Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food or Trendy Scam?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Brennan Slocum
Brennan Slocum - Month ago
hey i dare u to send meh a pic of the solar system [in your way of video art] try your best!
aksbs - Month ago
butt the organic taste much better :D
Brent Jung
Brent Jung - Month ago
Antioxidants are a group of chemicals known to reduce the number of oxidants or free radicals in your body, they are not pesticides. Free radicals are a group of chemicals that react easily with other substances(-OH is very reactive for instance). It is because of these reactions that some cellular damage can occur, including DNA damage, which is why our body produces chemicals whose sole purpose is to react with these oxidants or free radicals. However, our body also uses these reactive oxygen species in redox reactions within our body so it is all about balance. They do not play a role in pesticides but rather are a byproduct of plants using photosynthesis, which is a process known to produce reactive oxygen species.
Helo Helo
Helo Helo - 2 months ago
Bist du Deutscher, oder woher der Name?(gutes vid. btw.)
KnowNow - 20 minutes ago
9:10 Quack reminded me of Dlive
Brotherhood of Steel
Brotherhood of Steel - 6 hours ago
Ok, Kurzgesagt. Organic food isn't necessarily superior. You say a healthy diet is.
What is a healthy diet, and how do we get enough of the good things we need? The public at large could really benefit from a digestible (heh) video that condenses what a healthy diet supported by science and supplemented by which exercises.
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia - 8 hours ago
7:18 Grass sword and Jakes`s sword from Adventure Time
Adrian Cornac
Adrian Cornac - 9 hours ago
There's an unusual amount of apples here
Kypdo - 14 hours ago
3:48 HEYYY that's the wrong flag !!!! The flag of France is from left to right blue white red (bleu blanc rouge)
Zappy151 - 21 hour ago
Nice touch with the adventure time swords.👌
Pablo Longobard
Pablo Longobard - Day ago
I just get very annoyed when I see some super "bio" Cucumber completely covered in plastic, I usually prefer bio, but I buy the ones with less packaging
Matt K
Matt K - Day ago
Scam scam scam
Nadia Jules Roby
Nadia Jules Roby - Day ago
um... regular food IS organic food and vice versa.... Check you guys out adding to this idea that food is somehow regular if it's got pesticides all over it and it's riddled with round-up ready nonsense. Organic food IS "regular" food. What happened to humans ability to simply cut around the worm track??
Nadia Jules Roby
Nadia Jules Roby - Day ago
LOL the word use of "conventional" and "regular" as if organic food isn't EXACTLY that. Before Our use of GMOs, pesticides and even modern agriculture was organic food. Y'all trippin. But what do We expect when Bill and Melinda gates foundation funds "health science" programming? Cute animations though.
ServantofErra - Day ago
Fuck. Zizek was right.
Organic is expensive. I’m out
Arjun Vemuri
Arjun Vemuri - 3 days ago
organic is a waste of time and resources to fix something that wasn't a problem. And they wouldn't sell it if it wasn't safe. It's dumb.
It's probably not as efficient as normal produce which is not good for the world. So stop wasting money and resources when there're people who need it more.
midnight gamer
midnight gamer - 3 days ago
Great video! You guys are amazing!
Bryan David
Bryan David - 3 days ago
You’re a fucking bayer puppet. Fucking nazi
wubba lubba dub dub
wubba lubba dub dub - 3 days ago
"What you eat is much more important than how it produced."
Jen Andrews
Jen Andrews - 3 days ago
Lol this video says that “Greenhouses” emit “Greenhouse gases”. Does anybody with half a brain check the content of the videos before they’re made public?? How embarrassing!!
Liew - 3 days ago
When he said greenhouses he meant agriculture inside the greenhouse and all the energy used for the greenhouse
Are Gup
Are Gup - 3 days ago
Price Look Up sticker
*produce is ORGANIC, the code will have 5/ digits starting with the number 9 ✅
example: 93425
~GMO-GE fruits/veggies will start with the number 8✅
Example: 81234 will be (five digits long)
•Ionizing irradiation will start with 3✅
Example: 34526
Will try to confuse you
^Non organic will have just 4 numbers
example: 4356
[]Means conventionally grown will have pesticides but might be “label” organic
Pre-cut fruits,veggies will start 6✅
Remember (four\six )starts the # will only have 4 numbers as well.
