Apple, Please Keep Doing This! - iMac 2019 Review

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Amerco - 21 hour ago
The bezel is so big, it looks very old for that price
bibikjebol - Day ago
as always, excellent review!
Christine Jessica Reyes
I heard hotdog
Donovan Crowie
Donovan Crowie - Day ago
This is good for putting me to sleep
Steve V
Steve V - Day ago
“a bunch of noise” - what language is that? It’s not English.
Sadpants McGee
Sadpants McGee - 2 days ago
Who's brilliant fucking idea was it to put the charging cable for a mouse on the bottom of the fucking mouse?
What they _should_ do, is make a "Magic Mousepad" that charges the next-gen Magic Mouse through induction.
Leroy - 2 days ago
How come the iMac is still very good but the MacBooks are so bad? I need a need a good new MacBook for my work not (yet) a new iMac :(
Josh Davidson
Josh Davidson - 3 days ago
I strongly recommend SMCFanControl over MacsFanControl.
kayatwork. me
kayatwork. me - 4 days ago
KF cpu IS BIG SUCKS for video Editing!!!! It is defective cpu.... !!!! in IMAC!!!! Defective CPU!!! For this money?!?!?!
Clive Flint
Clive Flint - 4 days ago
The imac pro specs at 8:41shows 46 threads when it goes up to 36 threads
Dystar 924
Dystar 924 - 4 days ago
"And don't forget to recharge your own mental breakdowns from time to time..." 🗨😉🔋🖲⚠️♨️〽️
Arturs - 5 days ago
and if you order version with least ram it comes with it soldered :D
Spiral modding
Spiral modding - 5 days ago
I don't need 5k
Brian Murillo
Brian Murillo - 6 days ago
I will never use apple anything no matter how close they try to get to a PC.
Tim Birch
Tim Birch - 6 days ago
My dad has a 2009 MacBook Pro that cost him $2800 when he was in editing school and he still uses that damn thing
denvera1g1 - 6 days ago
9:03 That segway had me thinking Mack Weldon underwear
Jack - 7 days ago
I’m glad you are out there. Again, thanks
Jack - 7 days ago
You’ re a beast on this matter of YouTube. Probably one of the best out there. I’ll get the new iMac 2019. Thanks
YxngFlex - 7 days ago
can you sent me gaming pc my pc so lagging only run roblox 12 fps
awesomeferret - 7 days ago
LTT: Shot on RED...but in incognito. Seriously though, why is the video quality so bad in this one? The colors are way off.
VIRAL_DNA / DNA64 Productions
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Peter Breis
Peter Breis - 8 days ago
Only wish Apple would take the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach to their software.
It's 2019 and Apple's Pages, Keynote and Numbers haven't caught anywhere up to the iWorks '09 versions.
wO - 8 days ago
u stupid man. u dont get design.
SuffuFFaffiss - 9 days ago
It's a consumer product. NO ONE has anywhere near 10Gig speeds
ian walker
ian walker - 10 days ago
Damn i mss my iMac so badly, i may actually get another.
Jenson Huang
Jenson Huang - 12 days ago
How much did Apple pay you?
Jason MacDonald
Jason MacDonald - 12 days ago
he also missed how much tax they charge you for a 2tb ssd, im also curious if you can swap that out yourself.... 4tb sammy is like $600-700 and if this machine takes NVME even better..
Juan Manuel Martinez
Juan Manuel Martinez - 8 days ago
Not swappable, I would configure it with the base SSD instead of fusion drive and use thunderbolt 3 ssd's, not many people surely need huge gigabit+ transfer speeds for their workflows and it's much cheaper than paying the apple tax on SSD's (even though they're quite fast)
nEvErLoOz - 12 days ago
As a professionnal graphic designer I can tell you that this mouse design is the worst thing on earth, common, put the charging port on front so we can use it while it charge. Ho, and also, glossy screen is a nightmare for graphic designer, which happen to be the #1 apple buyers and WHERE ARE IS NUMBER PAD! Apple took a lot of bad design descision recently.
Blue Jays 11
Blue Jays 11 - 12 days ago
What is the app that makes your fans go full speed?
SavItheRavI d
SavItheRavI d - 13 days ago
You can buy the same system for about 2000
Alex Maldonado
Alex Maldonado - 13 days ago
the 1k dislikes were the windows addicts who hated apple
Bryce Steiner
Bryce Steiner - 13 days ago
why use a mouse that charges from the bottom when the touchpad is so much better?
xXuidmod - 13 days ago
I would be interested if they just made the bezels slimmer. I would mistake it for a 2009 iMac easily
Voyage Fest
Voyage Fest - 13 days ago
About the 4K i5 model? Is it justifiable for its price?
