Is she Pregnant or Whatevah ?

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Asuna Chan
Asuna Chan - 4 hours ago
Bretman cures my depression! 🙃❤️🇵🇭🤙
Uniqueka Vernice Perucho
Uniqueka Vernice Perucho - 6 hours ago
Ang Nakaraan eheeeee
Pear - 7 hours ago
Bret saying babbymae is my favorite thing
Kerigan R.
Kerigan R. - 10 hours ago
Oh i think having a dream about people being pregnant or having kids is a filipino thing because my mom had a dream her friend's son's girlfriend was holding a baby and said it was her daughter. Then the next day my mom said her friend called her and told her that her son's girlfriend is 3 months pregnant.
Maryjo Tinker
Maryjo Tinker - 13 hours ago
Bro I know how hot it is in Vegas because I live in Vegas
Sieanna Alyssa
Sieanna Alyssa - 16 hours ago
I wished dreams came true......

Bretman:I know she pregnant
Karina Vazquez
Karina Vazquez - 18 hours ago
Metal straw yas girl
Sherry Sail
Sherry Sail - 20 hours ago
Bretman- talks about how we don't actually digest corn n can later see it in our poop.
Also Bretman *straight up swallows corn without chewing* @3:53
Gabrielle Schurig
Gabrielle Schurig - 23 hours ago
“Cause without turtles there wouldn’t be any turtles.”

So basically, would this be a mukbang?
Briney De Leon
Briney De Leon - Day ago
That's the thing about us Filipinos. We're family oriented. Luv this.
ALR - Day ago
So genuine I loved this❤
NancyR. - Day ago
OMG THE FUCKING SMACK TO THE HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEAD!!
Houa Her
Houa Her - Day ago
Dude!! Bret ! Your dream came true! Princess is pregnant!!! Lol
Akacia Thomas
Akacia Thomas - Day ago
Her smile when she shows her teeth was soooo cuteeee lmao
FMC - Day ago
❤️❤️❤️ this is touching first I’ve seen Bret this sweet to Princesssss
Carolina Baxin
Carolina Baxin - 2 days ago
16:43-16-53 PERIOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDTTTTTTT✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅🅿️ Bergman you’re my favorite influencer of all time🤩
Rachel Latimer
Rachel Latimer - 2 days ago
babe i think you shouldn't cut out the swearing cause were here for ylou and if people wanna watch u they gotta except the way you and pricess treat each other, just be u brett
Shirley Simina
Shirley Simina - 2 days ago
The look princess gave Chris at 12:59...Someone please make it into a gif
Nerdy Cookie
Nerdy Cookie - 2 days ago
Bretman looks like the kind of youtuber that gets into a lot of drama but like he’s chill.. abd im not mad about it..
Denicia simon
Denicia simon - 2 days ago
Video suggestion... Reacting to throwback pics
Stephanie Svob
Stephanie Svob - 2 days ago
I saw the thumbnail and ordered food from Red Lobster asap
Hobo Mo
Hobo Mo - 2 days ago
I live for the ending when they tell their platforms. “B A B B Y M A E!” 💁🏽‍♀️
Jose - 2 days ago
I’m from 1 month in the future.
She is!!!
Martha Fynest
Martha Fynest - 3 days ago
Princess is all grown now & very very confident ! Love the woman she is becoming ❤️
victoria a
victoria a - 3 days ago
lmao the first topic they speak about is the corn in your shit LMFAOAOOAA you guys are my favs!!! 💛💛
Marceline the bisexual queen
I love this video because it was uploaded on my birthday 😀
Elena Cuatete
Elena Cuatete - 3 days ago
U slapped her so hard... I love ur guys bond its amazing keep what doing what u doing boos fuck what anyone else says
GrizzlySword569 - 3 days ago
3:45 why did bretman get sweaty all of a sudden?
GrizzlySword569 - 3 days ago
You don’t shit the corn you shit the corn skin
Tiah Myers
Tiah Myers - 3 days ago
Omfg! I just died when Bretman sang 3LW's song No More...he did the lisp😂😂💀
SONICMLGBOMB B - 3 days ago
Never mind I regret saying that
SONICMLGBOMB B - 3 days ago
Hey at least there not doing asmr
Andre3000fan 123456
Andre3000fan 123456 - 3 days ago
I thought I was the only one that was allergic to shellfish. I really wish I wasn't tho because it looks soo good
Angelika Sochalska
Angelika Sochalska - 3 days ago
Does bretman have touretts?
Joanne Adriano
Joanne Adriano - 3 days ago
Wow.. she’s pregnant now. What type of super power is this!?!
Evan Aguilar
Evan Aguilar - 4 days ago
Us Vegas people stay in the flipping house 😂😂 or the pool
this_name_might_change - 4 days ago
Omg please lord don't let this girl die while eating sea food 😭😭😭
a d
a d - 4 days ago
Who also wants to see bretmans boyfriend?😂
Giovanna Manzanares
Giovanna Manzanares - 4 days ago
Tell me why this bitch was right
Bjane Mejos
Bjane Mejos - 4 days ago
When Princess want some to eat and Bretman said “its not good for the baby” OMG! Princess is really pregnant! 😍♥️
Siriusly Awesome
Siriusly Awesome - 4 days ago
Omg. That video where he slapped her took me right back to the old old old videos. Omg. I feel so old now. 😭😭😭
Crisel Joy Catacutan
Crisel Joy Catacutan - 4 days ago
Owen Omobasuyi
Owen Omobasuyi - 4 days ago
10:08 "how can we chase the clout if the clout ain't even running???"
Mayraaa 5
Mayraaa 5 - 4 days ago
I love when Bretman sings! Only got a lil clip in this video but Makes me happy hahaha 😂❤️👏🏼
WonderTin - 4 days ago
I love these siblings. I miss mine. 🥺
The Ugly truth
The Ugly truth - 4 days ago
He is disgusting, jealous of her because she is prettier than his ugly face and she have boobs and pussy , if i was her i will punch him in his ugly stupid face and put him in the basement until he dies
Talia De Leon
Talia De Leon - 4 days ago
Wtf😂😂 omg lovvveee!!
Shahd Q
Shahd Q - 4 days ago
Dude i think you are the one who have allergy?? 😂😂😂
Asma Abdikarim
Asma Abdikarim - 4 days ago
The fact that Bretman predicted Princess being preggo 👀
Kim Mthethwa
Kim Mthethwa - 5 days ago
The merch AD is sending me...LMFAO!
A Chicken that wants to have 1000 subscribers
Bret is sweating by just eating!😂
Naomi Anastasia
Naomi Anastasia - 5 days ago
this whole mukbang would traumatized namjoon. crabs are friends.
Beatriz Diego
Beatriz Diego - 5 days ago
Omg lol he was actually nice in this video I love it!!
Abby Pichardo
Abby Pichardo - 5 days ago
It’s been 3 weeks we need a new video!!
Te-Mano Hirawani
Te-Mano Hirawani - 5 days ago
bitch you havent posted a youtube video in 3 weeks where you at
Jaionna luv
Jaionna luv - 5 days ago
Of course the merch has to be extra asl 😂😂🤝
Esmeralda Alvarez
Esmeralda Alvarez - 5 days ago
bretman we need a new video to watch 😩
Jane Riley
Jane Riley - 5 days ago
Bretman didn't chew anything!💀
Aesthetic Boba
Aesthetic Boba - 5 days ago
I hate how all your videos they bleeped out all the swears
christel de castro
christel de castro - 5 days ago
Bretman is right
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