Minecraft: *NEVER* FALL IN HOLES! - THE WEIRD HOLES! - Custom Map

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Starfireranger2 - 5 seconds ago
That's not really a British accent but Jen at least you tried your best:)
Preston Bryner
Preston Bryner - 2 hours ago
never kill a chickin
Angel.Jayne - 10 hours ago
Aha I'm from the uk and our accent isn't much different from yours lol x
Scrimmy Jimmy
Scrimmy Jimmy - Day ago
Is nobody gonna point out that Jen and Pat broke up😞
Khamvene Nasaath
Khamvene Nasaath - Day ago
Mark R
Mark R - 2 days ago
Don't kill cows
Pickle0914 - 3 days ago
Hello and I just went to Kings Island and went into the trap door water slide
Taweesook (Ler Ler) Lai
they are in da hole new wroldv2
Demetrius Bailey
Demetrius Bailey - 3 days ago
Never go through portals
Emma Dominguez
Emma Dominguez - 4 days ago
Aphmau_fan34 8D
Aphmau_fan34 8D - 5 days ago
Uh oh, don't bring Laurence from Minecraft diaries here, holes are out to get him lol πŸ˜‚
Ruth Castillo
Ruth Castillo - 5 days ago
Jen pun: the hole thing is a hole;);) ,ps,like if you spot the pun
Marnie Miller
Marnie Miller - 5 days ago
I have an idea don't eat rotten flesh
T Sever
T Sever - 5 days ago
Kalla Kristmanson
Kalla Kristmanson - 6 days ago
can u see jen xdxdxddxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdjxdxdxdxdxdxddxdxxddxdxdxdxdxxd if u can not see her she was j of jen XD
Journey Kandy
Journey Kandy - 6 days ago
jen can you and pat do a tranfomer map ?
KhloΓ© Kavi
KhloΓ© Kavi - 6 days ago
You are the best
Susan Gardner
Susan Gardner - 7 days ago
pat and jen do tell lobcub to do never swim at 3am
Jan Ma
Jan Ma - 7 days ago
Lil sarey your bad
GameJames1002 1002
GameJames1002 1002 - 7 days ago
i think Jen is a hole magnet.LOL
Inchie Swann
Inchie Swann - 7 days ago
My last name is swann XD 🦒
Life of A tree
Life of A tree - 8 days ago
mY pREciOuS... hehehe.,..
Jin_ Baka_
Jin_ Baka_ - 9 days ago
Lubcubs says they were downsizing in houses... still looks pretty good to meπŸ˜‚
Robert Felder
Robert Felder - 9 days ago
Robert Felder
Robert Felder - 9 days ago
Abdel El Ouadi
Abdel El Ouadi - 9 days ago
Amanda White
Amanda White - 9 days ago
Jen did derp Henry patter
Amanda White
Amanda White - 9 days ago
Why are squids in the lava ...as soon as I said that you asked it too
Amanda White
Amanda White - 9 days ago
That's NOT Harry Potter bruh
Amanda White
Amanda White - 9 days ago
aRTiEJay - 10 days ago
lol im welsh and english sounds different than your impression
Brionna J
Brionna J - 10 days ago
tipppee114 - 10 days ago
Pat have you even watched Harry potter?
Austin Gibson
Austin Gibson - 10 days ago
Don't punch all the whether
Julien Guzman
Julien Guzman - 10 days ago
Great job love cubs
April Flint
April Flint - 10 days ago
Pat: Batman???
Harry Potter: am I a joke to you?
April Flint
April Flint - 10 days ago
9:37 *Oh it is!!! Bilbio!!*
Rachael Renfrew
Rachael Renfrew - 11 days ago
In ginger bread island the water was ginger ale
Mr.panda XD
Mr.panda XD - 11 days ago
I noticed Jen is in like every thumbnail
Alvin Ramali
Alvin Ramali - 11 days ago
Dont mine at night
amoghbnellore - 11 days ago
I don’t like falling down a whole
Rebecca Romanescu
Rebecca Romanescu - 11 days ago
No affense but theintro trakes way to long.Soz.You make it like 5 minutes but it shouldbe like 1 minute
Paula Udulutch
Paula Udulutch - 12 days ago
You know Jen will fail
Ginny Pontifex
Ginny Pontifex - 12 days ago
Jen chets
kc kathryn
kc kathryn - 12 days ago
Don't eat rotten flesh
Mc Mikey
Mc Mikey - 13 days ago
Why does harry need help with a broom he’s the master quidditch player
Albert Bennett
Albert Bennett - 13 days ago
jen is you name jenafer
Sheree Rossiter
Sheree Rossiter - 14 days ago
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