Meghan McCain Cusses Out Joy Behar

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Bill Jackson
Bill Jackson - 3 months ago
Allen's if your listening please beem up Meagan McCain, Thanks. 😎👽
nicky d. I'm
nicky d. I'm - 3 months ago
She is why they won't win anymore emmys
debra brewer
debra brewer - 3 months ago
What you don't seem to understand. Is that your opinion doesn't really matter.
Captain Diggler
Captain Diggler - 3 months ago
Young Turds offer clickbait substance
PelicanFly_ FlyPelican
PelicanFly_ FlyPelican - 3 months ago
They are talking about what happened. I agree I didn't hear it in this video but they arn't making it up she did call her a bitch, I have seen and heard it.
Captain Diggler
Captain Diggler - 3 months ago
Young Turds desperate ..... the same week ....DEM front runner Joe Biden had 85 people show up at HUGE Iowa rally ! ! ! FACT: Trump had over 100k ticket requests for a 20,000 capacity Orlando rally.
JM M - 3 months ago
Which was why half the arena was empty....
Somocki Brannon
Somocki Brannon - 3 months ago
This big bitch should focus on pushing herself away from all tables.
Gamma Smash
Gamma Smash - 3 months ago
I think it's hot. I love me some thicc girls.
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar - 3 months ago
McCain ISN'T a conservative.
Stuart Stone
Stuart Stone - 3 months ago
United States Navy 75 of course not she shares the same political ideology as her father and we all know he was a progressive
Jude Fenwick
Jude Fenwick - 3 months ago
United States Navy 75 uhh, yeah she is, she’s the most despicable creature around, a Conservative RepubliKlan
Steven Cole
Steven Cole - 3 months ago
Click Bait garbage!
BlindMellowJelly - 3 months ago
Ana is right, it is her husband making her say these things. She is too dumb to know he is playing her.
Michael Hart
Michael Hart - 3 months ago
We need Meghan out and Ana Navarro in full time
LadyDiaVa - 3 months ago
Michael Hart I Agee 100%
George Rasmutin
George Rasmutin - 3 months ago
Emmy for most annoying woman on TV
Mark Ryans
Mark Ryans - 3 months ago
Unsubscribed for clickbait
Damian Henderson
Damian Henderson - 3 months ago
Homeslice - 3 months ago
Clickbait!! I guess we know what direction TYT is heading.... having to resort to click bait is a bad sign.
Damian Henderson
Damian Henderson - 3 months ago
Bye Felicia!
yadii mendoza
yadii mendoza - 3 months ago
Im sorry but never did
I see the part where she called her a bitch or cusses her out 🤔
Damn it TYT this was so clickbait
Nixx Skii
Nixx Skii - 3 months ago
Whatd wrong with the heading . Tell the truth with the headings
yadii mendoza
yadii mendoza - 3 months ago
@Lori Gravelin is there a link or how i can look it up?
Lori Gravelin
Lori Gravelin - 3 months ago
yadi1588 no she did, it was even discussed after the commercial break.
Sonja Baris
Sonja Baris - 3 months ago
How much are tickets to get into a Chump rally?
Sonia L
Sonia L - 3 months ago
she is a slob with no class
Jordan Haas
Jordan Haas - 3 months ago
We can’t wait for the 2020 meltdown video of tyt. Just sayin...
Cindy King
Cindy King - 3 months ago
Apparently Me-agan family must have paid for her to be on the panel on the view,because she is untouchable. And I remember there once was a time when a younger person respected the older people even though they worked together but I guess people don't do that anymore
John Whittmore
John Whittmore - 3 months ago
Piggy Meghan is so confuse.She defends Trump after he bad mouths her father.Ana is better on the show she doesn't tells it how it is with the GOP her own party...
joe penalvert
joe penalvert - 3 months ago
None of those idiots had jobs
hammer #44
hammer #44 - 3 months ago
These guys at TYT are so stupid 🤣🤣🤣👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿
W O - 3 months ago
You lost me at LA Times
aaronsande - 3 months ago
You left out the actual "bitch" comment XD whoops
Jorja Kelley
Jorja Kelley - 3 months ago
randomnobody playthrough Let's see.. What kind of drugs am I taking??? Metoprolol Tartrate, a high blood pressure medication to be able to deal with assholes who ask stupid question as you!!!
randomnobody playthrough
randomnobody playthrough - 3 months ago
@Jorja Kelley What kinda drugs are you on?
