Minecraft: *NEVER* FALL IN HOLES! - THE WEIRD HOLES! - Custom Map

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Ash X
Ash X - 21 minute ago
Can u play hide and seek in real life
DaRealSubtato - 5 hours ago
Hmmm... Some might call this ,an unexpected journey.
C.O.D.E Gaming
C.O.D.E Gaming - 10 hours ago
Lol for the beginning
Amare The Dog
Amare The Dog - 12 hours ago
3:43 i thought those were bras and i was so confused 😂😂🤣😂🤣 turns out theyre frying pans 😂🤣😂
GrimmJ YT
GrimmJ YT - 21 hour ago
Next they should own a planet and there's a martian village on it
DTHZ1 X3 - 22 hours ago
Why did'nt you just use the axe it's 9 attack damage
I thought the title said the weird hoes
Dark Side
Dark Side - Day ago
Smash like with a hammer-
Me: my phone T_T
Documenter and others
"We need to get MORE precious!"

"It seems wrong to have one precious'
Travis Deremick
Travis Deremick - Day ago
The music is Ryan toys review.
CwisstoferIsBwos - Day ago
9:28 this is the hobbit
Greece • 2 thousand years ago
1:02 When pat said punch it right in the facr jen got punched xD
The Redhead Club
The Redhead Club - Day ago
what about never drink potions then when you drink a potion you teleport somewhere then you have to do a challenge.also can you check out my YouTube channel its called "The Redhead Club" please go check it out and subscribe to it.
Mini spy ninja explores
never sleep in the NETHER
Aidan Fagan
Aidan Fagan - Day ago
ginger ale
Dewa Dorje
Dewa Dorje - Day ago
And Harry potter
Dewa Dorje
Dewa Dorje - Day ago
Jen is golem
Dewa Dorje
Dewa Dorje - Day ago
OMG THEY PUT LORD OF THE RINGS IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😸😸😸😸😸😸🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀
Love Animals
Love Animals - 2 days ago
Joshua Sandez
Joshua Sandez - 2 days ago
Pat and Jen were fighting over the ring because everyone wants it #lord of the rings!
Joshua Sandez
Joshua Sandez - 2 days ago
Isaac Bian
Isaac Bian - 2 days ago
Henry Patter XD!
PurpleCat Girl9
PurpleCat Girl9 - 2 days ago
I bursted out into laughter when pat said “your going down Hermione” 🤣🤣🤣 it’s even more funny because I’m watching Harry Potter right now 🤣🤣🤣
CakeMan 199
CakeMan 199 - 2 days ago
He said “Help yourself to the gear in the wardrobe.”

Pats reaction: “So we still have our bows right?”

Jen: “Yeah”

Me: “Dude, you will get some armor if you go through the only other door!!!!!!”
Edit: I guess it’s a small wardrobe, it looked like door to me.
Wynnona Lucille Larano
Wynnona Lucille Larano - 2 days ago
Do u guys watch lord of the Rings?????? Because golgum hope I spelled it right there's a scene says "My PRECIOUS "
Peter Starowojtow
Peter Starowojtow - 3 days ago
I un subscribed you were my favourite but you insulted England and I live in england
Peter Starowojtow
Peter Starowojtow - 3 days ago
Who agrees
Kate Morales
Kate Morales - 4 days ago
Jen, Your TOO funny, girl!
Mehwish Nadir
Mehwish Nadir - 4 days ago
11:47 Jen says OH SPINNING
rhonda wheeler
rhonda wheeler - 4 days ago
I think it’s Ginger ale get it ginger
The Russian Potato
The Russian Potato - 4 days ago
11:42 It is called a Ring of POWER.
BitterBatter - 4 days ago
Let's see if you guys create a discord server and see how many people that have an age 12 below
ItzStrawbxrry !!
ItzStrawbxrry !! - 5 days ago
Yass my fav book and movie Harry Potter
ItzStrawbxrry !!
ItzStrawbxrry !! - 5 days ago
Yass my fav book and movie Harry Potter
LonelyWolfMusic - Official Music Channel
Dear Jen, remember what god told you.

Never spam when attacking, you deal less damage.
Anyways love you guys a lot! Have been your fan for 5 years now! Keep it up❤️❤️❤️
Kiley Howard
Kiley Howard - 6 days ago
Never look at an enderman
Nya Simone
Nya Simone - 6 days ago
13:46, Daniel Radcliff be like, i aM oFfEndED
ᗩᗪE ᗷᗩᗪE
ᗩᗪE ᗷᗩᗪE - 7 days ago
Don’t swim to the bottom of the ocean
Kevin Turner
Kevin Turner - 7 days ago
Do a halo mod reveiw
Moongaser _19
Moongaser _19 - 8 days ago
If you've ever fallen into a hole (holes filled with water count) subscribe to me
If not, like
If not sure, comment
BeyKID 714
BeyKID 714 - 9 days ago
Never eat rotten fleash
michael villarreal
michael villarreal - 9 days ago
the bottom stair angers me!! >:C 4:44
Christopher Wright
Christopher Wright - 9 days ago
What if Harry Potter really was her rly patter
Carolyn Snavley
Carolyn Snavley - 9 days ago
Lol from the title... I can already say.... Poor Jen... Lol
Maddie Nagan
Maddie Nagan - 10 days ago
stop, stop, stop. youre going to take someones eye out. besides, youre saying it *wrong!!!* its *hARry pOtter* not *Henry patter*

-Pat 2019
Muhammad Fathuddin
Muhammad Fathuddin - 11 days ago
Can i download the Map ;w;
Charlotte Nathan
Charlotte Nathan - 11 days ago
girl bye
girl bye - 11 days ago
HAHAHAHAHAHHA “okay Henry (Harry) is talking to us” -Jen 2019 ahahaha
Potato Bennett
Potato Bennett - 12 days ago
1 tip in minecraft.
Enjoy time with your friends:D

