BOAT LIFE: How We Sleep.

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Par Kaur
Par Kaur - 5 hours ago
💋👄for little son
SEDAT OFLUOĞLU - 5 hours ago
Katie Mardell
Katie Mardell - 5 hours ago
What are you going to do when lenny greets older
mark2talk2u - 8 hours ago
Sorry Riley, your kid loves the lights. Also, Elayna has some good powers of observation.
Simon Tate
Simon Tate - 8 hours ago
If you haven't already listerned to it, We Are BoB is a great 3 book audio book series .
I wonder with the food hole if you could put in a reflux valve like you do for sewer systems
CF 925
CF 925 - 14 hours ago
Oh noorrr
CF 925
CF 925 - 14 hours ago
Back of the boart
Eduardo Sanchez
Eduardo Sanchez - 20 hours ago
muy bonito el estilo de vida. pero tengo la curiosidad de saber como generan ingresos para vivir sin trabajar? saludos respetuosos
I’m enjoying your video, I’m looking for more good video to watch in the future., happy sailing.
Roxanne Tega
Roxanne Tega - Day ago
I have a tip if you want to store fresh food like tomatoes and pepper etc what I do is I blend them to my liking sometimes smooth sometimes chunky and freeze them it lasts way longer ...
Luit Serrano
Luit Serrano - Day ago
When are you coming to the states. Love to watch that one
Luca Caruso
Luca Caruso - Day ago
How much was this catermaran?
James Melton
James Melton - Day ago
I’ve been with you for some time and like what I see. Hearing that you are listening to Righteous Minds is reason enough for me to stay with you and look forward to your blogs.
Jon Davies
Jon Davies - Day ago
Audible Recommendation: War Doctor by David Notley
Annabelle Emma
Annabelle Emma - 2 days ago
What about sharoks
Ellie Games
Ellie Games - 2 days ago
10:19 anybody else see Lenny TwerkIng
Ainsley Gray
Ainsley Gray - 2 days ago
Her accent makes me want to die. It's a cross between Kentucky and Australia. I LOVE it. could listen to her all day .
tractor man TP
tractor man TP - 2 days ago
colin - 2 days ago
elayna’s hot
Bill Gow
Bill Gow - 2 days ago
I just added The Righteous Mind to my wish list. I go through ~50 Audible books a year and I'm a big fan.
KiaraLouise Louise
KiaraLouise Louise - 3 days ago
Would Lenny go to school or be homeschooled
Kingship LLC
Kingship LLC - 3 days ago
Thanks for your recommendation to sign up to audibles I used your code and got a free book and just finished Jordan Peterson's 12 rules to life
W W - 3 days ago
die snor moet eraf!
laat dan je baard staan.
Louise Olsen
Louise Olsen - 3 days ago
what boat is it?
SEDAT OFLUOĞLU - 3 days ago
lenny lenny lenny
Robert Wiley
Robert Wiley - 3 days ago
Aristotle: The Giants of Philosophy .... the one I have is read by Charlton Heston. Learn and understand the mindset of a society that is 50% slave. Good vs evil and most good people do not understand how the Wealthy think. I learned a great deal from this incredible audio book. Love from Bob and family Thunder Bay Ontario Canada.
The Islander
The Islander - 3 days ago
This is where I live I live in a house across from the dock
Kelis White
Kelis White - 3 days ago
This is a awesome. Brilliant way to teach a child about the world which we are all living in. This is literally the dream life! Also wondering any chance you’re going to have another one to keep Lenny company when he is older. From the some sailing channels I’ve watched they’ve often said how lonely it would be if they didn’t have siblings. Some sailing families (children) also say that it gets lonely on board even with siblings. This isn’t a rude comment, I am honestly just wondering. This is the first video of you guys which I’ve watched before. So I have no idea if you’re going to travel permanently for years (like the other sailing families I watch.) love this video and I’m 100% going to subscribe right now :) ❤️
Michael Bishara
Michael Bishara - 3 days ago
I just love you guys :)
Josephine Cherry
Josephine Cherry - 4 days ago
Sergy K
Sergy K - 4 days ago
Silly teddy markas
Silly teddy markas - 4 days ago
I love the channel, but I was going to ask. Where will lenny sleep once he grows up?
