Halloween Announcement

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MLG BLOBFISH - 3 hours ago
Michael never dies. His reign of terror cannot be stopped. Halloween will never end.

Happy halloween
Maniacal Hero
Maniacal Hero - Day ago
The Halloween Reboot-Sequel Trilogy... bit of a mouthful but works
Halloween Forever
Halloween Forever - Day ago
Y’all hear that? That’s all of the world face palming at the same time
wesley harper
wesley harper - Day ago
Won't be surprised if these set box office records
Daniel Strickland
Daniel Strickland - Day ago
Flrn P
Flrn P - 2 days ago
Sigita Diamond
Sigita Diamond - 2 days ago
Halloween ends, but in 10 years time he be back...
DavidHokeyHoke - 4 days ago
Duh it’s not over so long as there’s money to be made. Btw Halloween kills is a dumb name
Pookie - 4 days ago
It's 1988 all over again
Melinda GDW
Melinda GDW - 4 days ago
Another cash grab. I wont be burned again, that last one was just awful!
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees - 4 days ago
TIMES DAMN IT” - Dr. Loomis
Lucid Vision
Lucid Vision - 4 days ago
Hey everybody I just wanted to announce that I am a game designer and I am currently working on *Halloween: The Game*
I am a small time developer but I'm trying to get my game noticed and as of right now I only have a teaser trailer for the game which I would like to share with you all and in case you don't care to watch the whole teaser just know that at the last couple seconds of the video there is a couple seconds of gameplay revealed at the end of the trailer but because I am still working on the game I have not showed much but I hope I can catch your interest into checking it out.
Infinite Gamer136
Infinite Gamer136 - 5 days ago
HALLOWEEN:Halloween ends
Audience:yay finally
Audience: i thought it ended?!?!
Halloween: Well yes but no
Audience: here we go again!
Watch there be anither spin off movie of someone in the family lost turn into him like in star wars the fa "ill finish what you started"
Ether a girl or boy and has to kill the whole family now instead of one HALLOWEEN BATTLE ROYALE😂im jk but yes im calling it now
Stachan - 5 days ago
A Halloween sequel, so uncommon
Becca_Trent - 5 days ago
I knew he wasn’t dead!!!!!
blue - 5 days ago
snacXD - 5 days ago
So basically youre announcing 2 new movies. kk
Cyrus The Great
Cyrus The Great - 5 days ago
Just let it end already. This franchise is such a broken down mess! But i love the recent movie
Novad selir
Novad selir - 6 days ago
Beth Michele
Beth Michele - 6 days ago
2021 is going to be the 40th Anniversary of Halloween 2
CupKaKe Z
CupKaKe Z - 6 days ago
Micheal Myers looks like a huge teddy bear
Jeff Brownlee
Jeff Brownlee - 6 days ago
I knew he wasn't deaddd
SonDaro - 6 days ago
And on October 31st, Michael gets sucked into the poltergust by an Italian man wearing green
Jose Tomas Campos Robledano
This feels so cheesy, like if it belonged in the 60-80’s
Precious Loves Lopez
Precious Loves Lopez - 7 days ago
He'll yeah🖒🖒🖒🖒
Girly Dlamini
Girly Dlamini - 7 days ago
Can't wait till Halloween ends y'all!
Q.H.S - 7 days ago
When I get out of school. I’ve got a great coming
rocky362 - 7 days ago
Hey Blumhouse ....I want Lindsay (played by Kyle Richards) in one of the next films. Also the ending of the 2018 film was great but I cringed at the line "Happy Halloween Michael" it really ruined the scene with Karen pretending to be hopeless. Lastly the 2018 film was too bright.
One Random Channel
One Random Channel - 7 days ago
There is no way to end this series. After the 2021 movie there will technically be three Halloween 3 movies Halloween 3,Halloween H20(The real third one) and Halloween Ends. By god. Same thing with the Second ones. Halloween 2,Halloween 2 Reboot and then 2020 Halloween
Aukmi - 7 days ago
Laurie chode
Miranda Serrato
Miranda Serrato - 7 days ago
Wait but my birthday can’t end I-
Noah McDaniel
Noah McDaniel - 7 days ago
Ok and?
William Felix
William Felix - 7 days ago
This .. This is a trailer? ..
Sergio Ramirez
Sergio Ramirez - 7 days ago
In all my life of seeing horror movie titles with an "End" or "The Final Chapter", you know damn well that there's gonna be a shit ton of sequels after that.
Safi Appel
Safi Appel - 7 days ago
как-то грустно даже☹
Cine Mad
Cine Mad - 7 days ago
Aieser Lopez
Aieser Lopez - 7 days ago
I dont get all the praise for this last one. It was mediocre, had a couple ok scenes, and in my opinion ruined the climax with this forced feminist bs. W.e.
Rodrigo Suarez Martin
Rodrigo Suarez Martin - 7 days ago
Hell yeah!
Mitch Fitzgerald
Mitch Fitzgerald - 7 days ago
They had a good thing here capping it off with the last one, but as expected. "No one's ever really gone"...
Jade Ava
Jade Ava - 7 days ago
October 2039: Michael Myers finally dies of old age despite being shot, stabbed, burned, drowned, ran over, cut open, head cut off, smothered, etc.
October 2044: The ghost of Michael Myers lives on: Evil never dies
Jaka Sojč
Jaka Sojč - 7 days ago
Is this real?
jack- Ward136 • 14 years ago
I knew he got away
Sam S.
Sam S. - 8 days ago
Still pisses me off it's Halloween, Halloween, Halloween Kills, Halloween Ends. Why did they name the sequel the exact same fucking thing?
Spitz - 7 days ago
It's silly, I know, but this isn't the only time filmmakers have done this. The filmmakers of The Thing (2011) did the same thing by calling it the same name as JC's The Thing (1981), even though it's a prequel to that movie. Same thing with Texas Chainsaw 3D. I guess it's because calling it something else, or calling it 'Halloween 2', will make people think that it is a sequel to another movie, and people might not want to go through the efforts of watching the previous sequels to make sense of this one. Calling it simply 'Halloween' draws more people to it, especially those who've never seen a Halloween movie before, and it gives the illusion of it being a reboot or a remake, which it is not. It's nothing more than a marketing strategy.
Spooky_Boi - 8 days ago

