MEET THE $50,000+ MID-ENGINE C8 CORVETTE! (0-60 in less than 3 seconds)

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Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson - Day ago
I like it!
Danial Howe
Danial Howe - 2 days ago
old school vette guys bitch just like old school harley guys... they are not buying but they want to keep everything SAME... FUCK EM! its called progress! i suspect deep down they just dont want theoir stuff to be RADICALLY OUTDATED.... too bad... looks like it just happened!
Stevie Rendon
Stevie Rendon - 3 days ago
I wonder what performance and interior/outterior upgrades/modifications corvette 11 would have. Because by then i will be old enough to drive.
Thomas Clifton
Thomas Clifton - 4 days ago
Whoever buys the C8 don't forget to buy a extended warranty....because labor cost on mid engine will be expensive $$$
Bledar P
Bledar P - 6 days ago
ouuu that blue color is sexy....
Thomas Clifton
Thomas Clifton - 7 days ago
Has anybody thought about what service labor will be on this mid engine $60k in reality will cusumers be getting a deal?
杨文 - 7 days ago
it is like a europe car
Kurt Knas
Kurt Knas - 8 days ago
What da fuck was that? My god that was the most political correct Event ever! Almost not a single white, blond, blue eyed person, racism towards white people in todays world is called political correctness.
Afro Americans is such a small minority in America but in this event there was almost only Afro Americans every where especially females.
The ones who should scream about racism and equality in todays messed upp society are white people especially white men.
Corvettes faithful cliente base has always been white men, seems like Corvette are going in Harley Davidsons foot steps and spitting on those who made them.
Keenan Thornley
Keenan Thornley - 8 days ago
Toyota: The new Supra has an inline 6 from BMW because it would be just too expensive to design one and have to make new production lines just for that. We hope you all understand, oh and the majority of everything else about the car is also BMW

The entire world: wait so this really isn't a supra, will we at least have the option to get manual transmis- oh we won't? O ok

Chevrolet: Yeah we've never made mid-engine cars until now so we have had to design an entirely new one just for this. Oh btw it has a 0-60 comparable to some of the fastest Lamborghinis, McLarens, and a tiny fraction of the price

The entire world: whOA we didn't really know we wanted this until now but if I don't get the C8 straight up injected into my veins I can't guarantee my survival

