Spin the Wheel! w/ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Nintendo Minute

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s Auld
s Auld - 7 days ago
krysta kit have you noticed when krysta was playing as fox the plane you where fighting on said star fox
s Auld
s Auld - 7 days ago
kit krysta has span the wheel less tiimes than you
Demise1 - 8 days ago
They were trying to tell us about hero and his rng
Willow - 8 days ago
Hmmmmm i'm going to say is ok
Will Get
Will Get - 8 days ago
Wat is the definition of Crush battle?
Will Get
Will Get - 8 days ago
Its a great idea to make a SSB wheel, I think its an option to dont make fight with his sister/brother etc.
Ashley Davis
Ashley Davis - 9 days ago
Do cloud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thomas Carew-Sayles
Thomas Carew-Sayles - 11 days ago
How did you not chose link for the nes debut battle
And Mario was for the donkey kong game
ULTIMATE CHAOS - 12 days ago
What's sad is the lvl 3 CPUs play better than them in doubles
Evan Perez
Evan Perez - 15 days ago
Well by picking the Mario nes golf she is technically following the rules
Gingy Cat300
Gingy Cat300 - 18 days ago
At 9:08 the lost woods
Gingy Cat300
Gingy Cat300 - 18 days ago
Wait is Kirby a boy or girl
Borna FP
Borna FP - 19 days ago
Level 3 bots 🤣
Jeremy Ito
Jeremy Ito - 20 days ago
Cool video😎
Nunya Bizzness
Nunya Bizzness - 21 day ago
I though I was the only rob main but if out robs clashed mine would win. I CAN COMBO
Bluejaytnt101 - 22 days ago
I’m just gonna be honest, they CANNOT do inkling. Or that’s just me being salty cuz I’m an Inkling main.
Med Otaku
Med Otaku - 26 days ago
7:46 (14:41) almost NSFW.
Some of these girls are probably even NSFNintendo, though...
Kabi Master
Kabi Master - Month ago
ReAL GReAT caReer iN CompTITivE SmASh.
Sony Sonic
Sony Sonic - Month ago
Why nintendo? Why not 3stock no items 8 minuites it's the pro set
Jiggolo! - Month ago
I forgot this video was by Nintendo.
Kytails 123
Kytails 123 - Month ago
my man going for zero suit
A. L.
A. L. - Month ago
Great stuff.

However, this is a 60fps game, so I think the video should be 60fps as well to fully appreciate the gameplay!
Joey Roth
Joey Roth - 2 months ago
Mario made his debut on arcade cabinets in Donkey Kong, which later got ported to the atari, so even his debut as a home console character wasn't NES.
Max Blankenship
Max Blankenship - 2 months ago
And DK looked like a gingerbread man
Soni-Chan x Soniku
Soni-Chan x Soniku - 2 months ago
This was horrible ... Discusting filthy casuals, and I play Brawl for god sakes!
Soni-Chan x Soniku
Soni-Chan x Soniku - 2 months ago
10:21 Me: chosses little Mac
Im about to end your whole career
Soni-Chan x Soniku
Soni-Chan x Soniku - 2 months ago
8:16 ah shish, I have to chosse jigglypuff
Soni-Chan x Soniku
Soni-Chan x Soniku - 2 months ago
Pathetic plays
graciela munoz
graciela munoz - 2 months ago
Matthew Ho
Matthew Ho - 2 months ago
I can feel the competitive community shaking their heads.
guzman2038 - 2 months ago
Hold b and then shald
Casper Reinertsen Gulliksen
Why do u guys have to start with one of the worst stages😑
Mario Reality Shows 2
Mario Reality Shows 2 - 2 months ago
I have a crush on Banjo-Kazooie... darn not in...

