Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food or Trendy Scam?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - Месяц назад
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Helo Helo
Helo Helo - 14 дней назад
Bist du Deutscher, oder woher der Name?(gutes vid. btw.)
Globaros The gamer
Globaros The gamer - 16 дней назад
Hey Kurzgesagt! Can you make a video about Bootes void. The completely dark place in universe
amani kara
amani kara - 17 дней назад
Please do the danger of junk food plz
Kaipo Gonsalves
Kaipo Gonsalves - 20 дней назад
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell could you guys make a video on light and colors? Like what is colors, why do we see them differently from each other, why are there so many colors and out of ALL those colors how could people pick ONE specific and why do they usually pick blue?
Rdaco - 20 дней назад
Where's my calendar Kurzgesagt?
NOS Huffer
NOS Huffer - 34 минуты назад
You only talked about fruit and vegetables. What about organic milk and meats?
Ian Mitchell
Ian Mitchell - 5 часов назад
just buy a pizza
QUIETINHA - 9 часов назад
Esse canal deveria ter de inscritos!
M J - 10 часов назад
but eating organic generates less packaging, so it's better for the planet.... And using less pesticides is better for the water pollution
TheIceThorn - 16 часов назад
actually people should ask themselves what "natural means" because they forget that human action modifying things *IS* natural because it's part of our nature.
Dont Dream
Dont Dream - 17 часов назад
sub indonesia???
WhizzNick - 19 часов назад
3:47 OMG Kurzgesagt this is not the French flag ! Blue/White/Red is the right order ;-)
Muharrem Acar
Muharrem Acar - 20 часов назад
People should just stop reproduction. All problems will be solved. All...
That one Snake
That one Snake - 20 часов назад
Anyone notice the lemon grab like lemon at the start plus the demon sword
Ming Liao
Ming Liao - 22 часа назад
The video said it. Eating organic has become a rather ideology. It can no longer be discussed rationally or objectively.
Manuka Snakes
Manuka Snakes - День назад
I can’t eat cheese that is not organic because It really gives me nasty side effects, that doesn’t happen if its organic. The same with chicken and beef. Organic apples tastes and smells soo much better! Stop spreading bullshit guys...
u13erfitz - День назад
Honestly I get organic for the taste. The farmers tend to take better care of their products so they come out higher quality.
Julián Romero
Julián Romero - День назад
"An organic label is a manufacturing notice, not a safety certificate or a silver bullet for your diet"
God damn brilliant quote for dismantling a tree hugging hippie😂👌
Dustin Keele
Dustin Keele - День назад
What about pesticides affects on bee populations?
Alan Dutra
Alan Dutra - День назад
Castanhari deve se inspirar nesse canal
CubeOfCheese - День назад
7:18 Finn's grass sword?
Annie Bennett
Annie Bennett - День назад
Yo. These low-key Adventure Time animation references are giving me life.
Dienis Mel
Dienis Mel - День назад
Wise Ferret
Wise Ferret - День назад
If bugs won't eat it, neither will I.
Frog Catcher
Frog Catcher - День назад
The way the narrator says “Nutritious” 😆
Sonia Braham
Sonia Braham - День назад
the sword of adventute time at 7:20
Jr Lim
Jr Lim - День назад
This is a subtle way to say go vegan. 😆
Sobululu - День назад
What a blatantly misleading video! Is this why croplands are depleted, farmers are suffering from cancers and committing suicide, bees and butteflies are going extinct, and there are concentrations of nitrates in drinking water?? Is this video sponsored by Monsanto or something? What a strangely selective use of studies. This video is a joke
Elías Burgos
Elías Burgos - День назад
This video seems pretentious and manipulated. generates that feeling in me.
Apostolos Christou
Apostolos Christou - День назад
The word organic is Greek... trust me, by that definition any living organism is organic ! They should find a different word to describe it.
Rimsha Khalid
Rimsha Khalid - День назад
I love organic
the exsteme gaming king ab KING AB &HB
do Grace
I love rust
I love rust - 2 дня назад
Chtěl bych poděkovat lidem co dělají české titulky máte ode mě podporu :)
empe - 2 дня назад
7:20 adventure time reference the sword the avocado and the monster has
TRAS̸H DØVE - 2 дня назад
I think the only food type where organic is superior to regular farming is meat. Better conditions for the animals, healthier animals and last but not least, I found organic meat to taste better, regular often contains added water or lacks flavor in general ("tastes like chicken")
GeckoGaming - 2 дня назад
Javier - 2 дня назад
Ignorant is a bliss? i guess
Masked Kenji
Masked Kenji - 2 дня назад
Who there is a fan of adventure time
Ben Shen
Ben Shen - 2 дня назад
Jesus christ, this comment section is a war zone.
