Fortnite on PS1 is CRAZY!

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COYS stump
COYS stump - 7 hours ago
It's not on Samsung tab a6
Faze Splosh
Faze Splosh - 9 hours ago
Asky 2
Asky 2 - 9 hours ago
Ali is FAKE
Gamer guy 123 Fortnite and more
I no this is fake but it’s interesting
Enguun Soyombo
Enguun Soyombo - Day ago
Ali a= 😱😱😱
True= cOdE tFuE
Matthew Harrup
Matthew Harrup - Day ago
It's fucken fake
Matthew Holliday
Matthew Holliday - Day ago
I think that he programmed the game himself
Xergoth Shinichi
Xergoth Shinichi - Day ago
PSP is the original Nintendo Switch

*Change my mind*
damon farnant
damon farnant - Day ago
ps1 nooooooo
Galaxy_Frost - Day ago
He does know this is fake.,..right?
Danielle Amerman
Danielle Amerman - Day ago
Arne Nakken
Arne Nakken - Day ago
Vid is fake its just animatet.
Lucas Sanchez
Lucas Sanchez - Day ago
This is a sad. He’s so gullible
Mishti Patel
Mishti Patel - Day ago
It’s fake bruh
Braydenn - Day ago
Ur the worst player and YouTuber ever lol u sound literally autistic 😂
BryansDeath - 2 days ago
This is from a video animation
DMN_STROAB - 2 days ago
Elite Street68
Elite Street68 - 2 days ago
This is so dumb because obviously you need 2 thumb sticks to operate Fortnite and most other FPS and TPS games so of course it’s fake
DsafsH - 2 days ago
This iš not you
Secretary DSAFNC
Secretary DSAFNC - 2 days ago
It looks like a Super Nintendo's graphics.
Fortnite Bros burnenotice
So fake
RED NINJA - 2 days ago
"...any device you can play a game on"
Guy: * Pulls out DS slowly *
Everyone: looks at him
Guy: what is it? I can build a 1 by 1 too.
PopVinylKing King
PopVinylKing King - 2 days ago
He is sooooo dumb his Brain Cells think this is real
Red Arcade
Red Arcade - 2 days ago
Dude it’s fake
MoltoBlitz450 JMB TM
MoltoBlitz450 JMB TM - 2 days ago
I have a PS3 and there is literally no Fortnite.
Dont judge me tho I got an Xbox, PS4, and a Nitendo switch.
Calm tf down.
jabari polig
jabari polig - Day ago
Nah u just spoiled
Nikolas Kellam
Nikolas Kellam - 2 days ago
This is so fake like I’m a lonely kid
Hailey Monroe
Hailey Monroe - 2 days ago
The exact same thing where a guy said this was fortnite on 360 xbox
Ryan Marshall
Ryan Marshall - 2 days ago
This is stolen from another video.
May Park
May Park - 2 days ago
That’s fake u dumb
Evan Phillips
Evan Phillips - 2 days ago
He can build better than you Ali 😂😂😂😂😂
King Bug
King Bug - 2 days ago
M A Nadeem
M A Nadeem - 2 days ago
Tsm_ Frosty
Tsm_ Frosty - 2 days ago
Like if this is fake
Danny M
Danny M - 2 days ago
More like PS2
Jake Kamienski
Jake Kamienski - 3 days ago
i trusted you and thought it was on PS1
ImThegameboy - 3 days ago
Im turning on adblocker
Slqsh - 3 days ago
My friend uses ps3
I dibs this name first haha
This should be the title FORTNITE ON PS1 IS FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ERC Clan
ERC Clan - 3 days ago
fortnite gamer
fortnite gamer - 3 days ago
No not ps1
Jr Travis
Jr Travis - 3 days ago
This is fake only like it if u know that fake
gameboy 231
gameboy 231 - 3 days ago
P= pewdiepie F=fake Ali-a=clickbate
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez - 3 days ago
He stole footage hes stealing content
Snail Coops
Snail Coops - 3 days ago
Can we get on game boy
Diane Rose
Diane Rose - 3 days ago
Dad is coming
Ansley Van
Ansley Van - 4 days ago
It's reallll
Lucas Nielsen
Lucas Nielsen - 4 days ago
Yes I actually thought it was on PS1
Xx_DaMonsta_xX Us
Xx_DaMonsta_xX Us - 4 days ago
3:44 proof it fake because u wouldn’t choose a Grey Pistol over Legendary Scar
Xx_DaMonsta_xX Us
Xx_DaMonsta_xX Us - 2 days ago
doge lover DAYUMN
doge lover
doge lover - 2 days ago
I'm better with pistols more fire rate and better accuracy
doge lover
doge lover - 2 days ago
I would
Ian Adare
Ian Adare - 4 days ago
you must be very dump to think these videos are real
the noob pro
the noob pro - 4 days ago
Its fake
Super Lion
Super Lion - 4 days ago
It's not your video
JuiceBoxNinja1 - 4 days ago
Apparently the pistol is better than a scar...
