Dr. Phil On The Truth About White Privilege, Trans-Racial Guest 'Treasure' + More

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F G - 22 hours ago
That girl is absolutely 😝 gross!
Now she has a mental illness!!! Mouthy rude just disgusting. What Mother would want to claim that? Or what Mother could have nutured that?! Sick twisted. Listened to that foul trash girl on a recent talk show and it was almost pitiful if you could get past disliking her so much. Her sexual talk, foul language, lack of education is all plus loads of other things just speaks loads for her or lack thereof parents. Awful
F G - 22 hours ago
Can't believe Dr P is sitting there feeding into the whole white privilege
His stats are not correct in his 40% longer interview for a white
This is the continuation of racial divide which charlamagne loves because he is soooo racist predejuice himself
Nhlanzeko ninela
Nhlanzeko ninela - Day ago
Love Dr Phil's honesty. Wonderful guy!
Kyle Fairbanks
Kyle Fairbanks - 2 days ago
Charlemagne funny af idc what anyone says hes fhe funny side to the breakfast club
Alexander Gravois
Alexander Gravois - 2 days ago
YOU PEOPLE?!!! 4:18
Bryan Tann
Bryan Tann - 2 days ago
Man Dr. Phil is speaking some real truth in the first 5 minutes or so.
Peeps Poop
Peeps Poop - 2 days ago
I can’t stand that girls voice
Carolina1 - 3 days ago
I'm glad Charlamagne asked him point blank about the "ratchet" aspect of the show.
I enjoy Phil like anyone else, but he knows darn well that a large portion of the ratings DO come from the exploitation of uneducated & or unwell people.
He started swiveling in his chair ever so slightly when justifying that.
I know it's just supply & demand, but denying it is nonsense.
His answer about "the ratings being averaged before the season is shot" doesn't hold water because obviously the demographic for the show
already knows what to expect.
SoulGlo - 4 days ago
Those hoodies are dope! Where to cop??
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones - 5 days ago
A lot of other people call it Black Privilege.
dyrty harry
dyrty harry - 5 days ago
What Dr.Phil doesnt understand is that, besides Kim K, alot of people _we know_ take great selfies, everytime. Alot of us are uuuuuglyyyyyy.
E J - 6 days ago
moon child420
moon child420 - 6 days ago
The follow up episode seemed to get to the mom more than the young idiot. They are both idiots though.
Bryce Anne Hopper
Bryce Anne Hopper - 7 days ago
He’s political correct. He has to be, he wants to see an 18th season
Bob Jones
Bob Jones - 8 days ago
Send her to the ranch!!!
Bruno Pupo
Bruno Pupo - 9 days ago
Funny Charlemagne asks if someone can be trans racial knowing that he took his name from a white guy. I'm guessing in this case that doesn't qualify as cultural appropriation.
Bye Felicia
Bye Felicia - 9 days ago
As a person of brown color I can relate I walk down the st and even tho* i have 2 small dogs they always men and woman always grab hands and or the male will check his wallet in his BACK POCKET and the woman will put her PURSE in front of her plus they won't even say hi or say hello to my small dogs and I live in CANADA SAD REALLY
Chris Hardy
Chris Hardy - 9 days ago
Doctor Phil is wrong. There is no white privlidge the only privilege the United States of America knows his rich privilidge. Rich privilege allows you to get the best lawyers to defend you and get away with stuff. The average citizen gets a public defender that does not care about the person it is representing because it is not getting paid a lot of money. Everybody in this country has the same ability to do great things. The United States of America has some of the richest minorities in a country on the planet. You can make it if you were taught the right things if your parents are teaching you about race and the vision that is what you're gonna grow up like. If you're not teaching your child judge a person by their character not their color then you are part of the problem. A good person can come in all forms. White people do not have a privilege that no other person in the United States does not have. In the United States the best qualified person gets the job.
NIGHT OWL BEATZ - 9 days ago
What people DO NOT UNDERSTAND is CTG is plays devils advocate and ask the questions other may want to ask but don’t have a platform to invoke conversation with.
NIGHT OWL BEATZ - 9 days ago
Dr. Phil has earned even more respect from me than ever before.
Chocolate World
Chocolate World - 10 days ago
Theres an app through google called family link.
The parent has the control over what their minor downloads, how much time spent, gets reports of suspicious activity, able to shut their phones down remotely.
As a parent you have options. But it's up to you to choose them.
