Panic! At The Disco: Emperor's New Clothes [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Dolly Wright
Dolly Wright - 46 минут назад
... who came here after seeing fallout boy's "centuries"?
hermione petite
hermione petite - Час назад
x SchmooL x
x SchmooL x - 2 часа назад
*T H A T S B R E N D O N ? !*
tiktok populaire
tiktok populaire - 3 часа назад
J'aime trop le clip
Aubrey Tiedeman
Aubrey Tiedeman - 3 часа назад
2:34 Me when school is over
Lilliam Cruz
Lilliam Cruz - 4 часа назад
Hi made A cardinal sin
Jaiden Thomson
Jaiden Thomson - 4 часа назад
I like how even when Brandon becomes a demon, he still has nice hair
Dwight Crawford
Dwight Crawford - 4 часа назад
This is kind of creepy tbh
sugondese nuts
sugondese nuts - 5 часов назад
Leafy deserves that detailed chin
Wail Teach
Wail Teach - 6 часов назад
The song is amazing n awesome, there have been never be sing n video like this
Ca Fe
Ca Fe - 6 часов назад
If it feels good tastes good it muuust be mine

So orgasms and candy are brendons, got ut
Ca Fe
Ca Fe - 4 часа назад
I’m 14 bitch and I will fuck you up
DynoMight _
DynoMight _ - 7 часов назад
Producer “Do you want to be a devil”
Brendon “Yes”
Producer “How devilish”
Brendon “Yes”
Randon Vlogs Random
Randon Vlogs Random - 7 часов назад
My dad- do u like this song
Me- 2:35
Jayden YT Tran
Jayden YT Tran - 7 часов назад
Rodrigo FxBr
Rodrigo FxBr - 8 часов назад
South America Memes
Milength - 8 часов назад
Selling replay buttons

NICHOLAS MARTINEZ - 8 часов назад
This is insanity
LucasZxZlol - 9 часов назад
Eis que vc começa a jogar Free Fire, tu ganha chifre.
Emelie - 9 часов назад
I found this by simply typing E...
Muhammad Mahsoun
Muhammad Mahsoun - 9 часов назад
I saw the video first, and i didn't like the song. I heard the song on soundcloud and i just love it. Coming back from soundcloud looking for the video hehehe
vlogs and roblox
vlogs and roblox - 9 часов назад
Katelyn Daly
Katelyn Daly - 10 часов назад
Does red bull give you wings?
Johamy Perez Cuevas
Johamy Perez Cuevas - 10 часов назад
epic gamer
epic gamer - 11 часов назад
bro hallelujah
gui gamer super
gui gamer super - 11 часов назад
Encontrei o demônio da SAM kkkk
AriDark - 12 часов назад
Remember my joke of the twilight fandoms vs P!ATD fandom, in the clip of 'The Ballad of Mona Lisa'? Well.... wHo nEEdS a VaMPirE wHeN wE hAvE A dEMoN?
Pammie - 12 часов назад
Oh wow I never thought of "This is Gospel' and this song being connected!!
Abyzou - 13 часов назад
It took me years to realized that Emperor's New Clothes is connected to This Is Gospel
Maria Fernanda Hernandez
Maria Fernanda Hernandez - 13 часов назад
If Satan doesnt look like this then i dont wanna go to hell
mnvcv jjgf
mnvcv jjgf - 14 часов назад
Muito bom de mais
Davi Vieira
Davi Vieira - 14 часов назад
The twenty øne pilots banana
The twenty øne pilots banana - 14 часов назад
Satan is bae
redcoolreaction - 15 часов назад
I’m still confused on why he is a demon??
Magno Leal
Magno Leal - 15 часов назад
Kelvin Clyde
Kelvin Clyde - 15 часов назад
I love panic at the disco!!💖💖
Ninja Potato
Ninja Potato - 15 часов назад
Category: *SATAN 🅱️OI*
Adolfo Delossantos jr.
Adolfo Delossantos jr. - 16 часов назад
I will explain what happened here so...He died when he was going to heaven but instead it dropped him down to hell then you became a demon That's all ;-;
CaptainAsianCalculations - 16 часов назад
I like how when he gets transformed into a demon the part that gets corrupted first is his forehead, clever move devil.
midnight_ star
midnight_ star - 17 часов назад
Wtfuck is this
Desiree 13
Desiree 13 - 17 часов назад
what if
you wanted to go to heaven
but God said
Joseph Tiwanac
Joseph Tiwanac - 19 часов назад
👎👎👎☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️👿👿👿👿👿👿👿 3am 666📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞
Misstiti Kitty
Misstiti Kitty - 19 часов назад
this is very well done video underrated
mrsquare boi
mrsquare boi - 21 час назад
he surely has some weird vids 🤣
AndyLincoln Fans
AndyLincoln Fans - 23 часа назад
He's so hot demon. I would sex with him everyday 😍😍😍😍
IRONHENDRIX 17 - 23 часа назад
Me: hey wanna go for a walk?
Dog: 2:34
Brendon! At The Disco
Brendon! At The Disco - День назад
Director: Okay, have any ideas for the video?
Brendon: scary :)
Director: Uh, okay... how scary?
Brendon: yes
Tung Tran
Tung Tran - День назад
Smile?awfully weird
Feels good?taste good
Kain Pabatao
Kain Pabatao - День назад
Yo Brendon, is this the sequel of "This is Gospel"?
xx Lil RaEDe xx
xx Lil RaEDe xx - День назад
His hair is still not messed up.
Nightmarez Gaming
Nightmarez Gaming - День назад
Max Hanagriff
Max Hanagriff - День назад
3:25 when you see 1000,000 vbucks
What you learn from this video: number 1if you fall into hell you start turning into a demon while you and some skulls sing number2 demons aren’t red they just look red because of the flames but they’re actually blue
Richard paula
Richard paula - День назад
It's been so long since i heard this song
Lil Bea
Lil Bea - День назад
trying to convince my mom P!atd isn't satanic is getting harder and harder
Lucian Corrvinus
Lucian Corrvinus - День назад
mmmmm, not scared, turned on, yes. Scared? No...
charlee hayden
charlee hayden - День назад
Ok like I'm seriously messed up that i think this is kinda hot like what
Pride Illusions
Pride Illusions - День назад
1:25 The moment you realize there’s pizza rolls in the fridge
Tem Queen
Tem Queen - День назад