Lennart mustermann
Lennart mustermann - 2 дня назад
One important factor you forgot were bees/insects in my opinion.
Organic farming can protect them
Francesco Persivale
Francesco Persivale - 3 дня назад
Always been a big fan of your videos until this one when you talked about a topic I am expert on. I hope the flaws you made here (lack of research) aren't similar in the rest of your videos
Roop Kanwal Singh
Roop Kanwal Singh - 2 дня назад
in all seriousness enlighten me.
Healthy Tamilnadu
Healthy Tamilnadu - 3 дня назад
What about no pesticides? Only insects eating pests and birds eating pests. Also, why you didn't covered about weed killers?
Fatterhorner - 3 дня назад
The biggest threat to the environment is global climate change, which is egged on my greenhouse gases, most of which come from transportation.
ThePsychoCyborg - 4 дня назад
The solution?

*I N D O O R S O I L L E S S F A R M I N G*
ThePsychoCyborg - 4 дня назад
Nathan oliva
Nathan oliva - 4 дня назад
7:18 those swords are from adventure time
spooky - 4 дня назад
Most of the fruits and veggies I like grow here so I just grow them at my house
Mr Penguin
Mr Penguin - 4 дня назад
We should genetically modify a few hive queens from bee's, and ant's to be immune or heavily resistant to insecticide.
NoScope x3
NoScope x3 - 4 дня назад
how to create vidoes like this ? with powerpoint?
Ossi_Petter1 - 4 дня назад
yeah nah in Finland you can't say the meat of a moose you've hunted is organic, because you can't prove it ate in an area cleared for organic produce production. BUT if you let's say, chained the animal within said area, then you could apply for organic(tm), or LUOMU as is the branding here (LUOnnonMUkainen, literally in accordance with the nature) . Because of this, I don't believe in buying organic. Thanks EU and bureaucracy. If it's cheaper, then I do, but I don't feel I have the need to be morally above other people. It's a different story in areas where organic means organic ofc (I also oversimplified).
Roderik M
Roderik M - 4 дня назад
All I can say for some "organic" vegetables is that they taste better. If eating vegetables is what matters, then tasting good is a signifficant advantage in my humble opinion
Fred Madison
Fred Madison - 4 дня назад
There is a far better answer to all that, and it's called natural farming through permaculture design!
P2powers - 4 дня назад
Organic food has become like synthetic oil on the automotive industry, more of a marketing term than anything else (when Mobile tried to sue Castrol, due to mobile claiming Castrol was marketing regular oil as synthetic, the judged ruled in Castrols favour stating that synthetic is merely a marketing term)
SevenDeMagnus - 5 дней назад
Hi. It tastes better, less chemical taste, less medicine taste.
Billy - 5 дней назад
I wish I was rich enough to worry about stuff like this
wolf plays games
wolf plays games - 5 дней назад
adventure time
Norsk Paulsen
Norsk Paulsen - 5 дней назад
food with "organic" on it usually taste crappy, fucking tryhards. I from a rich oil country in northern europe so our non-organic food is probably better organic food from other countries anyway (and our organic food is crap)!
Norsk Paulsen
Norsk Paulsen - 4 дня назад
we have farms and stuff so yeah
Nym - 5 дней назад
does norway even grow anything? I thought all they had was pickled fish XD
Ninjowy - 5 дней назад
You like Adventure Time, don't you?
HellDuke - 5 дней назад
It's the same discussion, but used to just be focused on GMO. I studied biophysics and we had to do presentations and then the audience had to present counter arguments and raise problems for the topic in one of the classes. One student had to do a topic on GMO, but the problem was that without going into anecdotal there was nothing to be said as a reason not to use GMO...
Angus Dowling
Angus Dowling - 6 дней назад
whether or not pesticides are harmful to us, mass farming and agriculture has had such a negative effect on the environment. The planet is at the start of a sixth mass extinction in its history, with huge losses already reported in larger animals that are easier to study. But insects are by far the most varied and abundant animals, outweighing humanity by 17 times. They are “essential” for the proper functioning of all ecosystems, the researchers say, as food for other creatures, pollinators and recyclers of nutrients.