Vassal Colony
Vassal Colony - 11 days ago
I like how her mother lied to her and her stepdad and it's the poor woman's fault. Her mother is a slut!
Kapri - 12 days ago
Phuck Phil! He's a freaking racist!
steve long
steve long - 13 days ago
There's no such thing as white privilege you spoiled kant's
Alan Gibbons
Alan Gibbons - 14 days ago
White privilege..... I guess the 580+ blacks murdered in Chicago by other BLACKS doesn’t matter! These knitwits will find any angle or produce anything to get clicks! Blacks always playing the victim card. Funny how black unemployment rate is all time low, but they don’t mention that. They are too busy sucking off that worst president in US history and circus clown Barack Obama.
Dingle Barry
Dingle Barry - 14 days ago
I'm glad Dr. Phil finally addressed the Dr. Oz beef and retaliated with some cold blooded disses of his own. Personally I'm fed up with Dr. Oz and his New York practice always fronting East side like he's all hard, when his practice is in the upper west side. The last brother he treated was Jaden Smith when he came down with pink eye on the set of The Karate Kid...Dr. Oz was actually the one responsible for treating Jaden's Smith, which resulted in that train wreck of a movie being completed, upon which Will smith resurfaced thinking he could repair the Smith legacy (after jaden shit all over it) with the release of a new rap album that he prided in being free of curse words, micro aggression's and negative statements. As we know the exact opposite ended up happening. The repression of emotions incited mass riots and violence, the only positive to come out of it was Will Smith said he's no longer going to sell out or say smart ass condescending things to the rap industry. Only point being is, we know Dr. Oz put the help on Jaden. Curious how he's going to respond to the Dr. Phil Beef.
rockster10101 - 16 days ago
The breakfast club should be renamed to the shit club.
Vanishing Stone
Vanishing Stone - 16 days ago
Dr. Phil believes in white privilege? Somebody needs to set him straight on that.
Katie - 17 days ago
Someone let that girl get a word in please ! . Damn yall keep cutting her off
The Mommy Ritual
The Mommy Ritual - 17 days ago
Charlamagne didn’t waste anytime getting to it.
Jenelle Wiley
Jenelle Wiley - 17 days ago
You can come to the cookout Dr. Phil
Lou Ratchett
Lou Ratchett - 18 days ago
Transracial community salute ✊🏾➡️✊🏻
Tj James
Tj James - 18 days ago
Send the child to the RANCH 👏👏
snake meat
snake meat - 19 days ago
Phil be speaking straight facts 💯💯💯💪💪💪
Gilberte Roger
Gilberte Roger - 19 days ago
Angela luvluvluv
Tanya Scott
Tanya Scott - 19 days ago
I thought Envy was hispanic- is he really black?? :-0 oh ok
m n
m n - 21 hour ago
He’s Dominican and a lot of them are black or part black
Tanya Scott
Tanya Scott - 19 days ago
Bryton Wilson
Bryton Wilson - 20 days ago
Dr phil takes no L's.
Cameron Edmonds
Cameron Edmonds - 20 days ago
This show sucks
Sandra Sandy
Sandra Sandy - 23 days ago
Have you ever seen Dr. PHIL try to help a Native American? No. Hasn't helped any. None. The whole race. What is that called?!?
The Real Feel PodCast - My Life Vlogs
iv had pursed being shut with me. iv had alarms being set as o walk by cars down the street. iv had people sit far from me.. and i'm white...... and iv seen black people, have opposite reactions to what i said... so.. it isn't just white or black.. yall caught up... its not white, black brown. . i say its silly humans in general.. weather your black white or whatever.. its what u build your life around is what people gonna look at.. now some may look at black and whit different.. but you are wrong on saying tat i haven't had those things happen listen above...
Everything I Have
Everything I Have - 26 days ago
dam I used to think dr.phil was lame, but now that I see his character and knowledge, ima start watching his show.
The W-heat
The W-heat - 27 days ago
I have one question.
Can someone more clearly define for me the white male privilege?????? How liberals explain white male privilege is completely illogical. I need examples, and something quantifiable and tangible. Not some nebulous concept or perception.
Jay Santana
Jay Santana - 28 days ago
White people on a black radio show only talking shit to the darkest dude on the panel .. y’all literally don’t have a brain..
Animo - 29 days ago
May I please have my back payments on my white privilege? I think they forgot me! hahahaha white privilege ? Lets go find big foot too!
