Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days | "Cranium Shaker" Clip | Fox Family Entertainment

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TWEE - Day ago
1:10 he put his middle finger up
Lottie Cole
Lottie Cole - 2 days ago
Vegan Caliou
Vegan Caliou - 4 days ago
Omfg I loved this movie. The film is so funny
Juan Vlogs
Juan Vlogs - 4 days ago
That looks fun asf
Kremies - 4 days ago
There voices keep on cracking😂 Unlike The first movie and second
Mr Beast
Mr Beast - 6 days ago
The green screen of the city isnt good
hyper playz
hyper playz - 6 days ago
Poor rowley
Milania Johnson
Milania Johnson - 7 days ago
If. You want. To. Win. A. Prise. Tipe. # 6
411bubble - 5 days ago
Surrilove2 Lovee
Surrilove2 Lovee - 7 days ago
Xavi Tobio
Xavi Tobio - 10 days ago
Noooooooo head forever
ღItz_Aliyah Hereღ
ღItz_Aliyah Hereღ - 11 days ago
*“i’m NOt GaY, greG”*
shaneyold pitts
shaneyold pitts - 11 days ago
I would've screamed way louder
Garrett294 TV
Garrett294 TV - 12 days ago
That explains the live brain when they tell the story
Trappers5677 - 12 days ago
Whole video: when you watch the emoji movie.
Ali Shah
Ali Shah - 12 days ago
i love this movie
Elise - 13 days ago
I wish this ride was real!
Joanne Allen
Joanne Allen - 14 days ago
one time I didn’t wash my hands 😂
Entity The Imagination
Entity The Imagination - 15 days ago
It's not time to die, it's time to scream!
Nicole Casella
Nicole Casella - 16 days ago
GoPro Ed this
Adam Davis
Adam Davis - 16 days ago
If someone died on the ride, wouldn’t they shut it down?
Lil Tree
Lil Tree - 7 days ago
Some parks always say that to scare people
Branana9 - SuperBran
Branana9 - SuperBran - 17 days ago
I went on this ride called the power surge and it was so scary
Riley Smith
Riley Smith - 17 days ago
Greg has changed
jaden Younge
jaden Younge - 17 days ago
That was fun
Jayantilal Naran
Jayantilal Naran - 18 days ago
This is funny 😂
Kitty Banana
Kitty Banana - 18 days ago
ok first of all, this is filled at play land In Vancouver BC. Its so obious, you see the atmosphere right when the clip starts. Also, when greg is on the shaker, you can see Grouse and seymore mountains. Third of all, the *cranium shaker* is called relegation. This scene also show the cork screw which is sadly closing down :(. Im also NEVER GOING ON THE RELEVATION!
RandomDragons - 19 days ago
Pretty sure this scene is the reason I have roller coaster anxiety now
TrayIronBeast - 20 days ago
The music that starts after they started to descent was perfect.
TrayIronBeast - 20 days ago
One of my favorite summer movies of all time!
Diary of a Wimpy Kid is one of my favorite movies/books.
Linde Loren
Linde Loren - 21 day ago
The DUYAN DUYAN,Aka...Fast And Giant Swing Is Way WORSE Than The Cranium Shaker.
karim/ on
karim/ on - 22 days ago
Lizqrd - 23 days ago
The way Rowley makes that face when he gets scared its soo funny !!! I love Diary of a Wimpy kid i readed almost all the books and watched every film
Lizqrd - 21 day ago
@SniperLyfe Im not from America or England .
SniperLyfe - 21 day ago
ツLizard you must have picked up on their grammar..
Craig Got CLOUT
Craig Got CLOUT - 23 days ago
Why does this feel like a final destination death seen but without death
Brett Morris vlogs
Brett Morris vlogs - 23 days ago
Giselle Barragan
Giselle Barragan - 24 days ago
Greg wasn’t the only boy with fears!
the neon hedgehog named power the hedgehog
Movie: Greg and Rowley go on it
Book: Greg Gos on the ride solo
Nik Tessier19
Nik Tessier19 - 23 days ago
SUKIRAI - 25 days ago
if i do this ride my heart will feel up and down
CJ Bremner
CJ Bremner - 26 days ago
Slowe it down slowe it down lol
Baconman6048 - 27 days ago
Imagine an. Earthquake while you. Do this
shwetha sharma
shwetha sharma - 27 days ago
I love diary of a wimpy kid
ok ok
ok ok - 27 days ago
Top 10 Anime duos
#StikBot_Studio - 29 days ago
Развлечение семьи Фокс
Alaya Ward-Farland
Alaya Ward-Farland - 29 days ago
No way
brian bennett
brian bennett - Month ago
tim quartz productions
At the end i saw a guy from smosh
Mr. Unknown 21
Mr. Unknown 21 - Month ago
I just noticed that was the PNE
The Tandals
The Tandals - Month ago
Elmo Dice
Elmo Dice - Month ago
Hahahahah the middle finger at 1:08
Hisham Fakha
Hisham Fakha - Month ago
I haven’t seen or read wimpy kid in so long I love wimpy kid
steven pancake
steven pancake - Month ago
Lol it's called the revelation in bc Vancouver. Fun place recommend you check it out. It's called the pne and this sence was filmed there.
