Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) - official music video

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Mahsa Mollaei54321
Mahsa Mollaei54321 - 3 hours ago
This is a pretty old songs but all of the comments are for like this month
Zara Za
Zara Za - 3 hours ago
1:34 3:02
Не блогадорите ✌🌚✨
Hiacynta Kozłowska
Hiacynta Kozłowska - 3 hours ago
I was six when my cousin showed me this and i was afraid of this clip
percheronphenom - 3 hours ago
Anyone else wants to see Gotye and Hozier singing together ¿?
Daniela - 2 hours ago
percheronphenom Yessss!!!!! Meeeeee!
Kenny Rose
Kenny Rose - 4 hours ago
First time I heard this hit in 2011 I thought she was Katy Perry
beastmaster69 - 4 hours ago
ellie !!!
ellie !!! - 4 hours ago
Kira .S
Kira .S - 5 hours ago
looks like my bloodborne characters
That hits
Ghaith Hatamleh
Ghaith Hatamleh - 5 hours ago
my foreskin to me:
Flora Laurents
Flora Laurents - 5 hours ago
Omfg!! I thought Kimbra was Katy Perry!!
Help me To Get 100 subs!
Help me To Get 100 subs! - 5 hours ago
Putangina Ganda talaga nitong kanta nato!
KelvinPlayz Games
KelvinPlayz Games - 6 hours ago
Why Every Song i go on from A Long Time ago have comments from like months weeks and days ago lol
Happy its all coming back
Lang Buana
Lang Buana - 6 hours ago
Why am I here anyway?
Haywood Jablomee
Haywood Jablomee - 7 hours ago
Why am I joining seemingly thousands upon thousands of people who are re-discovering this song? We’ve all been subliminally drawn back to this unreal track... seriously, that’s worth looking into.
Alvaro Cueva
Alvaro Cueva - 7 hours ago
Lydia Hendricks
Lydia Hendricks - 7 hours ago
Gotye: *drops and epic banger*
Also goyte: *ight I’m bouta head out*
adam zarbon
adam zarbon - 7 hours ago
Now this is just a song that we used to know.
NeferPitou - 7 hours ago
What happened to this guy? *Now he's somebody that I used to know...*
Swag Muffins
Swag Muffins - 8 hours ago
This dude made one fire ass song and then dipped off the face of earth
Wise TV
Wise TV - 8 hours ago
Remember listening to this song on the radio all summer on the speaker outside swimming the summer I was 8 years old. Back when life was simple. Nostalgic 😐
harshit singhal
harshit singhal - 8 hours ago
a great song that fits the need of the moment!!
nine 9
nine 9 - 8 hours ago
the reason he’s not back is cause he was part of thanos army
dayumson - 9 hours ago
Coming back to this 8 years later and can now relate. Stings.
Christian Belleci
Christian Belleci - 9 hours ago
I just thought of this song, anyone else ?
Juan Carlos Mendoza Carcamo
good old times
Rafaela Mendes
Rafaela Mendes - 9 hours ago
Eu jurava que essa menina era a Katy perry
Xio gei-mer
Xio gei-mer - 10 hours ago
_La canción de Helen._
Jasmine Scholz
Jasmine Scholz - 10 hours ago
Why is this one of those songs everyone randomly comes back to?
fazrie wahyudi
fazrie wahyudi - 10 hours ago
Best song in whole of world as far as we don't make it like something thats we used to know
Laverne - 10 hours ago
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Step 3. Enjoy!
Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) - official music video
beautiful was created. For me, love like that has only happened once, and that’s why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory. I’ll never forget a single moment of it. “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation. “Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet. “Science without religion is lame, religion
Abby Mulligan
Abby Mulligan - 8 hours ago works!?!?!? WTH omg thank u lol
Muniizz - 10 hours ago
Thiago Almeida
Thiago Almeida - 9 hours ago
Não maninho kkkk
Viridiana Valdes Berriel
Viridiana Valdes Berriel - 10 hours ago
Is my song favorite
Dylan Ward
Dylan Ward - 10 hours ago
I’m i the only one that listens to this like only a thousand times
Tanline666 - Commenter
Tanline666 - Commenter - 11 hours ago
I remember browsing through a phone store and this being one of the songs on one of the demo phones.

Rylee Curcio
Rylee Curcio - 11 hours ago
I hope they’re wearing clothes
Doc's Channel
Doc's Channel - 11 hours ago
I know this is a pretty obscure song. If you stumble upon this share it so it get's out there. I think this could break 3oo views if we share it enough.
keenan ba
keenan ba - 11 hours ago
hang on y does the girl look like ela from rainbow 6
Frank The Great
Frank The Great - 11 hours ago
Why we still listen to this
Tyler Kellar
Tyler Kellar - 12 hours ago
Gotye is still washing the paint off
Beastmode 29
Beastmode 29 - 12 hours ago
So npbody is gonna point out that it is naked people singing? No ok im cool with that
ESSNCE - 12 hours ago
any nigga who don't say this song fucking SLAPS is capping hella hard
Maxoman - 12 hours ago
by the way guys this man has ads off so he lost like 10M bucks
Ryan Rodrigues
Ryan Rodrigues - 12 hours ago
Intro de minecraft
Dara Lorenza
Dara Lorenza - 12 hours ago
But i felt so lonely in your company
TheNacropolice - 13 hours ago
doomer music brought me here
Natalie reyes
Natalie reyes - 13 hours ago
pop music used to be so good wut happen ?!
PAUL DOHERTY - 13 hours ago
cvann i perswade you
PAUL DOHERTY - 13 hours ago
thiss is lfe
Travis Rayome
Travis Rayome - 13 hours ago
Where did you come from
Where did you go
Why was your biggest hit
Somebody that I used to know
Cammilier Powers
Cammilier Powers - 13 hours ago
Always love this song. A One hit Wonder. Classic! 😊
JackAttack5294 - 13 hours ago
I will never be unable to hear “you can be addicted to a circumcision” if you’ve watched Gotye knows somebody that he used.
Igor Prado
Igor Prado - 13 hours ago
Sdds Minecraft 2014-2016
aldhair hernandez
aldhair hernandez - 13 hours ago
La canción, la amo, alguien que solía, conocer trae tanta maldita nostalgia ://
crytal wolf
crytal wolf - 13 hours ago
Am I the only one who thought the girl was Katy Perry?
Rika _
Rika _ - 14 hours ago
But where are his lips tho
Skittles 102
Skittles 102 - 14 hours ago
My foreskin: 1:34
#Matheus - 14 hours ago
1:33 top, song
3:04 ow, OMG
1ᅢᄀ공 - 14 hours ago
그렇게 고티예는 나의 somebody that I used to know가 되고....
Gamer Guitarist
Gamer Guitarist - 14 hours ago
I thought he was a female from the thumbnail at first.
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