JSupreme 713
JSupreme 713 - 8 days ago
Residual Waste
Residual Waste - 8 days ago
Some great confidence there 👍
Proud heretic
Proud heretic - 8 days ago
This has 666k views
Bobby Vinson
Bobby Vinson - 8 days ago
We have 666thousand views
Benzy Plays
Benzy Plays - 8 days ago
am i the only one actually excited jfc
/L K_
/L K_ - 8 days ago
HoldMeNot - 8 days ago
who would’ve survived de Meteorite: Michael Myers or a cockroach??
Lindsay DeClute
Lindsay DeClute - 8 days ago
Bitchen! Can’t wait!!
mY oPiNiOn
mY oPiNiOn - 8 days ago
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I doubt it
Apocalypticvideos555 - 8 days ago
Halloween ends:
20 years later:
Halloween is back
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson - 8 days ago
Those sure are some choice names for a new age Halloween Trilogy: Halloween (2018), Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. Jeez
Spitz - 7 days ago
Quadrilogy more like.
A Box
A Box - 8 days ago
I hope she still has her Decisive Strike up
daddyyxemmaaa - 9 days ago
jesus christ more really lol
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha - 9 days ago
4019 Halloween With Chucky and Jason and Michael
Milferd Antone
Milferd Antone - 9 days ago
I like it plz make more plzzzzzzz
Dylan Watts
Dylan Watts - 9 days ago
“Halloween Ends” press X to doubt
Bloody Vomitus
Bloody Vomitus - 9 days ago
Friday the 13th next? :D
Ice Austin
Ice Austin - 9 days ago
Laurie Strode: *owsht here we go again.*
-_Macius_- - 9 days ago
Jaime Ibanez
Jaime Ibanez - 9 days ago
It has been a ride kinda sad to see it go in 2 years
Aiden Williams
Aiden Williams - 9 days ago
K D - 9 days ago
How many Friday the 13ths were supposed to be the final? Didn’t Freddy die? Yeah, y’all keep makin’ ‘em if we keep watchin’ ‘em.
Michael Myers
Michael Myers - 10 days ago
I’m gonna stab whoever disliked this to death, I worked hard on this movie.
Emma - 10 days ago
Make someone else the killer now. I thought Halloween in 2018 wouldn't be Michael Myers and somebody else..
Dark Lady
Dark Lady - 10 days ago
So how did he survive the fire?
[Čaÿřa] [Řøđříguež]
In Halloween 2 he survived an explotion in some hospital so this is like nothing for him.
The hip-hop prophecy
The hip-hop prophecy - 10 days ago
Next few years You'll be back
Hannah Wisdom
Hannah Wisdom - 10 days ago
I love Laurie Strode
ThatMovieGuy Does The Small Screen
Lets hope Halloween doesnt get woke
Squid Animates
Squid Animates - 10 days ago
October 15 is my birthday
M Bean
M Bean - 10 days ago
ShadowJP3012 - 10 days ago
Omg yess
Charisma O
Charisma O - 10 days ago
Not again....how long will they want to juice the franchise?
Tommy Loika
Tommy Loika - 10 days ago
I hope I don’t get stabbed by Halloween 2020
The Shape
The Shape - 10 days ago
Ends? E-ends? *breaks down in tears* NOOOOOOOOOOOOO *20 years later* HALLOWEEN THE END *reboot* END?! NOOOOOOOOOO
Trip to oasis
Trip to oasis - 10 days ago
How hard can killing an old lady with a machete be?!
This myers is a walking L
The Adventures of Ghost Godzilla 1234
“Halloween ends”

*yep NO*
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