Leah’s World
Leah’s World - Hour ago
Grace E
Grace E - Day ago
Norma!!! i can’t 😂😂😂
AHHA 98 - 2 days ago
3:08 aku pikir Lady Gaga 😂
katy medina
katy medina - 3 days ago
Ablenen español
Anshika Vanku
Anshika Vanku - 6 days ago
Pierre is so cute
arabella c
arabella c - 10 days ago
Did anyone else see the music video along time before this
Lily James
Lily James - 10 days ago
Norma is just *ICONIC* 🤣
Fouad 2017
Fouad 2017 - 11 days ago
Can anybody tell me te bajes of each singuer???😕😜😘😍
Luaryah Guedes
Luaryah Guedes - 12 days ago
Adrew Bent
Adrew Bent - 16 days ago
You guys are the best i love watching your videos ve💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
Manar mostafa
Manar mostafa - 18 days ago
ILove little mix
Random Wildness
Random Wildness - 21 day ago
look at jade 3:15😍
Dolce Teigen
Dolce Teigen - 23 days ago
Oh my God Jade has the
lightest voice in the group.
I've heard her sing but never talk like in this vid.
I gotta say she sounds even
Gfresh844 - 24 days ago
You can see why Jade has remained so humble and grounded. It's clear her mum wouldn't allow her to let fame go to her head.
Crazy Lynn
Crazy Lynn - 24 days ago
I love you guys
DopeBlobzDabX - Month ago
2:36 that better be a girl or that guy is pervert
James Abbott
James Abbott - Month ago
Little mix is the best girl group ever
D Pagne
D Pagne - Month ago
theyre so pretty remind me of Bratz dolls
Harlie Dyer
Harlie Dyer - Month ago
I am so excited for your next song
lucky spicy
lucky spicy - Month ago
There is something called God. God is the one who made u and no one knows how the look is u need to be musloims 👳👳👳 or u will go to he'll if u want to go to heaven u need to be Muslim like pray read quran don't lie don't steal don't show ur hair don't put make up outside only in ur home only and don't watch bad thing and don't show anything in ur body except ur hand two hands 👐 and ur face show it and don't show ur hair and don't listen to music don't have any boyfriend or girlfriend don't show ur butt don't put too much make up I wish u see my message
Amelia Hossain
Amelia Hossain - Month ago
I love these girls so much. They inspire me a lot.
Geraldine S
Geraldine S - Month ago
I met Janis & Debbie at the Newcastle Salute tour in 2014. They are the absolute sweetest. When Janis smiled at me my heart just melted, such a lovely woman with the same huge heart as her daughter Jesy.
Kayla Thomas
Kayla Thomas - Month ago
I wish I can see you you’re my favourite I really wanna see you
Blackpinked - Month ago
1:40 Leigh was wearing pink boots which Lisa was wearing in as if it's your last. Any kpop fans here noticed it??
Ainsley Laurent
Ainsley Laurent - Month ago
Thumbnail: shows Jade, Leigh and Jesy
Crazy mixers:WHERES PEZZZZ!!!!???
Aria Creator
Aria Creator - Month ago
Wait those... uhhh girls are boys? Ofcourse! They’re draggers
#Aya Gangz
#Aya Gangz - Month ago
3:02 are they transgenders coz they look like it and if they’re not I’m not trying to be rude
Christian Playz-Roblox-More
Layla Hadi
Layla Hadi - Month ago
Motorbike motorbike motorbike man bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike whoop
Bárbara Domínguez Palacios
Monia Bonometti
Monia Bonometti - 2 months ago
Wow The se is cool
chelsboo 1999
chelsboo 1999 - 2 months ago
Jade is living my dream...I wanna dance with drag queens
Vaishali Kulkarni
Vaishali Kulkarni - 2 months ago
Please do woman like me bts
Cat Lady In the making
Cat Lady In the making - 2 months ago
"I have actually become the stripper that I've always wanted to be" I'm dead😂
Samah Omar
Samah Omar - 2 months ago
I now this song
James Abbott
James Abbott - 2 months ago
Jesy in a bike gang awesome and Jesy in my fravouite singner
King Searles
King Searles - 2 months ago
I wish polygamy was legal and lilttle mix band and i were all married to each other!❤
I MUSIC - 2 months ago
Connie Stearman
Connie Stearman - 2 months ago
1:58 Jesy's voice was hilarious
Star & Marinette
Star & Marinette - 2 months ago
LJPJLM C.T - 2 months ago
Wath is their snapchat ?
surbhi rikhari
surbhi rikhari - 2 months ago
3:13 is that lady gaga😂?
El Florero :D
El Florero :D - 2 months ago
The Narator Wizard
The Narator Wizard - 2 months ago
I love you guyssssss ❤️❤️❤️
Imanuel Lalmalsawma
Imanuel Lalmalsawma - 2 months ago
Lina - 2 months ago
I love you!!!
