Mint Johansson Art
Mint Johansson Art - 56 minutes ago
When he got wings I just said, “Oh. Of course he has rings.” Like this is a normal Monday morning.
Kimberly Schnbeeberger
What is he looking at!
TheGreatAndPowerfulDC - 2 hours ago
The thunder from the video actually makes the song sound better
Elijah Salazar
Elijah Salazar - 3 hours ago
My paralysis demon
Nathan Drake
Nathan Drake - 4 hours ago
les effets speciaux sont juste sublimes ! dignes d'un véritable film d'épouvante des plus grandes productions !!
Arthur Chesshir
Arthur Chesshir - 5 hours ago
That chin tho.
Maria Deborah
Maria Deborah - 7 hours ago
You could say he has the voice of an angel but then people would think you haven't seen this video. But I guess you could say "he has an angelic voice for a devil"
Does that make sense?
Like= it makes sense
Comment= it doesn't make any sense at all!!😂
Ramiro marcos
Ramiro marcos - 8 hours ago
That so GOOOD
normal_human _being
normal_human _being - 10 hours ago
Anyone else just keep coming back to this video like you just keep thinking about it cuz it's so cool?
Ice Bagel
Ice Bagel - 10 hours ago
Where’s mah holy water for brendooon
Ramsy Ramsy
Ramsy Ramsy - 10 hours ago
i think Brendon has the voice of a fallen angel-Lucifer
Giselle Canas
Giselle Canas - 10 hours ago
I remember when I was like 12 I watched this in TV and every time I got scared LOL
Freddy 3340
Freddy 3340 - 10 hours ago
Brendon or Billie

And if you like Billie what are you doing here
chipz uwu
chipz uwu - 11 hours ago
My christian mom came in and she saw me listening to this. Lmao I though these things didn't actually happen
valentina pineda porras
valentina pineda porras - 11 hours ago
la acabo de escuchar y me encanto la cansion
Pluto Da Cat
Pluto Da Cat - 12 hours ago
When the cringy girl in your class finds the filters on tiktok...
Dujigato Otsutsuki The 12th Hokage
Singing during something that normally couldn't be sang through
this must be a Disney movie except the emos took over
Blackstardusk - 13 hours ago
Reminds me of Taylor swift
Maya c.
Maya c. - 13 hours ago
Lucifer vibes
Gustavo VK
Gustavo VK - 10 hours ago
HighFunctioning Fangirl
HighFunctioning Fangirl - 14 hours ago
me before watching this video: OMG Brendon is so hot!
* watches brendon becomes literal Satan*
me: Freaking take me
Oh No No
Oh No No - 14 hours ago
why do the devils always have the greatest voices *cough* Lucifer *cough*
Ghost Duck
Ghost Duck - 14 hours ago
What if you wanted to go to heaven but god said hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhhhahahahhaahahhahahahahahhaahhahhahahahhhahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahhaahahhaahhhahahhhahhhahhhahhahahahahhaahhaahahhaahhaahahhaahhaahahahahahahahahahhaahahaahhahahhahahahahahahhahahhahhahhahahahahhahahhahahahahahah\and by the way if it feels good taste good😆
Subs Hhh
Subs Hhh - 14 hours ago
Sounds like it’s saying dirty dirty dirty dom

From David’s vlogs
Terry Hale
Terry Hale - 18 hours ago
that hd to heart man.
Conner Hudson
Conner Hudson - 19 hours ago
2:43 when a kid calls you a meanie in 1st grade
Анатолій Васюта
Это была не аскорбинка😐
Excon_97 the gamer
Excon_97 the gamer - 20 hours ago
when i see the face(Brandon devil face) its remind Lucifer face
Little Insane Moments
Little Insane Moments - 20 hours ago
Why is this hilarious and scary
Little Insane Moments
Little Insane Moments - 20 hours ago
I don’t know if I see this in my nightmares or dreams
Nadia Guedguidi
Nadia Guedguidi - 21 hour ago
0:20 So handsome❤️
ProGam3r - 22 hours ago
Brendon in the disco, this is so beautiful .
run now
run now - 23 hours ago
rule in hell or live in heaven as a no 1
Nyhim Hollancide
Nyhim Hollancide - 23 hours ago
I must go to church today
Joey Joe
Joey Joe - Day ago
Reminds me of Daenerys Targeryen. Lol 😂.