What have you done epic!
Squab - 4 days ago
die pls
Zoomgoney - 4 days ago
Its a "CONCEPT" stuipid
Memes/Sports/Gaming Squad
There fake
Evan Trotter
Evan Trotter - 4 days ago
It’s fake idiot
Gaming With Prince
Gaming With Prince - 4 days ago
Your channel is dead
Voike Gaming
Voike Gaming - 4 days ago
Ali it’s fake ok
Martin Rafaj
Martin Rafaj - 5 days ago
Elliott Johnson
Elliott Johnson - 5 days ago
Lol he says on ps1 but his mouse cursor is there
Asef Noorzai
Asef Noorzai - 5 days ago
You copy the Video from new Universe you faker🤬🤬🤬🤬
The Rev
The Rev - 5 days ago
Fortnite is Mobile
Fortnite is Mobile - 5 days ago
Everyone needs to watch the whole video and then comment because he explains it all at the end 😂
Xaedan Peralta
Xaedan Peralta - 5 days ago
I hate when people ask for likes on their comments
Karlos Smode
Karlos Smode - 5 days ago
Thats dusty depot not devot
Bro Gamer
Bro Gamer - 5 days ago
NOTT CLICKIBAIITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James games
James games - 5 days ago
whats this game called
Landen Gusberti
Landen Gusberti - 5 days ago
If you agree this is fake like this comment
Anis Don Ballerina
Anis Don Ballerina - 5 days ago
Wow u are soooo dumb.
George Addison
George Addison - 5 days ago
Its a disc for a cd player ali a is so dumb
1408 ANT
1408 ANT - 5 days ago
This is funny
Distorted_ mskuma3
Distorted_ mskuma3 - 6 days ago
Fortnite couldn't ever be played on ps1 so you clickbaited us, that's all I will say
Luke Rees
Luke Rees - Day ago
Yeah it's a video
Eugene Cho
Eugene Cho - 6 days ago
uhhh isnt PS1 not real?
jaid attari
jaid attari - 6 days ago
Please Hindi mai bolo na
Jillian Lamanes
Jillian Lamanes - 6 days ago
Distorted_ mskuma3
Distorted_ mskuma3 - 6 days ago
Soldier Brandon
Soldier Brandon - 6 days ago
Nonkiller2345 P
Nonkiller2345 P - 6 days ago
Mortal kombat
Nonkiller2345 P
Nonkiller2345 P - 6 days ago
Plzzzget my 11
Gamer Warrior
Gamer Warrior - 6 days ago
Its fake ali ps1 had Fortnite but it was never pixelated
Annemette Johansen
Annemette Johansen - 6 days ago
ItsRyanFire - 6 days ago
I thought that would be the mobile version of fortnite 😋
Ziga Boi
Ziga Boi - 2 days ago
Ur dumb
Bernice collections
Bernice collections - 6 days ago
Finlay Coogan
Finlay Coogan - 6 days ago
It’s fake
Olivier Bernard
Olivier Bernard - 6 days ago
This his fake
Michael Tyler
Michael Tyler - 6 days ago
I claim my revenge
Yahia Adam
Yahia Adam - 7 days ago
This is obviuosly fake he killed ninia
Ides !
Ides ! - 7 days ago
Its fake u cant play on ps1!
Brandon Blaney
Brandon Blaney - 7 days ago
Aaden Nolte
Aaden Nolte - 7 days ago
Fort nite kid Fort nite
My birthday is on that day😇😄😃😀😆😁
Zane Gamer
Zane Gamer - 7 days ago
I have a ps1 but I lost it, I actually can’t find it XD
xZempty_ - 7 days ago
It could probably run on ps3 or barely 2. Not ps1
Powersource 1
Powersource 1 - 8 days ago
They never had fortnite on ps1
Heath Koshinsky
Heath Koshinsky - 8 days ago
How did he believe that
coolcookie12343 - 8 days ago
You bad
GAMING PANDA - 8 days ago
These where not the graphics and this is fake
Baller Pato
Baller Pato - 8 days ago
Kodi-Lea Hallgarth
Kodi-Lea Hallgarth - 8 days ago
Your such a clickbate artist
jason voorhes 304
jason voorhes 304 - 8 days ago
I want to play this
AFK’ DuGuy
AFK’ DuGuy - 8 days ago
How did he gat his hands on this
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