Adults React To R. Kelly Interview & SNL Cold Open

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FBE - Month ago
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Zeno1999 - Month ago ..... R. Kelly could Muhammad defense.
Cecy Cruz
Cecy Cruz - Month ago
React to seungri burning sun case please
bane dragon
bane dragon - Month ago
For another opinion on the r. Kelly situation I direct you to the comments made by one huey freeman (some NSFW language):
Rhea Elise
Rhea Elise - Month ago
@FBE, Justin Baldoni made a series called "Man Enough" and one of the episodes is on #MeToo. Please make a react video about that! The way he got several successful men from the entertainment sector to have open, sincere, personal, reflective and compassionate conversations on these important topics is so rare and could give so many people hope and inspiration on how to talk and do something about it, so it would be great if more people get to see it. The video can be found on his Wayfarer Entertainment channel.
Quinton B
Quinton B - Month ago
can someone catch me up to speed cuz I was just going about my life and one day I'm hearing all this stuff so can somebody inform me pleaseeee
agelu alopepe
agelu alopepe - 27 days ago
react to leaving neverland
Nawaf Al-Harbi
Nawaf Al-Harbi - 27 days ago
Haru Miyazaki
Haru Miyazaki - 27 days ago
React to jungkook retweet and unretweet a fan's tweet
Big Dee OutKast Production
Do one of adults react to Leaving Neverland
Rodrigo Colina.
Rodrigo Colina. - 28 days ago
10:21 omg Lori, same. Hahah. Love you.
Pixel Mixel
Pixel Mixel - 28 days ago
Wat did he do
Tiffany Ramos
Tiffany Ramos - 28 days ago
I gotta give it to Gayle. She held it down!
TheRealSlimShelby - 28 days ago
React to Leaving Neverland and the Oprah interview
Røsë Estëllä
Røsë Estëllä - 28 days ago
R Kelly: *shakes head no* yes
*shakes head yes* no
niani moon
niani moon - 28 days ago
Let them react to snl bok bok
Tajay Thompson
Tajay Thompson - 28 days ago
If you ain’t do something and someone keeps accusing stuff you didn’t do you’ll be mad too
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 28 days ago
Your grammar shows the intellect behind the point you’re trying to make.
Miracle Sanderson
Miracle Sanderson - 28 days ago
But if he did do it, he's not denying it, he's not clearly answering questions either, all he's doing is blowing up. Don't you think if he didn't do it he'd be just a little calmer?
DazedAndConfused - 29 days ago
Know what's most frustrating about this for me? It was known for DECADES what a piece of excrement R. Kelly is and nobody did anything because he still had some power in the industry. Remember his collab with Lady Gaga? SIck. Aaliyah's own mother pimped her poor daughter out to this monster. Dave Chappelle even called him out! Same with Harvey Weinstein. They need to out ALL the predators in the industry.
shogun harlem
shogun harlem - 28 days ago
Because the same women claiming to be victims were fine if they could get some money
Miguel Torres
Miguel Torres - 29 days ago
No the r kelly skit isnt to make people get through this tough situation, its litterally for shits and giggles like all the other ones.
William Ayers
William Ayers - 29 days ago
celebrities; all they have is a nice paying job. They are real people and can definitely screw up, which is what R. Kelly did; he screwed up and now he's paying for it, which he deserves.
Emily - 29 days ago
are people in the comments here really defending r kelly and writing "free r kelly"? that's it I'm done with this earth
Nba Gang
Nba Gang - 28 days ago
free r Kelly
Jonny Poulard
Jonny Poulard - 28 days ago
Lol to keep it all the way 100 I can see why people defend him but at the same time see the bigger picture. Cant have grown ass men out here fondling little girls. R kelly has demons that i think people took advantage of.. He has to have more self restraint. But then again hes clearly a kid in a grown mans body
Chelsea Madrigal
Chelsea Madrigal - 29 days ago
Why does the hedgehog keep moving in the back?
Taehyungs lost bag
Taehyungs lost bag - 29 days ago
React to seungris scandals please!!!!!!
Raja Rattan
Raja Rattan - 29 days ago
I think I am the only one to say, he even says After all I been through as a kid, why would I do this.

I'm just saying, maybe you should learn to look at both perspectives of the situation
Trainer Hex
Trainer Hex - 29 days ago
Tom looks like a little Drake Bell
Tim Glover
Tim Glover - 29 days ago
Lol this is a scary time to be a man, can we at least wait till his trial is over before we tear all of his things down.
