I Bought the Most Embarrassing Vehicle Ever Made (Cheapest Hummer H2)

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jason brown
jason brown - Day ago
I used to work at the place that made the luggage rack for these LOL
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez - 4 days ago
Peep the yacht master series 2
Legohouse Mafia
Legohouse Mafia - 6 days ago
Whats the song in the intro?
Steven Kellerman
Steven Kellerman - 9 days ago
I'd rather drink a can of lead paint than drive a hummer...
Steve - 10 days ago
These vehicles really must have been shit. Used to them everywhere, as well as the baby Hummer H3s. I literally have not seen one in years. Though there is a guy down the road that has a Hummer H1 SUT. Completely different vehicle though.
BYUNG SOHN - 12 days ago
Yes the H2 is nice, but very nice yacht-master II and... is that a full yellow gold Daytona? Damn Hoovie.
Henry Streib
Henry Streib - 13 days ago
Hoovie always meantions Doug but Doug has never
H. Oregon
H. Oregon - 13 days ago
For those of you questioning this guys sanity and saying he’s not too bright, making fun of the watches and tracksuit. It’s called sarcasm, he’s actually pretty smart if you think about it. The guy has a YouTube channel, he needs to keep up the views, why not buy crazy cars that make no sense. It’s all about the views and entertainment.
Blaumütze - 13 days ago
1 Mile per gallon
Isaak Welch
Isaak Welch - 13 days ago
Honestly I don't get how people like the h2. Its just a tahoe but worse.
Travis Combs
Travis Combs - 13 days ago
GM truck running gear tough and cheap to repair.
pokeman260 - 14 days ago
Why do you buy cars if you don’t plan on keeping them for very long?
Keye T
Keye T - 15 days ago
embarrassing? you sound like doug
Carlos Salazar
Carlos Salazar - 16 days ago
What!! You sold the Lexus ? Noooo!
keeny T
keeny T - 16 days ago
this song are called??
kaylin corotis
kaylin corotis - 18 days ago
Just wanted to let you know there’s one on Craigslist Chicago for $3500
7ViewerLogic - 18 days ago
cool vid!
SimonDubstep - 19 days ago
*~Gopnik Hoovie~*
Avitus Nonius Midwestern Legion
I like my 3rd gen pathfinder, even the xterra is good.
cyber3d - 19 days ago
Leather jacket is missing.
rincewind214 - 20 days ago
This intro is soooooo good :D
john sun
john sun - 20 days ago
''future classic'''hahahahha
NUCLEAR BUM - 20 days ago
pull the engine and tranny throw the rest away
DesRoin - 20 days ago
I'd take a Suzuki Jimny every day over this mess... hell I'd tow a Suzuki Jimny with a Suzuki Jimny and still feel better about myself than driving this thing ^^
D1x Ebisu
D1x Ebisu - 20 days ago
Anyone know the song from the intro? It has a banger vibe
to it bro.
Mohammed Nizamuddin
Mohammed Nizamuddin - 20 days ago
lmao this is the best intro I've seen from all your videos hahaha
Greg Wilczynski
Greg Wilczynski - 20 days ago
Not sure how this is embarrassing. My mom had a yellow H2 but in excellent condition . Girls loved it. It was amazing in the snow. Absolute head turner. Made you feel like a kid driving it. Dead reliable motor and trAnsmission. And the 6.0 is much quicker than my dads avalanche 5.3 ( gen1 and 2) sure the interior plastics and gas mileage were an issue . But that’s it. Sure it’s not in “ style “ anymore . But when this was in production it was the bees knees.
Greg Wilczynski
Greg Wilczynski - 20 days ago
Wow he’s fucking tall . He’s taller than the hummer h2 . Damn
kucki tea
kucki tea - 21 day ago
"oh no he didn't" omg cryingggg!!!!!!
rwbar pie Pie
rwbar pie Pie - 22 days ago
You are better then doug
Henry Rodgers
Henry Rodgers - 22 days ago
And the award for best YouTube host goes to... the doggo. Sorry, but Hummer doggo is best doggo. I remember this rig from Midnight Club. With copper-plated trim and gold 26" spinners. Ahh, yea...
Alden Van Solkema
Alden Van Solkema - 22 days ago
I thought you weren't buying any cars this year??
Big The Cat
Big The Cat - 22 days ago
You look like a slav😂🤙
Deano019S - 22 days ago
LOL what is with the two watches eh?