Nicole Madi
Nicole Madi - Month ago
My bro is reading that book
Liltanki Killer
Liltanki Killer - Month ago
Holy flip
Naqiyah Hicks
Naqiyah Hicks - Month ago
BMTM dubl bubl
BMTM dubl bubl - Month ago
If this was in final destination though
Baby Bamby
Baby Bamby - Month ago
Pizza Lover
Pizza Lover - Month ago
My stepbrothers went on it.
c - Month ago
"One time I used your toothbrush to wipe dog poop off my shoe!" "Wait, what?"
Jeremy Horwitz
Jeremy Horwitz - Month ago
(Ride operator at the amusement park turns the key and beeping noise and bell ringing sound effects start) 0:52
Linda Loudermilk
Linda Loudermilk - Month ago
guinea.pig.luver. 138
guinea.pig.luver. 138 - Month ago
“One time, I went to the bathroom & didn’t wash my hands.”
Yea, it’s fine, Rowley. I myself never wash my hands after going to the bathroom. Lol
muffin-sponge - Month ago
Those are the fakest screams I’ve ever heard
Alfie Rowe
Alfie Rowe - Month ago
Matthew Lambert
Matthew Lambert - Month ago
LucidNOT ninja68 T
LucidNOT ninja68 T - Month ago
Scy screamer
Markus Jordanson
Markus Jordanson - Month ago
Heidi England
Heidi England - Month ago
That looked fun
muffin-sponge - Month ago
Voice crack intensifies
Christon Stracener
Christon Stracener - Month ago
Please the zipper is much more intense.
It's Me
It's Me - Month ago
"Greg, in case we don't make it, I have something to tell you.."
*I'm not gay, Greg*
Kaylee _Gamez
Kaylee _Gamez - 11 days ago
Am I not the only one who watched that video?! OMG IT WAS SO FUNNY 😂 XD Btw your comment is hilarious 😂 !
Afshan Talib
Afshan Talib - Month ago
Hey why is roller skates on your other side you can have them come in Shaa you all are going well for me it’s
Afshan Talib
Afshan Talib - Month ago
Hey why is roller skates on your other side you can have them come in Shaa you all are going well for me it’s
Kaleb Group
Kaleb Group - Month ago
How did they film this? I mean like did they go on a real ride
Harambe Spielberg
Harambe Spielberg - Month ago
its way scary
Matthew Boeding
Matthew Boeding - Month ago
I wouldn’t be screaming with fear on this ride, I’d be screaming with joy
Jeff the killer
Jeff the killer - Month ago
Funny coincidence they are next to the final destination ride
Angelo ANN
Angelo ANN - Month ago
1:36 When you want to scream but you don't have a voice !
Jess Newton
Jess Newton - Month ago
insane sundance
insane sundance - Month ago
Rowlie:there's somthing I need to tell you I'm gay Greg:I'm gay to Rowlie: what it what ☺
Joel Ntimba
Joel Ntimba - Month ago
Use code WILDCAT
Use code WILDCAT - Month ago
I thot in the book only Greg went on it
insane sundance
insane sundance - Month ago
The final destination roller coaster is by the cranium shaker
Andrea Rosenbohm
Andrea Rosenbohm - Month ago
I never wash my hands when I go to the bathroom
Jose Cordero
Jose Cordero - Month ago
They probably went through puberty
Bolofex - Month ago
Did they actually go on it?
Billie Ellish fans
Billie Ellish fans - Month ago
Lee ByrnePlayz
Lee ByrnePlayz - Month ago
I miss the old cast
Seth Abdou
Seth Abdou - Month ago
0:53 in rides that button is usually the E-Brake
Elle 7
Elle 7 - Month ago
1:08 rowley pointed the finger LOL XD
Elle 7
Elle 7 - Month ago
lol there actually screaming XD
Stickman 123
Stickman 123 - Month ago
I know this is fake because if a kid had been decapitated that theme park would have been sued and shut down
I forgot my name
I forgot my name - Month ago
Is that the actors actually reaction when they went on the ride?
Ben Starkey
Ben Starkey - Month ago
1:10 Rowley just gave them the middle finger
Clarity The boss
Clarity The boss - Month ago
For people wondering where this place is,is located in Vancouver called playland I go there every year!
Nicholas Burbank
Nicholas Burbank - Month ago
1:13 What did he say?
Ben Starkey
Ben Starkey - Month ago
“Or else our heads will be torn off”
FireworKannon Playz
FireworKannon Playz - Month ago
-Kirby- Rowleys calling the police
SuperDuper Nick
SuperDuper Nick - Month ago
If someone got decapitated on the Cranium Shaker last summer, why does the ride still exist?
-Tcáf- - Month ago
Yeah I know what you mean
SuperDuper Nick
SuperDuper Nick - Month ago
-Tcáf- yeah, most likely, that’s how it is in most movies. Even the most random people find a way to mess around with the protagonists in the movie. Like Greg and Rowley weren’t even talking, it was the two girls behind them, yet the ride operator spoke after the girls, making it look like he was talking to the protagonists, Greg and Rowley, even though they didn’t ask a thing. You know what I mean right?
-Tcáf- - Month ago
Probably just messing with them
SuperDuper Nick
SuperDuper Nick - Month ago
-Tcáf- but how was it not proven true? The operator of the ride said his head wasn’t in the car when it came down. And he was there that day too.
-Tcáf- - Month ago
It’s just a movie and also just because someone was decapitated doesn’t mean it will shut down also it wasn’t actually proven to be true so yeah
GeoBlitz - Month ago
That ride operator scared me as a kid
Gibster - Month ago
Lousy news paper announced me dead as soon as I flatlined
Silly730 - Month ago
I’ve been on that exact ride at the exact same place
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