Please STAY FAR AWAY From This Arcade Game

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Billie Marygold
Billie Marygold - Hour ago
RIP Alexi and Billy
Xoxo _Sunshine
Xoxo _Sunshine - 8 hours ago
I asked my grandma a little ago and she told me just to stay away and never. Even watch YouTube videos on it I asked her why.....she didn’t reply....OML this gives me the creeeps 😬😬😬😬😬😬
Dayannara Jaime
Dayannara Jaime - 11 hours ago
idk if anyone has mentioned it but i love your stranger things top
Caitlin Herrera
Caitlin Herrera - 13 hours ago
And you made me scared of the dark and This creepy stuff is ruining my childhood because I am a child
Shortie Gacha
Shortie Gacha - 13 hours ago
Eren Barrett
Eren Barrett - 14 hours ago
My dad said he thinks he has seen the game when he was younger
Crystal Llama
Crystal Llama - 18 hours ago
Don't worry I finished the WHOLE WHOLE WHOLE thing except for the 1 that MIGHT be coming soon
raspberry •
raspberry • - Day ago
Cindy Eitniear
Cindy Eitniear - Day ago

I FOUND A GAMEPLAY OF IT ON GOOGLE! just search polybius
Cotton Plays
Cotton Plays - Day ago
The game makes pppl not want to go on there phone,tablet,laptop,computer
That means if I play it I can’t watch jessi vee nuuuuu
I would be crying
RoxinhaGamesoficial BR
All I could think was MadMax from Stranger Things 😂😂 okay I won’t tell why cause maybe people are still watching it
eh soe
eh soe - Day ago
I just noticed your shirt says stranger things
Sean _Gacha
Sean _Gacha - Day ago
I play roblox (Huge fan of you btw)
AND There's this game on there, But it has a game EXACTLY Like this one, So I never play it as often now.
famfiv - Day ago
I love stranger things I fineshst season 3
Jennifer Vega
Jennifer Vega - Day ago
Me want to play it >:3 idk why but I want too! I'll bring protection when I see those guys :> like knife XD
Camila Quiles
Camila Quiles - Day ago
I saw stranger things to I can’t believe u saw it to
Liliana Orta
Liliana Orta - 2 days ago
Pepa what are you doing in the coment section ??
Duffy Brown
Duffy Brown - 2 days ago
I play Zelda!
princess myia aka kidnapper
reminds me of wreck it Ralph
no2imit - 2 days ago
My mum and dad never heard of it 🙄😬😑😐😶
qmq_Joxo_ - 2 days ago
That reminds me of me I bee migraines,NAusua,and many more so HMMMM
maya I did not no that you have a song
Jiseei vee I saw thes game in rblox!!!!!
Jen Tiay
Jen Tiay - 2 days ago
Me: * Plays Polybius then 2 men in black comes in *
Me: * Gets bored of playing and leaves the arcade *
At home...
Men in Black: * Knocks at my door *
Me: * Opens door *
Men in black: How was your experience when playing the game?
Me: What game?..
Men in black: ... * Leaves *
Y'know bc when you play polybius you will have memory loss get it? 1 like = You get it.
Smile with me :3 :3
Smile with me :3 :3 - 3 days ago
Polybius is in one of ROBLOXS game I the game is called flee the falcity
peace Mckinney
peace Mckinney - 3 days ago
I wish I'm to late
Eevee's World
Eevee's World - 3 days ago
I always knew that I shouldn't play it if I saw it some people jumped of a building or killed themselves I don't know if it's true but I always know that I should never play it because I don't ever want to run into these men...
Eevee's World
Eevee's World - 3 days ago
I knew about this I found it out in 2018 it's really interesting so I clicked this after your club penguin dark secrets video
Alena IRL
Alena IRL - 3 days ago
Polybius is in Flee The Facility on Roblox it’s in the secret hideout! Check it out Jessi Vee!
Andy Cruise
Andy Cruise - 3 days ago
Me:*gets bullied at School and comes home,and want to have no emotions*
Me:*sits down and watches this
Hydra Agent
Hydra Agent - 3 days ago
Whelp if I find Polybius I'm playing it
A Girl
A Girl - 3 days ago
I remember when this was the last video she posted 😂
LuminousTV - 3 days ago
I think I’ve seen Polybius I had to leave but I stalled to see it and, remember feeling sick after just looking at the shapes when it turned on and then I ran to my brother after feeling scared and sick
Helen Schurtz
Helen Schurtz - 3 days ago
Billy Nasiop
Billy Nasiop - 3 days ago
Polybius was in stranger things in the arcade episode and in the mobile game,when I noticed it I freaked out lol
Alina SS
Alina SS - 3 days ago
I seen that in roblox in the secret tunnel of flee the facility
kwii melanie
kwii melanie - 3 days ago
give me that shirt🥺
tinypaws LPS
tinypaws LPS - 3 days ago
Is it fun being a actor? I wanna be one when I grow up so bad!
Applepie Gacha
Applepie Gacha - 3 days ago
I found this game when i was on a vacation lol i was so creeped out
Seham El-Naggar
Seham El-Naggar - 4 days ago
*Im not going to any game plays*
*•~• what*
XxxLavender Xxx
XxxLavender Xxx - 4 days ago
Luv ur shirt i watch stranger things too 😜
Wolfe gatcha life Gatcha tuber
Omg I saw that game
MuffinSunday Meow!
MuffinSunday Meow! - 4 days ago
Let’s raid area 51
chloechloe 2010
chloechloe 2010 - 4 days ago
christopher southerland
I usaly say it like "Polly-By-is"
dgermosen20 - 4 days ago
U should play Roblox Jessii
Lucille Flores
Lucille Flores - 4 days ago
My name is Frankie
Itz_ lilly_love
Itz_ lilly_love - 4 days ago
Am I the only one who wants to play this my controlling game now or am I just crazy
Lps Blue Barry
Lps Blue Barry - 4 days ago
Polybius is in my fave roblox game flee the facility it’s a fake polybius heh
Danish Dish
Danish Dish - 4 days ago
you can buy polybius on steam
Like if you want jessii vee to see if it is actually what the urban legend says
Gatcha Sushi'z
Gatcha Sushi'z - 4 days ago
I played this game before.... When I was about eight or nine.... It wasn't that interesting to me so I stopped playing it. Thankfully those men in black suites weren't there.. I could have gotten in major trouble.
Millicent Keeble
Millicent Keeble - 4 days ago
I literally just went to a arcade...
Millicent Keeble
Millicent Keeble - 4 days ago
I'm now on season 3 in stranger things BILL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO😭
Tamara Lynn
Tamara Lynn - 4 days ago
Please please do Legend of Zelda glitches. Especially Majora’s Mask, since it’s the creepiest game In the whole series. I’ve played it as a child growing up and it took my cousin and I 7 years to fully complete it. There is so much lore in the game and it’s so hard and creepy. I think it would be a fantastic idea!!
Violet Johnson
Violet Johnson - 4 days ago
Holy frick ive seen bolibius before cuz I'm in Portland
Śtârÿ Çhãń
Śtârÿ Çhãń - 4 days ago
My dad’s friend owns a arcade...I play this game all the time....none of the symptoms happened to me. Yet.
Cutewolfie max
Cutewolfie max - 4 days ago
No and never will
Emsal Ozturk
Emsal Ozturk - 4 days ago
Artistic Bunny
Artistic Bunny - 4 days ago
I have actually played that game I have got the symptoms but the one thing that is weird is that i dont feel just happy i only feel depressed and as soon as the game left the arcade my symptoms stopped
Aiko-Chan - 4 days ago
What is running with violet?sorry im new to the u♥️
strangerthingsedits - 4 days ago
miz fy
miz fy - 4 days ago
I swear i played this i dont rember..... OMG MABEY I DID A I FORGORT......hmmmmmmmmmmmmm nah
Bonrey Bunny
Bonrey Bunny - 5 days ago
My life is a phenomenon 😔😞😢😞