The more u know 🌈
Read labels, question everything!
The deceitful marketer are betting on you not reading labels & not being knowledgeable 🤷🏽‍♀️
GOOGLE, the damn word, is your health at RISK.
Do u really think they care 🤦🏽‍♀️ is all about $ in their pockets .. & killing ur dumb ass
Slayde Stewart
Slayde Stewart - 3 days ago
I think kurzgesagt increased my love of vegetables and fruit
秦Mr - 4 days ago
nice video
Saulius Simcikas
Saulius Simcikas - 4 days ago
if your concern is the environment, buy less beef
Ricky Torres
Ricky Torres - 3 days ago
Or more precisely feed lower on the food chain. Some people are going as far as DIYing their own bug farms to get their proteins and/or "animal" based nutrients. Even if you don't fancy cooked crickets on your plate low food chain fishes are pretty efficient. Requiring roughly double of insect based feeding but still considerably less than other meat products.
Ava Chiller
Ava Chiller - 4 days ago
I know I'm gonna thi channel when the narrator say "vitimin*
Spooks M
Spooks M - 4 days ago
Sorry not sorry I'm someone that eats whatever and I can see guys were holding back on how organic really is better in a very educated way you sugar coated the non-organic side
Andrey V
Andrey V - 5 days ago
Your channel is a scam.
Ebin Navis
Ebin Navis - 5 days ago
Hi team Kurzgesagt,
Is it possible to make a vedio of Dr Sebi's Food ?
It would be definitely an eye opening for all your fans all around the world.
Twizzy - 5 days ago
This channel is so positive and just amazing
Intisar k
Intisar k - 5 days ago
What about chicken? Farm chickens are raised in a very unhealthy envioent and they are loaded with antibiotics
Ricky Torres
Ricky Torres - 3 days ago
Get it from a local farmer then if you want "free ranged" birds. "organic" chickens may not be battery caged but they still often barn up even if it says "free range" as well. As the FDA allow this if they has "access" for at least 15 minutes per day. So that could be hole in a wall to a 4x4 concrete area if they wanted to.
Luke Davies
Luke Davies - 5 days ago
Lol at people scared of GMOs. Guess that means no more carrots, potatoes, some apples, Papaya, corn, and cotton is all genetically modified so thats out of the question. All GMO is, is food that has been genetically modified to grow quicker, or be more nutritious for us,
John Keith Samson
John Keith Samson - 5 days ago
7:16 is that Finn's grass sword?
CaliGaming - 5 days ago
I eat whatever i want organic or not lol
Filipe - 6 days ago
I believe organic animal products are better. At least here in the Alps
CactusGaming YT
CactusGaming YT - 6 days ago
* drinks cup of antioxidants *
Sam Gao
Sam Gao - 6 days ago
Food & Stuff -- Ron Swanson
Jan - 6 days ago
9:09 *cueck*
MoreStuff - 7 days ago
Anyone know what software this video was made with? Thanks!
tomto! - 7 days ago
video hate eggplant and love avocado not good
saahil singhi
saahil singhi - 8 days ago
Conclusion :
Organic is for people with higher disposable income
Conventional for general mass.
Chad - 8 days ago
Food and stuff
Daniel Shays
Daniel Shays - 8 days ago
GMOs are harmless. The Green Revolution has saved billions of lives. Anti-GMO folks are quite literally biting the hand that feeds them.
thekingofmemes1 - 8 days ago
7:25 nice adventure time reference
SteveMan75 - 9 days ago
but they did not do it proper with glyphosate... yeah the stuff who kreates disabled children an kills the bees. jeah, no harm here, just move along, just move along...
Yaacov - 9 days ago
*Hmmm I wonder who is sponsoring this video (other than skillshare)...*
Hanuman Ishmael
Hanuman Ishmael - 9 days ago
With the recent actions against Monsanto and the studies clearly linking glyphosate to cancer it is alarming it wasn't covered in the video.