Jorja Kelley
Jorja Kelley - 3 months ago
Alfreda Calbert
Alfreda Calbert - 3 months ago
That's why I watched. Click bait.
aaronsande - 3 months ago
First she whines and then she says don't take pity on her. WTF.
Walter Ramirez
Walter Ramirez - 3 months ago
Just wasted 6 minutes of my life watching this
aaronsande - 3 months ago
Stop doing everything Racism_Is_Unstoppable tells you to, then.
Nikki Beacth
Nikki Beacth - 3 months ago
It’s Central Florida. It’s 90% hillbilly and old people . Of course they would show up. They would go to watch Jerry Springer live.
Alex Aceves
Alex Aceves - 3 months ago
The fact is that Tump's events are pulling 10,000 plus supporters the economy is on turbo more hispanics and african Americans are working in the history of this great country the world is safer!!!!!
GO TRUMP 2020💯💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💯💯
StealthTigerASMR - 3 months ago
Ricky Rick Bernie got 10 thousand people in his rallies
Ricky Rick
Ricky Rick - 3 months ago
@StealthTigerASMR haha.... how many enthusiastic supporters turned up for the entire line up of democratic contenders? Not enougjt to speak of. Pathetic.
StealthTigerASMR - 3 months ago
Woah 10 thousand people cold play gets similar numbers
Lord Escanor
Lord Escanor - 3 months ago
Be Humble. Sit Down Little Bitch! - Kendrick Lamar
Ogba Icheku
Ogba Icheku - 3 months ago
White women and the dotard: You never know their mind! They voted for the dotard 54% in 2016. Maybe she is one of them!
Gamma Smash
Gamma Smash - 3 months ago
@vickie wee She hates his guts. You might see her defending certain policies, or trying to add some truth to some truly disingenuous conversations on that show, but you won't see her actually defending Trump.
vickie wee
vickie wee - 3 months ago
She’s always defending him. I absolutely think she voted for him
In The Mix Radio
In The Mix Radio - 3 months ago
Both of them are bitches and I believe it was staged.
Suzie Scott
Suzie Scott - 3 months ago
Shes a poor "little "rich girl who has no idea what shes talking about!!! Shes a trust fund baby that has never had to struggle and its laughable to be when she trys to speak for the rest of us.. she doesn't know the first thing about standing on this side of the fence, I love when Whoopi and Joy put her in her place!!
Lori Gravelin
Lori Gravelin - 3 months ago
Suzie Scott Whoopi kisses her ass
Carolyn Francis
Carolyn Francis - 3 months ago
You got that right 👍👍. She had no idea what real life is all about!!
Suzie Scott
Suzie Scott - 3 months ago
I don't get it, when her father was alive him and Trump had to put it nicely, unfriendly relationship, her Father has to be rolling in his grave listening to his daughter defending Trump like she has been!! Is sickening to me . What happened to her loyalty and respect for her Father when it comes to Trump????
Gamma Smash
Gamma Smash - 3 months ago
How did she defend Trump? All she did was make a point that the rally was packed while Joy did her best to undermine that simple fact.
Suzie Scott
Suzie Scott - 3 months ago
@PelicanFly_ FlyPelican Thank you! My point exactly!!
PelicanFly_ FlyPelican
PelicanFly_ FlyPelican - 3 months ago
@Peter S Because she's a opportunistic hypocrite. When her dad was alive she wasn't so vocal about her support for the president. After her father died, she actually went after the president when he attacked her father and now that it's been a while she's on the Trump wagon. She isn't capable of having her own opinion and basically just falls in line and parrots fox news talking points. All that wouldn't even be that bad because most people in her position tend to be spineless and void of actually giving their true opinion, but she's a special case because Trump has done nothing but attack, disrespect and spit on her father's legacy and she obviously doesn't truly care.
thereign - 3 months ago
@Peter S Because she mentions her father every 5 seconds.
