Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 2014 -- Day 2: Yoshi's Woolly World

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Xaivier Wooden
Xaivier Wooden - Month ago
How to beat the game

Eat the other player to throw my pie you make sure the skies clear
That is what voice type got here is what I meant eat the other player then throw them strait up an make sure the sky is clear
Braylon Infante
Braylon Infante - 2 months ago
V. V. Veg
enrique jordana
enrique jordana - 3 months ago
Ghost Yellow Frisbee
Ghost Yellow Frisbee - 4 months ago
Oh Yoshis Wooly World For Wii U
Super Steve
Super Steve - 4 months ago
Wow this build of the game has serious framerate issues
IfeelWOOLY - 4 months ago
CC CC - Year ago
Weny So
Weny So - Year ago
Jaqlyn  Quillan
Jaqlyn Quillan - 3 years ago
Why does he yoshi jumping sound sound just like the Pikmin carrying sound?
Marcus Gallegos
Marcus Gallegos - 3 years ago
Tekken 7 Fan
Tekken 7 Fan - 4 years ago
nandeska12 - 4 years ago
Please bundle the yoshi amiibo with this game in US as well X)
I'm Joe Rampino
I'm Joe Rampino - 4 years ago
Frogwai - 4 years ago
Soooo sooo sick of the video game industry and their token women. Why not get a girl who actually represents the community and not some sorority sister?
daniah philmore
daniah philmore - 4 years ago
chilldude565 - 4 years ago
i think of Yoshi's Woolly World as Yoshi's Island DS mixed with Kirby's Epic Yarn. This game is so cute! XD 
Technochips - 4 years ago
in the final game, i want the baby
Ja'far, Chief of Sindria Trading Company
At least Yoshi gets to KEEP his power unlike Kirby
Adrian Ayala
Adrian Ayala - 4 years ago
t rear 7u8 o8ls4lr
ElCapo696 - 4 years ago
Just like kirby's, still I will buy this game, looks so nice.. XD
BobombDom - 4 years ago
I'm actually really looking forward to this. The main thing that made me sort of feel more... Not negatively, but more indifferently towards previous Yoshi games (besides Yoshi's Story obviously) was that you always had to make sure Baby Mario was safe. It was an interesting, but not really all that intuitive in my opinion. This looks much more promising.
However, as beautiful as this game is, part of me still wants a normal Yoshi game. Ah well! Another time. Definitely getting this.
james clark
james clark - 4 years ago
they should of had trihex play this
RedYellow Blue
RedYellow Blue - 4 years ago
I hope this game is challenging. It looks awesome
The 90th hunter
The 90th hunter - 4 years ago
So adorable!!!!
RaichuRules0822 - 4 years ago
You know, This is a lot like Kirby's Epic Yarn. but just cuter
Ryan Banik
Ryan Banik - 4 years ago
Nintendo struggles doing the most basic of cool stuff. They could make a gazillion dollars from all their games it's just crazy. Yarn Yoshi's would sell like hot cakes. OMG. It's just madness on Nintendo's behalf. I have a few Kickstarter ideas I would love to get off the ground. 
Thitoss - 4 years ago
This is so cute I think I'm gonna die
bloodcountess81 - 4 years ago
That girl sounds so superficial... grating to my ears!
Nick Besty
Nick Besty - 4 years ago
really good games
Jennifer20ella20 - 4 years ago
I Love Yoshi :)
utewbisgay - 4 years ago
Hey Nintendo, I have a background in toys. I would like a job interview please.
Harmen Liefhebber
Harmen Liefhebber - 4 years ago
This is the successor of Yoshi's Story i guess? xD
Brandon Odedina
Brandon Odedina - 4 years ago
This game looks so fun and creative! This is why I love Nintendo! The only gaming company out of the 3 that focus on fun and creativity!
Florian - 4 years ago
Ich freu mich schon auf das Spiel
Zanny Moore
Zanny Moore - 5 years ago
Aww, so cute.
Nik Kalos
Nik Kalos - 5 years ago
BenSunhoof - 5 years ago
Oh my God, this game is so cute. :3
It even feels like original Yoshi's Story.
NoiSy_MaN - 5 years ago
Charming game.
CyberCrossFrost - 5 years ago
lol he made yoshi icon by 6:09
Emotional Idiot
Emotional Idiot - 5 years ago
Ugh this game lacks thrill. I prefer challenge over time consuming easy but long exploration. :/ Don't think I'm gonna be getting this one tbh.
Ryan Kenwrick
Ryan Kenwrick - 5 years ago
This game looks adorable and fun but i can't see it getting very challenging at all, so it might lose my interest fast. Still, a great platformer for younger gamers is never a problem i guess, just maybe not for me
Nihilfist - 5 years ago
This is definitely looking alot better than Yoshi's New Island.
Ridzuan Azmi
Ridzuan Azmi - 5 years ago
he no grade
LyingTuna - 5 years ago
Thank god it has a Yoshi's Story style health system, rather than baby Mario.
Danny Rodríguez
Danny Rodríguez - 5 years ago
The dificult is very average, really sad.
Brody Rumbold
Brody Rumbold - 5 years ago
i hope yin yarn comes back and if so 

