Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days | "Cranium Shaker" Clip | Fox Family Entertainment

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Mafoo The Snake
Mafoo The Snake - 4 hours ago
Poor rowley
It's Hudson
It's Hudson - 11 hours ago
Diary of a wimpy kid is now a Disney movie
Angus Laws
Angus Laws - 19 hours ago
Greg’s voice crack when he screams gets me every time
Chaniya Evans
Chaniya Evans - Day ago
Lol😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 you are so ugly and not not
toonG2018 - Day ago
1:44 me on a rollercoaster
luckyelitedriggs - Day ago
Why did that girl say that person got decapitated in the trailer WHY? This video receives a dislike I'm very disappointed
Anya Hawari
Anya Hawari - Day ago
1:10 middle finger
Kevin May
Kevin May - Day ago
If you don't want your childhood ruined I highly recommend NOT READING THIS COMMENT

But I think we all know what Greg really wanted to tell Rowley at the top after reading 25 years later 😏
Crazy Colton
Crazy Colton - Day ago
1:33 realistic scream πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
The 3 Triplets
The 3 Triplets - Day ago
I love you movies so much
JakeXcaptain - Day ago
0:48 who saw the orange twin towers
Mateo Cisterna
Mateo Cisterna - Day ago
I'm scared
Jason .C
Jason .C - 3 days ago
this took place in the PNE in Vancouver, BC
ItzAdamIsNoob - 3 days ago
Robert Capron is one of the funniest actors I have ever seen!
bad dude
bad dude - 3 days ago
fun fact: the real rodrick left because he was replaced by simon belmont with johnny depp combine
John Ocobachi
John Ocobachi - 3 days ago
If the person was decapitated why is the ride still open
MysticTerror394 - 3 days ago
I went on this ride in playland California
random videos
random videos - 3 days ago
It's funny when Greg tries to scream but nothing comes out. Puberty
Rodrigo Osornio
Rodrigo Osornio - 3 days ago
How to instantly die 101
Reese Nistorenko
Reese Nistorenko - 4 days ago
Terri Sadoo
Terri Sadoo - 4 days ago
If they didn't do this scene right then they would have to do it again ggsπŸ˜πŸ˜‚
AJ The RPG gamer
AJ The RPG gamer - 4 days ago
I hate heights so watching this makes me glad I'm not in a high place
Lauryn Daniels
Lauryn Daniels - 4 days ago
Making him scared
CDHfilms - 5 days ago
1:09 Rowley's missing a shoe!
Carrie-Ann Brown
Carrie-Ann Brown - 5 days ago
jeez how is the ride not closed
Carrie-Ann Brown
Carrie-Ann Brown - 5 days ago
IMG IMG IMG IMG IMG are you ok
Warriorcats_person - 5 days ago
restart your video and pause right at 1:10
You won't be disappointed with the glitch ;)
Multimedia Man
Multimedia Man - 5 days ago
Scrambled 59
Scrambled 59 - 5 days ago
Since Disney now owns fox, I want this ride at Disneyland. I don't care if it don't fits in with the theming, I want it
Adrrian Cosico
Adrrian Cosico - 5 days ago
Huh, the i know this guy who knows this guy who's brother knew another guy who's cousin cliche
Michelle Diaz
Michelle Diaz - 5 days ago
At 0:49 those were fake houses
Jared Sorbi
Jared Sorbi - 5 days ago
Elizabeth Ninde
Elizabeth Ninde - 5 days ago
1:08 rowley πŸ–•πŸ»
Kennywood Fanboy
Kennywood Fanboy - 5 days ago
Fun Fact: This was filmed at the same park as Final Destination Three! You can even see the roller coaster from the main scene in the movie, except without it's over-exaggerated CGI.
Parker Hanes
Parker Hanes - 5 days ago
Zoo wee mama
FanaticRhyme - 6 days ago
Why am I getting so many Diary of A Wimpy Kid videos in my recommendation if I don’t even watch them
Cfu Hmong
Cfu Hmong - 6 days ago
Katie Marshall
Katie Marshall - 6 days ago
Aaron Gunter
Aaron Gunter - 6 days ago
It is funny
FortniteGamer TV
FortniteGamer TV - 6 days ago
They should have used the zipper in Canada or any where else
LIVE KING - 6 days ago
I would love to go on the cranium shaker
Antonio Javelosa
Antonio Javelosa - 6 days ago
I haven't seen this movie like forever
billy mays
billy mays - 7 days ago
*cranium raper*
Shelby Ramirez
Shelby Ramirez - 7 days ago
Uh oh. No
gacha wolf
gacha wolf - 7 days ago
Is this scary???
RyanA28 _
RyanA28 _ - 7 days ago
1:08 *Z O O W E E M A M A*
Coaster Crave
Coaster Crave - 7 days ago
this is the PNE!!!!!
Garfield Is Dead
Garfield Is Dead - 8 days ago
puberty hit greg and rowley hard
Melania Blecic
Melania Blecic - 8 days ago
User Not Found
User Not Found - 9 days ago
*i'm not gay, greg*
Linus McKinney
Linus McKinney - 2 days ago
Ok so guess who just showed up at the hospital. That fucking douchebag Manny!
Brad Lee
Brad Lee - 9 days ago
I’ve been in a ride exactly like this, fuckin brilliant
Zain Chupacabra
Zain Chupacabra - 9 days ago
Was their budget really so low they couldn't use a screen that looked real? Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, considering they also reused the ride operator as an interviewee in the Spag Union video.
Racoon Plays
Racoon Plays - 9 days ago
I’m not gay Greg
Stephanie Younger
Stephanie Younger - 9 days ago
I paid $45 to watch my childhood on Amazon Prime.