The impact of the toxins in the environment and the concentration of those toxins from repeated applications must be considered.
Not to mention the unintended consequences for the bugs and other animals, including those meat animals this food is given to.
PandasHyper9000 - 10 days ago
Ideologues: Democratic, Socialisim, Facisim, Communism, Organic
A Channel
A Channel - 10 days ago
Easy solution:

Lucas Payne
Lucas Payne - 11 days ago
Hey have u heard of that cartoon which it’s protagonists are a avocado and a monster horseradish and called food time.
Scaveranasaur - 11 days ago
3:31 Well, that's quite the retelling of the tale of snow white.
[Mystic] Hunter
[Mystic] Hunter - 11 days ago
Don't you dare make my boi avocado look bad
Anson Ang
Anson Ang - 12 days ago
Gmo gave rise to organic research.
Anson Ang
Anson Ang - 12 days ago
In our country RP only few eat organic most eat conventional because of price difference, people here might want to save money than be or possibly be healthy.
I deliver vetables to restaurants 3yrs now.
I tried to grow organic there's a huge difference between plant specially on organic are more lively far difference. The produce looks better
Because mostly of the vermicompost.
Cheaper to plant free from waste in the market or forest for compost but time consuming.
Conventional is same old.
But they are pest resistant easier to grow but more costly. Because you always buy chemicals
Kno3 ect and pesticides.
Animal manure also can compost to kno3 so its the same but in conventional in its pure form.
But it could be true that they only have same amount of nutrient in them. Since potassium is potassium there is no organic potassium molecule.
But research on organic is young like 10yrs compared to conventional like 100+yrs
If we continue on organic path who knows
Or could be less advantagous also.
William Arnatti
William Arnatti - 12 days ago
What about the bees?
challenge bros
challenge bros - 12 days ago
Im growing my own fruit and veggies
Butter - 12 days ago
Ibrahim Toughstoneson
Ibrahim Toughstoneson - 12 days ago
In a nutshell, if you livin in eu or usa, then dont buy organic, if you livin in turkey, you have to buy organic because there is no food analysis or checking
It’s Me, Kim C.
It’s Me, Kim C. - 12 days ago
So you’re telling me Monsanto sponsored the video...🤔
Ulisses Paixão
Ulisses Paixão - 12 days ago
roigoi - 13 days ago
4:43 excuse why you say fun gi.
Nelly Doyley
Nelly Doyley - 13 days ago
Just grow your own food
Charley - 13 days ago
You did not talk about farming without any pesticides at all.
There are farmers who work on pesticide free vegetables and try to grow crops unknown from the public. They do so because they believe only growing one specific specie on massive scale kills biodiversity and also that eating different types of vegetables and fruits is healthier.
I don't know how viable this agriculture is worldwide but for me that's the "true organic".
Red white blue french flag? 🤔
Also Grass sword!
Oh and great video btw
Kyle - 13 days ago
I was expecting them to mention bees
its me its you
its me its you - 13 days ago
children are starving all around the world, just because you have an abundant amount of food doesn't mean you have to be picky about it.
TheSmooshster - 13 days ago
A little annoyed that they chose the labels they did. Shouldn't organic get the "conventional" label, and what we do today get a "modern" label? I'm not an advocate, but it's the difference between how plants have grown since the beginning of time and the way we have modernized the same food production.
Mehak Verma
Mehak Verma - 13 days ago
i zoned out on what he was saying when snow white and the evil queen came
Onur GUNDURU - 13 days ago
At the end of the day you become what you eat. Choice is yours but I believe this video is significantly biased against organic farming due to following reasons: 1) there's no single way of conventional farming, in fact organic is more conventional, the term industrial farming is more suited the conventional(!) 2) we all know that cost is the major driver of industrial farming that involves GMO (which also happens in nature but quite slowly) + toxicity + energy (mostly from coal) combination is far more worse than land use for this planet 3) organic farming concept is not limited to vegetables/fruits but also to dairies as well, industrial meat has all the antibiotics + growth hormones you do NOT want in a lifetime
Otsen - 13 days ago
There is a problem that needs to be addressed to the public. Farms contribute to Global Warming. The methane in the poop of the animals is a greenhouse gas. It traps the sunlight, thus warming the Earth. If more people switch to a vegan diet, the companies lose customers and have to turn their products vegan, making the reign of animal farms stopped. Please address this to the public, Kurzgesagt.