Crypto Insider
Crypto Insider - 12 days ago
Only if you're a professional who does video/photo editing, a journalist who needs that large screen to check multiple sources simultaneously, or you produce music. Think about it in terms of what MacOS can do for your work.
Wysp - 14 days ago
Does apple even watch this?
Nina Nicole
Nina Nicole - 14 days ago
You look like David Tennant with the accent , thanks
krish arts & photography
krish arts & photography - 14 days ago
Nice & Thanks :)
oddbmxer - 14 days ago
Is color grading of this video a bit off? Face seems a bit to red
i G
i G - 15 days ago
I don't know how the turbo disengaging after 20s and then still maintaining 90°C is considered pretty good... /boggle. Being unable to fully utilise the CPU that we pay for is shite.
Isaiah Poole
Isaiah Poole - 7 days ago
Pretty good for a mac
Thomas Griffin
Thomas Griffin - 15 days ago
These computers need touch screens and more USB ports than four. It’s 2019 after all.
jim Hunt
jim Hunt - 15 days ago
in this case im ok with apple limiting the tdp and tuning the boost. i rather have more stable clocks instead of throttling. lets face it. an imac is just a big tablet with out touch function. i just wish Apple would give us a maintenance hatch. to make it easier to clean.
Master Peter
Master Peter - 16 days ago
While I'm sure the British voice talking about Ting may have been sounding very positive, my guess is that the guy has not been looking too far for UK service. I pay 10 GBP (about US$ 13-14) and get unlimited minutes and texts, and 4 GB. If I don't use all 4 GB, I get a refund towards following month's fee, at the rate if GBP 1.25 per GB (and they measure by the MB, so if I use 800 MB I get GBP 4 credit, so next month it costs me GBP 6)... $10/GB is costly, by comparison Seems we all have some cheap and some expensive items/ services where we live.
Hugh Noble
Hugh Noble - 16 days ago
Nice machine, but why do Apple insist on pushing spinning disks still in the iMacs? It's 2019!
Julian - 16 days ago
Wait wait wait. Do you really have to turn the mouse over to charge it. Meaning you can't charge and USE the fucking thing at the same time. How on gods green earth did this pass first round prototyping?
Bram Biezen
Bram Biezen - 17 days ago
Dont buy apple, just dont.
Goku Godly
Goku Godly - 16 days ago
Just buy RTX 2080 Don't Buy Apple Products RTX 2080 Ti is more truth to me get 60 fps 4K
Samarth Govil
Samarth Govil - 17 days ago
APPLE and its trickery . phew...
johnmonk66 - 17 days ago
you had gigabit internet in 2004? I don't think so.
Sam Ib
Sam Ib - 17 days ago
Can you please tell me if I should replace my new iMac 2019 that I got with the Radeon pro 580x 4gb or upgrade it to the Radeon pro Vega 48 .awaiting for your reply I have 30 days to send it back and reorder the other one.
mjc0961 - 18 days ago
7:49 - The problem Apple faces though is that maybe I had no intention of spending $1,217.03 on a monitor. Apple has no answer for people who want reasonable value from computer hardware without also having to buy a stupidly overpriced display. The iMac is too expensive because they force a display on you, and the Mac Mini is bad value for the money since you get incredibly weak hardware for the asking price. I wouldn't buy either of these computers, which leaves Apple with no product I would buy. They really need to come up with a new product that gives you reasonable hardware for the money without forcing expensive extras like $1000+ displays.
heavestern - 18 days ago
This shit is not reasonable at all. You dont get a 4k monitor with rx580 and you cant definetly upgrade any parts at all. For whatever reason you are buying it , its only reasonable if you have more than enough money and say mehh why not buy an imac today...
Cooper Spaulding
Cooper Spaulding - 18 days ago
Bought a base model iMac Pro 3 months ago. Would love to know how they compare for a video production company
muhdiboy - 18 days ago
How is the Setup that you've built in PCpartpicker comparable when you've put in a $1200 4K 32 inch monitor, when there are a lot better value ones in the market?
Paul Kreuz
Paul Kreuz - 18 days ago
Feel free to to try with a 27" 5K monitor.
Andrew Wiles
Andrew Wiles - 18 days ago
Every time he mentions a sponsor. Instant dislike.
