Aggressively Vaping In People's Faces

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F I L T H Y-ファックユ
Yo that birthday part hit fuckin hard 😔😂
WannabeNear *
WannabeNear * - 3 hours ago
Y'all got Iann Dior there
Milky Man Films
Milky Man Films - 3 hours ago
I’m very fucking curious to see what happened after that phone call at the restaurant
you know it
you know it - 3 hours ago
the old man when kyle said he fucked mikeys sister was priceless
pinasteven65 - 17 hours ago
Yoooo come to palmdale and take some shottys with the boys
Jimmy Pahkapee
Jimmy Pahkapee - 22 hours ago
Mr. Beast in the cutttttt
skaffa yippa 2b2t
skaffa yippa 2b2t - Day ago
6:06 can i have a hit
Chaos Blizzard
Chaos Blizzard - Day ago
6:25 you know hes a G
Joe Mcdough 218
Joe Mcdough 218 - Day ago
3:36 did he verbally just say “I’m weak”
Thangpong Shiu
Thangpong Shiu - Day ago
iKevin iMontero
iKevin iMontero - 2 days ago
Should shoot this in Compton
Capnbreadsticks - Minecraft
Am I the only one who kinda feel bad for Kyle when no one showed up for his birthday
digestedmoon 650
digestedmoon 650 - 2 days ago
I blow the fattest clouds
Corben Hill
Corben Hill - 2 days ago
bro they had riley reid and mr beast that is like the most legendary party ever
Tookey - 3 days ago
Anyone know what glasses they’re wearing during the asian guy and the cookies part?
Dimitar Ivanov
Dimitar Ivanov - 3 days ago
Don't do that in East Europe
kade loone
kade loone - 3 days ago
Probs knock a nigga out if they vaped in my face
Luca Ammon
Luca Ammon - 3 days ago
Make a full send Canada editor flag bro
Max Cope
Max Cope - 3 days ago
Kyle coil burner
Aidan Heneghan
Aidan Heneghan - 3 days ago
Can I get a hit
iSlayEskimos - 4 days ago
"yo.... can I get a hit?"
Ryan d Lion
Ryan d Lion - 4 days ago
Why do I feel like all you need to do to get a blow from Riley reid is be in the youtube community....looks like I am gonna end up youtube famous after all.
Isnag_ Sus
Isnag_ Sus - 4 days ago
5:44 I just evolved
cj palymbo
cj palymbo - 4 days ago
The begining was basicaly me at my 13th birthday party
Cat Teenager
Cat Teenager - 4 days ago
They call me Charizard, *I JUST EVOLVED*
runechuckie - 4 days ago
I love how nobody commented about them filming Riley reid???? Does nobody here know who that is ;D 😍😍😍😍😍
Cristian Alvarez
Cristian Alvarez - 4 days ago
They suck at bluring faces
Apolloツxd Apolloツ
Apolloツxd Apolloツ - 5 days ago
*has asma, dies
Harry Browneigh
Harry Browneigh - 5 days ago
that puff of smoke at 7:07 woulda cost him his fucking teeth had I been standing there.
OH YEAH YEAH - 5 days ago
Love watching yo videos baked aaf
Sean Ways
Sean Ways - 5 days ago
Feelin that intro reppin 519 YAAAAAAAAA EH
DeadCash 2
DeadCash 2 - 5 days ago
This is sooo funny 😂😂😂
Dutch OPWW
Dutch OPWW - 5 days ago
Yo, I would not be down to put my mouth on anything that Riley Reid was slobbering on frfr
Isaac Rivera
Isaac Rivera - 5 days ago
Mr beast in the cut 🤘
AyyeeDom - 5 days ago
tf was mr beast doing there lmao
sth drf
sth drf - 5 days ago
The birthday bit made me want to cry
Eric B
Eric B - 5 days ago
So true! Need the perfect temp for the shotgun
Chicken Boy
Chicken Boy - 5 days ago
Can I get a hit?🤣
Eric B
Eric B - 5 days ago
Chris Andre Montero
Chris Andre Montero - 5 days ago
What’s the song in 0:50
Alex Maunu
Alex Maunu - 5 days ago
"What do you mean you only went to blueface with me cause I paid?!?!?"
Landon Sturgill
Landon Sturgill - 6 days ago
How they get beast at the party
Indari - 6 days ago
OMG that asian kid most unexpected shit ever
champagnemami00 _
champagnemami00 _ - 6 days ago
4:58 the guy looks like Steve
Blaine b
Blaine b - 6 days ago
You guys sharing a blunt with Riley Reid with all the dick she has had in her mouth? Shit she prolly just got done taking one down too
Andre St
Andre St - 6 days ago
do a 2nd part
Bone Jones
Bone Jones - 6 days ago
Lmfao what a title
David Arndt
David Arndt - 6 days ago
Lmao yo ...... can I get a hit
That’s the dude
Luis Uribe
Luis Uribe - 6 days ago
What if Kyle last min brought in like 8 midgets into the restaurant as his friends 😂
capgoud #LLKC
capgoud #LLKC - 5 days ago
that would be great😂
Nathan Milhorn
Nathan Milhorn - 6 days ago
They call me charizard lol
Ghost Ariz
Ghost Ariz - 7 days ago
Riley Reid the porn star
Da_dumb_kid - 7 days ago
Is that mr beast at 0.44
Dy1 - 7 days ago
That Asia dude is the guy
cobalt-pogo - 7 days ago
Damn your burning the coil
ツVyßhs - 7 days ago
6:10 da dude got overwhelmed den tried it 😂
Andrew Silerio
Andrew Silerio - 7 days ago
Part 2?