Ryan RobZ
Ryan RobZ - Day ago
Me and my sis love it
jack william
jack william - Day ago
They did a great job on the makeup
T4M3D _ B3A5T
T4M3D _ B3A5T - Day ago
He can sing so much more higher than me
AWSOME slide Shows
AWSOME slide Shows - Day ago
Throughout all of this, he never messed up his hair, well done Brendon
__Nicole- Adam__
__Nicole- Adam__ - Day ago
OMG ...
Monte Walker
Monte Walker - Day ago
Demon:Hahahahah ive become POWEEFULL!!!!!!!!!!!
me:no,you just turned into a demon? ;-;
Agh T
Agh T - Day ago
He is Halk
Alexander Mateus Tavares de Omena
I walk with god
Tony Aldrich
Tony Aldrich - Day ago
Can't hide that big forehead brendon. I SEE IT
Sejbi Islamaj
Sejbi Islamaj - Day ago
I'm Christian but I like the song the demon in the song kind of scared me
Liza Karuto
Liza Karuto - Day ago
I am a big fan of this band from 2 songs, and I see satan in this
Zena DaFox
Zena DaFox - Day ago
My aesthetic. lol
Luiz Viana
Luiz Viana - Day ago
Do jeito que o diabo gosta ....
OUTsider storm
OUTsider storm - Day ago
I expected satan to be a bit more buff 😂
Sapphire Paris
Sapphire Paris - Day ago
Brendon: Oh wow. I’m going to heaven!

Satan: HA! no you’re not.
Bord skill
Bord skill - Day ago
Wait happy
Trixie Fireheart
Trixie Fireheart - Day ago
At least he has pants
Ангелина Семёнова
Ну что ты?) походи,полетай с гордостью:) это так разумно...миллиардам сделал зло и миллиарды людей по твоей вине окажутся в вечном огне,скоро и тебя с твоим сыном объемлет вечное пламя ...нестерпимые муки...коим не будет конца...бесконечные ужасы озера огненного...не бойся,тебе будет не больно:))) это конец...
James Masshole
James Masshole - Day ago
Uhmmmmm..... so weird XD
YvnpCxrlos - Day ago
Nobody :
Brendon : *becomes a demon*
Devil : am i a joke to you!
GachaGirl99 - Day ago
U need to listen to say amen and this is gospel as well as this
GachaGirl99 - Day ago
Brendon looks cute before he falls through the trap door
GachaGirl99 - Day ago
Omg Sarah Hughes u r so right
jaskaur_101 - Day ago
idk why, but this gives me Monster High vibes
Giuliana Cuadra Abelarde old memories
Thay Reis
Thay Reis - Day ago
Estou viciada
Celina Neves
Celina Neves - Day ago
Even when he became a demon he still had that awesome hair
Gachagirlfollower Tarnowski
Director: How Devil-ish will you be this video?

Brendon: Yes.
a guy who forgot his password
This is the first and probably the last time I will be amazed by seeing a demon
Jennifer Demko
Jennifer Demko - Day ago
It's hard to belive 3:19 Is actually Brendon...
Galaxy note
Galaxy note - Day ago
You know that legends never die me: that's now a song -3-
Legion Mate X
Legion Mate X - Day ago
Well... It's midnight :)
Lytia Hopkins
Lytia Hopkins - Day ago
Yay Brandon yay
cidi leley
cidi leley - Day ago
it's cool when he have wing
cidi leley
cidi leley - Day ago
he turns into sonten
Random Person
Random Person - Day ago
1:24 and this is when Brendon lost his mind
Anea Minor
Anea Minor - Day ago
3:22 looks like my cousin montay when my sunt lee call him or he see somone he know
Anea Minor
Anea Minor - Day ago
I SEEE WHATS MINE AND TAKE IT!!!!im 9 and i love dese songs
Minebrothers 999
Minebrothers 999 - Day ago
Well that was fu... HOLY CRAP WHY AM I SATAN!?!?!?!?!!!!
Dam I hate when I do that.
multibxnks - Day ago
Embrace your inner artist more like embrace your inner demon
Arthur6 izJdjxhx
Arthur6 izJdjxhx - Day ago
Weazzy PLAY
Weazzy PLAY - Day ago
Ruth Allanigue
Ruth Allanigue - Day ago
*"Legends never die"*
Nice to know Brendon is immortal.