Insect population collapses have recently been reported in Germany and Puerto Rico, but the review strongly indicates the crisis is global. The researchers set out their conclusions in unusually forceful terms for a peer-reviewed scientific paper: “The [insect] trends confirm that the sixth major extinction event is profoundly impacting [on] life forms on our planet.
“Unless we change our ways of producing food, insects as a whole will go down the path of extinction in a few decades,” they write. “The repercussions this will have for the planet’s ecosystems are catastrophic to say the least.”
The analysis, published in the journal Biological Conservation, says intensive agriculture is the main driver of the declines, particularly the heavy use of pesticides. Urbanisation and climate change are also significant factors.
Angus Dowling
Angus Dowling - 6 дней назад
i really think this video understated these effects.
QUÂN PHẠM - 6 дней назад
love how they emphasize that as consumer, we longed for transparency in production
Noodle fox
Noodle fox - 6 дней назад
It would be really cool if u did a video about what would happen if the world became vegan
Xylitos - 6 дней назад
Kurzgesagt 100% Organic Learning. Fresh out of the oven
Vrikkiegikk - 6 дней назад
I want to go Orventional.
Mark G
Mark G - 6 дней назад
Adventure time references
Karin de Jong
Karin de Jong - 6 дней назад
Great video
UniverseStars Stars
UniverseStars Stars - 6 дней назад
Team Organic 🌱✨.
Irritator Moror
Irritator Moror - 6 дней назад
Please czech subtitles
Pigman - 6 дней назад
Hey why did you leave the out the details on public perception of GMO? I feel like that’s half the reason organic has become popular.
Flying Horse Cat Of Doom
Flying Horse Cat Of Doom - 6 дней назад
cld be because they already have a video on GMOs
Jayce Segler
Jayce Segler - 6 дней назад
Why is it that some people understand this as just common sense logic and other people literally need to go to school for a few years to understand?
lé paspastaym
lé paspastaym - 6 дней назад
Shoot Great
Shoot Great - 7 дней назад
please add an Indonesian translation to your video.please..
Devin Roxbury
Devin Roxbury - 7 дней назад
Okay so when I avoid non organic roots because Im told that they absorb pesticides, are organic roots potentially just as harmful?
Or does it not even matter because the amount in the "potato" is so low.
ALSO what about the affects of pesticides on insects and pollinators. I know for example the mass amount of pesticides being used to grow peanuts has taken a toll on bees.
Is my organic PB affecting pollinators in the same way?
Nym - 5 дней назад
potentially more harmful as organic pesticides tend to be worse by multiple measures. potatoes are a tuber not a root and the amount will very based on use but you should be fine either way. it's detrimental for the most part which is why I support GMOs. organic is an industry like any other but they tend to use less safe insecticides.
Felix Schach
Felix Schach - 7 дней назад
I totally agree that organic should not be idealized. I would rather say that we should use organic ideas to modify conventional farming where necessary, so for example in its impact on diversity and animal, especially insect life.
If a remarkable increase in farmland is necesarry therefore, we might just consider eating less meat to compensate the demand.
I Like Food
I Like Food - 7 дней назад
7:18 Finn’s grass sword or Jake’s sword? Who will win?
Jeremy Ames
Jeremy Ames - 7 дней назад
If we went only organic the real problem would be the avocado prices
FreshAvocado150 - 14 часов назад
I think Del Taco will still have their FRE SHA VOCA DO at the same price
Agung Guritno
Agung Guritno - 7 дней назад
Please make an indonesian subtitle
Pushpa Satpute
Pushpa Satpute - 7 дней назад
For all those people from Europe,usa and Russia says there is not enough land to full fill the demands you people have much less population than india,Bangladesh and other south east Asian countries and far more land usa has thrice as much land than india
Usman Khawar
Usman Khawar - 7 дней назад
0:10 lemongrab
Luis Nuñez
Luis Nuñez - 8 дней назад
And dont even mention the "organic" avocado productions in latin america that destroys lands of virgin forest and force local farmers to quit due to the lack of water
glbuys - 8 дней назад
It would be interesting to know to what degree Monsanto has sponsored this video ...
viktor1496 - 8 дней назад
Kurzgesagt works on donations and is very strict about its sponsors.
Lisa Nikita Meilana
Lisa Nikita Meilana - 8 дней назад
Please set subtittle Indonesia...
