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Peyton's Vlogs
Peyton's Vlogs - Hour ago
My opinion:
I think he got the numbers right but just not with the right people.
Emma: 9/10
Grayson: 6/10
Keira Ashley
Keira Ashley - 4 hours ago
emma: i look a little bit like a dragqueen
james: oh..
emma: but in a good way tho
Nathalie Vasquez
Nathalie Vasquez - 4 hours ago
Instead of sister sassy they should say
Sister Stressed
Camari Davis
Camari Davis - 5 hours ago
James 10
Grayson 9
Emma 8.5
Ethan 7
astoria flores
astoria flores - 5 hours ago
Wtf Grayson does his makeup better than me...
km _nov
km _nov - 6 hours ago
I miss this 💔
Darooj Zahra
Darooj Zahra - 8 hours ago
No hard feeoings but i think emma and ethan are looking trash
Emilee_the_sunflower Emilee_the_sunflower
Emma looks adorable
Ava Shiflett
Ava Shiflett - 10 hours ago
emma should have won
Abigail Sjobeck
Abigail Sjobeck - 12 hours ago
Emma won!!!
Caitlynn Boze
Caitlynn Boze - 13 hours ago
Grayson stares into the camera and he makes it feel like he’s talking directly to you
Blue Twilight
Blue Twilight - 14 hours ago
Ethan: This kinda hurts my eye.
James: Dont push so hard then!
Ethan: No, on my actual eye.
James: What?!
Caitlynn Boze
Caitlynn Boze - 14 hours ago
Ethan’s face at 7:48 I literally can’t 😂😂😂
Le’Shay O’Garro
Le’Shay O’Garro - 15 hours ago
My opinion:
Emma 9
Ethan 7
Grayson 8
Mikayla Moses
Mikayla Moses - 17 hours ago
Instructions weren’t clear my cat is now in the upside down
Potato :P
Potato :P - 17 hours ago
Ethan's eyes look so gorgeous bruh like how did he get that asian like look like so smokey ugh I love it
Ava and Abbi Dollar
Ava and Abbi Dollar - 18 hours ago
Rylee Narne
Rylee Narne - 19 hours ago
0:55 Dolan Twins Lmao their faces hahhahaha
Kayla Louca
Kayla Louca - 21 hour ago
Why does Ethan apply lashes better than me hahahaha
Daisy 365
Daisy 365 - 23 hours ago
Ethan:I'm ready for the James Charles awkwardly flirting with the Dolan Twins for 2 minutes compilation
Grayson: Yeah someone make that please
manuia lagi
manuia lagi - Day ago
My opinion
Emma, 7.5
Grayson, 10
Ethan, 3
Anna Amaral
Anna Amaral - Day ago
I feel like James rated it from who he likes the most like he likes Grayson the most and Emma the least
Lori Ward
Lori Ward - Day ago
Emma 10/10 grayson 2/ 10 Ethan 1/10
Audrey C
Audrey C - Day ago
why did grayson do the best
Had anyone noticed that grayson and james always sit next to each other ?? and who’s watching in july 2019 ??
lizzy1 2
lizzy1 2 - Day ago
Emma is the best
Quoizel Benton
Quoizel Benton - Day ago
Emma; 10/10
Grayson; 7/10
Ethan; 6.5/10 5.5/10 no hate just an opinion
doggy QÜĘĖÑ101
doggy QÜĘĖÑ101 - Day ago
Mr. Abnormal
Mr. Abnormal - Day ago
Why is Gray pretty good at it? 😂😂
Jacob Gutierrez
Jacob Gutierrez - Day ago
I think Emma did a good job 👏
Bella Cuffari
Bella Cuffari - Day ago
Emma 10/10
Ethan 5/10
Greyson 8/10
hehe army
hehe army - Day ago
Honestly i ship grayson and james together and when he yelled at ethan to stop being mean to james i litterally screamed
Sophie Polek
Sophie Polek - Day ago
Meike x
Meike x - Day ago
ethan: 8
emma: 8
grayson: 8,5 (because he used the wrong brush)
Cece and Stella
Cece and Stella - Day ago
Emma looks an 10 out of 10
MJ Likes Pasta Salad
no one:
emma: got it
MJ Likes Pasta Salad
omg gray using the huge brush for his eye shadow😂💀
AA Fun12
AA Fun12 - Day ago
Grasin is better
Allison Snyder
Allison Snyder - Day ago
This is how many times James blinks
pbjelly boutin
pbjelly boutin - Day ago
23:06 is literally if the Dolan twins were sisters lol I died😂😂😂
Kayla Without the first a
Idk from the twins but one used the wrong brush but still got higher and did James give lower scores because she is a girl and should know makeup
Jazzy Carbajal
Jazzy Carbajal - 2 days ago
I give emma a 10/10
moonlight dreams
moonlight dreams - 2 days ago
emmas is the best wtf
Kalli Tiedt
Kalli Tiedt - 2 days ago
I died when Gray used that huge brush for his eyeshadow. I love him 😂
Emmalyn Faye
Emmalyn Faye - 2 days ago
Emma’s was definitely the best
Kayla-Marie Watson
Kayla-Marie Watson - 2 days ago
22:59 At this Moment James currently looks traumatized
Chelsea Phaneuf
Chelsea Phaneuf - 2 days ago
Ethan: 6/10
Grayson: 9.8/10
Emma: 10/10
Kayla-Marie Watson
Kayla-Marie Watson - 2 days ago
22:44 Footage of James trying to get a boyfriend. XD

Imogen Ullock
Imogen Ullock - 2 days ago
OMG!! Grayson is so much better at contour than me (eventough people might be thinking, jeez you think that's good, but my contour looks like I've just took mud and smeared it across my face). Anyone relate??
Nope.....just me? Ok
Avery Crawford
Avery Crawford - 2 days ago
The whole video James thought Grayson was putting powder on his eyeball lmao
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