Tyler Gibson
Tyler Gibson - 7 days ago
Lol mr beast
Royal gamer
Royal gamer - 8 days ago
6:06 when mans took off the headphones i thought he was finna be mad af
AndreGam3z-Norsk Gaming
jesses clip at 7min was fuckin balmn dude
Nathan Evans
Nathan Evans - 8 days ago
7:11 lmaoooo died " i need a juul pod to function these days".
Lukas Raasch
Lukas Raasch - 9 days ago
Matty FUCKING smokes
Jaime Alvirena
Jaime Alvirena - 10 days ago
He shit in the liter box cat 🐈 is gonna be mad
Wyatt Puckett
Wyatt Puckett - 10 days ago
The fucking dinosaur part was gold lol
boi headass
boi headass - 10 days ago
*_Korean savage at _**_6:05_**_ ?_*
S abd
S abd - 12 days ago
American comedy just isn't funny, its kind of pathetic.
Snake Streamer122
Snake Streamer122 - 12 days ago
The charcoal pop is loud
Stevenlegend Brown
Stevenlegend Brown - 12 days ago
They seem so entitled for some reason I could be wrong
paco ojaveski
paco ojaveski - 12 days ago
Guys u only vape to mouth wtf ?😀
RN - 12 days ago
Gmod dark rp
Oof 23
Oof 23 - 12 days ago
Song in the beginning?
Rainbow 1
Rainbow 1 - 12 days ago
I would’ve knocked dat mother fucker out if if he vaped on my and my girlfriend fuck that
Rainbow 1
Rainbow 1 - 12 days ago
No one:
The intro:
High school kids
Luke Harrington
Luke Harrington - 12 days ago
5:52 that is the dustiest coil I've ever heard in my life hahahahahaha
Luke Harrington
Luke Harrington - 12 days ago
The beginning to this is low key sad af!
Bubba King 13
Bubba King 13 - 12 days ago
where is that restaurant?? Looks really nice...
I am FallenStar65
I am FallenStar65 - 13 days ago
I gotta say, NELK or not...anyone vapes in my face, I’m flooring them...
Joshua Gillis
Joshua Gillis - 13 days ago
Am I the only one that when I vape it fucking burns my throat
Empire Clout
Empire Clout - 13 days ago
And the way you walked out answering the exports question is straight machiavellian come to miami bruh for real PLEASE for fucks sake
Empire Clout
Empire Clout - 13 days ago
That asian dude is straight pimped out bruh 700%
As above So below
As above So below - 13 days ago
I fuck with all vape
Tyler Currier
Tyler Currier - 13 days ago
Y'all used 3 of my favorite songs in this video
Skrt skrt Lamborghini ***
all them trash except for "I"
Jinxy - 13 days ago
I remember when Nelk released there first crew neck I bought it, and my mom made me return it. She’s a half sender😡
Zinzi YT
Zinzi YT - Day ago
Savage Shot lmao
Savage Shot
Savage Shot - 7 days ago
Lol she made you full send that shit back
ferdy - 13 days ago
This is why our generation is fucking trash
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali - 14 days ago
0:43 MrBeast?
KJrastadog420 - 14 days ago
MY BOiiiiii 9-0🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
Ashton Ramlakhan
Ashton Ramlakhan - 14 days ago
Jamison P
Jamison P - 14 days ago
This is one of my favorite intros of all time
ZayyZoneTV - 14 days ago
This is by far the best shit ever.
Smg Films
Smg Films - 14 days ago
Who saw mr.beast
Zion Walker
Zion Walker - 14 days ago
Lol they blew vape 💨 in his face then he says can I get a hit 😂
Zenith - 15 days ago
5:55 y’all the biggest pussies😂 bro said “bruh wdym” after he vaped on his boys face
Top Tier Lots LLC
Top Tier Lots LLC - 15 days ago
nelk the only channel that can make 3 dudes playing beer pong in the middle of the desert look cool
Sans Bacon
Sans Bacon - 15 days ago
0:44 is that Mr.Beast
Keean Acfalle
Keean Acfalle - 15 days ago
anyone realize that , that’s the guy from one of the episodes of catfish ...
Jesus Christ 69
Jesus Christ 69 - 15 days ago
I slammed your sister so how about that Mikey!!
Drew Ancey
Drew Ancey - 15 days ago
7:17 good job blurring his face off 😂
Drew Ancey
Drew Ancey - 15 days ago
6:08 that dude chill af
Wavybullets - 15 days ago
kyle is actually smart as fuck. When hes listening to these lectures he actually listens and uses it in some of the talking he does
iTs_ DaRkNeSs
iTs_ DaRkNeSs - 15 days ago
Y’all should make your own ejuice
Grizzy The Great
Grizzy The Great - 16 days ago
Fuckin send it to my channel boys check out my shit rip me some views aye
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