reggae
Pablo Ramos
Pablo Ramos - Month ago
good editing
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