Anyways, I know the Supra isn't shit like I probably made it seem I think so, it has great acceleration and handling and costs around 50k... But this new C8 Corvette is honestly just on an entirely new level. You would think that with an around 60k price tag it would be going to compete with cars _like_ the Supra. Nah son, it's going straight for the jugular with the exotics of the world.
Viking - 8 days ago
OMFG that was one of the most political correct intros ever, a female stealth bomber pilot and then a afro American driver of the Corvette, but as usual never ever a white, blond, blue eyed male in advertisment anymore, even do we are the ones who actually are going to buy it!
aspero23 - 8 days ago
its only a v8 mid engine slow american fat cheese
Rj - 9 days ago
60 Apple Stands for the monitors in your office or a C8?
one4all - 9 days ago
Exterior is nothing original.
Emily van Möslfak
Emily van Möslfak - 9 days ago
2:55 This guy is talking about the double clutch gearbox as if it was invented yesterday. Where has he been the last decade?
땡칠아빠 - 11 days ago
Exterior Ferrari, Interior Lamborghini, Price Chevy..
MARCO COCCO - 13 days ago
Sareiviseth Diep
Sareiviseth Diep - 13 days ago
Tom Strickland
Tom Strickland - 8 days ago
Set it on cruise control on a trip and I'd bet on it getting in the high thirties per gallon.
Famous3064 - 14 days ago
Chevy already has the best initial quality by JD power lol ("initial" keyword there), so selling a chevy lamborghini at 50k is the smartest because its gonna be a piece of crap. Its nothing like a corvette. When I think of a corvette i think of the C2-C7 corvette, i think of a front engine car. The only chevy i would own would be a corvette, but now it looking like a cheap Lamborghini or Ferrari, no thank you. lol
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade - 14 days ago
2020 Chevrolet Corvette: *The American Icon Evolves*
MeloMouse - 14 days ago
As someone who never had interest in a corvette before...this one has caught my eye.
Will Moersen
Will Moersen - 14 days ago
Great Job on the car just Wow! But Video recording and being uploaded could be a double edge sword in the fact it could get a potential owner on the street In trouble any options to order without video recording equipment?
Will Moersen
Will Moersen - 14 days ago
I don’t want my car and my motorcycle my refrigerator my toaster my coffee maker my microwave to have Wi-Fi I just don’t!
Will Moersen
Will Moersen - 14 days ago
Yeah I know your government run but that’s why your government run is because you sold out to robots not you guys particularly but GM! This is a double edge sword! Satan came appealing to money saying hey if you replace your workers with robots you’ll save money! The problem is your workers are also customers to on top of that you’re human workers limited production on like a robot this is great in the fact that you don’t have over production which would cost a lot more money and waste also it’s just harder on the environment in general! The number one factor in the economy is not necessarily money it’s people if you remove people out of the economy! where does your money come from?
Will Moersen
Will Moersen - 14 days ago
With less power and better placement that is a great job guys that’s how you do it! that’s how you do it! just remember the more power you add to that thing the more of a rocket ship it’s going to be three seconds 😂 ❤️⚔️😇 Budget friendly would definitely be the way to go and showing them by hand instead a robot so you don’t over producing would also save the company a bunch of money! Just remember if you think it cost a lot of money upfront overproduction dose cost more down the road!
Will Moersen
Will Moersen - 14 days ago
Wait till somebody puts turbos on that thing 😂
ChrisP 1hundred
ChrisP 1hundred - 15 days ago
$200k car for $50k. Not bad
Jason Jean
Jason Jean - 15 days ago
0-60 in 3 sec with performance package. So......70+? 80? $1100+ a month car note. By the time you spend 3 years worth of car notes another one will be produced that's "better" and you will be scrambling trying to sell this one to get the new one. Good luck!
Henry Speed
Henry Speed - 15 days ago
GM just eliminated 50 % of buyers due to compact no super compact interior. I might as well get marcielago same compact interior only a lot better then a cramped up C8
Andy Wu
Andy Wu - 15 days ago
Bullshit, less than 3 secs 0-60?
Tyler Haknuman
Tyler Haknuman - 15 days ago
$59,995. And the GM reliability you know I’m inline for it. ..... no I’m not 😂
vajleexi - 15 days ago
Good job Corvette ... Very good job. Now time to smoke that piece of crap the BMW Supra.
Taste The Rainbow
Taste The Rainbow - 15 days ago
Corvette Terms
It’s all about FReeedoom Baby!!!
J-V V-J - 16 days ago
Dont forget about the aluminum frame. You know the same as Ford that you bash on all the time. And don't forget the composite (aluminum) you use in your truck line also.
gibson fender
gibson fender - 16 days ago
put me on a 300 yr payment plan
avs 61758
avs 61758 - 16 days ago
Look for these wrapped around a tree new you... BADASS!!
benicio g'ro
benicio g'ro - 16 days ago
that was actually a great commercial!
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff - 16 days ago
Gideon R
Gideon R - 16 days ago
Damn near brought a tear to my eye. So. Fucking. Sexy.
Nhân Trần Danh
Nhân Trần Danh - 16 days ago
The only mid-engine sports car for 60 grand
npc - 16 days ago
ugly as fuck
Macs Eagle
Macs Eagle - 17 days ago
It's still a GM 😒
Danny Brooks
Danny Brooks - 17 days ago
I would take an old Vette with a stick any day over this.
Mr.lonelyCatYT - 17 days ago
Looks like a cheaper version of a Ford gt
policy of truth
policy of truth - 17 days ago
the new gm vet PMF  poor mans ferrari
policy of truth
policy of truth - 17 days ago
50 grand my ass call a gm dealer and just see what they say. mark ups every person you call. this is a mass produced car and gm dealers are fucking people right and left like it is a one time shot. gm should be ashemed letting this happen and with out a doubt this is one buyer lost for life dont care how awesome it is I dont enjoy being fucked in the ass by greedy dealships.............................
