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Chino Gambino
Chino Gambino - 3 hours ago
"I'm not that lonely, YET!" 😂
John H. Farris
John H. Farris - Day ago
Rhett and link are much better
Clara Payne
Clara Payne - 2 days ago
Jordan is husband goals
Lukasz Duda
Lukasz Duda - 6 days ago
Good chemistry between these two
Leadrick Hill
Leadrick Hill - 7 days ago
i was surprised when she said John Cena . You'll be surprised who know that guy it's almost as if he's secretly famous.
Ur Waifu 4 Laifu
Ur Waifu 4 Laifu - 7 days ago
forris - 7 days ago
am i the only who doesn’t like these two? i’m sorry but they try too hard to be funny imo
Xonix Striker
Xonix Striker - 9 days ago
I love this new chapter in LOTR :D
Jake Grizz
Jake Grizz - 9 days ago
I knew Link was a woman. Lol
BlabbERINg Thoughts
BlabbERINg Thoughts - 11 days ago
If you give them the answer right after the round then it eliminates some of the challenge for the future rounds :(
Chloe M
Chloe M - 12 days ago
Why does Jordan look like that kid from Stranger Things
Elliot Wallace
Elliot Wallace - 13 days ago
Those two need to make there own show
Lauren Gaona
Lauren Gaona - 13 days ago
1)these guys need a podcast
2)Emily is wearing a shirt of Jordan
Omar Tamez
Omar Tamez - 14 days ago
Loved this episode!!!
Addyson Shiveler
Addyson Shiveler - 15 days ago
BrittyFuller - 16 days ago
These two together always crack me up 😂👌✨
Shadow_Embers - 16 days ago
He looks like a plum pier bilbo baggins
Murielle B
Murielle B - 17 days ago
Love you guys.
Ashley Burk
Ashley Burk - 17 days ago
Oh my gosh this is life changing! I pretend to not recognize people all the time when they are seeing me again! I used to get so mad! But then I kind of just realized that I was just better at faces. If only I was also good at names...
Adrien Rodriguez
Adrien Rodriguez - 18 days ago
*stoney bologna*
leeafey - 18 days ago
You had me at “why are there not more members of Rancid up here?!”
Serendipity861 - 18 days ago
I haven't watched for a while, just catching up, and I'm curious why there's so many videos without rhett and link now?
mira ann
mira ann - 18 days ago
During the summer since they tour they have guest hosts, Jordan and Emily are apart of the gmm crew so you'll see them often just not always hosts.
Feleke Lynch
Feleke Lynch - 19 days ago
jongup guppie
jongup guppie - 19 days ago
I enjoyed this.
Bsquared757 - 19 days ago
Emily is too cute! also so is jordan!
Blush - 20 days ago
My only question would be ...who keeps kraft singles in a drawer 😭
Trevin Moulton
Trevin Moulton - 18 days ago
Megan McCutcheon Refrigerators have drawers, you dingus
Sean Confer
Sean Confer - 20 days ago
Link got so much hotter for this episode.
Jack Gutierrez
Jack Gutierrez - 20 days ago
Link and Rhett are way better
cjp21211 - 21 day ago
Honestly make these guys 3rd and 4th permanent members of gmm theyre awesome
Jaivion Grays
Jaivion Grays - 22 days ago
Who tf is this
Reshiram52 - 23 days ago
dem dislikes tho
Moe TheDestroyer
Moe TheDestroyer - 23 days ago
if there is a good myhthical morning shouldn't there be a good mythical night???
Michael Best
Michael Best - 23 days ago
who tf are these two lol
Wolverine Spirit
Wolverine Spirit - 24 days ago
2:33 Rancid
9:48 Green Day
Thank You Jordan
Error Sans!!!
Error Sans!!! - 24 days ago
I do number 5# everytime
USB Dongle
USB Dongle - 24 days ago
jordan morris boy detective outstanding as always
Moon Light Plays - Games Gacha and More!
I put honey on one side of the chicken nugget... and ketchup on the other :)
PandaCrazed - 24 days ago
ugh, would’ve literally been such a good episode if it had been Rhett and Link
Drew Coy
Drew Coy - 24 days ago
these two are such nerds, its great!!
Jeremy Waid
Jeremy Waid - 24 days ago
Rhett shaved his beard. No!!!!!!!!!
Nick Hall
Nick Hall - 25 days ago
Man these two are the best in the crew!!!
Sallgood 01
Sallgood 01 - 25 days ago
Dragon Landlord
Dragon Landlord - 25 days ago
Mom always gets honey with her McNuggets.
Nakeisha Reyes
Nakeisha Reyes - 25 days ago
I even new that the sriracha popcorn was Nick Jonas, soooo obvious
Norah T
Norah T - 25 days ago
oh hey my anxiety filled cat is named angel
she screm so much
Norah T
Norah T - 25 days ago
what.... year are these people living in? they're pretty far behind on stuff.
Peter Proscia
Peter Proscia - 26 days ago
Why is this the episode with the most sensual stuff said?!
Georgia W
Georgia W - 26 days ago
I love that Rhett and link are letting popular crew members host! More of these episodes please 💖
Aiden Waters
Aiden Waters - 26 days ago
Video: *starts*
Me: *doesnt see Rhett and link*
Also me: *confused screaming*
TyNyra Lewis
TyNyra Lewis - 26 days ago
“Duncan donuts are a east coast thing”
Me: he’s so right every where you turn there’s a Dublin donuts on every corner
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