Joe Rogan Experience #1336 - Legion of Skanks

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Jose vasquez
Jose vasquez - 22 hours ago
If you buy the b es st of the best at 4k a pound, that's 10packs a month to get 40k. Its possible.
Noname Nolast
Noname Nolast - Day ago
joe "every joke goes over my head" rogan
Karaoke Wayward Son
Karaoke Wayward Son - 2 days ago
Legion of Shills
Adam Golden
Adam Golden - 3 days ago
I refuse to believe that every comedian is obsessed with MMA as they pretend to be when they're around Rogan.
Newmarket Dispatch
Newmarket Dispatch - 3 days ago
My mom bought me these knock off jordans back in grade 7. They looked nice but they were "hoops" shoes. Walked in to class my teacher sees shoes goes oh new shoes...."no stripes no swoop" what are those before that was a meme.
When got home threw them in closet never wore them again
DjWolfDub - 4 days ago
They don't commingle men and women prisoners but let female cops fight the male criminals.....great idea folks
Alex Donald
Alex Donald - 5 days ago
Someone who supports Trump because they are a real estate developer is plain and simple a horrible person. You either agree with his policies and the way he conducts himself or you are prepared to make money by turning a blind eye to his policies. Both scenarios make you a horrible person
Michael Cardona
Michael Cardona - 5 days ago
Always great with these guys. ✊
Dhanush Selvaraj
Dhanush Selvaraj - 5 days ago
22:09 haha luis calls joe out
131untouchable - 5 days ago
Gillette lost alot of money
4lphad0g - 6 days ago
I know no one's going to see this because I'm 2 weeks late on this podcast, but can someone please get Joe a bigger hat? The bill starts on top of his head...
Bob L
Bob L - 6 days ago
Lukas Wavra
Lukas Wavra - 8 days ago
These boys need to arm wrestle that lady cop w man arms from live PD and see if their opinions change lol
pstcontrl - 9 days ago
Hena is a part of a traditional make up applied by women for women and has nothing to do with tattoos. It's also not a Thai thing. It's a thing in the Arab world and the Indian subcontinent. Tattoos also exist along side Hena in many of these parts as is the case in Morocco for example where indigenous Imazighen women used tattoos and Hena for looking good and had traditional significance. Didn't mean to go on like this but those dumb asses need to stop sounding like stupid teenagers.
Ronaldo Murphano
Ronaldo Murphano - 9 days ago
Why does Jamie always leave the camera on someone like he did to the dude sitting next to Joe? He's not doing anything interesting, he's just sitting there.
neggit - 9 days ago
Joe"what if babies could shoot guns " Rogan
Jack Linari
Jack Linari - 10 days ago
Joe get the fucking MythBusters on here already that shit would be genius
L. M.
L. M. - 10 days ago
Fuckin’ LOVED this episode. Big Jay is the man! We need another solo episode with him soon.
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson - 10 days ago
These guys are fucking idiots. Pretty funny, but still fucking idiots lol
Lou Zear
Lou Zear - 10 days ago
What cooties does Joe Rogan have on the back of his neck?
J0hnnie - 10 days ago
1:42:00 low key shittin’ on Schaub. It’s silly and fickle but it fucking annoys me that guy got a special almost instantly havjng material that consists of retelling others old stories with piss poor delivery.
Greg N
Greg N - 10 days ago
The bit about suing over the tattoo on Tyson is false. You can't sue someone for that. However, in the Hangover 2, the other character gets the SAME tattoo on his face. That's what the artist sued over. The movie studio copied his work and put it on someone else.
silentmarcus - 11 days ago
Apple phones are overpriced products for people who don't know what they are doing, period ...
iBleedScarlet&Gray - 11 days ago
How bout them Buckeyes Jamie? O-H
dood poop
dood poop - 11 days ago
Anybody find a picture of cheryl lynn sleeter?
Bianco Nero
Bianco Nero - 11 days ago
What kind of Hat is Lou wearing? 🧢🇨🇺🤔
beksski87 - 11 days ago
These guys sound fucking retarded.