Mhel Mabayo
Mhel Mabayo - 18 days ago
*still waiting for the magic mic*
Makoro Gaming
Makoro Gaming - 18 days ago
he protecc
he attacc
but most importantly

he use imacc
Andrews Mainly pointless
Andrews Mainly pointless - 18 days ago
I wanna see Linus switch from p.c to iMac for a week 😂😂😂 you wont last
suny123boy1 - 18 days ago
Yeah but how much is it? 10,000 dollars?
im_paul - 9 days ago
2699 actually lol im quite surprised apple made this far cheaper than my expectations.
chad mcdonald
chad mcdonald - 18 days ago
why do you youtubers always review the model that most people are not going to buy? im more interested in the performance of the entry level imac for the average user who are not video editors
Hank Bellows
Hank Bellows - 19 days ago
Which computer do you recommend for porn consumption?
andrei skovorodin
andrei skovorodin - 19 days ago
Who the fuck using in 2019 year a big bezzels? Its shame to Apple.
Nismoleb89 - 19 days ago
Knowing how shitty apple is, theyll update the software that breaks user added ram and when taken in for service, warranty is voided because of that too.
The Ultimate Irishman
The Ultimate Irishman - 19 days ago
Still waiting for iCheeseburger
AMPERE MAN - 19 days ago
Yeah... like if they give a damn what you're saying.
Tudor Horia
Tudor Horia - 19 days ago
Beaches, here, in Romania, with only 3 euro we have unlimited internet, calls at 4G or 4G+ speed, that's on mobile but on cable we have for 5 euro or something like that, fiber optic with speed of 1Gbps and 930Mbps in reality so....
Fernando MP
Fernando MP - 19 days ago
+600€ for 1TB SSD??? Come on
Mark R.
Mark R. - 19 days ago
Except most people already have half the hardware, and then mac's are way more expensive because you can't pick your own old monitor and use your current SSD/Ram..
Allen Grattafiori
Allen Grattafiori - 19 days ago
You complain about everything! It’s kids annoying Linus
Ara Baltayan
Ara Baltayan - 19 days ago
Type-A Super Speed USBs
Eric Freiberg
Eric Freiberg - 19 days ago
iMac = consumer grade machine
Mac mini, iMac Pro, ... = pro grade machines
That's why the default iMac doesn't come with a super-expensive 10Gbit/s ethernet card/chip... (plus, no private user needs it and probably 99% never will...)
Eric Freiberg
Eric Freiberg - 19 days ago
Well, so maybe the arrogant and dumb pros which already got almost the entire Mac lineup (most Macs ARE pro grade... i mean, even the Mac mini now is and is both not intended for consumers and hardly affordable because it is *much* more expensive than all Mac minis before) stop thinking that they're in the middle of EVERYTHING. Originally, no iMac was ever intended as a pro machine, actually. Arrogant, dumb pros who think they are the most important people in the world began using it that way and - today - demand that the entire Mac lineup should only be for them, from Mac mini to iMac, from MacBook to MacBook Pro... 😑
Grahamhg - 19 days ago
Thing is the 27" imacs are primarily used by professionals
namirah rasul
namirah rasul - 20 days ago
Lmao this thing has same dimensions but got bezels n chin twice the thickness of my $100 hp monitor
Dale Tidy
Dale Tidy - 19 days ago
yeah but it also has a computer inside of it. No extra tower required taking up space. You have to expect some negatives to come along with that
EZ Rolly
EZ Rolly - 20 days ago
$10/GB whaaaaaaaaaat?
Glenn Quagmire
Glenn Quagmire - 20 days ago
How hard will it be to get a new screen for the new iMac 2019?
Will changing from VESA mounts to a stand be a problem or did they get better quality screws this time?
Joy of Lego
Joy of Lego - 20 days ago
Sounds like steam escaping
Denver Morgan
Denver Morgan - 20 days ago
Im not looking a the bezel im looking at the screen.
Noisy Mango
Noisy Mango - 20 days ago
Great video, loved it. :) I almost feel like Linus' videos have gotten even better lately?
Make_It_Look_Good G
Make_It_Look_Good G - 20 days ago
Did any of you guys figure out that this guy is wearing a propellerheas Sweather ? Propellerhead’s Reason is a music DAW.
Balin Stallard
Balin Stallard - 20 days ago
Shut up apple is shit
Worldproductions 250
Worldproductions 250 - 20 days ago
If you are an average person and don’t have and iMac, go ahead and pick one up. But if you already have last years one you don’t need it.
Gustav Holmström
Gustav Holmström - 20 days ago
Hihi, blender render 😂
Stephen Xu
Stephen Xu - 21 day ago
I have a 2017 5k 27inch iMac, (4.2gz i7, 40g ram, 512gb SSD, 580 graphics), costed me around AUD 3300 to order on the Apple website. And now 2019 version, with the similar spec (they don't offer i7 now, I choose i5 on their web site), and guess what, it cost more than AUD 4500 now. Are you series on this apple? I rather sell the iMac and upgrade to a windows machine now.
Stephen Xu
Stephen Xu - 16 days ago
+Goku Godly yes, I believe that will be a much better buy.