Ictpilot Ictpilot
Ictpilot Ictpilot - 17 days ago
They really stepped on their bag on this one. I give it a year or two production. It's just not a vette anymore.
Ictpilot Ictpilot
Ictpilot Ictpilot - 17 days ago
@chelsea blevins It's because it's a mid engine that changes it. We'll see, but I don't think it will do that well. Us old traditionalist think it's to much of a departure from the past designs.
chelsea blevins
chelsea blevins - 17 days ago
It is still a Corvette it has to look like that because it's a mid sized engine it's a beautiful car
James Simon
James Simon - 17 days ago
How many commercials can someone squeeze into this. Really people! Really!
Giveaway G0D
Giveaway G0D - 17 days ago
still nothing compared to a 3rd gen CTSV
D D - 17 days ago
Steve Kuiper
Steve Kuiper - 17 days ago
GM is gonna sell so many of these mid engine sportscars its going to be awesome to see them on the road soon. Wow. I never considered buying a corvette until this beauty rolled out. Impressive
Rome Gibbs
Rome Gibbs - 17 days ago
Same here
J. Wolf
J. Wolf - 17 days ago
I thought this was a new gta5 car lol
Cicliste C
Cicliste C - 17 days ago
That is the cheesiest introduction video of all time. At any rate, without a manual transmission option you have to be fucking kidding me. And that ass end looks like ass. Forgettable. Geezers' sports car
Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez - 17 days ago
That's NOT a Corvette anymore, sorry it's not.
uriel morales
uriel morales - 17 days ago
I highly doubt a dealer is going to keep it at 50k. More like 100k. Dealer loves it profits.
Wendy Sheffield
Wendy Sheffield - 17 days ago
I love this car y
Saulius Agintas
Saulius Agintas - 17 days ago
I want one
Rollyone - 18 days ago
Looks close to a 458, except the rear end.
WorldPeace1 - 18 days ago
Starting at 60K? Is this too good to be true? If true, then lots of people will be buying this.
Hakasauars - 18 days ago
0-60 2.9s because it cant beat the zr1 at 2.85s
Joseph Bentley
Joseph Bentley - 18 days ago
Lol at this advertising. The Z51 model is the 2.8 sec car and will be well above 60 grand.
SwiftBunnyOG - 18 days ago
Chevy: We built a Ferrari.
Rome Gibbs
Rome Gibbs - 17 days ago
Zombie ZH himer
Zombie ZH himer - 18 days ago
You would have to be a complete Bonehead to buy one of these!! Very first year for a midengine Corvette. First year are problems problems problems. Go ahead an buy one, you can be GMs guinea pig.
12w0 - 18 days ago
Typical american girl, no hips.
A Bar
A Bar - 18 days ago
Why is this thing not electric its absolute asinine were still using the combustion engine after a 120 years its bullshit!! And you're lucky to get 12 miles the freaking gallon what a bunch of shit GM needs to pull their head out of their a** and get electric
Premium fuel only
Premium fuel only - 18 days ago
Alot of new tech. That first year is going to be full of problems.
Big Mo
Big Mo - 17 days ago
Premium fuel only: your optimistic if you think Chevy can fix all the problems in a year.
Michael Serrano
Michael Serrano - 18 days ago
Yes less than 60k but for the 1st year or two they will sell way above 60k due to dealership markups lol. Gl seeing this car for anywhere near MSRP
KittyCow - 18 days ago
@Michael Serrano yeah simple economics, huge demand but huge supply means dealers cant get away with markup. I personally have seen dealers saying online saying they will only sell at MSRP. Before 'betting on it' look around and see how many people actually do have it in writing that they will be paying MSRP
Michael Serrano
Michael Serrano - 18 days ago
@KittyCow how cause almost all of the dealers here In florida haven't even confirmed pricing yet it's all just to reserve a spot for 2021. And the car is the 1st mid engine corvette from chevy you best believe they're gonna mark that shit up no matter the production numbers chevy isn't hyping this car up for no reason. All I'm saying is those have place your orders and unless you have the MSRP price in writing get the lube ready. It's simple economics really. Supply vs demand
KittyCow - 18 days ago
no dude, these arent a limited edition mustang. Its a full production car meant to sell as many as possible, there are already a lot of people who have got their order secured for exactly MSRP.
Dylan Downright
Dylan Downright - 18 days ago
Anyone know what the mark up is gonna be on these from the dealer?
corey giles
corey giles - 18 days ago
Was gonna get a hellcat but fuck that shit I want a c8
Peek - 18 days ago
Let me get this straight, it's got; a 6 litre normally aspirated V8 with (hold my breath)a dry sump, producing 400 odd bhp - welcome to the late 1990's!
Gabe Selden
Gabe Selden - 18 days ago
Corvette has always been a dream car for me. As a teen, I would love to buy one of these beauties in the future
Lex - 18 days ago
This C8 model probably will be the most sold vette. With the look of an exotic sports car and the price range. It's hard to past up for a sports car. For 60k you can get the same look and performance for fraction of the price.
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez - 18 days ago
Wow. That's beautiful. :)
dd sk
dd sk - 18 days ago
Looks really basic and generic.
Elder Gods Band
Elder Gods Band - 18 days ago
My opinion is that it has lost its' identity. Somewhere between Ferrari and a 90's Toyota Celia GT
TEHNIX - 18 days ago
this car is godlike !!!
Moo’shu Swine
Moo’shu Swine - 18 days ago
Corvette SUV coming soon
OSJDI - 18 days ago
Looks like a discount Ferrari 488 GTB.
Socks On Feet
Socks On Feet - 19 days ago
Cool!! I'll get one in 20 years from Offer Up or Craigslist for $1000 non running and no title. Cya in 2040!
pimpname breezy
pimpname breezy - 19 days ago
Viper come back 🥺
ciani ciani ciani
ciani ciani ciani - 19 days ago
Surrogato della Ferrari
504Kel - 19 days ago
Benjamin Robinson
Benjamin Robinson - 19 days ago
I’m not the biggest fan of the body style for some reason
Goz2Fast - 19 days ago
I will buy one when it can fly.
Silver ImpAct
Silver ImpAct - 19 days ago
No. This is sad, I live outside USA.
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