MEET THE $50,000+ MID-ENGINE C8 CORVETTE! (0-60 in less than 3 seconds)

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Bigdaddytrucker - 3 days ago
They say 50k go try and buy one for that , Always loaded up version plus mark up sticker , Sorry Mr Customer its now 63k LOL
The Awful Poet
The Awful Poet - 9 days ago
Enzo.. Nice color
Corvette. Thank You for the inspiration
Enzo. Grazie!.. I like your price point😎 Good luck. Now let’s have espresso
Robert Reilly
Robert Reilly - 10 days ago
Can't believe they put the Corvette name on this car. Terrible
ashdoglsu - 13 days ago
My aunts leaving me 60k when she dies. I may use it for this then go on food stamps.
Josh Owens
Josh Owens - 14 days ago
Would of been nice in a 5ltr turbo 650hp
TroutFink - 16 days ago
@7:39 Sad day for the Naturally Aspirated Engine...but I still can’t wait to see what’ll the bolt-on’s this BMF can handle. Always remember: There’s no replacement for displacement.
Chronicle _
Chronicle _ - 19 days ago
I'm still very suspicious on how this car is only $60,000 what's missing?
archiei40x - 19 days ago
This is gonna make me change my plan on purchasing a Porsche Cayman in the near future.
James Canik
James Canik - 19 days ago
I was looking at the LT2 C9 with Z51 performance package for about $73,000. That sounds about right. Some of the goofy add-ons could make this a $100,000 car. Colored seat belts for $395. No I don't think so.
kevin g
kevin g - 20 days ago
What is the date all of these will be sold in available?
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis - 22 days ago
WTF. Is it $60k or $50k. ???
forza juventus
forza juventus - 25 days ago
Beast for 50k
Liberty and Justice
Liberty and Justice - 26 days ago
Who will be the first to make a car be close to this performance but for $30,000? Come on guys, make history! 😄
Clifford Kun
Clifford Kun - 26 days ago
I love the mid-engine Corvette.
Mr mc nugget 1.2M views
Mr mc nugget 1.2M views - 28 days ago
I paid $10k more for my Rubicon .. wow
Sandy - 28 days ago
Basemodels are cracking $100K. Two fatal mishaps from terminal understeer already with pro drivers. GM is such a shitty incompetent organization. Another total shitbox.
ㄒ丨爪乇丂ㄩ卩 - 29 days ago
A car made out of clay wow
Dzianis Putyrski
Dzianis Putyrski - Month ago
In California 0.60 . 3 second you can lost driver license and wot do after
DGVoid - Month ago
Oh buddy. My wife is not going to approve. Don't ask for permission, ask for forgiveness am I right?
Riley Anderson
Riley Anderson - Month ago
the fucking ads ... omg FU!
michele vitarelli
michele vitarelli - Month ago
Can someone explain 'Z' mode to me?
Fat Bastardo
Fat Bastardo - Month ago
I love that it beats the million dollar super cars!
Zero Cool
Zero Cool - Month ago
if you drive 0 to 60 in 3 seconds the police is going to shoot you is a bad invest
Brian G C
Brian G C - Month ago
An interesting fact is Chevy spent many days at Nurburgring performing testing and yet they didn't post a single lap time.
No sports car has ever been tested at Nurburgring and not had it's lap times made public. In the videos of it at Nurburgring it looks like a SLOW heavy pig. I hope that I am wrong. I would like to trade my 987 for one IF it isn't a heavy pig on the track. But since Chevy isn't offering us any performance numbers except the 0-60 with the optional performance packages, I'm skeptical.
inpc 3333
inpc 3333 - Month ago
Prove any of these statements please. Proof is ( anyone not working or answering questions on behalf of the GM company. ) Not one person outside gm has driven this car . why? I will tell you 3366 dry weight= 3600+ pounds curb weights 495 crank hp -driveline lose = 415 wheel hp. . No way this car will do 0 to 60 under 3 seconds. Sorry but do the math. Then make accurate video.
Brian G C
Brian G C - Month ago
