BEST-OF R35 Nissan GT-R compilation 2018!

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GB DO TREM - 5 days ago
Harbhajan Singh
Harbhajan Singh - 6 days ago
Harbhajan Singh
Harbhajan Singh - 6 days ago
One of the best things created by human 🎌🎌🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵
Harbhajan Singh
Harbhajan Singh - 6 days ago
2:10 tiger roars
Hector Doyle
Hector Doyle - 10 days ago
0:14 swear i thought they scraped their bumper and i was like oh fuck.
BoChAtEr BoChAtErOwSkI
BoChAtEr BoChAtErOwSkI - 12 days ago
Rockyvlogs609 - 14 days ago
5:39 a McLaren spider
Игорь ГАДОЛС - 19 days ago
0:32 дааа!
Jean carlos gil
Jean carlos gil - 23 days ago
ภєรtєг - Month ago
Гтр? Красавчик :)
Carbz - Month ago
so many gtr's are smoking like crazy, are they just running extremely rich ?
Diego Robinson
Diego Robinson - Month ago
ImNotLeo - Month ago
Gtr's make my heart more happy when hear this sound cannot explain.
MyPackMyPower - Month ago
ear porn oh yahhhhhhh.
Sqorck - Month ago
No wonder this car is called "Godzilla"
Paulinho f
Paulinho f - Month ago
sonho 💪🏼🙏🏻
THE IKON - Month ago
Better than pornhub
Danielle Dawson
Danielle Dawson - Month ago
Arturo Rivera
Arturo Rivera - Month ago
2:00 dude they grey is 🤤🤤🤤
The 2.0
The 2.0 - Month ago
White GTRs are the most insane
FoxLoveGTR Jz
FoxLoveGTR Jz - Month ago
This is how you roast a supercar
The fiat Multipla turbo jtd amg R line
Kazumi R6
Kazumi R6 - Month ago
4:48 best sounding by far
Sticks Smoove
Sticks Smoove - 2 months ago
One of the most beautiful cars ever made
Adam Kotbi
Adam Kotbi - 2 months ago
my name is Adam
Vitor júnior
Vitor júnior - 2 months ago
Corro cabuloso
Vitor júnior
Vitor júnior - 2 months ago
Só de boa
Bell Cranel
Bell Cranel - 2 months ago
How do you make your car whistle like that? 9:31
iQuattro1 - 2 months ago
Turbo with blow off valve
Melööni - 2 months ago
farouk elsakhawy
farouk elsakhawy - 2 months ago
Car from hell 😈
NFS Ottopsy
NFS Ottopsy - 2 months ago
is that launch control 2:08
This Comment is stupid
This Comment is stupid - 2 months ago
Your joking right?
Hey its muffin,its muffin time Die Die Die
She look so hot that likey
Akash Yadav
Akash Yadav - 2 months ago
The fire 🔥 machine gt-r
Car Guy
Car Guy - 2 months ago
11:19 This is tuned by God himself.
suraj kumar
suraj kumar - 2 months ago
How is the flame coming?? Is this due toh exhaust or anything else
Alif Haikal
Alif Haikal - 2 months ago
suraj kumar maybe from the anti lag system
Mercury_Mad_Dog - 2 months ago
Japanese Ferrari...
Sorry NSX...
Kazuhira Miller
Kazuhira Miller - 2 months ago
1:05 this guard is like "Really nigguh"
Himanshu Singh
Himanshu Singh - 2 months ago
8:09 very loud 🙉🙉
TOKA G - 2 months ago
Bad Upgrade
Bad Upgrade - 3 months ago
Well! Officially the GTR is on my list with my other broken dreams.
Apple Reviewz
Apple Reviewz - 3 months ago
Rafael - 3 months ago
0:31 o melhor !!
Ajan 47 47
Ajan 47 47 - 3 months ago
my dream car
Rooney Wachira
Rooney Wachira - 3 months ago
DaNn 244
DaNn 244 - 3 months ago
Nissan GTR❤😍🔥👌
Tornado 5123
Tornado 5123 - 3 months ago
0:50 Tanner Fox ?
MK Nation
MK Nation - 2 months ago
@Tornado 5123 oh I thought you meant the GT-R was tanner fox's lol
Tornado 5123
Tornado 5123 - 2 months ago
MK Nation look at the kid following the gtr he looks like tanner fox
MK Nation
MK Nation - 2 months ago
No he has a green GT-R with a high level spolier
Mert Adıyaman
Mert Adıyaman - 3 months ago
I love in 2:15 😍😍😍
No Life King
No Life King - 3 months ago
1:05 Hello there
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - 4 months ago
guy: Nicee..
GTR: i novv
FilthyJaze TV
FilthyJaze TV - 4 months ago
i need more clips from that beast @ 5:03
Kevan Kashif
Kevan Kashif - 4 months ago
Yo 2:04 man that’s what I want🥰🥰😍
ExCaliBurYTT - 4 months ago
Who’s lover of Gt-R here ?!

Thumbs up !!!
YouTube man Swagroy21
YouTube man Swagroy21 - 2 days ago
Stephen Yang yang when i get the money 😂😂
Stephen Yang yang
Stephen Yang yang - 2 days ago
RUvideos man Swagroy21 congratulations
YouTube man Swagroy21
YouTube man Swagroy21 - 2 days ago
ExCaliBurYTT im going to own one
Hector Doyle
Hector Doyle - 7 days ago
When I save up I Finna buy a r35 Nissan
Stephen Yang yang
Stephen Yang yang - Month ago
you should ask who's owner of GT-R here
Flex God
Flex God - 4 months ago
I watch this video when i want to watch p*rn😂😂
big banana
big banana - 4 months ago
2:48 me in gta 5 with my elegy rh8
Kyan Gysbrechts
Kyan Gysbrechts - 4 months ago
Kei milieuvriendelijk
Makai Brown
Makai Brown - 4 months ago
I gotta get this fucking car some day
Aurek Rung
Aurek Rung - 4 months ago
2:07 it sounds like a Jaguar a bit
Tonjer Watts
Tonjer Watts - 5 months ago
4:33 ok😀
Tonjer Watts
Tonjer Watts - 5 months ago
Tonjer Watts
Tonjer Watts - 5 months ago
Yegonizer - 5 months ago
I am a fan of engine at the front.. the Back engine tend to swing while accelerating
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones - 5 months ago
My god father wants me to have that car so bad and he will get it 13 btw
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