Evan Lowney
Evan Lowney - 11 days ago
that's not right. lawyers. the first time you're on the record, you're on the record, irrespective of how big the audience is. no practicing privately.
Drkwolf.ll - 11 days ago
Most offensive my ass, check Drinkin' Bros'
MCcookiebreath - 11 days ago
lol at them puffing on thc distillate like it's a cigar
OriginalPretor - 11 days ago
"That tattoo is large, wild patch of America, thats what it is" Laughing my ass off hahahahaha
Eddie Vón Moist
Eddie Vón Moist - 11 days ago
"You call that a hemorroid? This is a hemorroid!"
ching chong
ching chong - 12 days ago
1:21:58 jamie is off his chops
neggit - 12 days ago
Get Cumtown on Joe Rogan
I'll fuck you up
The_Typical - 12 days ago
Dude, they have Snoop as an announcer in knockout mode in UFC 3. It's fuckin hilarious. Worth the price of purchase alone
DonaldTrump - 13 days ago
I look down on people with material objects such as an i phone who can't afford them. It's like they are begging for people in society to accept them. Paying for likes in life.
sanquis - 13 days ago
real math
Rydz - 13 days ago
There's nothing worst than an out of touch old man
No Expert
No Expert - 13 days ago
iphone was never better than samsung or android , i was and is good but never was better. one of many reasons that iphone was and is a closed group (not or hardly compatible with other devices), true story.
R L - 13 days ago
Brings up comfortable shoes...
Doesn't mention Crocs...
Ferocia Viribus
Ferocia Viribus - 11 days ago
Crocs are an abomination
John Malcolm
John Malcolm - 13 days ago
Jordan's are for narrow feet. Lebron's are better.
Suka Blyatt
Suka Blyatt - 13 days ago
Beige frequency. Look into it
Mike Meyer
Mike Meyer - 13 days ago
The eye paint lady made me feel like I was having an lsd flashback lmfao
Chain5'9s - 13 days ago
The 1
The 1 - 13 days ago
Joe " You need to explain why you support somebody " Rogan lol ain't nobody gotta explain sh*t to anybody about anything we just need Alex Jones Eddie Bravo & Bob Lazar with Whiskey & Weed and sit back and watch greatness
Brady Dickens
Brady Dickens - 13 days ago
These guys kids must like hip hop culture
mich sles
mich sles - 13 days ago
iphones=gay pride flair
mich sles
mich sles - 13 days ago
none of you junkies have ever ONCE done herion?!
mich sles
mich sles - 13 days ago
Lucia Guzman
Lucia Guzman - 13 days ago
Lol its the guy that said the t word on getting doug with high
Hayden B.
Hayden B. - 13 days ago
Joe “Yea he’s a really nice guy” Rogan
Lifted Ground
Lifted Ground - 13 days ago
The John Wick song Joe talks about is "Think" by Kaleida:
biologyprodigy - 13 days ago
@1:04:05 Dave Smith is wrong, Trump was not declared "not guilty" by the Mueller Report. In fact he was declare not not guilty, but could not be indicted because he is currently president.
Black Beard
Black Beard - 13 days ago
0:45 just saying if you live in cali and you buy an Oz. Plus wax edible, and prerolls for your crew everyday I can see that bill getting up to 40k especially if he was buying for more people or buying and not using just blowing money
dunce funce
dunce funce - 14 days ago
Joe's a bit literal minded, eh?
Stephenjohn hughes
Stephenjohn hughes - 14 days ago
make the arse grapes in a toon NOW
Bill Bill
Bill Bill - 14 days ago
Joe knows very little!! On a bunch of shit = half ass smart
Majik Messiah
Majik Messiah - 14 days ago
I've had the same pseudonym for 10 years and on all platforms I use but I still can't decide on a tattoo other than my family crest but that seems cliche.
Res Udeew
Res Udeew - 14 days ago
Dude....Big Jay's "all the women are asleep" comment went totally the 1:12:04ish mark. That shit was funny.
DonaldTrump - 14 days ago
The first American flag is made from hemp. The founding fathers of America were hemp growers.
Google account 1
Google account 1 - 13 days ago
Weeeed man
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