Jake K.
Jake K. - 22 days ago
Hes looks like a fucking drug dealer
Andrew Schulz
Andrew Schulz - 23 days ago
This pains me my man shoulda picked up an H3
KZ - 23 days ago
General Motors and quality ("these days")??? How much did they pay you to say that? LMAO!
Joshua Law
Joshua Law - 19 days ago
KZ Ikr? “GM Quality” is really fucking ironic.
Andrew Law
Andrew Law - 23 days ago
195k miles, how many millions of gallons did the H2 drink to get to that mileage?
Andrew Sorenson
Andrew Sorenson - 22 days ago
At 11 mpg, that's 17,727 gallons of fuel. At a historical US average of $3/gal, that's over $53,000 in refueling costs.
Matt curry
Matt curry - 23 days ago
I knew someone and after they purchased a H2 I could no longer take them seriously.
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale - 23 days ago
You gotta do the 158,000 watt sound system, 38 screens, 8 xBox, 52" inch rims and golden trim all around.
Zakir Hussain
Zakir Hussain - 24 days ago
Weren't you not supposed to buy any new rides this year??
Should I Get It Reviews
Should I Get It Reviews - 23 days ago
Definitely didn't happen!
Dominic Rynkiewicz
Dominic Rynkiewicz - 24 days ago
195,000 miles. Imagine how much fuel that thing has burnt in it’s time!!
Frost - 21 day ago
Dominic Rynkiewicz around 20,000 gallons of gas. Crazy but what’s also crazy is in the US we consume 384 million gallons a day.
Boringname - 24 days ago
Badadadadadaaa daadaadadaaa
Cas Perry
Cas Perry - 24 days ago
gopniks can't afford a hummer
Should I Get It Reviews
Should I Get It Reviews - 23 days ago
Boris? Is that you!?
REEL SIXX - 24 days ago
winga dinga dinga
Brenden Nino
Brenden Nino - 25 days ago
Get new cabs light seals to fix the leak
Brenden Nino
Brenden Nino - 25 days ago
Have an 07 h2 and my dad has a 09 and they are tons better in the 09 they fixed a lot of the cheap plastics and a lot better quality of interior
Blaine Mitchell
Blaine Mitchell - 25 days ago
I love the hummer! Hope GM brings it back!
Heavy_Haul_N_Fool - 25 days ago
Ths is the car wizard
mena seven
mena seven - 25 days ago
LOL nice MTV crib acting , the Hummer H2 is a gas guzzling oversize SUV. Enjoy it Hoovies.
thesaunders8 - 25 days ago
Grant Rennie
Grant Rennie - 25 days ago
Robbie Coltrane (dumbledor in Harry Potter) gave his jeep wagoneer (left hand drive self import) to the riverside transport museum in Glasgow Scotland.
People were criticising celebrities with heavy cars and trucks at the time, it is on display there.
Grant Rennie
Grant Rennie - 25 days ago
Grant Rennie
Grant Rennie - 25 days ago
The old army hummers have metal seats and dashboards in them, can open the doors and clean the inside with a hose
Grant Rennie
Grant Rennie - 25 days ago
There were a lot of these things in the uk in 2003 and 2004, they must have banned them for some reason, they all disappeared quickly
Andrew Law
Andrew Law - 23 days ago
The reason was £5 a gallon fuel and 7mpg. You couldn't go past a garage without filling up.
Michael - 25 days ago
2 watches, Adidas tracksuit, Hummer h2
Midlife crisis confirmed
nomebear - 25 days ago
Many of the Hummers have shown up in Asia. Seldom a day goes by that I don't see one of these monsters in traffic, especially in southeast Asia.
Terrence Pires
Terrence Pires - 25 days ago
Best video intro ever
Rad Ainley
Rad Ainley - 25 days ago
Of course you know the difference between an H2 and a sheep? It is less embarrassing to be seen getting out of the back of a sheep.
Reviewed Popcorn
Reviewed Popcorn - 25 days ago
What the hell with youtube 11minute video with 3 minutes ads, 3 doulble ads!!!
A320Pilots - 25 days ago
Hearing those 2 Rolexes smash together when he moves his wrist hurts my ears :/
A Yachtmaster II and an 18k Daytona. wow
8000Christopher - 26 days ago
Mr. Hoovie,  Mr. Hoovie,  I watched the Doug DeMuro vid of the Hummer H2 along with 5 million plus people (sorry, just couldn't help myself in mentioning that), but he doesn't even mention the seats, with all their "so much foam and cushioning" ?   9:09
Nicholas Field
Nicholas Field - 26 days ago
Always thought these were stupid.