Victor - 3 months ago
Let's face it... All the women on the view are stupid.
Vee Bran
Vee Bran - 3 months ago
Cusses out?🙄
Brandon Foore
Brandon Foore - 3 months ago
Typical conservative snowflakin'
basterfa84 - 3 months ago
I hope brain cancer is hereditary.
Gamma Smash
Gamma Smash - 3 months ago
Ahhhh......the "tolerant" left.
o.g Paramount
o.g Paramount - 3 months ago
Too harsh..
628071 - 3 months ago
You're 100% a bot. You obviously lack the slightest notion of humanity.
Baldman54 - 3 months ago
I don’t like Meghan at all,,,, but this comment is disgusting
Duke Brickhouse
Duke Brickhouse - 3 months ago
Meghan McCain is the absolute worst.  Listening to her is like nails on a chalkboard.
Gamma Smash
Gamma Smash - 3 months ago
That's how I feel about Joy Behar.
Phantom Blot
Phantom Blot - 3 months ago
What cussing?
KillerDoc42 - 3 months ago
Whoopi is a comedian( who I never thought was funny), Sunny is a lawyer, Joy was a teacher & had her own talk show, & Meagan? Oh daughter of someone, & she lets you know it on a daily basis.
Gamma Smash
Gamma Smash - 3 months ago
@Bb Broadus Technically yes, but that's being generous. She was never funny.
Lillian Lane-Westrich
Lillian Lane-Westrich - 3 months ago
Lillian Lane-Westrich
Lillian Lane-Westrich - 3 months ago
Get rid of Whoopi Goldberg I don't know what she's doing there she's not a politician what is he she
Bb Broadus
Bb Broadus - 3 months ago
KillerDoc42. Joy is a comedian too
Jean Nieves
Jean Nieves - 3 months ago
Agitated conservative
Jean Nieves
Jean Nieves - 3 months ago
Marcus Colasuonno
Marcus Colasuonno - 3 months ago
This is rediculous, I am an independent and watched most of his rally. It looked like the seats were ALL filled and I saw live footage of people who lined up the morning before the rally. Why lie and pretend like it didn't happen. Joy frustrates me when she takes jabs at McCain when she is talking positively about the president. They should all just let each other make their points without interrupting.
And this guy speaking; obviously against Trump and McCain. Need a neutral source of information.
Deena Arms
Deena Arms - 3 months ago
I agree 100% with what you said. I left the democratic party years ago when I seen and understood that their truly not the party for the people. And this man on this video lied and was miss leading. He said that Megan McCain said said Lindsey Graham and Mark Rubio had sold their souls, ( Not True ') that was Sunny that said that, listen to the video. And secondly, he called President Trump Supporters the biggest Occult in political history. I'm so sick of it all.
Gamma Smash
Gamma Smash - 3 months ago
@Deborah Lauman It's not accurate to refer to anyone from the Young Turks as reporters. This channel just serves up far(and I mean really far)left propaganda that often includes a generous side of race baiting.
Gamma Smash
Gamma Smash - 3 months ago
Neutral source of information? What on Earth are you doing on this page? You should check out Tim Pool.
Deborah Lauman
Deborah Lauman - 3 months ago
I agree with Marcus! The reporter here is obviously opposed to Trump and Megan. Remember, Megan isn't a Trump supporter. In fact she can't stand Trump. Obviously this man hosting this show and many of the followers here don't know what they are taking about. I'm also an independent and it's because of people like this that makes me not won't to ever admit to ever being a democrat. I hope the democrats realize how ridiculous they sound. Also, I think Megan is crazy to stay on the view. If i was Megan, I would be tired of constantly being interrupted by Joy and the other ridiculous women on this show. As far as politically, it's people like Joy and the host for this youtube that is turning off so many democrats with lie after lie. People like myself will never return to the democratic party until they become civilized. The democrats party needs to develop some civility. Wise up, be civil to others with different viewpoints.
PelicanFly_ FlyPelican
PelicanFly_ FlyPelican - 3 months ago
Did you watch the video? They explained why it's ridiculous and unnecessary to make these claims. Of course when you watch the rally on TV they arn't going to show you the empty parts. There are plenty of pictures online showing the empty seats, not to mention a daily show segment of them covering the rally and you can see the empty seats. The point is why lie? The rally was almost full but it wasn't so don't say it was. You didn't have to wait in line because you could still get tickets the day of so why lie again. The people that chose to wait in line did it because they wanted to not because it was necessary.