Carly Lindgren
Carly Lindgren - 10 days ago
Some people sound really different
Uno Reverse Card
Uno Reverse Card - 10 days ago
Why does greg look old in this movie but in The Long Haul he turns back into a kid.
Booga04 Minecraft
Booga04 Minecraft - 5 days ago
It's a different actor lol
Quinten Brown
Quinten Brown - 8 days ago
Because the previous actors got old and they had to replace them.
Aura Blue
Aura Blue - 10 days ago
Isn’t that the roller coaster they used in final destination 3 in the background
carlos garcia
carlos garcia - 6 days ago
the devil's ride
Shayne Braginski
Shayne Braginski - 10 days ago
I never been a fan of scary rides
Aubrey - 10 days ago
Greg and puberty
Quinten Brown
Quinten Brown - 11 days ago
I love how when Zachary tries to scream nothing comes out
Coaster Rica
Coaster Rica - 11 days ago
Why would they still operate this ride after someone got decapitated on it and they still say it’s easily possible for it to happen again?
Rickety Rail
Rickety Rail - 11 days ago
Rickety Rail
Rickety Rail - 11 days ago
Rickety Rail
Rickety Rail - 11 days ago
Fenya - 11 days ago
Rashid Al-Romaihi
Rashid Al-Romaihi - 11 days ago
I weight 201
I have to wait 90 days to change my name
This video really does butter my biscuits
Radhika Devi
Radhika Devi - Day ago
Booga04 Minecraft
Booga04 Minecraft - 5 days ago
The heck that sounded so wrong I'm deleting that
Quinten Brown
Quinten Brown - 8 days ago
Yours Truly
Yours Truly - 11 days ago
0:43 his face is everything
Nyc Subway guy
Nyc Subway guy - 11 days ago
Why did they cut this scene?
ENimations - 11 days ago
Is that callmecarson
trollers - 12 days ago
Zoo e mama
Carolyn Colebeck
Carolyn Colebeck - 12 days ago
I would be laughing
Felix Stoten
Felix Stoten - 12 days ago
Vera theBanana
Vera theBanana - 12 days ago
In real life their screams would've been way more high-pitched lmao
kiladila channel
kiladila channel - 12 days ago
I dont want to ride that ride! SCARY!!!'
JackIRL - 12 days ago
Fun fact: when the actors got a line wrong when they were in the ground, the extras who were in the rides when Greg and Rowley were doing their lines had to re-ride the rides. Imagine the people on the cranium shaker
Haroon Arain
Haroon Arain - 12 days ago
β€œA dude got decapitated”
*Decides to keep ride open*
Malaya Bu
Malaya Bu - 12 days ago
That is just stupid
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt - 13 days ago
Did you eat all my beans nigga?
Alene Is awesome
Alene Is awesome - 13 days ago
That theme park is my local theme park
Ultracoolkid - 13 days ago
1:13 I can see the green screen
Liquidity Bills
Liquidity Bills - 13 days ago
I’m you are good
Liquidity Bills
Liquidity Bills - 13 days ago
HeroTheHero - 13 days ago
Jesus, they are *still* making wimpy kid movies?
AnathemaAddy - 13 days ago
why is this in my recommended.....
TVFilthy Frank3
TVFilthy Frank3 - 14 days ago
this was the best movie and book series
Nolan Jones
Nolan Jones - 14 days ago
Anyone else notice the middle finger at 1:08
Cecilia Moyer
Cecilia Moyer - 14 days ago
Who else has a deadly fear of rollercoasters?
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Not me. So much fun
Jesse DeLeo
Jesse DeLeo - 4 days ago
Kennywood Fanboy
Kennywood Fanboy - 5 days ago
+Shayne Braginski No worries, that stuff would never happen in real life. Here's a video completely explaining it: ruvideos.org/hJOaiWlCyGU-video.html Fun Fact: This scene was also filmed at the same park as Final Destination Three!
Shayne Braginski
Shayne Braginski - 10 days ago
I am not scared just paranoid after seeing final destination 3 :(
BradDaMan - 14 days ago
These movies ruined the books...
PResin Official.
PResin Official. - 14 days ago
One of the best scenes in the movie.
Ashfortnite10 - 14 days ago
Why would they even have that ride then???
ImmortalRecon - 14 days ago
Gregggggg noooo
Rocket-Uber Gaming and stuff
I’ve been on that ride it’s filmed at a place called Playland in Canada
Grumpy Robloxian1
Grumpy Robloxian1 - 2 days ago
XD must have been TERRIFIYING
Joker - 11 days ago
That's also where they filmed the final destination 3 rollercoaster scene
Cathal Glynn
Cathal Glynn - 14 days ago
I’ve been on the same rideπŸ˜‚
Monarch FN
Monarch FN - 14 days ago
this movie is crazy nostalgic
TheGlitchRager - 14 days ago
It says fox family entertainment but this is dark af πŸ˜‚
Mubeen - 14 days ago
Rowley is a fat pig
Adrienne Folkerts
Adrienne Folkerts - 14 days ago
Griselda Kuh
Griselda Kuh - 14 days ago
I dont love that right thats so scary nares
Pabst man
Pabst man - 14 days ago
His scream was Oscar worthy
ejay Rivera
ejay Rivera - 14 days ago
His friend looks like the kid from Shrek 4 and the one who is saying. ""do the roar""
Anthonie White
Anthonie White - 14 days ago
I'm really surprised they didn't sware
Anthonie White
Anthonie White - 12 days ago
+Husam Alom dont forget grammer
Becker289 - 14 days ago
Husam Alom *you’re
Husam Alom
Husam Alom - 14 days ago
I'm really surprised your bad at spelling
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