Travis Strikes Again: All Bosses and True Ending - No More Heroes

Boss Fight Database
Boss Fight Database - 9 months ago
Thanks for watching!
0:00 - Electro Triple Star
8:01 - Mr Doppelganger
13:56 - Brian Buster Jr
18:54 - Smoking King
25:48 - Death Drive
27:00 - Eight Hearts (Johnson)
36:45 - White Sheepman
41:50 - Ending
47:53 - Secret Ending
BANthonys Cu- Fantano
BANthonys Cu- Fantano - 9 months ago
You should do it agin but with bad man since they have different dialogue
otaku kun
otaku kun - 3 months ago
49:05 who talk this?Sylvia?
unaccounted disposition
unaccounted disposition - 6 months ago
this game is seriously better than NMH1 and 2. lol
1 and 2 are wonky third person hack n slashers with a fucking HORRENDOUS camera. granted, i didn't play 2 because it's still pretty pricey for a Wii game.
i trudged through 1 solely for the boss fights+music and to fight henry. the gameplay wasn't fun, the grind for cash you earn from those shitty jobs wasn't fun. you can only mow the lawns so many times before you get bored out of your skull.
the action here is fast, the music is great, the bosses are unique and fun to fight, and most importantly THE GAMEPLAY IS FUN.
AoffyDosy - 6 months ago
This sequel made downgrade from the previous so far.
DankFrankTheTank - 6 months ago
For a spin-off game the bosses have top-notch designs, especially 8-hearts
Leonidas - 7 months ago
Travis for smash!
PTp1ranha - 7 months ago
Suplex Playlist:
joe joestar
joe joestar - 7 months ago
30:20 that was a cool spin, now look at mine
joe joestar
joe joestar - 7 months ago
10:11 lol he's literally posing jojo
republicofsandals - 7 months ago
Please tell us you didn't have to pay actual money for grunts & dialogue boxes.
Chasearooni - 7 months ago
You heard it hear folks, any game with text boxes should be free
white0thunder white0thunder
Wait... Garcia Hotspur... with a partner with a skull for a head... trapped in hell... With a cross shaped scar over his eye... and is liked by Travis as a true fan. Is this a sign of appreciation for the one game in his series that he had no control over creating? Is the bastard child in truth loved by its creator?
If so then make a sequel to Shadows of the Damned and this time create it the way YOU want to make it Suda51!
Chasearooni - 7 months ago
The entire level where you fight eight hearts is themed after Shadows of the Damned
zerojack0 - 8 months ago
I know I'm going to get some hate for saying this but want a nmh paradise 2
Luke Soto
Luke Soto - 8 months ago
Honestly this game is a huge shit show to whoever created this game it's failed miserably I hope no more heroes 3 comes out for Xbox one an ps4 an I hope they make a trilogy collection that comes out for those two consoles an please dont put it on switch
Chasearooni - 7 months ago
1. This was made by a very small team as a spin off 2. A majority of Suda games are just average 3. NMH 3 is already confirmed 4. NMH 1 was ported to the ps3 and it was a complete shit show
Luke Soto
Luke Soto - 8 months ago
I figured they released this game for the switch
Luke Soto
Luke Soto - 8 months ago
Wtf these characters can't talk in the time you gotta be kiddin me
DatBalticBoi - 8 months ago
looks like a unity game for the phone lmao
Cosmetic Archive
Cosmetic Archive - 8 months ago
Not the game we wanted
Lava Sharknado
Lava Sharknado - 8 months ago
But the game we deserve.
Timothy45 - 8 months ago
Is it odd i was expecting a Let it die cameo here somehwere.
djnosleeves85 - 8 months ago
sucks as a NMH fan this is such wasted potential because this could of been no more heroes 3 with the boss characters they have here.
Dan Phang
Dan Phang - 8 months ago
1.Less voice acting
2.Less interesting story
3.Less animated cutscenes
Anubis Cerberus
Anubis Cerberus - 8 months ago
I was hoping for No more Heroes 3, and instead we were given a good parody of FURI.
olah547 - 8 months ago
But the end of the game pretty much speculates nmh3 and shinobu said "now you're done with the game now the assassins await" 3rd person travis touchdown like no more heroes gameplay santa destroy logo yeah nmh3 is going to happen
Joe Roak
Joe Roak - 8 months ago
Just waiting for Dan Smith to appear somewhere.