Lisa Autry
Lisa Autry - 3 months ago
Trump pays to have articles in paper...remember the CP5...he can pay people to say what he wants to be said about him
Purple Rain
Purple Rain - 3 months ago
Please take McCain off the show she bring notheingr to the show she is mean.
Jimmy Meade
Jimmy Meade - 3 months ago
Stay away from my sammiches in frig JOY
jonny the boy
jonny the boy - 3 months ago
Meghan is an IDIOT , just say it....
Daywalker392 Hemi
Daywalker392 Hemi - 3 months ago
She's an idiot
Ian Clarke
Ian Clarke - 3 months ago
Does she only dislike him when he disrespects her dad
PelicanFly_ FlyPelican
PelicanFly_ FlyPelican - 3 months ago
I guess so, sad.
CjPiper - 3 months ago
Dude we were there the place was full inside and seemed like more outside even in the rain
Google Science
Google Science - 3 months ago
@Trek Cannon Are you proud of yourself? Up on your high horse. You're strawman statement is exactly the same reason Joy got called a bitch.
Trek Cannon
Trek Cannon - 3 months ago
And ur happy about that? Even given all he's done illegally and all he hasn't done? Wait, damnit, trying to talk to a MAGA. sorry keep forgetting
Andrey Greenidge
Andrey Greenidge - 3 months ago
Joy don't take that behaviour for her please very disrespectful on television
Google Science
Google Science - 3 months ago
Joy deserved it.
Hana Ayo Alemayehu
Hana Ayo Alemayehu - 3 months ago
In that case :The Whinny Bloated B*tch has a horrible voice and looks like a retired tart from the 1950's. A makeover and some voice training should do it.
MrROKinROK - 3 months ago
2:47 UConn "football"? C'mon, John. I know you're proud of your alma mater, but UConn "football"? I'd buy UConn basketball, but UConn football?
Charlie Chaman
Charlie Chaman - 3 months ago
Meghan is only famous because of her father, she is a spoiled brat.
Tommy Parr
Tommy Parr - 3 months ago
Scott you are a Trump ass licker
RenDi Supertramp
RenDi Supertramp - 3 months ago
Imagine licking the ass of a draft dodging inheritance rich boy who shit on your actual war hero father fighting at the end of his life and after his death.
Joe Cervantes
Joe Cervantes - 3 months ago
Omg you really need to be more informed
Joe Cervantes
Joe Cervantes - 3 months ago
You're right.there was also a Sanders cult
Suck My Opinion
Suck My Opinion - 3 months ago
Justin Bieber could be Republican nominee if said Mexicans were rapists.
April rich
April rich - 3 months ago
She conflated lines with the venue being full. One has nothing to do with the other.
Ms. Vee
Ms. Vee - 3 months ago
Remember Reggae artist Bob Marley always said that music is a universal thing.
Scott Rivett
Scott Rivett - 3 months ago
Joy behar is a bitch that can't stand the fact that Trump is president and will be again in 2020
Curtis Bronner
Curtis Bronner - 3 months ago
@RenDi Supertramp Yeah America is losing... Record lows in unemployment for blacks, Hispanics, Asians. The economy booming. Businesses coming back to the US. American steel and aluminum industries open again. No longer dependent on foreign oil... Winning!
Scott Rivett
Scott Rivett - 3 months ago
Reid Daniels what if you’re the one wrong I watch all news tyt is really a joke they lie just as bad as Trump we know what Trump does wrong your side believed Obama was flawless. Our side could give a rats ass about his tan suit
Reid Daniels
Reid Daniels - 3 months ago
@Scott Rivett the only reason he has won anything is because your half of the country is too stupid or partisan to know right from wrong and 99% of Republicans in govt are corrupt hacks. Looking forward to seeing the snowflake meltdowns when Trump loses 2020
Carla Hornbuckle
Carla Hornbuckle - 3 months ago
NOOOOOOTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!
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