Vendettadabeast - 29 days ago
+Mya HawreliakIt been scary for men since god took a rib from a man to make a woman not knowing the first one was gonna fuck it up for everyone
Mya Hawreliak
Mya Hawreliak - 29 days ago
Haha... just wait until you hear about how scary it has ALWAYS been for women.
Luvbug 123
Luvbug 123 - 29 days ago
I mean there is a tape of him have sex and urinating on a young girl
Rhea SINGH - 29 days ago
React to Amber heard pls!!
The JSG - 29 days ago
If you want to know the truth about leaving Neverland watch rageaholic he did a 3 parter on the allegations
Habibi Hassan
Habibi Hassan - Month ago
Laura Abreu
Laura Abreu - Month ago
Next react to K-pop scandal (Seungri - BigBang)
Potato Girl
Potato Girl - 29 days ago
Jason Pelaez
Jason Pelaez - Month ago
6:51 - 7:00 he’s describing what happened to Logan Paul. Don’t @ me
Stefan Pieper
Stefan Pieper - 29 days ago
Elim Man
Elim Man - Month ago
They need to react to the Florida Man Chalenge!!!
Casual Caveman
Casual Caveman - Month ago
So many conflicts among the younger ones here about listening to his music.
He's not even making music anymore. It's just a few of his old popular songs.
Nasia13x :
Nasia13x : - Month ago
React to leaving never land 😂
Jordan SAADI
Jordan SAADI - Month ago
he lost it
scrunchqueens - Month ago
scrunchqueens - Month ago
soitgoes I’m 11 calm down :/
scrunchqueens - Month ago
kXngZay97 I’m literally 11 calm down.. :/
Moon Moon
Moon Moon - Month ago
he possibly touched children too
Kriss Kross
Kriss Kross - Month ago
kXngZay97 - Month ago
You are living a terrible childhood and it shows
Ana Cheri
Ana Cheri - Month ago
React to Leaving Neverland
Destiny Holden
Destiny Holden - Month ago
Sir Jeaxt
Sir Jeaxt - Month ago
Adults react? Half of them look like they just barely hit 18.
dust hymn
dust hymn - Month ago
So what do we call them? They're 18 like you said so they are adults
Kaylah & Nya
Kaylah & Nya - Month ago
Sir Jeaxt Some of them are in their early 20’s, some just got out of teens react.
Natures Degenerate
Natures Degenerate - Month ago
For once snl was kinda funny 🔫
bitch you bore me
bitch you bore me - Month ago
Kennedy has such beautiful hair, skin and face. Why is all the people in this video against R.Kelly, I mean if you're not R.Kelly or the women you can never be sure. For all we know, Mr R Kelly could be telling the truth.
bitch you bore me
bitch you bore me - 28 days ago
+Cody Rode Well hes not arrested. If it was him. He would be in jail
Cody Rode
Cody Rode - 29 days ago
You know except the videos and recorded audio....
TY William
TY William - Month ago
React to Seungri burning sun Clubs scandal video.
William Ayers
William Ayers - Month ago
R. Kelly and trump are both the same person......they both evade any/all important questions.
Drunkassunicorn - Month ago
Ok let’s be real. I don’t care for the artist’s crimes when I listen to the music. That’s not what I think about. I’d still listen but avoid the person. It doesn’t change the fact that their music is good. Just changes how we see them as a person.
Cody Rode
Cody Rode - 29 days ago
Nah sometimes being such a shitty person can make the music less appealing
Swagmarious Milestone
Swagmarious Milestone - Month ago
CrackedUpTv - Month ago
+Paige Mackley You don't have to there's a magical place where buying stuff doesn't exist. It's called the Pirate Bay lol.
Paige Mackley
Paige Mackley - Month ago
Some of us don't want to give money and power to monsters . But each to their own
Lauren George
Lauren George - Month ago
Except he prey on young girls. Stop being so dense.
Krabs J.
Krabs J. - Month ago
React to the burning sun scandal in s korea
Emiliano Pita
Emiliano Pita - Month ago
React to Leaving Neverland
Arianna Clayton
Arianna Clayton - Month ago
You should have them react to the boondocks ep 2 it about r kelly
True Blue Sonic Hero
True Blue Sonic Hero - Month ago
I freaking love that episode.
FruitBasketyay - Month ago
I say only punish convicted artists. if there is allegations but no trial or conviction then there is no point.