Joshua Heidenreich
Joshua Heidenreich - 2 months ago
Banjo Kazooie Fighter DLC was announced on the 12th for ssbu
FireIce 421
FireIce 421 - 2 months ago
TwoManyJames - 2 months ago
Wafflest Waffle
Wafflest Waffle - 2 months ago
8:35 Would've been awkwardly funny if one of them picked a Pokemon.
Aidan Tramontana
Aidan Tramontana - 3 months ago
Kit doesn't homie stock for nobody
Awesome Games
Awesome Games - 3 months ago
Do a team vid on smashulimage
damien soup
damien soup - 3 months ago
Marcos Esteban
Marcos Esteban - 3 months ago
What does s stands for sucker
NoobMaster69 ,
NoobMaster69 , - 3 months ago
That music brings me back to smash Bros 4
Jackson Is On The Sun
Jackson Is On The Sun - 3 months ago
All men have a crush on zero suit samus
Dat cool
Dat cool - 2 months ago
Jackson Is On The Sun 🌞
Zac Gunderson
Zac Gunderson - 3 months ago
What a dumb video. Would have been better watching the guy play against wallpaper. At least the wall paper wouldn't be laughing nonsensically. Maybe get ppl who are good at video games? Not saying they are terrible, but why would you watch mediocre players, without even having stakes ... Horrible..
Zac Gunderson
Zac Gunderson - 3 months ago
I make people mad lol, I like the username
Paper Bag
Paper Bag - 3 months ago
Imagine having fun instead of being told off by a comp baby that only plays Pokémon stadium with no items or hazards
sedriensmorgasbord - 3 months ago
This isn't particularly fair. It's clear by watching the gameplay that Kit is just better at the game. Krysta should get a chance to practice a bit more before the next episode to make things more fair.
HeychZee - 3 months ago
Sorry to break to you, Mario first appeared in the arcade
Jordan Raugutt
Jordan Raugutt - 3 months ago
1440p on a Nintendo video?
Wait, that's illegal
yarkster9 - 3 months ago
lv 3 come m8
Reilly Kopp
Reilly Kopp - 4 months ago
I could probably beat kit with no items. Reply if you think you could too.
Mattias Andersson
Mattias Andersson - 4 months ago
Mario didn't debut on nes
NinjaSox7 - 4 months ago
This is adorably cheesy
Apollo Cosmic
Apollo Cosmic - 4 months ago
"Since we're playing competitively" yet has smash meter and items...
Axel Holm
Axel Holm - 4 months ago
Imagine being in a dark room, and the door slams closed and you hear the laugh at 2:33
Flaiir - 4 months ago
(Gets crush battle)
Me: I'm going to choose Falco
My sister: WTF!?!
Me: c'mon choose your crush already!
My sister: (chooses king dedede)
Me: (laughs)
My sister: at least mine has a bigger banana than yours!!
Me: ...
DevilDream - 4 months ago
MARIO DAYBUED AT AN ARCADE (I know ppl:no that was jump man Me:SAME THING
Jim Nugen
Jim Nugen - 4 months ago
If she chose roy for a crush somebody call the cops.....HE'S 15
MJ TDI - 4 months ago
MJ TDI - 4 months ago
こんにちは 任天堂
slime fan
slime fan - 5 months ago
Giant - 5 months ago
Have someone cut your hair while playing
Arthur Joseph
Arthur Joseph - 5 months ago
3 stocks no time?
Coolcool4skool - 5 months ago
Villager is super good
ZenithKnight - 5 months ago
Are Kit and Krystal dating? I'm new to this series
The shelbs Destin
The shelbs Destin - 5 months ago
ZenithKnight idk
R ASB11 - 5 months ago
lol they lost to lvl 3 CPU's at 3:02
*Definitely* Solaire Of Astora
Where's Sans
Cøde Mystic
Cøde Mystic - 5 months ago
4:08 Nice.
Zétény Zielinski
Zétény Zielinski - 5 months ago
Link: human boy
Bowser, Donkey Kong: creature boy
Duck hunt dog: *good boi*
Pablo Ruano Palomo
Pablo Ruano Palomo - 5 months ago
Damn, they're so bad
Potato Gang
Potato Gang - 5 months ago
I heard BRAWL
Brendan - 5 months ago
America mario did debut on the nes because he was in mario golf.
Zachary Owens
Zachary Owens - 5 months ago
krystle: do you know who mine is
kit: of course it’s crome
krystle: yeah...........................
krystle: oh crome!!!
Water Penguin
Water Penguin - 5 months ago
Slevvy Bevvy
Slevvy Bevvy - 5 months ago
Ewww time battles with items
Fightertate Login Wilsonn
Fightertate Login Wilsonn - 5 months ago
This is not Nintendo minute warning ⚠️ this more then a minute
daddybear420 - 5 months ago
for splatfest you should do 8 players 4v4 just like splatoon
Stephanie O
Stephanie O - 5 months ago
Llama Sand
Llama Sand - 5 months ago
Why aren’t they playing stock
3Ragusa 676
3Ragusa 676 - 5 months ago
What about waluigi in smash
Liam P.
Liam P. - 5 months ago
kirby is the best character
Ignite - 5 months ago
Mewtwo is my main
Albert Cheng
Albert Cheng - 5 months ago
Chrom is married

To someone you can choose
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