Inga Wahlers
Inga Wahlers - 29 days ago
Hate the idiot in the gray sweatshirt. His granddaughter can order a car on the internet cause she's paid not like his broke ass
Inga Wahlers
Inga Wahlers - 29 days ago
Hate the way how ghetto the hosts of this show handles an elder man. Have some damn respect. You know you don't have to curse or be ghetto to represent.
Carrie Grafrath
Carrie Grafrath - 29 days ago
Jordan Peterson would rip Dr. Phil apart.
halogeak12 - 29 days ago
the repeat of bad thoughts is a cruel trap of life
Steven Cosgrave
Steven Cosgrave - Month ago
I'll beat you over the head with my white privilege.
Lachlan - Month ago
Ah lovely, more white bashing. Thanks Dr Phil, for just proving your a retard.
Valerie’s Fascination
Charlemagne 👎🏽. Dr. Phil 👍🏽
Aubrey Garner
Aubrey Garner - Month ago
I'm black and three you n***** walking past me with your I'm going to other side of the street to white people go with your first mine if them n***** don't look right get the hell away from them
Melania Trump
Melania Trump - Month ago
Try putting a hoodie on as a white man and you learn its not white privilege but how you dress. Try being well groomed and dressing sharp as a black man and you learn you get just as much respect and admiration, if not more, than a white man. Probably more because you're rarer sight and because you have a better body. The reason an athletic white man in a hoodie is viewed as an athlete is that: A. he is statistically less likely to have built his body in a prison B. well, white men generally don't have athletic bodies, unlike African American men.
Alexander Munitis
Alexander Munitis - Month ago
I always knew Dr phil was a retard
Lil BDro
Lil BDro - Month ago
“how about you you Dominican “ 😭😭 leave envy alone 😂
Sean Whalen
Sean Whalen - Month ago
I guess he doesn’t realize different races have privileges in their own communities. It’s not white privilege it’s privilege to those who connect with a similar subject matter. Selective privilege. If I go to the hood which I’ve lived and experienced first hand, whites have no privileges. They’ll probably get beat up or robbed if they’re not known and respected
Ernie Llerena
Ernie Llerena - Month ago
Why that black.dude mean muggin' Phil. Lol
stephencarlsbad - Month ago
Quote" "You're movin slow this morning."
You couldn't say a more disrespectful punk thing to a nationally recognized guest who is in his late 60's, than this.
The entire panel looks and acts like a bunch of useless, street thug, crack pushers on the busiest ghetto corner.
Unsub'd & blocked!
Erin Land
Erin Land - Month ago
Too the ranch!
Jaymes Thompson
Jaymes Thompson - Month ago
Wow I like him so much more now.
gplez91 - Month ago
37:42 Dr. Phil called Charlamagne on his own bullshit lol
Susette Santiago
Susette Santiago - Month ago
Excellent show...so much is relevant in our communities!!!
Susette Santiago
Susette Santiago - Month ago
Dr Phil has a talent for low key put down....smooth
e v i a n
e v i a n - Month ago
Charlemagne is so rude and annoying in almost every single interview. He’s lucky that people are cordial because I most definitely would call his ass out for his passive aggressive pettiness. So cringey to watch
David Robinson
David Robinson - Month ago
Envy: “ how about you did you ever want to be black”
Dr. Phil: no, how about you?
Sharp hilarious comeback. Didn’t know Phil was funny like that
nismo510 - Month ago
This is like when Nardwuar interviewed Eric Andre. Charlamagne is Eric in this scenario, his usual bullshit tricks are no match for Nardwuar (Dr Phil)'s smooth pimpin demeanor.
Sandlin22 - Month ago
The truth about white privilege is it's not real. This is just a show where black people let their racism fly.
doobie soda
doobie soda - Month ago
Casey Marshall
Casey Marshall - Month ago
Those are not facts, Phil. People have personal prejudices, that's NOT privilege. Affirmative action IS a special privilege
Skizzy Willy
Skizzy Willy - Month ago
White privilege is a myth 💯
RackaRackaCity - Month ago
Dr. Phil 2020?
Roxanne Moultrie
Roxanne Moultrie - Month ago
I Dont Agree With The ADHD Stuff.
ADHD Is Definitely Real However I Do Agree That A Lot Of Mfs Get Diagnosed With It.