Anaya Strong
Anaya Strong - Month ago
react to bestdressed
Anaya Strong
Anaya Strong - Month ago
Yaz M. She really is the best RUvideosd ever
Yaz M.
Yaz M. - Month ago
she is a QUEEN
Doomed Dasoon
Doomed Dasoon - Month ago
they should remove his name from the music and pretend that he never made it. burn his legacy
Lizbeth Martinez
Lizbeth Martinez - Month ago
React to stranger things season 3!!!
Anny's World
Anny's World - Month ago
And we need to admit that this sit has gone on since humanity existence, we are just finally so adult to effing say something like HOLD NOT OK we are not taking being treated that way, because of age and or gender anymore. It frustrates me how people are so "That did not happen in the earlier / my days" no because you idiots thought it was "normal for guys /men" especially. I am pretty sure even Mozart and co had their flaws.
Same goes for Mental Health Issues. Argh it just irks me if people are like that "XY did not exist in my time" and how do you want to know that?
Destiny Moraza
Destiny Moraza - Month ago
Galilea Martinez
Galilea Martinez - Month ago
Funny thing
I saw that same interview in the eye doctor
John Doe
John Doe - Month ago
React to leaving never land next
Mr bamboozled
Mr bamboozled - Month ago
So............the weather is nice
J & J
J & J - Month ago
React to Antonio Garza
Hey O
Hey O - Month ago
Charles Manson was a terrible person too but his music is still on music platforms
Heather Suiter
Heather Suiter - 29 days ago
Charles Manson 😂💀😂💀😂💀😂
Ellie - Month ago
Man anyone remember Boondocks doing this? That how I learned about him
Johnny Guy
Johnny Guy - Month ago
Does anyone know why the comments section is full 45+ minutes old comment
Cecy Cruz
Cecy Cruz - Month ago
React to the seungri burning sun case
Cricket Smasher
Cricket Smasher - Month ago
who’s r kelly
ellamations 33
ellamations 33 - 27 days ago
Andrew PerezYT He was in multiple sexual relationships with underage women. He also, basically, held them captive.
Andrew PerezYT
Andrew PerezYT - 29 days ago
+Cody Rode ok
Cody Rode
Cody Rode - 29 days ago
+Andrew PerezYT molests little girls. That's all you need to know
Andrew PerezYT
Andrew PerezYT - Month ago
+Lauren George oh yeah I know but what does he do
Lauren George
Lauren George - Month ago
Someone who's going to jail.
jodejack - Month ago
SliverRoseX25 - Month ago
kennedy, tom, and dreadlock dad are always gonna be my favorite. everyone else is just wayyyyyyyyyy to over analytical.
Venus DeMilo
Venus DeMilo - 28 days ago
He has a name.
Lola Love
Lola Love - Month ago
*dreadlock dad*
Brie Burns
Brie Burns - Month ago
Malcolm, yo shirt so dope! Frfr
Brie Burns
Brie Burns - Month ago
+mar'itza gtz I know right! It's so nostalgic cause of it's style and the cartoons! I ♥️🖤♥️ cartoons!
mar'itza gtz
mar'itza gtz - Month ago
Its been such a long time since ive seen a shirt in that style
Durken on tha bass
Durken on tha bass - Month ago
React to trivium pls
Big Mac Gaming
Big Mac Gaming - Month ago
Wait so what happened
Daniiiboyy02 - Month ago
Big Mac Gaming he was with underage girls even his niece I think and pissed on her idk
Mehdi Hossain
Mehdi Hossain - Month ago
react to happy tree friends
LTC Odin
LTC Odin - Month ago
Reaction to Stranger Things 3 trailer!
Ross Vaughan
Ross Vaughan - Month ago
Green Tree
Green Tree - Month ago
Sound a lot like Seungri’s prostitution scenario
Cecy Cruz
Cecy Cruz - Month ago
Green Tree rt!!!
girl with a dream
girl with a dream - Month ago
Yes! Facts right there!!❤️❤️
girl with a dream
girl with a dream - Month ago
Yes! Facts right there!!❤️❤️
Sally Face
Sally Face - Month ago
React to SKIBIDI romantic edition please
RubyRim - Month ago
Hi fam💜
Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson - Month ago
Danijel feratovic
Danijel feratovic - Month ago
do lil peep next pls
Tylr S.
Tylr S. - Month ago
Man, the US and Korea are going through some things right now and it's sad.