Alex Jack
Alex Jack - 8 дней назад
I'm not 100% agree on this as conventional farming tends to be driven by greed. There are techniques in organic method that use predators as a natural pesticide control, but only a few of them are genuine organic and the problem is we don't know which one is true organic!
viktor1496 - 8 дней назад
That still does not take away that there isn't any real organic way of growing food that is just as effective as conventional farming. More crops per land = more profits If you take that away, you need more land which is very bad for the environment. Currently, vast amounts of rainforest are destroyed to cultivate organic avocados and such
Eros BifeBeef
Eros BifeBeef - 8 дней назад
Didn't talk about organic meat or eggs
viktor1496 - 8 дней назад
They already made a separate video about meat consumption. Same applies for organic meat and eggs: more space and resources are needed to cultivate it which results in more strain on the environment and more expensive products
Mechanical Cat
Mechanical Cat - 8 дней назад
A little bit of it I kinda get it though... Well, I guess it's normal for a 15 years old who tried to understand good living for once. But, on this video conclusion says buying organic or conventional doesn't have such a big risk effect. So I guess that is one point that I was kinda get it and linger on my mind a bit.
Gaëtan - 9 дней назад
Any take on the dependence of conventional farmers on patented seeds from multinational firms and all the laws that surround such practices and constrain farmers?
Anything on organic meat?
Julie Baker
Julie Baker - 5 дней назад
I 2nd Stryker on this.. I've spent a good chunk of my undergrad researching the topic as it interests me to no end as an anthro/history major. No one forces farmers to buy patented or hybid seed.. it's just the standard for producing high-yield in monoculture crop revenue. Both organic/non-organic seed distributors sell hybrid seed because it simply produces reliable product. The organic industry has all the same incentives to patent seed. At the end of the day, I'd argue that US patent laws (giving free-rein to patent life) are much of the bigger moral argument here, not industry.
StrykerTen - 5 дней назад
+Gaëtan I understand the desire to seek a middle ground, but sometimes the answer isnt in the middle. Modern seeds are more efficient than old seeds. Reusing seeds is doubly bad as you lose hybrid vigor. After you account for the additional cost of buying patented seeds, farmers still make more money per hectare farmed with modern seeds. Even if they could reuse seeds for free, they would lose money doing so. The shift to using patented seeds is not because of some evil market manipulation, its just ordinary market forces. Farmers are just doing what makes the most money
Gaëtan - 7 дней назад
StrykerTen Is there a place for a sensible middle ground between “no one reuses seeds” and most farmers around the world have to use more and more of the same patented seeds from the same companies? Please keep “ye olde” kind of jokes aside. For the meat, I don’t see your point: if the definition is vague then it’s exactly the same as the intro of the video for fruits and vegetables.... So, I insist.
StrykerTen - 7 дней назад
+Gaëtan "also the patented seeds grow sterile plants, making it impossible to collect seeds and replant" No one reuses seeds though. Farmers dont buy new seeds each year because they have to, they do it because you get a better crop. When you buy seeds you know with certainty that the crop will grow well. The second generation loses its hybrid vigor and is just average. Again, if farmers were worse off buying these seeds they wouldnt do it. Ye olde seeds still exist. Farmers dont use ye olde seeds because they are less reliable and produce lower quality crops "For the meat part, I was just amazed the video omitted the topic completely, because there’s a lot to say (the video title is misleading: it’s not about food in general but just about veggies)" Organic vs non organic meat is misleading. Whenever anyone talks about organic meat, they dont say anything related to organic meat, they talk about humane practices like cage free livestock. organic livestock means no worm treatments for the animals which is just dumb
Gaëtan - 8 дней назад
StrykerTen I’m not an expert but I thought the issue with patented seeds was a bit more complex than this, ie farmers that have to follow rules imposed by institutions or unions to get some subsidies and also the patented seeds grow sterile plants, making it impossible to collect seeds and replant. I suspect the authors to be strongly biased or even worse not to mention this at all, be it only to debunk the above arguments if these were to be false. For the meat part, I was just amazed the video omitted the topic completely, because there’s a lot to say (the video title is misleading: it’s not about food in general but just about veggies).
Sharath Chandra
Sharath Chandra - 9 дней назад
Please do a video on Einstein's time dilation , length contraction , special relativity and general relativity !!
bob malfrank
bob malfrank - 9 дней назад
So basically the answer is neither is inherently better or worse. It's just what You decide to buy
ApolloandWarrior _
ApolloandWarrior _ - 9 дней назад
I actually support GMOs because they require less fertilizer, less water, and can be engineered to have more nutrients in them.