I Was Diagnosed With It In The 7th Grade And I STILL Struggle To Focus. The Military Has Helped Me Focus Kinda But Its Still Hard
Austin Andres
Austin Andres - 27 days ago
this is what he said, but it's okay, you have trouble with your focus 😉😘
Sierra Stephensen
Sierra Stephensen - Month ago
“Break a sweat do something” LMAOOOOO these kids now a days
Sierra Stephensen
Sierra Stephensen - Month ago
They literally asked the same damn questions as Rogan podcast or whatever
Green Point
Green Point - Month ago
He's a robot!
J.R. Productions
J.R. Productions - Month ago
Dr. Phil is raping little boys behind closed doors. Nobody's going to ask him about that tho.
Kamala Kami
Kamala Kami - Month ago
Wow, just caught own that Dr.Phil is black.
simplyapollo - Month ago
Did Charlemagne really just call Dr Phil a bully? 19:50 ? WTF is his problem
HereIsWisdom 1318
HereIsWisdom 1318 - Month ago
What did Megan Kelly say
HereIsWisdom 1318
HereIsWisdom 1318 - Month ago
Dr Phill said anxiety is neurologically based. I don’t think that’s true. You CANT diagnose anxiety.
HereIsWisdom 1318
HereIsWisdom 1318 - Month ago
I don’t believe in mental illness; I consider it all excuses or attention seeking.
HereIsWisdom 1318
HereIsWisdom 1318 - Month ago
Phil is pandering
Nåmêlëśš Sîñčė Ëxìśtëńčê
Angela yee is trash with her irrelevant questions.
Zim Lex
Zim Lex - Month ago
What does white people being cautious towards black people , which are responsible for most crimes in the US, have anything to do with this supposed white privilege? I live in Romania where we have gypsies and when I was very young I learned to stay away from them because my brother was beat up by a gang of gypsies and they steal and they do not even try to integrate into our society. Now I am not saying that all gypsies are bad but when I see one on the street at night I am cautios. It's only natural.
Live Alive With A. B. Martin
Dr. Phil is cool af
Keigan Holliday
Keigan Holliday - Month ago
Go hang out with your friends!
*goes to friends house to play video games.
Raymoan Ford
Raymoan Ford - Month ago
Epidics? 😆
Raziel Bey
Raziel Bey - Month ago
Lol dr phil funny low key
add yaboy
add yaboy - Month ago
White privilege is someone not crossing the street haha
A YouTube Account
A YouTube Account - Month ago
That was just a example
My Info
My Info - Month ago
The way Dr Phil lists privelege sounds like people base their assumptions on black people incorrectly... like 40% longer interview for a white person? Sounds like the interviewer might feel there is more risk involved with a black person... like being mislabeled as a racist.
Deborah Gallant
Deborah Gallant - Month ago
"there's a REAL world"
Joel Holmqvist
Joel Holmqvist - Month ago
40:45 That handshake, Phil knows whats up.
jbmp1390 - Month ago
Trevor Noah said it best about white privilege, you can't recognize something you exist inside of and also benefit from.
AfroNinjaHD - Month ago
40:46 this man went for a dap😂 his name is Dr.Phil, not nigga Phil
AfroNinjaHD - Month ago
mans told char he was insecure 😂
Com Truise
Com Truise - Month ago
I don't even like Dr. Phil but Charlemagne made me like Dr. Phil because of how much I don't like Charlemagne.
Collin - Month ago
Get Jordan Peterson on your show!
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis - Month ago
Charlemagnes pre frontal cortex isnt fully developed
Erika Arnold
Erika Arnold - 13 days ago
Tim Lewis Lmao....CTG is just embarrassing sometimes. I feel like he can’t really be THAT dumb. He’s like an annoying little brother that sneaks into grown folks parties!
Lorena Flores
Lorena Flores - 26 days ago
+Jay Santana is that why liberals scream the most
Elizabeth Kelly
Elizabeth Kelly - 26 days ago
Jay Santana wowww . U got mad
Jay Santana
Jay Santana - 28 days ago
You obviously triggered to the point you have to overcompensate by talking down on someone’s intellectual prowess. It’s always broke people that talk the most
Leslie Henderson
Leslie Henderson - Month ago
Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Adam Blister
Adam Blister - Month ago
Dr. Phil is such a liar and a fraud. He's a total racist. Ask any of his staff. They probably won't tell you because of NDAs. He once called Oprah a "field nigger". Yes, that's true. The entertainment business is harboring many racists and Dr. Phil is one of them. Also see: Mark Wahlberg.
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