Rosie y e e t
Rosie y e e t - 29 days ago
musique1o1 basically a big prostitution scandal that is pretty huge right now. Just look up “seungri burning sun scandal” and you should find something that explains it all.
musique1o1 - Month ago
What's going on in Korea?
Chelsey Grey
Chelsey Grey - Month ago
Please do a New Zealand shooting reaction
Kathi - Month ago
Can’t wait for him to be in jail
Eline Morales
Eline Morales - Month ago
Kathi i can
B A P T I S M - Month ago
He's free
Fred Stine
Fred Stine - Month ago
I would like to see adults or elders react to Jon lajoie
Simon Ewers
Simon Ewers - Month ago
Adults react to the German band Deichkind!
Iziah Williams
Iziah Williams - Month ago
Kevin spacey is in my 2nd favorite movie pay it forward and I will always watch it regardless of him that piece of art stands on its own without his real life baggage
Gal Fleming
Gal Fleming - Month ago
Wow! A bit of common sense on social media.
I Speak Woof
I Speak Woof - Month ago
Please do a react to New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern changing gun laws just 6 days after a mass shooting
Stella Bella
Stella Bella - Month ago
Damn Kells you will be missed.
Happy Prison Life!!
☺ 💕 ✌
Sophia Condra
Sophia Condra - Month ago
@12:57 I love him
April Sage
April Sage - Month ago
react to south korea's 'burning sun' scandal!
O.M.A.R - Month ago
React to the Ted Bundy documentary or movie trailer.
Nicola Amoré
Nicola Amoré - Month ago
Greg Gilmore
Greg Gilmore - Month ago
Great episode!
Buzy Wissy
Buzy Wissy - Month ago
It's not really confirmed if he's done this stuff,I don't see why he's getting Hated on,Wait until it's clear
Buzy Wissy
Buzy Wissy - 29 days ago
+Ailish ni
Ailish - 29 days ago
Keedan McCulloch there is literal video footage
Gal Fleming
Gal Fleming - Month ago
Congratulations on displaying common sense & morality on social media. Our moral obligation, as a civilised society, is always to uphold due process & resist a mob mentality. Due process protectors all.
Xavier - Month ago
There are videos...
ryder - Month ago
Please react to the Burning Sun scandal
Risang Adhityaputra
Risang Adhityaputra - Month ago
React to shooting in Christchurch
Braidoxx - Month ago
Ashley Ellis
Ashley Ellis - Month ago
So you have then react to this and not PewDiePie's rewind? Smh.
Krissy Williams
Krissy Williams - Month ago
are you fucking serious
Cassie Purchase
Cassie Purchase - Month ago
Ashley Ellis think it’s more important than a rewind
shrinerspark - Month ago
Kennedy is basically me in this one. I agree with everything she said.
/ Hi
/ Hi - Month ago
Came from Eminem’s Not alike song
rena - Month ago
react to murder on my mind (live performance) by YWN Melly
Amu Jane TV
Amu Jane TV - Month ago
Adults and Teens react to Seungri, Jonghyun and Joonyoung scandal 🐸☕
Danisha Rios
Danisha Rios - Month ago
TardisInTheSkye - Month ago
aw tom
Soccer for life
Soccer for life - Month ago
Do a guess the soda challenge??? (Like so they cane see )
Alana Lincoln
Alana Lincoln - Month ago
Dang 😭.
Les Aventures de Mélanie
I love Tom’s reaction
Kiley McKingsley
Kiley McKingsley - Month ago
React to lil mosey
Jordan 1400
Jordan 1400 - Month ago
Ynw melly reaction
Talaya Hatcher
Talaya Hatcher - Month ago
React to amber heard
Ranier Ross
Ranier Ross - Month ago
Now what about Harvey Weinstein , Kevin spacey and Matt lauer
Shane John-lewis
Shane John-lewis - Month ago
I think the first two were
SSJKenpachiZaraki - Month ago
weren't those all over a year ago?
Omar Vieira Rangel
Omar Vieira Rangel - Month ago
Please make em react to Seungri and his Burning Sun club scandal
Amu Jane TV
Amu Jane TV - Month ago
Bosko2k - Month ago
Kennedy, your hair.... I LOVE IT!
AgentChiliFri - Month ago
React to Tom MacDonald
Aryan Kr
Aryan Kr - Month ago
You should've made them react to the Jussie Smollett interview
nona nona
nona nona - Month ago
No one:
Malcolm: Wow
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