EarthboundX - 9 дней назад
Great, now I want a giant carrot friend.
Amatthew123 - 9 дней назад
The main problem is people think GMO's are like mutations and dangerously radical edits to the foods genetic code which is crazy. In reality GMO's improve crop yields by like 3.72% so we use them as they are much more efficient.
Shaun Orwell
Shaun Orwell - 7 дней назад
The thing is how ridiculous it is even if that were true. Every single anti-GMO argument is based on the assertion that a non-perfect targeted system is less predictable than the completely random systems opponents seem to prefer
StrykerTen - 8 дней назад
We can also do novel things like making a crop more resistant to drought or flooding, or contain more vitamins. We can even make crops that dont require insecticides
Abel Prado Prado
Abel Prado Prado - 9 дней назад
Is a egg a vegetable or a fruit?
StrykerTen - 8 дней назад
Its a cheese
LEE V HOLT - 9 дней назад
Fruits are my life.
MrJeffrey TheSquid
MrJeffrey TheSquid - 9 дней назад
Nice adventure time swords
nothingabsolute - 9 дней назад
Though what about the taste?!?
StrykerTen - 7 дней назад
+nothingabsolute "Land management and habitat conservation is a separate issue and is necessary under either method of farming" No, they are not separate issues. The less efficient our farming is, the more land we need to use to produce food, the less land can be reserved for wildlife "The more food you grow the more people you'll have" Food supply has nothing to do with population growth. Thats only true in videogames. In real life, the determining factors in a regions birth rate are healthcare and education. The better the healthcare and the better the education, the lower the birth rate. We have already hit peak baby. In other words, the total number of babies will not grow beyond what it is today. We will see continued population growth for a time longer as the older age brackets fill out, but it will level out at roughly 11 billion. After that the worlds population will begin to decline, provided we are able to provide proper healthcare and education to all those 11 billion people "At the moment we produce enough food to feed the whole world" And we produce that food at the expense of vast, vast amounts of land needed for farming. We have already taken a profoundly large amount of land from wildlife. We need to be increasing efficiency so we can return land to wildlife, not decreasing efficiency, making us take even more land "At the moment the hunger issue is an issue of access not production." Sure, if you look at the total amount of food vs the total amount of food needed, we have enough food. If you only look at the issue in that surface level way, you could say there isnt an issue with production. If you actually look at who is starving and why, its a different story. There are over a billion people in africa, and more than 90% are subsistence farmers. That means they produce barely enough food to feed themselves. These are the people at risk of starvation. They starve when they have a poor harvest one year, either because of pests they couldnt kill because they dont have pesticides, or because of drought, or flooding. These farmers need modern tools. They need modern pesticides to protect their crops, fertilizers and so on. When we provide these tools to poor farmers they go from producing barely enough to survive to producing an excess they can sell at market. For these farmers, the people who are actually at risk of starvation, it absolutely is a problem of production
nothingabsolute - 8 дней назад
+StrykerTen Land management and habitat conservation is a separate issue and is necessary under either method of farming. The more food you grow the more people you'll have. With increasing population you'll always need more and more land. At the moment we produce enough food to feed the whole world. At the moment the hunger issue is an issue of access not production.
StrykerTen - 8 дней назад
Is a better taste worth the loss of significant portions of wildlife?
Felipe Zavan
Felipe Zavan - 9 дней назад
I'll just eat meat instead.
Fransisco Mario
Fransisco Mario - 9 дней назад
Your channel should be mandatory for all schools around the world!!!
Sarah Azzam
Sarah Azzam - 9 дней назад
Do a video about seasonal fruits and vegetables
Tamlyhoc2go - 9 дней назад
Does organic equal natural?
StrykerTen - 8 дней назад
Why does it matter what is "natural"? "Natural" is not inherently good or bad. Birds are natural and they are cool. Cancer is natural and thats not so cool. "Natural" is really a pretty meaningless term
ManateemanDoesStuff - 10 дней назад
Oh yeah
Adventure Time grass sword and Jake sword
FlyingAce1016 - 10 дней назад
Organic is stupid. GMOs will save the earth and humanity
And organic actually requires more pesticides . More land and water to produce and the food rots quicker and is over all more wild GMOs is breeding for the best possible outcome.. eat organic water melons? Bananas? Corn? Guess what you been scammed those are GMOs xD and GMOs are safe.
