Rust - Robbing the WEALTHY!

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Sophie McDaniel
Sophie McDaniel - 3 months ago
I saw you upload this🤪
Meme gavin gavin
Meme gavin gavin - Month ago
Prism that person is related to Stevie or his gf or something I’ve seen her comments all over his channel
St0pL - Month ago
Scumbag the best part bout your comment is your name, “Scumbag”
Beasty Shark
Beasty Shark - Month ago
Sophie McDaniel LoL 666 likes
A S - Month ago
@Prism guys she's 12.
GoHam_ Security
GoHam_ Security - 17 hours ago
Dude I’ve never played this game, but you are the best story teller in the world
Cat Thiccc
Cat Thiccc - 4 days ago
c a t g o y e s
Don't Reply
Don't Reply - 7 days ago
This guy puts so much effort into his videos lol
Creativity Crisis
Creativity Crisis - 8 days ago
The GAY sleepbag.
Elmosdream78 - 9 days ago
f...u...c...k... I wanna play this game now
Izzy Jaded
Izzy Jaded - 11 days ago
😂 This shit's ridiculous
Stdx Kai
Stdx Kai - 13 days ago
You should've robbed nicca mans brother.
Appeltje s
Appeltje s - 13 days ago
12:00 lol thats wetmyappitite
AYYY LMAO - 13 days ago
Team up with welyn
Kram41961 - 13 days ago
Sneed hol
Sneed hol - 14 days ago
I’ve been subscribed for two and a half years now and I’m your #1 fan I’ve commented on a lot of your videos but my comments never get likes so you can’t see them 😞
BouTube - 15 days ago
I bought rust but my computer can't handle the game so watching you play really gets me excited for if I get a better computer so thank you for that
LIFEGUARD - 15 days ago
Rust help me out here
I opend a server help me get some players
Felix Albers
Felix Albers - 16 days ago
11:57 he killed "wetmyappetite" who is a guy who appears in his more recent videos
VvultasS - 16 days ago
I love Snuffy.
UnknownFelix - 16 days ago
Learned so much from ur stuff, i really like it bro, the editing is awesome and really funny jajaja
Gabe - 16 days ago
i dont even play this game, yet ive seen 5 of your videos lol
Hãÿdęń Brãūń
Hãÿdęń Brãūń - 16 days ago
Hey The_Thieves is my Clan u guys coped me my Clan u frauds
Tenshuzente - 17 days ago
Why @14:00 is he making stone barricades?
Sped Marty
Sped Marty - 17 days ago
I be high watching this and always laugh that you start it off by a naked on the beach 😂 love it 💯
apwnm - 17 days ago
b i g b a s e b o i s
Skruby - 19 days ago
Did you wash?
Jv_del08 Gaming
Jv_del08 Gaming - 19 days ago
This and the legendary clutch look the same in the thumbnail
Cagy - 19 days ago
You should play with weyln
100 subs with no videos
100 subs with no videos - 19 days ago
Can you maybe change the way you start the video a bit?:)
Krussa Kuoosi
Krussa Kuoosi - 19 days ago
This is a lot of work for nothing game. I not like it. Anyway, the videos are good.
MidnightYT - 19 days ago
David Flores
David Flores - 20 days ago
robin hood up in this bitch
Thomas Franz
Thomas Franz - 20 days ago
Get better WiFi
bogitron 17
bogitron 17 - 20 days ago
i dont see the link of server
can u help me
Kingkingtaro Channel
Kingkingtaro Channel - 20 days ago
17:48 lmao what did yal hear!??🤣🤣
Maxwell Robison
Maxwell Robison - 21 day ago
Whats the best kind of pc to play this on
Manuel Segarra
Manuel Segarra - 20 days ago
a mac
The Kovacs
The Kovacs - 21 day ago
All hail Lord Snuffy
Alpha Kenny
Alpha Kenny - 21 day ago
The hazmat guy from the begging was wet my appetite 😱
Leon - 21 day ago
all your videos are exactly the same. Just with different names.
Bernardo Shnardo
Bernardo Shnardo - 21 day ago
Why can I almost perfectly recite the beginning of your videos
ezura - 21 day ago
WetMyAppetite was in this video
Sebastian Deza
Sebastian Deza - 21 day ago
Hey Stevie, you're great at story telling, man
Triston Bond
Triston Bond - 22 days ago
you should have a INTRO!
Triston Bond
Triston Bond - 22 days ago
Christian Matis
Christian Matis - 22 days ago
Ik this is gonna be time consuming and costly but if u can I’d like to see a music video single player for rust. The thing u do at the beginnings where u farm on beat with background music is sick and would be cool to get some progression music video going... at least I think so. Can get a consensus on it but I dig it and I’m sure others will.
Be like 4-5 hours packed into one 4 minute video of killsbdeaths and looting and building on rhythm with a nice song :) love ur videos btw keep putting out the great content
Rustyboy - 23 days ago
Your impression of snuffy😂
Stevie - 22 days ago
RGC - 24 days ago
Your videos are so satisfying...
SynergyXE - 24 days ago
12:00 is the WetMyAppetite guy LOL
Martin Hsueh
Martin Hsueh - 24 days ago
What is the next video dude
Zach - 24 days ago
You know it’s gonna be lit when snuffy says “we are Getting ddraided”
Antonio X Marin
Antonio X Marin - 25 days ago
Your drawlings are so good
Ayden BeckageYT
Ayden BeckageYT - 26 days ago
You missed the bolty at 26 mins. But it’s ok. Still love you stevie
Team Rocket
Team Rocket - 27 days ago
Let me guess, this video has been demonetized.
Or rather. Every video he uploaded has been demonetized.
stone garcia
stone garcia - 27 days ago
I like how the beating of rocks is timed to the music 😂
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