Another interesting fact is Chevy spent many days at Nurburgring performing testing and yet they didn't post a single lap time. No sports car has ever been tested at Nurburgring and not had it's lap times made public. In the videos of it at Nurburgring it looks like a SLOW heavy pig. I hope that I am wrong. I would like to trade my 987 for one IF it isn't a heavy pig on the track. But since Chevy isn't offering us any performance number except the 0-60 with the optional performance packages, I'm skeptical.
michael rodriguez
michael rodriguez - Month ago
what's the IIHS crash test ratings??
michael rodriguez
michael rodriguez - Month ago
needs more power for nex' yr, and an optional v10 or v12
TW Portre
TW Portre - Month ago
No you wont, Ford has been planning the GT40 that will have the 5.8L NON ECOBOOST and will be around $40,000 too and packages for s/c, n/a and t/c. Trust me, yall will be in another shootout before too long
Lottie Ward
Lottie Ward - Month ago
That shit is absolutely not a Chevy vibe!! Dislike 100%
High school Hottie
High school Hottie - Month ago
corvette should be more profitable now!  The world will beat a path to a 'euro specs mid engine for under 60k u.s.' ------------ ANY county's car nut will put this first due to cost and what you get. -------------- too bad 'at' the time of Greta Thunberg and the IPcc report explaining life must be without fossil fues, though. (oops; late to the table ------------------- reengineer it too for electric only---------- other, electric vette ugly; can it, and electrify c8 (trim 'aesthetics fat'
SkylineToTheSeaAndMe - Month ago
$60K = Almost $100K by the time you get it out the door. But still....
MV Master
MV Master - Month ago
Good Bye 2020 BMW Supra. You just got shafted by the american classic reborn into the body of a Ferrari. SO SEXY.
(looks like a 458's aggressive little brother.)
frisco - Month ago
Personally I think it deserves different name. With mid engine and European styling, this is a completely different animal
Progressive Viewer
Progressive Viewer - Month ago
Down to 50k from 60k..
Sedition Society
Sedition Society - Month ago
I feel sorry for early buyers. You're a fool if you buy the first model. Have fun experiencing recalls and shit. I heard there's already a keyless start issue they have to work out. If you're smart you'd wait a few years and buy the improved version
I - Month ago
1Ephraimite - Month ago
Looks like Speed Racer’s Mack 5.
Tommy Hallum
Tommy Hallum - Month ago
C-8 corvette aka (Zora)
yatta yatta
yatta yatta - Month ago
Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson - 2 months ago
I like it!
Estevan Rendon
Estevan Rendon - 2 months ago
I wonder what performance and interior/outterior upgrades/modifications corvette 11 would have. Because by then i will be old enough to drive.
Thomas Clifton
Thomas Clifton - 2 months ago
Whoever buys the C8 don't forget to buy a extended warranty....because labor cost on mid engine will be expensive $$$
Bledar P
Bledar P - 2 months ago
ouuu that blue color is sexy....
Thomas Clifton
Thomas Clifton - 2 months ago
Has anybody thought about what service labor will be on this mid engine $60k in reality will cusumers be getting a deal?
杨文 - 2 months ago
it is like a europe car
Kurt Knas
Kurt Knas - 2 months ago
What da fuck was that? My god that was the most political correct Event ever! Almost not a single white, blond, blue eyed person, racism towards white people in todays world is called political correctness.
Afro Americans is such a small minority in America but in this event there was almost only Afro Americans every where especially females.
The ones who should scream about racism and equality in todays messed upp society are white people especially white men.
Corvettes faithful cliente base has always been white men, seems like Corvette are going in Harley Davidsons foot steps and spitting on those who made them.
Keenan Thornley
Keenan Thornley - 2 months ago
Toyota: The new Supra has an inline 6 from BMW because it would be just too expensive to design one and have to make new production lines just for that. We hope you all understand, oh and the majority of everything else about the car is also BMW

