Greer Barnes: “If I Was a White Woman, I Would Rob Black Dudes” - This Week at the Comedy Cellar

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Bird Is The Word.
Bird Is The Word. - 22 hours ago
His set was pure gold 🌟.
Twisted Prince
Twisted Prince - 2 days ago
Buff Mike Epps
InSaNeLy 2TrAgiC
InSaNeLy 2TrAgiC - 3 days ago

Morgan Cepero
Morgan Cepero - 4 days ago
XD i got my beats going. No head phones, just beats.
Pharaoh Avalon
Pharaoh Avalon - 4 days ago
We’re laughing but I have to go out my way because me being a man makes you uncomfortable.😔
Pharaoh Avalon
Pharaoh Avalon - 4 days ago
I liked how everyone laughed when he said he doesn’t like walking behind women at night, but I feel that I make extra noise even try to walk past them cause the last thing I want to hear is “he was following me!”or “I thought you were gonna rob me!”
CBWAVY - 4 days ago
That walking up behind (white) women thing is real... If I can't go around them I make sure to take out some keys to make some noise.
CBWAVY - 4 days ago
Def thought this was edris elba from the thumbnail
Pedro Guedes
Pedro Guedes - 4 days ago
I just came here for this comment. And I left lmfao
Michael Sabando
Michael Sabando - 6 days ago
Forgot his name, wanted to find this set and searched “homeless Idris Elba” and now I’m here
Newton Sparetire
Newton Sparetire - 4 days ago
Same 😅
MicW3llington - 8 days ago
Mane so funny
Curt McGirt
Curt McGirt - 8 days ago
Hilarious!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Director Terrell Mayes
Director Terrell Mayes - 8 days ago
Roxy Gyo
Roxy Gyo - 10 days ago
great i´m turned on by homeless Idris Elba. BEST COMEDIAN SO FAR
Terrible Peanuts
Terrible Peanuts - 14 days ago
Vishnoo: "Touchee niggaaaa!" XD
Evelyn Koch
Evelyn Koch - 14 days ago
wow i can actually do that
Glenn Lewis
Glenn Lewis - 15 days ago
I thought I was the only person afraid to walk behind white women at night
HaylonHarroo87 - 15 days ago
“You want this five dollars or what?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Peter Molina
Peter Molina - 19 days ago
I'm scared of walking behind white ppl too.
Omanji sinkala
Omanji sinkala - 23 days ago
The indian voice
Muhammed Muhammed
Muhammed Muhammed - 25 days ago
fucken funnnnnnny . 😭😭🤣😉😆😭🤣😍😭
SKD - 25 days ago
Bruh those car sound effects are incredible,🔥🔥🔥🔥
46 39
46 39 - 26 days ago
Touche niggaaa is my new life inspiration
its Rayy
its Rayy - 28 days ago
He is really funny
David Yvonne
David Yvonne - 29 days ago
charles oakley is homeless now
reggie mcghoo
reggie mcghoo - Month ago
Steven Roberts
Steven Roberts - Month ago
"What I look like chasing a white woman?" 😂😂
Gotta_Ship_It_All _
Gotta_Ship_It_All _ - Month ago
He looks like the dad from the flash, iris's dad
Centurion Guards
Centurion Guards - Month ago
He's not even joking about crossing the street when seeing any woman walking in the same direction as I'm walking, late at night I'm crossing the street straight away.
Pulkit Sharma
Pulkit Sharma - Month ago
this dude just looks funny.
Phantom Rain
Phantom Rain - Month ago
“Gimmie your wallet or I’m going to scream”
PRIEST - Month ago
Thanks Godfrey for sending me here. I forgot about this dude!
João - Month ago
Idris Elba’s stunt double?!
chakrafina casanova
chakrafina casanova - Month ago
The world need to hear this man
Bush Wick
Bush Wick - Month ago
Sad but true....SEPARATION or DEATH
Joao Klein
Joao Klein - Month ago
WOW Finally someone really funny telling REAL jokes.
Aaron-justin Anderson
Aaron-justin Anderson - Month ago
When the video is paused he looks like homeless Idris Elba
When it's playing he looks like homeless Denzel Washington
In the thumbnail he looks like Killmoves from Everybody Hates Chris
Nichole Sanderson
Nichole Sanderson - Month ago
Oh my God, this is one of the funniest sets I've ever seen. This man is comic perfection.
Teckla Furro
Teckla Furro - Month ago
He looks like Idris Elba
Aleph Bot
Aleph Bot - Month ago
Was excited seeing you on joker!
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