Goku Godly
Goku Godly - 16 days ago
Then get RTX and i9 9900K for good prices you can have ray tracing and fast for every things
Micaiah Flores
Micaiah Flores - 21 day ago
9900K in a mac hard locked to 2.0ghz LOL " for longjevity
Brawndo - 20 days ago
+Chris Froman He didn't, another fortnite player as usual.
Chris Froman
Chris Froman - 20 days ago
But it isn't. Did you watch the video?
Shahzod Jumayev
Shahzod Jumayev - 21 day ago
If my communist friend buy it. It will be ourMac
David Alin
David Alin - 21 day ago
whoever thought of charging the mouse that way must have had a promotion in Apple.
"it's so inconvenient they'll have to buy the next mouse we release, great job Roger"
icy1007 - 9 days ago
Or just use a trackpad or a different mouse. lol
suny123boy1 - 18 days ago
+TriggerHappyPanda2307 Fuck that shit, connect it with a damn wire.
TriggerHappyPanda2307 - 19 days ago
IIRC it charges in a few seconds to give a couple hours of use, and a full charge lasts ages
Husain Husain
Husain Husain - 21 day ago
why apple is not making 1500$ console
Lucifer Stark
Lucifer Stark - 21 day ago
Wow, watching exactly a week after it’s upload
Dylan De Jonge
Dylan De Jonge - 22 days ago
Buying it for the office , thanks for the review!
Paul Paulius
Paul Paulius - 22 days ago
if your one of those people who cant put your own giga rig for 3k then you shouldnt have a pc in the first place, you can insert your own ram lol.
Darko Sola
Darko Sola - 22 days ago
I was thinking about this one, but went 16 cores Threadripper route. A bit cheaper and way more power. And proper 1Tb SSD. Faster GPU. No 10Gb though but it is in the plan this year.
Nico J
Nico J - 22 days ago
"Reasonable"??? Yeah, if you put in a 1.200$ Display that costs nearly as much as the entire PC beside it! Why don't you throw in a 4.000$ professional screen and call the Mac a bargin?

And who would buy such an overpriced display like the Asus P329Q and plug it into a 188$ RX580? Or who would buy a 500$ 9900K - currently the pest CPU for gaming - and put it in the same board with this GPU?That card can barely run the OS in 4K, let alone 5K! Building a PC with those parts would be a total mismach and a complete waste of money!

Since those apple fanboys are so into their "professional use": The Ryzen 7 2700X outperforms or scores the same as the 9900K on every benchmark like cinebench or handbrake, but is about 40% cheaper. The 9900K in such a system is just a markleting scam. If you want a machine to edit videos or something like that, you would choose an entirely different plattform and get way more performance for your money.

And why don't you compare the "real" costs:
Better GPU for your old PC? No problem, that's about 400$ for a new GPU like the RTX 2060.
Better GPU for your old Mac? No problem, that's about 3.000$ for a new Mac.
Benedict - 22 days ago
You didn’t mention the hard drive. Does that mean the Fusion Drive is acceptable?
Nadaz - 19 days ago
No. Now that you mention that, it looks like LTT took advantage of an opportunity to praise a Mac, and just ignored that little inconvenience. That's not to mention the HDD that could be from 10 years ago.
WegZurHölle - 22 days ago
wow... he is the customer and begs the producer not to fuck him in the a** to not take away this little ram upgrade posibility he has left...... how deep can you go insides apples butt to beggin for it, only to buy it anyway in the future whatever they bring...... the new lowest on LTT.
Желязко Пехливанов
08:42 46 threads? 23 core CPU? LOL
setup with the same features?!? ->while in the list Z390 chipset(that cost more than the GPU), Intel K series CPU , Noctua cooler , Decent ram with lifetime warranty and good timings C15 or C14 at that speed
Hori - 22 days ago
Linus: "You know what rubs me the right way?...... A word from our sponsor!"
Youtube: "No.... Demonitization rubs you the right way."
C O - 23 days ago
Problem is can't upgrade, especially when the GPUs of the future come out
Claudiu Grigore
Claudiu Grigore - 23 days ago
yea of corse . noooot .
gameflux - 23 days ago
No thank you !
Shammo Hamid
Shammo Hamid - 23 days ago
Damn. The specs are impressive. Considering it has a 5k display as well, this is good.
AmitK - 23 days ago
8:25 When you use FaceID for the first time.
IO Gab
IO Gab - 23 days ago
The CPU is i9 9900K and has internal GPU ( intel uhd 630).
Tronam - 10 days ago
Even the base model has a discrete Radeon Pro 570X GPU with 4GB of memory.
Kyle Gruber
Kyle Gruber - 23 days ago
The bezel size is killing me though.
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