You are amazing!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
idk - 2 months ago
Why you can't see perrie in the thumbnail
Lexi Land
Lexi Land - 2 months ago
I really enjoy you guys. You really inspire me
Marie C Jean-Louis
Marie C Jean-Louis - 2 months ago
I wove em
Byhna Edwards
Byhna Edwards - 2 months ago
Assyifa Putri Elzahra
Assyifa Putri Elzahra - 2 months ago
James Abbott
James Abbott - 2 months ago
Bring the pow And Little mix rocks
Courtney Bluford
Courtney Bluford - 2 months ago
When did you come be little Max
shadOw_ j4y 867
shadOw_ j4y 867 - 2 months ago
I love you songs make a ne song
Benie Santiago
Benie Santiago - 2 months ago
all of you are my idol i want to be like you guese and i want to be your my 3 sister 1 mom i like my mom is the blak with she have boutes i verry luke her i love you all im a kid my name is sophia isabel r. Martinez by
Lauren Cameron
Lauren Cameron - 2 months ago
Hi my favourite is Perrie and Jade
tvd legacies
tvd legacies - 2 months ago
My favorite member is Jesy and Perrie
idk - 2 months ago
Lauren Cameron Mine is Leigh Anne and Jesy I like them all
Genovaitė Svetikienė
Genovaitė Svetikienė - 3 months ago
Jade your looks and dancing beautyfull I LOVE YOU YOU 3re WINER
Genovaitė Svetikienė
Genovaitė Svetikienė - 3 months ago
Jessy you looks good and your dancing best I LOVE YOU YOU WINER
Rajni Toora
Rajni Toora - 3 months ago
When jade was talking about the drag queens would be me talking about how amazing little Mix is
lotte de schuren
lotte de schuren - 3 months ago
Mooi Cool
pizzavlogsquad - 3 months ago
You guys are all so pretty and I love that you guys follow your dreams and I love how positive you guys are that’s why I love you guys because you teach me all this amazing stuff you guys do
Livia Cecilia Duran Belmonte
Peter Juncker-Mikkelsen
Peter Juncker-Mikkelsen - 3 months ago
The Girls are so cute!
agnes kibocha
agnes kibocha - 3 months ago
Jesy... I absolutely love her 😍
idk - 2 months ago
agnes kibocha Me too
Amy M
Amy M - 3 months ago
This is my fav. music video
Marthe 2000
Marthe 2000 - 3 months ago
You don’t have to ask who jade’s mom is hahah
ThoseOne Edits
ThoseOne Edits - 3 months ago
Am I the only one that thought one of the drag queens was jeffree star?
Annye Landero.
Annye Landero. - 2 months ago
No, u are not. Her name is Alaska.
Patricia Angelini
Patricia Angelini - 3 months ago
Little mix did not know i am in 7th grade
Elli Masson
Elli Masson - 3 months ago
You all look bootiful
Pink Angels/ Clara Show
Pink Angels/ Clara Show - 3 months ago
I can't stop replaying this video
Irisdenia Macedo
Irisdenia Macedo - 3 months ago
Lindas amo elas 😍❤
savannah bffzies
savannah bffzies - 3 months ago
Jefree starss
Havefunwithme - 3 months ago
I love their accents
Monica Mazzuccato
Monica Mazzuccato - 3 months ago
Jade 💜
moon child
moon child - 3 months ago
Leigh-Anne and Lisa? BlinkMixers?
moon child
moon child - 3 months ago
our boppity bop
Demi Wright
Demi Wright - 3 months ago
little mix I have what's your song I love how Perrie does a high note and I have and I can't just seen and all the little mix characters wear that outfit is really pretty and also put up some more work and yellow makes I appreciate you make working hard on songs for all of us your fans and I hope we can meet you one day and I love how you done the secret potion it's really nice well done thank you from Demi
Galaxy Girl
Galaxy Girl - 3 months ago
The drag Queens 😂😂😂
Teslyn Rochelle
Teslyn Rochelle - 3 months ago
Your the best
Woman_like_jade Thirlwall
Woman_like_jade Thirlwall - 3 months ago
Jades mum is so funny 😂❤️❤️❤️
MeeJayPee - 3 months ago
Wait I just realised they filmed the video for the version without stormzy??? 3:59 Jade mouths the line “but wait till I get you home” but that line is only on the version without him omg
Charmaine Hedderson
Charmaine Hedderson - 3 months ago
I love you like if you love them too. And I love that song
Qusai Modric
Qusai Modric - 3 months ago
Kaylene Smith
Kaylene Smith - 3 months ago
Jessi is so hot❤❤❤
Amy Evans
Amy Evans - 3 months ago
Dahiana Esteche
Dahiana Esteche - 4 months ago
Lina Gzrou
Lina Gzrou - 4 months ago
I lov yuu
Anne Ree
Anne Ree - 4 months ago
Pawah ! 😂
Cookie Tay tayt
Cookie Tay tayt - 4 months ago
This is my favorite song❤️❤️❤️
zeynep danışan
zeynep danışan - 4 months ago
jade's mom
Christi Manalo
Christi Manalo - 4 months ago
Sassy qweens
Christi Manalo
Christi Manalo - 4 months ago
Christi Manalo
Christi Manalo - 4 months ago
Awww your mother's are really supportive :=
Pink Panther
Pink Panther - 4 months ago
Umm.. ‘Power’ is the Feminism?!
Ava Simpson
Ava Simpson - 4 months ago
I am just like JADE
Meow Vicky girl
Meow Vicky girl - 4 months ago
ROUFI VPP 1 1 - 4 months ago
I love you 😙
ROUFI VPP 1 1 - 4 months ago
Juicy Watermelon
Juicy Watermelon - 4 months ago
I’m your biggest fan and this is my favourite song! 🥳 females are the best
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