TomTom Thomas
TomTom Thomas - 14 days ago
Organic food is made from organs
laBallena Vacia
laBallena Vacia - 14 days ago
8:30 can i create anime with this? or maybe hentai? XD
Abigail Gane
Abigail Gane - 14 days ago
Nevermind that. You should call it "natural" food, not "organic" food. Whether it's conventional food or not, it's still organic. ALL FOOD IS ORGANIC, except water, and some form of edible acid. Plastic IS organic; detergent IS organic. Water ISN'T organic, unless it's "dirty water", so ice isn't organic, but dry ice is! Coal is organic, but is inedible.

Sorry guys if I burned your eyes, but this is from a chemical standpoint. For me, there are a lot of words that are very similar but not alike, like normal, ordinary and natural. To me, and what I've concluded after reading a lot of science books, is that, as long as it HAS carbon (despite of it's toxicity, artificial, or nonrecycable), it's ORGANIC. Nevermind that this comment is TOO LONG to read.
Tl; dr: If it has carbon, then it is organic.
deadhell304 - 14 days ago
The phage doesn't come across as a species that's just going to call it quits ones it's ran out of a specific bacteria to kill. So what does it do once it's done it's job?
Sweep the Leg Gaming
Sweep the Leg Gaming - 15 days ago
I like all the adventure time references in your videos
Josefina Tecson
Josefina Tecson - 15 days ago
Bfv Cgrv
Bfv Cgrv - 15 days ago
Subthai plz
Armored Wolfer
Armored Wolfer - 16 days ago
7:20 their swords are from adventure time.
I love these details
hi - 16 days ago
Whitney Chao
Whitney Chao - 16 days ago
Antioxidants counter oxidative stress in our bodies lol...
Dan Ye
Dan Ye - 16 days ago
Yes to counter ROS which your body already does but how many apples do you need to see a significant difference in health improvement.
Brandon Freedman
Brandon Freedman - 16 days ago
Why is there no mention of agricultural runoff from irrigation in the environmental section?
Brandon Freedman
Brandon Freedman - 15 days ago
+Dan Ye Kurzgesagt should have made mention of this in the video. They came to the conclusion that there is no significant difference between organic and not and ignored that the heavily used pesticides in non organic enter rivers and streams through irrigation runoff. This can have significant impacts of the local ecosystem and species living in this area.
Dan Ye
Dan Ye - 16 days ago
Because farmers are supposed to be responsible and should only spray when there's no rain but there's no training or regulation on that stuff. It's a free for all and the cheapest trick is all big farms do. There's no run off managment or anything. Organic manure runs off more phosphorus than synthetic slow release fert. But its expensive so conventional farmers like manure too. Put some strict rules in place and solve the problem. Farmers and government have been avoiding enacting responsible practices for a long time.
Trolldad79 - 16 days ago
im just going to state this:
Food is Food no matter what if its organic or not ITS FOOD
an 8th dimentional being
an 8th dimentional being - 16 days ago
0:08 the lemon ...

Krishna Gujrey
Krishna Gujrey - 16 days ago
The lvl of ddt can be seen in human
Krishna Gujrey
Krishna Gujrey - 16 days ago
You can literally observe the changes in land org vs conv
commentatorboy - 17 days ago
The problem using pesticides is NOT ONLY the ground it is being effected in but also the water below and around it.
For example if you use conventional "bad" pesticides, then it will also effect the water below and the rivers and streams etc.?
I did not see anything about that in the video...
So the question here is if this video is valid enough to "measure" how good conventional and organic food is?