                                           HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED
Narwelch - 5 years ago
The graphics please my eyeballs.
Narwelch - 5 years ago
I really hope this game isn't too easy. 
ProgramsView - 5 years ago
nice good game
The Great Bootleg
The Great Bootleg - 5 years ago
Two words: Four Players
Carlos Juvera
Carlos Juvera - 5 years ago
wii u may not have the most potent hardware but they have the best games by far
Darlene Megally
Darlene Megally - 5 years ago
VenomDuckSolid •
VenomDuckSolid • - 5 years ago
The game looks adorable
Giga Impact
Giga Impact - 5 years ago
Prince Fluff > Yoshi
Alexander Nascimento
Alexander Nascimento - 5 years ago
This game is soo biutyfuly

Genius John
Genius John - 5 years ago
If you eat a Shy Guy and its mask comes off, can you spit it out and see its face?
Wesh verɪfɪed
Wesh verɪfɪed - 5 years ago
Jesus Christ, just about every comment on these Nintendo at E3 videos is negative and says Nintendo's games are "Washed Up and Unlike their 80's predecessors." That may be true in your eyes, but don't have a comment argument longer than an obvious Justin Bieber joke just going back and forth about difficulty and textures. Just learn to have fun and realize that the footage you are watching is an incomplete product. If you want hardcore stories and bloody action, go play some other game, Nintendo wouldn't want you poisoning their canvass anyway.
TailsGamer - 5 years ago
It was in the gameinformer.
patrickstar867 - 5 years ago
"The yoshi mallet of death, it's adorable"
You heard it hear first, yoshi mallets of death are adorable.
WhatDidIJustSee42 - 5 years ago
This game is just like Kirby's epic yarn
Eric Wells
Eric Wells - 5 years ago
Release the E3 demo to the Nintendo E-Shop!!!!  Come on, you know Nintendo wants too.....
Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera - 5 years ago
so this is like yoshi's story huh...
Patrick Tracy
Patrick Tracy - 5 years ago
its been so long since Nintendo have made a game that appeals to me so i hope Smash bros and Zelda are good.
Hess Hervé
Hess Hervé - 5 years ago
This is soooo cute
Bubbehsaur - 5 years ago
So this is basicly kirbys epic yarn but with yoshis
Anthony Calmeyer
Anthony Calmeyer - 5 years ago
E3 makes me want to live in America
Ru Ana
Ru Ana - 5 years ago
The yarn ball hits red Yoshi. xD 8:45 I like how they add that.....
Derek Lippold
Derek Lippold - 5 years ago
Artistically beautiful and co-op?! Definitely interested in this one
Pitch - 5 years ago
The design really looks like Little Big Planet's ;) I love that !! x)
Pitch - 5 years ago
So sweet design ^^
Patchuiko -
Patchuiko - - 5 years ago
Yoshi epic yarn?
Kayla Saroyan
Kayla Saroyan - 5 years ago
Looks like a nintendo version of Little big Planet.
wait isnt this yarn yoshi the cancelled game?
Zentarion - 5 years ago
It was never cancelled?
ranzgestalt - 5 years ago
the graphics are absolutely beautiful and cute indeed :D. this game looks just awesome
Turtle Stomper
Turtle Stomper - 5 years ago
Eradicator - 5 years ago
I hope the final version has more intriguing level designs/boss designs, other than that it looks like a fun game but not an excellent one like it could be
PeRa - 5 years ago
I just love this game's visuals. It's so gorgeous!
And good seeing you again, Audrey! IGN was never the same, after you left ^^ 
deltavagen - 5 years ago
that brunette chick is hot , damn
David Richard
David Richard - 5 years ago
Oh is that what happened to the girl from IGN?  She's working for Nintendo now?  Or am I way off?
Dat Gaming SUS
Dat Gaming SUS - 5 years ago
Cute, just like kirby epic yarn
Chris164 - 5 years ago
Ah the boss level looks cool :D
Ascher Carhart
Ascher Carhart - 11 days ago
sergiomonty - 5 years ago
They make so many murder jokes it's starting to creep me out o_o
Steven Villman
Steven Villman - 5 years ago
_Yoshi is – _*_by far and without question_*_ – the cutest Nintendo character _*_*ever*_*_ in Nintendo history!!!!!_
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