I just looked up what phenomenon mean and I just realized that I am stupid. :3
ii Unknown 11
ii Unknown 11 - 5 days ago
I love learning about creepy game
conspiracy theories and stuff and would
Hope to see more soon!
Xtal Marcuccio
Xtal Marcuccio - 5 days ago
Sope is life 朴智旻
Sope is life 朴智旻 - 5 days ago
The whole time I was thinking of wreck it ralph.
That's sad...
my_jin _suga
my_jin _suga - 4 days ago
Sope is life 朴智旻 armmmmmyyyyyyyyyy💜💜
moza althani
moza althani - 5 days ago
I’m pretty sure it’s the government
Ella Simpson
Ella Simpson - 5 days ago
I alwAys have nightmares
Slimeheartgirls !
Slimeheartgirls ! - 5 days ago
Love your shirt Jessii I love stranger things :)
Maya Bochynski
Maya Bochynski - 5 days ago
I played that game then in the morning. I woke in asia but im in the us and i didint bring my phone because i was at the acade
Jazz And Liz
Jazz And Liz - 5 days ago
I have migraine headache 😅
Freddo the snake
Freddo the snake - 5 days ago
Make it into a series
Emily Colmenares
Emily Colmenares - 5 days ago
Who thinks that Jessi Vee is slowly turning into Shane Dawson
Gacha Me
Gacha Me - 5 days ago
Dooo ZELDA pleasssss
Ahnalie Polanco
Ahnalie Polanco - 5 days ago
I almost played that game but my sister knew all of that so she warned me
Princess Emily Kerry
Princess Emily Kerry - 5 days ago
I have heard this I think they said it was supposed to be like a government experience or like the government came and took it away
Carly The gamer
Carly The gamer - 5 days ago
I want to go to coin kingdom
Alondra Garcia
Alondra Garcia - 5 days ago
HOW MANY people watched stranger things? CAUSE I KNOW I DID *coughs * sorry I went to far BUT STILL
Rusty Nothings
Rusty Nothings - 5 days ago
Yo ima make a gacha video about this lolll
barbara heidorn
barbara heidorn - 6 days ago
I saw the game in main event but i didnt play cuz i never saw it when i went there.
Kelsey's Nursery
Kelsey's Nursery - 6 days ago
Do gacha life glitches
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