Ciara11 - 19 hours ago
He will sleep where they are lying down at 10:27
damie oney
damie oney - 20 hours ago
They probably would have moved on to greater adventure.
Kiki Williams
Kiki Williams - Day ago
They have another bedroom identical on the other side
Olivier Chipchase
Olivier Chipchase - Day ago
Silly teddy markas they’re growing quickly so they will probably upgrade
Ainsley Gray
Ainsley Gray - 2 days ago
wherever he wants.
Leanne Fisher
Leanne Fisher - 5 days ago
Were will lenny go to school
Leanne Fisher
Leanne Fisher - 5 days ago
Were goes your rubbish go
Carrie James
Carrie James - 5 days ago
Just be extra careful with the little one and not getting into the water etc . Or falling off . Do u all get boat sick etc and what happens if an emergency
Matthew SuperNova
Matthew SuperNova - 6 days ago
Who is the author that Riley mentions all of the time in earlier episodes?? Seem to write about sailing maybe? Anyone know?
Matt Gerlach
Matt Gerlach - 7 days ago
The Righteous Mind is a great book,
Noor Jan
Noor Jan - 8 days ago
Mashallah your son so sweet
Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory - 8 days ago
Of course Lenny loves the fairy lights!
Scott W.
Scott W. - 8 days ago
Surprised that you haven't made a latch for the food shoot :-) . Design should have been a twist and lock. On the sleeping aspect, do you go underway without one of you on watch??
Matt Earle
Matt Earle - 9 days ago
Great informative video! You should have Riley install a latch or lock for the food scraps cover so it doesn't shoot off. A flexible t-handle draw latch that was long enough to go across it completely should work a treat.
T 25
T 25 - 10 days ago
Gorgeous places to be
freddie meyer
freddie meyer - 10 days ago
lenny is such a beautiful child! x
Christian Serna
Christian Serna - 10 days ago
Z Riley
Z Riley - 10 days ago
Riley, you have to download and listen to " At night She Cries, While he Rides His Steed" by Ross Patterson. Its a great listen on audible with the author narrating. I laughed and laughed the first time I listened to this one. Not a great novel, but worth a listen non the less.
Chance Anderson
Chance Anderson - 11 days ago
I live how real and raw this video is. So honest and funny! Love seeing your little family!
Murshed Alharby
Murshed Alharby - 12 days ago
we love u
Collie1228 - 14 days ago
Elayna is gorgeous, and she looks like Paige Turnah, famous Brit pornstar.
Calvin Calvey
Calvin Calvey - 16 days ago
Love your life.....
Terry G
Terry G - 16 days ago
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Joseph Lashley
Joseph Lashley - 16 days ago
I heard that you can hear sea life in a monohull but not in a catomoran
Ken Dorsey
Ken Dorsey - 16 days ago
Man, Lenny is growing so fast. Good on you all.
Gopnik DJ
Gopnik DJ - 16 days ago
Just put something to hold the food hole into place.
Ready72000 - 17 days ago
Wonderful editing and I especially love the background music on each video!
Thea Capbell
Thea Capbell - 17 days ago
What happens if u came across a shark
Jess Martin
Jess Martin - 18 days ago
Glad I wasn’t the only one who’s parents put me in the bucket 😂😂😂😂
Kay Izzio
Kay Izzio - 18 days ago
Wow! Audible is expensive 😱
Kay Izzio
Kay Izzio - 18 days ago
Omg! Faerie lights are so calming! They remind me of magical winter nights.
Caroline Mori
Caroline Mori - 20 days ago
What are y’all planning on doing when lenny is older? Love your channel!
Ella - 17 days ago
Caroline Mori they have another room on the other side it’s a bed room but atm they use it to store things so when he’s older he’ll sleep there
Marlis Kornrumpf
Marlis Kornrumpf - 21 day ago
My recent audible favourites include: Lost Connections by Johann Hari and Circe by Madeleine Miller. The first one is all about social causes of depression and how we can combat them while the second one is some Greek Mythology retold. Audiobooks are the bees knees, especially to fall asleep to once you've listened to the book once all the way through :)
Jo Jihem
Jo Jihem - 21 day ago
You should meet Philippe Poupon ( one of Tabarly's mate) and Geraldine Danon
They sailed most oceans with their three children on board......A lot of experience to share......I assume
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