Abra Cadavra
Abra Cadavra - 10 дней назад
This is absurd. Non-organic tomatoes don't even have seeds in them, and they taste and look like rubber. I've never felt any health effect from non-organic produce, whereas if I drink a green juice made from plants that I grow organically in my garden, I feel absolutely fantastic. My skin clears up, my eyes brighten, my mood is lifted, I no longer have brain fog and all over I'm more healthy.
It's a no-brainer for me. Organic is better. Scratch that, it's the best.
StrykerTen - 7 дней назад
+Abra Cadavra "Everything from looks, smell, taste, and health effects is incredibly different in organic vs non-organic" Ok, lets assume you can tell the difference. I am not convinced you can, but lets assume you can for the sake of argument. Is a better tasting vegetable worth the cost of wiping out wildlife? " A lot of pesticides and herbicides have been scientifically shown to cause different types of cancer" Then dont use those pesticides. However if you are implying glyphosate causes cancer, there is insufficient evidence to believe that "So why would these people debate it if there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that people who eat fully organic diets have no benefits from it? " Thats not how claims work. You dont make a claim that something isnt true, then have to prove it. Not accepting something is the default position, it doesnt require evidence. You need evidence to accept something. In other words, the claim that organic food is better for your health requires evidence to back it up. If there is insufficient data to suggest that organic food is meaningfully better for ones health, there is insufficient reason to believe it. You went out of your way to argue that there is insufficient data on the health effects of organic food vs conventionally farmed food. If so, you have no reason to assume it is better for your health Its also important to note that organic farming cant use GM crops, which prevents them using crops modified to improve health like rice modified to have large amounts of vitamin A to fight vitamin A deficiency. organic farming also cant use crops modified to need less insecticides, where a plant is modified to produce caffeine or some other insecticide in its stem and leaf to kill pest insects without killing pollinators
Abra Cadavra
Abra Cadavra - 8 дней назад
+StrykerTen My sister used to make this joke (at least she thought she was funny) where she would buy different produce and tell me that it was the cheapest non-organic produce she could find, but that she thought they looked ok so we better try them. It never worked, because as soon as I'd taste them I'd instantly know they were actually organic and in no way store-bought. Which they were. Because she wouldn't actually buy the produce, she would get them from this elderly man who had a small garden in his backyard and he would grow organic produce. (I didn't know about this man until she finally admitted that the produce was not store-bought, being frustrated that this joke of hers never worked on me). Everything from looks, smell, taste, and health effects is incredibly different in organic vs non-organic. I know lot of people that grow produce that use chemical fertilizers and the thing grows like a mutant and has no flavour. Even parsley tastes strange. You can't possibly convince me that pesticide free is the same as glyphosate sprayed produce. A lot of pesticides and herbicides have been scientifically shown to cause different types of cancer. A lot of people who debate this have no actual idea what they're talking about. I wouldn't expect someone who lived in a city all of their life and has eaten only commercial non-organic food to ever fathom what a naturally grown apple tastes like even. Let alone the effects it has on the body. But to see Kurzgesagt make this video, looks like willfull ignorance from their part, since *there are no actual studies on humans to this date about the health effects of fully organic to fully non-organic diets* . Do you realise that? *None* . *The only* studies on the health effects of *fully* organic foods that are available are some *test tube studies* comparing health-related properties of organic vs. conventional foods which do show *higher antioxidative* and *antimutagenic activity* as well as *better inhibition of cancer cell proliferation* in the organic group. And a few others that I found which were done on..... *fruit flies* . You'd think is common sense that insecticide free foods make fruit flies live longer, but hey... now we have the studies on it. But in terms of studies on *actual humans* ? None. Im not speaking about cross-sectional studies that don't collect data about individuals. I'm talking about genuine *randomised control studies* and *meta analysis* . So why would these people debate it if there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that people who eat fully organic diets have no benefits from it? They should've focused more on the environmental impacts and leave the health aspect out of the picture, because they don't actually know anything about the topic.
viktor1496 - 8 дней назад
^this..... you just think it works. Studies have been done and found no serious health benefits or any difference in the produce Now if you use different recipes or kinds of plants, that's a different story.
StrykerTen - 8 дней назад
Have you heard of the placebo effect?
Kristijan Cindrić
Kristijan Cindrić - 10 дней назад
Nobody got the Baman and Piderman (and pumpkin!) reference at 8:00?
Bodhi Geraci
Bodhi Geraci - 10 дней назад
Organis tastes better
StrykerTen - 8 дней назад
Is a better taste worth the cost of clear cutting forests?
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