Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer

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Hrushikesh Gouda
Hrushikesh Gouda - 56 seconds ago
This trailer is epic and cool
But I wonder,
Is it a little odd that I have never watched any Star Wars movie before this?
Ken Kanaki
Ken Kanaki - 59 seconds ago
paid likes. OMEGALUL!
Joseph Gonzo
Joseph Gonzo - Minute ago
2019: the saga ends

3019: lol ok for reals this time
Fun Guy
Fun Guy - Minute ago
Max Schellenberg
Max Schellenberg - Minute ago
Finally, they have enough ships to make it looks like a real battle.
HMS Africa
HMS Africa - Minute ago
Don’t forget that the new droid is called DIO because someone at Disney is a jojo fan
Sans YT Independiente
Sans YT Independiente - Minute ago
The muffin man
The muffin man - Minute ago
What if at the end of the movie Rey confirms she is a VSCO girl
SaltySeaDog 20
SaltySeaDog 20 - Minute ago
I subscribed right before this channel hit 3 million
Jimmy M
Jimmy M - Minute ago
C3po should really be saying who da heck are you guys, wheres my friends?
Derek Mikel
Derek Mikel - Minute ago
2019: the saga ends
2019: a new meme begins
Tay. Joh.
Tay. Joh. - Minute ago
Don't bother reading the comments... they are all the same meme.
Jorgè Lopez
Jorgè Lopez - Minute ago
2019: Saga ends

2029: Boss Nass, A star wars story
JAGexRK - Minute ago
1:59 "Come child let me tell you the story of Darth Plagueis the wise"
MagicMarley - Minute ago
Ngl I don't cry often but this trailer brought me to the verge of tears, at first I disliked the characters, just writing it off as disney trying to tap in to trends, but they've actually grown on me, and it's gonna be sad to see them go. They better do this film right and give this amazing saga the amazing end it deserves.
Turtle Shell
Turtle Shell - Minute ago
2019: a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...
2020: a not so long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...
Drqgons MC
Drqgons MC - 2 minutes ago
If your just scrolling through the comments give me a like 😂😂 👍
Fun Guy
Fun Guy - 2 minutes ago
Pass ... Looks boring AF!
The Yoshi Jedi
The Yoshi Jedi - 2 minutes ago
I have never been more hyped about anything than now
Amrit - 2 minutes ago
2019: the saga ends.
2030:Palpatine wars: a star wars Strory
Chris Mcmillan
Chris Mcmillan - 2 minutes ago
Why couldn’t Disney just stick to kids films :(
Invader zim
Invader zim - 2 minutes ago
1:19 theres a battle droid behind c-3po
Diabetus_Supreme - 2 minutes ago
2019: The saga ends

2029: The saga begins again but with Chris Pratt
Dont Read My Logo
Dont Read My Logo - 29 seconds ago
Derek Slade
Derek Slade - 2 minutes ago
This looks SPECTACULARLY................................awful. Seriously, this is awful. Won't be going to watch it. To all of those who want to waste their money, have fun! You're high-fiving the destruction of sci-fi's most famous franchise. I'm out! :)
Joe Bidens Son
Joe Bidens Son - 2 minutes ago
Like for 3m! 👍🏻
tsmithla - 2 minutes ago
A. This looks ridiculous. B.The leaked spoiler synopsis seems to be true, so this is gonna be bad. C. Palpatine didn't die, so they just screwed up the redemption story of the OT.
Nice job, Jar Jar Abrams. You totally f'ed up Lucas' vision.
2QRh6g1I - 2 minutes ago
2019: The Rise of Skywalker, or is it the Saga Ends?
2020: A Star Wars Oxymoron
vmin infinity
vmin infinity - 2 minutes ago
Ok so the whole comment section is full of '2019.....2029.......' like tf no other comments?!?
SomeGuyNamedJay - 2 minutes ago
And here we are again ;-; why lucas had to sell the franchise
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee - 2 minutes ago
i heard a toaster in there
The official random Channel
The official random Channel - 3 minutes ago
Maya - 3 minutes ago
😔😔😔 porque no dejaron que la saga acabará dignamente solo la alargan sin sentido y arruinan los primeros trabajos de esta gran película 😧
Joseph Gonzo
Joseph Gonzo - 3 minutes ago
2019: the saga ends

2199: Stormtrooper, part 2,124
Jose Rafael
Jose Rafael - 3 minutes ago
Every time a studio claims it's the end of a saga, clearly they're marketing and not the actual end.
Liv Volk
Liv Volk - 3 minutes ago
I swear to god if i see ANOTHER comment that says
2019: the saga ends
2035: Blah blah blah
i’M GoInG tO lOsE mY MiINd!!
Jordann_0568 - 3 minutes ago
"Let the Past Die."
Lord Vader
Lord Vader - 3 minutes ago
The dagger of freakin Mortis and GHOST wat the freak is gooooingg onn sesshh I cant wait
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya - 3 minutes ago
This is the true end....
FunnyPolitics - 3 minutes ago
2019: The Saga Ends
2022: The Saga Ends Prequels
Game Navigator
Game Navigator - 3 minutes ago
2019: the saga ends
2077:the rise of high ground
The Retro Beast
The Retro Beast - 3 minutes ago
This comment sections contains a high level of toxicity.
Amal Jurabaev
Amal Jurabaev - 3 minutes ago
I almost cried when c-3po said taking my last look at my friends. Dam bro that felt bad
William Reed
William Reed - 4 minutes ago
Wauu it feels just like brexit, finally the end of a saga
Drepbacon XDXD
Drepbacon XDXD - 4 minutes ago
Emperor back boisss
Highwaay Nitrous
Highwaay Nitrous - 4 minutes ago
2019: The saga ends
2020: Sand: A Star Wars Story
Chris Griffin
Chris Griffin - 4 minutes ago
These 2019 the saga ends comments are not funny and are repetitive af
Sean Zadsalamat
Sean Zadsalamat - 4 minutes ago
More dislikes please
Snake 293736577929#
Snake 293736577929# - 4 minutes ago
2019: the saga ends
2024: We want more money: A star wars story
LukeMan27! - 4 minutes ago
I am ready
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson - 4 minutes ago
in the beginning Rey is training, you can see those little sphere training droids that Luke trained with.
chaosmos24 - 4 minutes ago
I really hope Palpatine isn't actually in it because if he is there is a good chance he will be ruined as well.
Benjamin Joseph Kidd-Bentley
Please... let it end. It's enough like a well used tissue.
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas - 4 minutes ago
2019: The Saga Ends
2020: Star Wars: The Rise of Darth Woody and Darth Buzz.
Miguel V
Miguel V - 4 minutes ago
2019: the saga will end
Josie Satira
Josie Satira - 4 minutes ago
I don’t I I do think 5
kish45 - 5 minutes ago
Are they going to kill off C-3p0?
Alexis BOUVIN - 5 minutes ago
The last "always" is from Leia ! 😍
Drqgons MC
Drqgons MC - 5 minutes ago
2019: the saga ends
2374: Star Wars: The last force bender
Biff Bamboo
Biff Bamboo - 5 minutes ago
Underwhelming, warmed over, fanwank garbage. The trailer revealed nothing because they have nothing. They know it and soon everybody will know it. See ya in December Disney...

... Not literally of course. That would actually require seeing it.
The muffin man
The muffin man - 5 minutes ago
Please don’t end up like the last jedi
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