Jared Crowe
Jared Crowe - 26 days ago
32? Possible you’re vehicle choices have aged you?
Savana w
Savana w - 26 days ago
I mean the H2 isnt embarrassing but yo dumbass got it in yellow
Mason Pelzer
Mason Pelzer - 26 days ago
That truck looks like a school bus for 6 year old pimps
AMR15H - 26 days ago
5:30 0-60 in 10 sec. that’s actually the average 0-60 time here in the Netherlands. Thankyou EU emissionnorms, we hate you.
Danial LameH
Danial LameH - 26 days ago
did you sell the land cruiser? I'm leaving this channel
John Livingston
John Livingston - 26 days ago
Hummer h2🤢😷
Kirk Vogel
Kirk Vogel - 26 days ago
That's not a ugo
ruzbeh jafarkhani
ruzbeh jafarkhani - 26 days ago
he looks more like generic Russian with vodka
Thundiparambil Alan Mattei
Why you need 4 bathrooms?
Georgy Thomas
Georgy Thomas - 26 days ago
I guess if if it had a long bed and is sold as a pickup truck it would sell in millions now. Apparently everyone wants a pickup nowadays.
Christoph Renken
Christoph Renken - 26 days ago
Cringiest car ever
Timothy Shelsea
Timothy Shelsea - 26 days ago
Wait....is that a real Rolex Yacht Master you're wearing???
Levi Guwap
Levi Guwap - 26 days ago
Everybody does one of these type of characters
Alex Park
Alex Park - 26 days ago
He buys junks for views. SMH
D C - 27 days ago
Those are truly horrible.
acemannw - 27 days ago
Such a great video keep it up
Adnan ad
Adnan ad - 27 days ago
Hummer sucks kill it with fire
alktal_ksa - 27 days ago
8000Christopher - 27 days ago
Mr. Hoovie, Mr. Hoovie, so Hoovie has a Hummvie,   lovely, just lovely.  And Mr. Jay Leno, the Patron Saint of all auto enthusiasts,  gave you permission to void your resolution and you bought a  Hummer H2  !!!!!!!!
Arne Maeschaelck
Arne Maeschaelck - 27 days ago
I have a friend who drives one of these as a daily. In Europe. On gasoline. Which equals to like $5/gallon.
And I have a neighbor who has a pickup kind of Hummer? That one's a bifuel though, which is one thing GM was/is kind of good at.
DallasInLA - 27 days ago
Reaching levels of douche that shouldn't even be possible....
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay - 27 days ago
Subtle Rolex flex
Daniel Pope
Daniel Pope - 27 days ago
just buy a humvee
William Conway
William Conway - 27 days ago
Dude that LX470 was my favorite car
I. Yuso_physique mr_4pack
Borat: "does this car have a pussy magnet ? "
I. Yuso_physique mr_4pack
The intro was very 2004/2006
Davonte Martin
Davonte Martin - 27 days ago
I’m honestly pissed you sold the lx for that pile of shit
panamera - 27 days ago
Very outdated but contrary to popular belief they’re actually very capable off road. Even the H3, probably more so due to it’s smaller size.
Cole D
Cole D - 27 days ago
Don’t be hatin’
FlyingSubs - 27 days ago
Why is the Hummer h2 the most embarrasing vehicle ever made?
George Ericson
George Ericson - 27 days ago
how about u buy the new ka
Michael Ouzounian
Michael Ouzounian - 27 days ago
Trading a Land Cruiser for an H2 to ironically explore the many strata of neo-con lifestyles that permeated the 00s? This is a spicy, spicy move, and I'm here for it.
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale - 23 days ago
Good point!
TheCamshafter - 27 days ago
Last time I saw a yellow H2 was in Cape Town South Africa in 2002. Owned by some German guy. Looked a bit ostentatious even then.
Arthur - 27 days ago
What was that intro and outro song ? Love it 📀
mondo G
mondo G - 27 days ago
looks like he is driving a school bus 😂
The random life of Andrew
I'm dieing of laughter from that skit😂😂😂😂
Comi Sanches
Comi Sanches - 27 days ago
Funny story... In Portugal where I live, the same turd still goes for 60000€ or about 70k USD in used market... And when new, it was about 120k
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