Dan Ye
Dan Ye - 16 days ago
Well I depends which pesticide. A responsible farmer would spray during a dry spell to prevent run off. Round up is relatively non mobile and break up in 4 weeks. Bacteria in soil break up round up before it could end up in our ground water. Now if you used carbaryl then you're fucked because that lasts 6 months but its banned in the EU and canada. US has limited use. It's all about education instead of saying chemical is bad. Without pesticides on the 1900s the world population would never be so high and half of use wouldn't be born which I guess is good for earth. But we're getting more responsible with chems we put down but too slowly.
Manny Ribera
Manny Ribera - 17 days ago
If worms eat the fruit its clean.
RedDeadTryhardBichFromGTA Yuh
Greenhouse gas emissions from growing plants? I know machinery and all but you would think you were making the air cleaner.
Fireon12064 - 17 days ago
This video's comment section:
30% - "partially reasonable" organic people
25% - Non-organic people trying to explain their view point
13% - People who got the Adventure Time reference
10% - People who are complaining that the video didn't talk about meat
10% - The outspoken people who see both sides of the argument
5% - Those people who say organic food "tastes" better / Monsanto paid for the video
5% - People complaining that the French flag was backwards at 3:47
1% - People who talk about growing their own produce
1% - "seasonal is the new organic"
Sesar Rangel
Sesar Rangel - 9 days ago
0.00001% Me wondering if the percentage was actually correct for a brief moment.
Akita Blood
Akita Blood - 17 days ago
I spy Finn's Grass Sword. 7:15.
Conorize - 17 days ago
7:20 jake sword
Zero Six
Zero Six - 17 days ago
Astonishing. Everyone seems to want to live forever, but no matter what we do we can't escape the simple fact that we are mortal and that the main thing we all have in common is that we all fade to black...eventually, one way or another.
gamer boy
gamer boy - 17 days ago
almost 10 million subscribers! great job Kurz!
Amor Fati
Amor Fati - 17 days ago
As a farmer I see what synthetic fertilizers and pesticides can do to ALL LIFE first hand and if anyone tells you that organic food isn’t healthier they wrong. It is a FACT that many chemicals used to grow conventional food damage DNA and cause cancer. Go to the grocery store and buy a very watery vegetable or fruit like celery or watermelon. Buy one organic and one conventional and taste them both. You will be able to taste the pesticides/liquid nutrients in the conventional and you wont taste any “chemical” taste in the organic.
Heleryn Kruusik
Heleryn Kruusik - 17 days ago
7:20 it that jake the dogs sword?
Sakshi Sah
Sakshi Sah - 18 days ago
We had a research and development program in our school on organic farming where organic farming was the hero and conventional was the villian. I just realize how wrong our program had been.
Lycan Bane
Lycan Bane - 18 days ago
When you say "regular" and "organic" instead of "regular" and "genetically modified" 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Declan Mcgee
Declan Mcgee - 17 days ago
Yar Knurd
Yar Knurd - 18 days ago
You need to daily shop..

Yar Knurd
Yar Knurd - 18 days ago
If you live a half hour from the shops your Fucked cuz all fresh food spoils too early........
Phoenix - 18 days ago
I just eat organic food because I thought they taste better than conventional
20thDoxCentury - 18 days ago
0:07 and 7:13 i see theres an adventure time fan in the team :3
james cannon
james cannon - 18 days ago
Thor Eriksen
Thor Eriksen - 18 days ago
But that is to protect the groundwater
Seb Hazel
Seb Hazel - 18 days ago
You didn’t touch even briefly on organic ANIMAL PRODUCTS like milk, eggs, meat etc. From what I understand organic standard for that include no use of hormone injections to fatten them up, unnecessary use of antibiotics, bad diets for the animals and just in general better standard of living for the animals.
Fireon12064 - 17 days ago
0:04 we only cover fruits and veggies
InNomineDei - 18 days ago
Well here in austria we have access to enormous amounts of organic food, but there is still alot which gets shipped in, so many people buy foreign organic food while our products rot away in a storage, so a more balanced production would help , but also a more balanced distribution between countries is needed.
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