Thats where it came from...
Sorry everyone probably already knew
Kiki Productions
Kiki Productions - День назад
I’m scared
Blade Mooncore
Blade Mooncore - День назад
This kinda reminded me of tik tok videos
Spooky Panda Girl
Spooky Panda Girl - День назад
Reptisaurus King
Reptisaurus King - День назад
Not going to lie, he is literally behaving like Darkiplier
ezza - День назад
Thumbnail looks like PewDiePie lmao
Sciezka Baird
Sciezka Baird - День назад
Mom: Okay sweetie do you want garlic bread for dinner?
Me: 2:34
Mom: 3:26
Me: 3:26
Sciezka Baird
Sciezka Baird - День назад
Sciezka Baird
Sciezka Baird - День назад
im dieing at my own joke
Sciezka Baird
Sciezka Baird - День назад
Shnoodledorf - День назад
Tbh the whole video was just him having a seizure and becoming a demon.
Jen - День назад
"Finders keepers, losers slippers" says my 3 year old niece and yes, this is one of her fav aside from those from cocomelon
Fortnite Bros
Fortnite Bros - День назад
when you playing a game that always freezes and it finally works 2:33
It’s Gaby G
It’s Gaby G - День назад
Imagine how much editing this took
Classic_Killr2244 - День назад
Whoever did his makeup is a god!
Jessie Mcculley
Jessie Mcculley - День назад
2:33when my mom says I can have her phone
Odessa Huber
Odessa Huber - День назад
a demon in skinny jeans. they never fail to be original.
Naomi Mora
Naomi Mora - День назад
Looks like Brendon, Loren, And Billie are fighting for the crown. 😂😂😂
Kostuchenko Katya
Kostuchenko Katya - День назад
1:42 maintain direct eye-contact with ......)))
I need To die
I need To die - День назад
Maybe he should star in the new HELLBOY
BubbleGum UniPug
BubbleGum UniPug - День назад
This scared the crap out of me but cuz I know Brendon Urie is in that costume it helps me watch this I just don’t like the bone cracking
Julia Brz
Julia Brz - День назад
Богдан Данилів
Богдан Данилів - День назад
Элджея тоже так телепает да и глаза он закачивает по лучше...
Anonymous Ôwô
Anonymous Ôwô - День назад
management: ok, brendon. what do u wanna do for the new video
brendon: i wanna become satan
management: but...
brendon: (demonic voice) satan
Ery k Tachibana
Ery k Tachibana - День назад
I love all the memes in the comments I swear this fandom , you are all my friends x’D
Ery k Tachibana
Ery k Tachibana - День назад
This is still my favourite song from himxXD
Schwester S
Schwester S - День назад
canal prinsesa celesitia gemer :3
canal prinsesa celesitia gemer :3 - День назад
Rock e totalmente estranho
Kawaii Neko
Kawaii Neko - День назад
Producers of the video: Halloween
Brandon: creeeeeepyyyyyy yaaaaaaas
pokemon go XD
pokemon go XD - День назад
I Love you
Anna EL
Anna EL - День назад
So satanic, what is the point of this video?
VINIX - День назад
Mds oia o demônio
SkyyZ - День назад
He isn't a demon...

He is a Free Fire Player in transformation
Marlo Wheeler
Marlo Wheeler - День назад
I cant believe this was 4 years ago
Griff Addie
Griff Addie - День назад
You are cool 😎 because you tirnd into a devul but I wish I could tirn into a devul
captain kitty queen
captain kitty queen - День назад
rip humans xox
ivan montse
ivan montse - День назад
crazy bois
Shamshad Ali
Shamshad Ali - День назад
Fueled by Ramen 🤔🤔😂😂😂
The Lost shadow
The Lost shadow - День назад
Please dont get claimed by tik tok
DaBoss - День назад
When my dad beats me 2:33
Anderson McDuffie
Anderson McDuffie - День назад
i think he forgot to take his ADHD medicine
Nida Altinay
Nida Altinay - День назад
Seytan cirkin gozukmez guzellik algisini yonetir.
venzzkiee mallari
venzzkiee mallari - День назад
Last comment 😍
Mi Pham
Mi Pham - День назад
I thought it said I’m taking back the carb but I was wrong it’s crown and sofas!?! And why is the bones speaking!?!?! And was he in heaven!?!?! And legends never die!?!!?!!!? And where did he got horns form!?!?!? And is he Lucifer!?!?!?!?!?!? And is he a fallen angel!?!?!?!? And why is the last part is so creepy!?!?!?!? And is it fake!?!?!?!? And why does he has vampires teeth!?!?!?!?!
Duckie Duckk
Duckie Duckk - День назад
Saintanic What No 🙄🙄🙄
Cortana anal
Cortana anal - День назад
How the fuck did this become a meme
How did a throw away line in a good music video become almost all it was known for
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