The entire world: wait so this really isn't a supra, will we at least have the option to get manual transmis- oh we won't? O ok

Chevrolet: Yeah we've never made mid-engine cars until now so we have had to design an entirely new one just for this. Oh btw it has a 0-60 comparable to some of the fastest Lamborghinis, McLarens, and a tiny fraction of the price

The entire world: whOA we didn't really know we wanted this until now but if I don't get the C8 straight up injected into my veins I can't guarantee my survival

Anyways, I know the Supra isn't shit like I probably made it seem I think so, it has great acceleration and handling and costs around 50k... But this new C8 Corvette is honestly just on an entirely new level. You would think that with an around 60k price tag it would be going to compete with cars _like_ the Supra. Nah son, it's going straight for the jugular with the exotics of the world.
Viking - 2 months ago
OMFG that was one of the most political correct intros ever, a female stealth bomber pilot and then a afro American driver of the Corvette, but as usual never ever a white, blond, blue eyed male in advertisment anymore, even do we are the ones who actually are going to buy it!
aspero23 - 2 months ago
its only a v8 mid engine slow american fat cheese
Rj - 2 months ago
60 Apple Stands for the monitors in your office or a C8?
one4all - 2 months ago
Exterior is nothing original.
Emily van Möslfak
Emily van Möslfak - 2 months ago
2:55 This guy is talking about the double clutch gearbox as if it was invented yesterday. Where has he been the last decade?
Valkyrie - 2 months ago
Exterior Ferrari, Interior Lamborghini, Price Chevy..
MARCO COCCO - 2 months ago
Sareiviseth Diep
Sareiviseth Diep - 2 months ago
Tom Strickland
Tom Strickland - 2 months ago
Set it on cruise control on a trip and I'd bet on it getting in the high thirties per gallon.
Famous3064 - 2 months ago
Chevy already has the best initial quality by JD power lol ("initial" keyword there), so selling a chevy lamborghini at 50k is the smartest because its gonna be a piece of crap. Its nothing like a corvette. When I think of a corvette i think of the C2-C7 corvette, i think of a front engine car. The only chevy i would own would be a corvette, but now it looking like a cheap Lamborghini or Ferrari, no thank you. lol
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade - 2 months ago
2020 Chevrolet Corvette: *The American Icon Evolves*
Amy Ridout
Amy Ridout - 2 months ago
As someone who never had interest in a corvette before...this one has caught my eye.
Will Moersen
Will Moersen - 2 months ago
Great Job on the car just Wow! But Video recording and being uploaded could be a double edge sword in the fact it could get a potential owner on the street In trouble any options to order without video recording equipment?
Will Moersen
Will Moersen - 2 months ago
I don’t want my car and my motorcycle my refrigerator my toaster my coffee maker my microwave to have Wi-Fi I just don’t!
Will Moersen
Will Moersen - 2 months ago
Yeah I know your government run but that’s why your government run is because you sold out to robots not you guys particularly but GM! This is a double edge sword! Satan came appealing to money saying hey if you replace your workers with robots you’ll save money! The problem is your workers are also customers to on top of that you’re human workers limited production on like a robot this is great in the fact that you don’t have over production which would cost a lot more money and waste also it’s just harder on the environment in general! The number one factor in the economy is not necessarily money it’s people if you remove people out of the economy! where does your money come from?
Will Moersen
Will Moersen - 2 months ago
With less power and better placement that is a great job guys that’s how you do it! that’s how you do it! just remember the more power you add to that thing the more of a rocket ship it’s going to be three seconds 😂 ❤️⚔️😇 Budget friendly would definitely be the way to go and showing them by hand instead a robot so you don’t over producing would also save the company a bunch of money! Just remember if you think it cost a lot of money upfront overproduction dose cost more down the road!
Will Moersen
Will Moersen - 2 months ago
Wait till somebody puts turbos on that thing 😂
ChrisP 1hundred
ChrisP 1hundred - 2 months ago
$200k car for $50k. Not bad
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