If they kill you/beat you.
Adam Devlin
Adam Devlin - 12 days ago
Live advice for ya'l:don't fall in heart shaped holes in your back yard.
CocoBeyer - 12 days ago
Why are there strangers living under your house
Vickeen Allen
Vickeen Allen - 12 days ago
Spot of tea!!!🤣🤣🤣
cristine bertos
cristine bertos - 14 days ago
never go in a cave
Abby Italy
Abby Italy - 14 days ago
Wow, I actually never, like. I haven’t watched this channel in years. But you sound the exact same!! Bro!!
Ella Ref
Ella Ref - 14 days ago
Buy an amusement park
Ana Ortega
Ana Ortega - 15 days ago
Pat: oh, yeah! *falls out of the world*
Later... Jen: don’t fall in the hole again.
Pat: *falls in the hole*
Rudolph Pineda
Rudolph Pineda - 15 days ago
I have one why you shouldn't punch a llama.
Lindsay Hulette
Lindsay Hulette - 16 days ago
this is like your book a whole new world lol i love tat book
Blanca Maldonado
Blanca Maldonado - 16 days ago
Pat here come the money Jen really pat
Crybaby Kutie
Crybaby Kutie - 16 days ago
Pat: "Ohh God I know what it is..."
Jen: "pee? G-"
Pat: "yeah gingerbread pee.."
Me: "Lemonade or..or lemonade pee..."
Ijada M
Ijada M - 16 days ago
WOW! This vid has 1 million views!
Madeline Galarza
Madeline Galarza - 16 days ago
9:54 they look like the Hulk
Madeline Galarza
Madeline Galarza - 16 days ago
5:50 YEET
Son Goku
Son Goku - 16 days ago
Jen: I made tomato stupe
Lightning 99
Lightning 99 - 16 days ago
Literally no one:

Jen: Hey this hole is pretty neat
Ava Cangiano Cangiano
Ava Cangiano Cangiano - 16 days ago
Who hears the background music? -_-
Reyna Camacho
Reyna Camacho - 17 days ago
Don’t try to swim in lava!
Explosiveclaw - 18 days ago
Don’t hug creepers
unicorncoollady 23
unicorncoollady 23 - 18 days ago
Pat: Pot of tea~
Jen: pOt oF tEa~~~~
Wesley Zomer
Wesley Zomer - 18 days ago
Poo poo sees
Vernon Phipps
Vernon Phipps - 18 days ago
Pat u sound like that small blue guy from the amazing world of gumball
Alessio Keyse home
Alessio Keyse home - 19 days ago
don't hug creepers
stevie wilder
stevie wilder - 19 days ago
*never* fall in holes........jen
silence714 - 21 day ago
Don't sleep in the end
Summer Kemble
Summer Kemble - 21 day ago
Wolfpack3 Steven
Wolfpack3 Steven - 21 day ago
Why does it say never when u get gems if u do it?
Vondal Ironfist
Vondal Ironfist - 21 day ago
Sorry to say this but that is definitely NOT a English ascent, I know this because I used to be English but now I’m Scottish
Abi Reaction
Abi Reaction - 21 day ago
* I love this series* pls continue 😻
Abi Reaction
Abi Reaction - 21 day ago
*never* ride a pig 🐖
The Queen of Cringe
The Queen of Cringe - 21 day ago
There’s a problem... I don’t think you will be able to get anymore likes because I smashed the like button so hard
Ernie Pascual
Ernie Pascual - 21 day ago
I have a idea
Do not run at night
RocketShipSquid - 21 day ago
hello to the 0.5% of people who see this I hope you have a nice day today
Joanna Caldeira
Joanna Caldeira - 21 day ago
Don't kiss a creepwr
izzy king
izzy king - 21 day ago
Pat finally added background music to his gameplay
Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore - 21 day ago
why are most of your videos 20 mins and always good
Emma Wiltshire
Emma Wiltshire - 21 day ago
don't bring nether rock in your house
Trinity Ryan
Trinity Ryan - 22 days ago
What about NEVER fall in love
Crafty Claire and Friends
Me to. NEVER talk to a witch.
DogsEvan - 22 days ago
Never kill a witch
Never steal a villager's emeralds
Violet LOL
Violet LOL - 22 days ago
TJGallin - 22 days ago
Nice 👍 I am liking this
Alfie Dean
Alfie Dean - 22 days ago
Do like a lucky block race but jen is in them if she opens one it will make a staircase but will teleport her back until it has gone over 50 times
-Lexy- -sksk-
-Lexy- -sksk- - 22 days ago
4:57 for all the people who like to skip the talking parts
Pedro Lopez
Pedro Lopez - 22 days ago
I love you guys so much😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
super plush Washburn
super plush Washburn - 22 days ago
How do u do it u actually make Minecraft interesting
Antoni Rodriguez
Antoni Rodriguez - 22 days ago
Ok why not don't kill monsters
Probulus Kiddies
Probulus Kiddies - 22 days ago
I think u should do "shoot fire balls back at ghasts"
queen wildfire
queen wildfire - 22 days ago
pat: *flies on a broom *
Me: *play's harry potter theme in my head and imagining pat and jen playing quidditch*
DJ Donny.G XD
DJ Donny.G XD - 23 days ago
Don't*Never*Mine at Night
Dylan Herbert
Dylan Herbert - 23 days ago
The intros are WAY too long. Other than that, just put that stuff at the end. Trust me, it would get your channel more views.
Mya Crawford
Mya Crawford - 23 days ago
Mya Crawford
Mya Crawford - 23 days ago
When jen is talking to "henry patter" her accent sounds like an old lady............ -.-
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