Building a Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Fishing Rod

Sparky - 9 months ago
I honestly thought my kit had something wrong with it. Good to know the rod in the video bends awkwardly as well! xD
Mihai Dulus
Mihai Dulus - Year ago
WHY NOT REAL FISHING INSTEAD??? i bet it is more enthusiastic...
recorder-ometer - Year ago
I JUST finished making the fishing rod, the build was incredibly fun and the clicking noises make it even more real. the game is also more fun than I was expecting because it takes use of the gyroscope and the spool of thread in the "ocean". Super fun!
Poever - Year ago
Can I cheese the system and NOT build the rod but just pantomime the movement the JoyCons are supposed to make?
Poever - 7 months ago
Answer: yes, but it would help to rig a rotatable device to attach the JoyCon to for easier reeling
天 天
天 天 - Year ago
我覺得很好可是希望出專門釣魚的遊戲多一點 這種任天堂小遊戲都只是噱頭 就跟當年WII一樣才幾款WII也只有台灣特別熱門 都被這噱頭給騙了
Saltiboii - Year ago
i only want the rc car
Canned Hamburgers
Canned Hamburgers - Year ago
Well Nintendo tries to make good products and they suceed
Bourbon - Year ago
Nintendo. You are genius :D
Central club
Central club - Year ago
Shitty games
Human trying to be
Human trying to be - Year ago
FUN FUN FUN ( just at 69.99)
*Each sold separately .
Ghost Emblem
Ghost Emblem - Year ago
I gotta admit as much as I love the idea the price is a bit steep
eli stewart
eli stewart - Year ago
It's hilarious how everybody is poking holes in your complaints.
Zac Oros
Zac Oros - Year ago
They are putting all of the plans online, you only really need the software
Onizuka GTO
Onizuka GTO - Year ago
If you have a printer you can download and print it out for free. I'm going to make these out of plasticard and maybe aluminium modelling sheets!
abbas altake
abbas altake - Year ago
You can easily replace them with new one. You dont need to buy the 70 dollar kit again.
lotto motto
lotto motto - Year ago
Elías Franco
no more going to real fishing now lol
SoNGY 8 - Year ago
All these mini games will be fun for the first time then you tuck all the cardboard away in the basement
maspleben - Year ago
And you replay it some years later. How is that different from Legos? Why the hate???
I totally agree with you.
Just like VR
HackerHaunter - Year ago
does this mean the Final Fantasy XV fishing game is confirmed for Switch now?
Yunixxchan - Year ago
maccc55 - Year ago
Great so they want us to do the work? No thanks.
adavis1129 - Year ago
I can imagine exactly what would happen if you left kids to do it for you. Cardboard being rammed through some tight fit it isn't meant for, different parts ending up in the wrong unit, torn cardboard all over the place etc...
Wallace Navarro
Wallace Navarro - Year ago
You want all this already done for u ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Half of the magic is buid the toy cons, cmon!
Onizuka GTO
Onizuka GTO - Year ago
Why would you do it yourself? That's what kids are for. To make stuff and food for you. :)
GIGeorge23 - Year ago
Would you prefer if Lego sets came pre-built?
maccc55 - Year ago
Donkey Kong damn right
Lewis Petit
Lewis Petit - Year ago
미셜비 - Year ago
Biodegradable. Environment Friendly.
Ibzy - Year ago
What do you expect to be? plastic?
MrAdonis258 - Year ago
Meh, you can just upgrade the built yourself to make it more sturdy etc. If peoples can mod the shit out of basic games, pretty sure this will be the same. The whole thing is pretty simple anyway.
Verner - Year ago
Lewis Petit Well, it's a cardboard.
TheShadowClasher - Year ago
Thats like saying setting it on fire expecting it to burn
Mr Life
Mr Life - Year ago
That clicking sound is so satisfying
lotto motto
lotto motto - Year ago
must set that up as a messege tone
Jacob BH
Jacob BH - Year ago
I think its really cool.
Floyd Dominique
Floyd Dominique - Year ago
1:54 face look forced and unenthusiastic. hated that much huh? lul
aol90 - Year ago
That looks like the face of a man preparing his butt for the backlash in the comments section
charliechin - Year ago
phil chao hahahah
King Azaz
King Azaz - Year ago
Step 1: get a switch
Verner - Year ago
solidsnack1146 at least think of a better word to insult someone so you won't look like an idiot.
solidsnack1146 - Year ago
King Azaz ur mom gay
King Azaz
King Azaz - Year ago
But nobody will care
guy smiley
guy smiley - Year ago
I care.
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