Hatice Eraslan
Hatice Eraslan - 2 days ago
Welcome to the end of eras
Ice has melted back to life
Done my time and served my sentence
Dress me up and watch me die
If it feels good, tastes good
It must be mine
Dynasty decapitated
You just might see a ghost tonight
And if you don't know now you know
I'm taking back the crown
I'm all dressed up and naked
I see what's mine and take it (Finders keepers, losers weepers)
Oh yeah
The crown
So close I can taste it
I see what's mine and take it (Finders keepers, losers weepers)
Oh yeah
Sycophants on velvet sofas
Lavish mansions, vintage wine
I am so much more than royal
Snatch your chain and mace your eyes
If it feels good, tastes good
It must be mine
Heroes always get remembered
But you know legends never die
And if you don't know now you know
I'm taking back the crown
I'm all dressed up and naked
I see what's mine and take it (finders keepers, losers weepers)
Oh yeah
The crown
So close I can taste it
I see what's mine and take it (finders keepers, losers weepers)
Oh yeah
Mortal kings are ruling castles
Welcome to my world of fun
Liars settle into sockets
Flip the switch and watch them run
Oh yeah
(Finders keepers, losers weepers)
I'm taking back, back, taking back, back the crown
I'm all dressed up and naked
I see what's mine and take it (Finders keepers, losers weepers)
Oh yeah
The crown
So close I can taste it
I see what's mine and take it (Finders keepers, losers weepers)
Oh yeah
(Finders keepers, losers weepers)
(Finders keepers, losers weepers)
Fatemeh dv
Fatemeh dv - 2 days ago
2:59 😍😍😍😁
David Jones
David Jones - 2 days ago
Has anyone read skellig?
This song/video reminds me of it...
David Jones
David Jones - 2 days ago
officialBillyboy_Joe 12
i just love it when I suddenly turn into Satan.
Panda Soldier
Panda Soldier - 2 days ago
The hell is this music video
Pug Life
Pug Life - 2 days ago
Brendon Urie: oh wow heavens really nice
God: nope
Brenda Urie: aww *turns into Satan*
Natasha Stevens
Natasha Stevens - 2 days ago
Omg anyone think this is a reanactment of lusifer the netflix series??
Blame Zande
Blame Zande - 2 days ago
2:48 when u heard ur name gossip by someone.
Sammy Birch
Sammy Birch - 2 days ago
He’s so creative with his music videos.
Vahine Teriitahi
Vahine Teriitahi - 2 days ago
tu er satan
Madafaka - 2 days ago
what's the next video following this story's flow?
Ethan plays
Ethan plays - 2 days ago
normal_human _being
normal_human _being - 2 days ago
*falls into hell*
Me:hmm it's hot here...
Satan:Welcome weakling-
Me: yeah yeah, welcome to hell meet your doom yadda yadda weres brendon??
Satan:ugh, hes over there
Me: cool thanks.
b0xr4ders Utub
b0xr4ders Utub - 2 days ago
Looool this was in my favorite nightmare
RhyanGamerYou PLAY
RhyanGamerYou PLAY - 2 days ago
I Like Comment
ItzAJGacha ツ :P
ItzAJGacha ツ :P - 2 days ago
This is Gosepl: Brandon truss to commit suicide and doesn’t live and commiting suicide is a sin
Emperor’s New Clothes: He goes to hell and turns into a devil because he committed suicide
Lydia Scroggins
Lydia Scroggins - 2 days ago
😱 it’s a trilogy!
1. Say Amen
2 This is Gospel
3. Emperor’s New Club Clothes
SlurpySlime - Day ago
but say amen came after the other 2
Mary Scott
Mary Scott - 2 days ago
Somebody needs to get Brenden a snickers...
galaxy wolf 84 Animations
Thank goodness he had his forehead to fit those giant horns😂
Ck Vlogs Roblox
Ck Vlogs Roblox - 2 days ago
this feels like you enter hell lol
Nicole Bain
Nicole Bain - 2 days ago
You can hear his bones crackling
SSCiniWolf Games
SSCiniWolf Games - 2 days ago
He is getting more and more darker
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