A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Mood Swings [Official Video]

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Diamond H
Diamond H - 3 hours ago
This video is Travis Scott whole style
HIL_PYON - 3 hours ago
This’s fire🔥🔥
amy lee
amy lee - 11 hours ago
Ayeee this shit lit🔥🔥🔥
beatsbyNAIVE - 15 hours ago
FaxSpitter - Day ago
Lua Luas’ favorite song
Unknown gender
Unknown gender - Day ago
This song is so liit from 1:20 to 2:17
christina clarke
christina clarke - Day ago
Am inlove with this song ik my bestie .. She likes to kiss up me
kratom kiing
kratom kiing - 2 days ago
Them perks aint what it is lil bro trust me u dont wana fuck with that
Bencao Figus
Bencao Figus - 2 days ago
This nigga just sell his soul for this damn
Faze ツFejer
Faze ツFejer - 2 days ago
Did you make up
Faze ツFejer
Faze ツFejer - 2 days ago
Der Philosoph 8760
Der Philosoph 8760 - 2 days ago
His voice!!! Huuuuuu
SpxMally - 2 days ago
2:03 For booty part up close
OT-MR-RNG-GX - 2 days ago
Yo boogie
kelly Kahn
kelly Kahn - 2 days ago
Something about him, just tells him he's one of those hood dudes who ain't afraid to love , been played, been the one doing the playing, and have no shame in saying what hes been threw, his style is honest , unique , and just so relatable
But now I deff dont trust nighas that say "oh shes my best friend"
Nigha I'm out! ✌🏾✌🏾
TeeToT - 2 days ago
I like him ace you got IT
Kelvonna Hoggard
Kelvonna Hoggard - 2 days ago
I Love a boogie💖💞
Sir'Pierre Blanch
Sir'Pierre Blanch - 2 days ago
I'm sorry this is straight TRASH
Unknown gender
Unknown gender - Day ago
oh.. then do a song you
Unknown gender
Unknown gender - Day ago
@Ethan Sanders true
Ethan Sanders
Ethan Sanders - Day ago
you need mental help!
Jhonni Jimenez
Jhonni Jimenez - 2 days ago
This is my song 🔥🔥
Case Sheep
Case Sheep - 2 days ago
So this is what a period is?
Thatgirl Maryam
Thatgirl Maryam - 2 days ago
His face😍😩
• SOULESS • - 2 days ago
yesss 😻😻😻
Eli Anderson
Eli Anderson - 2 days ago
you got dip 💯💯💯💯💯💯
Rey Mula
Rey Mula - 2 days ago
Subscribe to me and my girl channel :Life of Rey and Nia
Dsmooth D
Dsmooth D - 3 days ago
Mjay Marco
Mjay Marco - 3 days ago
Absolut abartig die Amys 👌
Tyree Johnson
Tyree Johnson - 3 days ago
whole song is fire but at 2:00 he made this song 2 lit!
Lybia Marie Rivera González
Well i don't like them sounds like they wanna be Future. I Love Future!!!
mikercrak Orellana
mikercrak Orellana - 3 days ago
Omaigat ❤❤❤
Tina Childs
Tina Childs - 3 days ago
Love ❤️ ThAt song go bed list thean get up and listen. To for realy 👍👍👍👍👍
oji san
oji san - 3 days ago
Ahkeel Carter
Ahkeel Carter - 3 days ago
3rd time listening is fire
Belligerent Whale
Belligerent Whale - 3 days ago
This songs so garbage
Neiara Granum
Neiara Granum - 3 days ago
The visuals tho🔥🔥🔥
IISourAyyII - 3 days ago
What kicks is A Boogie wearing?
Andy - 3 days ago
This shitll make me put the 300 on back when I squat cake batter, this that shit
selflovemanda - 4 days ago
he gives me a young thug feel in this song
selflovemanda - 4 days ago
he sounds just like him. I thought it was FT young thug tbh
Lil Rosey
Lil Rosey - 4 days ago
Go check out my new single just dropped on my channel 🅰️✅✅🔥🔥
Chosn1 - before 1 milli gang
Big 4 4
Kev Nguyen
Kev Nguyen - 4 days ago
Turn on CC for the real lyrics.
tmac city
tmac city - 4 days ago
shit fire
AlBandz - 4 days ago
Y this kinda sound like mac 10 from trippie redd??😳
K - 4 days ago
I like him but this song is too much autotune. WTF
Amanda Dumont
Amanda Dumont - 4 days ago
Awful song!
Sifer 360
Sifer 360 - 4 days ago
This nigga trash
Lifegoeson100 - 4 days ago
The bass on this song in the car 😂
S4MUR4I - 5 days ago
From Argentina
Keem Boss
Keem Boss - 5 days ago
Like if this too underrated
Tey Enki
Tey Enki - 5 days ago
You can tell young thug wrote this he even rapped it like thug would
Tey Enki
Tey Enki - 3 days ago
Only real slimez will pick that up 🤘🏾
Shaun Chan
Shaun Chan - 3 days ago
So I wasn't the only one thinking this then ! 🤔
selflovemanda - 4 days ago
omg yessss I was looking in the comments to see if someone else thought this
Kinzuu YT
Kinzuu YT - 5 days ago
who come thanks to mitr0 ? 😅
Jesus Urena
Jesus Urena - 5 days ago
F****** 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Boston Thomas
Boston Thomas - 5 days ago
Bodied dis one
Austin Presley Wright
Austin Presley Wright - 5 days ago
1:40, talk about cutting off the loose ends 💯
Myrka Peralez
Myrka Peralez - 5 days ago
I cannot get over how good this song is 😱😮😳😲
Time4Suit - 5 days ago
the beginning sound like young thug no cap
Mata 645
Mata 645 - 5 days ago
this is shit
Lawson Badza
Lawson Badza - 6 days ago
Darkness `
Darkness ` - 6 days ago
*Next generation👉🔥*
Minter ZzZ
Minter ZzZ - 6 days ago
This man changing jackets like socks and underwear 😂😂😂
Nemo. - 6 days ago
mitr0 ???
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