Lava Sharknado
Lava Sharknado - 8 months ago
He does in the game's intro.
edo neo 77
edo neo 77 - 8 months ago
reminds me of furi
Kedda kedda
Kedda kedda - 8 months ago
I hope in the next NMH game they will keep using thier amazing animation art work like they did in the previous ones
DJP5 - 8 months ago
Fen Rir
Fen Rir - 8 months ago
NMH 3 Confirmed.
moth man
moth man - 8 months ago
Wait so they made this but not another shadows of the damned
mario lopez
mario lopez - 8 months ago
Y para colmo en el switch
mario lopez
mario lopez - 8 months ago
Que basura, deciden sacar otro juego de NMH y es esto? Ya ni vimos el remaster del 2, y si aun con los jefes en el remaster del 1
Chumbosaurio koset
Chumbosaurio koset - 8 months ago
Es un proyecto indie , no fue la intención ser impresionante
Seldom UPLOADS - 8 months ago
That was fast
Grim Cheese Wheel
Grim Cheese Wheel - 8 months ago
Having Johnson from Shadows of the damned as a boss in this game is so cool.
FroZtgamer Games, Reactions, and More.
Crazy true ending, but nice work on the boss fights, no more heroes is a great game series, if this means what I think it means, then hoho no more heroes 3 come to me!
Ben Minns
Ben Minns - 8 months ago
This isn't the the game I wanted, but it also is the game I wanted. Does that make any sense to any of you?
SkrataNe - 8 months ago
Bro exactly
Vander burf
Vander burf - 8 months ago
Ooooooh yes that true ending
Monaka - 8 months ago
Bizarre Jerry 6???
Neko Kid40
Neko Kid40 - 8 months ago
see you in super smash bros ultimate.
MisterSureShot - 4 months ago
lets hope so, put in Professor Layton for kicks too LMAO
Marcin Sz
Marcin Sz - 8 months ago
coll story
Marcin Sz
Marcin Sz - 8 months ago
coll stoey bro kepp going to do good workk
Spookyjboots - 8 months ago
This game was damn fun, looking forward to the DLCs and nmh 3 in the future
Dave Corpse
Dave Corpse - 9 months ago
so there is no True ending.... it's just the ending.
Sr Nigromante
Sr Nigromante - 9 months ago
I want a NMH 3 and a switch collection so bad, hope it happens
SkrataNe - 8 months ago
Suda wants to, all on marvelous i think
Logical Overdrive
Logical Overdrive - 9 months ago
I beat the game today, I was saving this video for after. Man. That bit at the end with the 4th wall break. Talk about a tease, right? Shit. “CIA” was hard as hell, I lost one life dealing with the bullshit inside, and then lost my remaining 3 on the final boss. I beat her when I got to 0 lives remaining. Now I’ll try to 100 percent the game, and considering how hard the last level was, it’s not gonna be fun finding the one Azteca stone I missed there. All in all I enjoyed the game, the text segments were a bit slow to me, but I did appreciate the jokes and references in them. The gameplay was okay. I relied on skills most of the time, and the amount of enemies at some parts felt like punishment. But I feel like I got my 40 dollars worth (I unknowingly pre-ordered the season pass version) and I had a good time. Now to start the new game+.
Lolzer the loler
Lolzer the loler - 9 months ago
My top 6 Bosses of TSA!
1. Eight Hearts (Johnson)
2. Smoking King
3. Mr. Doppelganger
4. Brian Buster Jr
5. Electro Triple Star
6. White Sheepman
Asashi - 9 months ago
Really? Okami style speaking instead of actual lines like they've always done?
‡ Gothic Croc ‡
‡ Gothic Croc ‡ - 9 months ago
Gaia Author 97
Gaia Author 97 - 9 months ago
Call me crazy but for how Travis and each boss talks in their dialogue it feels like something from Killer 7
Sanderson Nunes
Sanderson Nunes - 9 months ago
Wait... no more blood, no more death boss... What happened with no more heroes, and this camera vision, my god I had a lot of expectation for this game and now I'm disappointed, I'm glad I did not buy it.
Sanderson Nunes
Sanderson Nunes - 8 months ago
@João Lucas good news XD
João Lucas
João Lucas - 8 months ago
It's just a spin-off game, while they're developing No More Heroes 3
Ryder AZ
Ryder AZ - 9 months ago
Is that a mfin Hollow Knight shirt? That’s it, I’m getting me wallet!
Zero Sum
Zero Sum - 9 months ago
Mirror / Overdose
Mirror / Overdose - 9 months ago
Gotta love that Bit.Trip shirt.
Reddie Reddie
Reddie Reddie - 9 months ago
In the end credits, Dan Smith is seen as one of the voiced characters. I REALLY hope to see a killer7 level in this game.
Reddie Reddie
Reddie Reddie - 8 months ago
HalfBrainGamers I had totally forgotten that, I’m hopeful that Killer7 will get more publicity again even if a small way like that
HalfBrainGamers - 8 months ago
My guess is that the 'game' Killer Marathon will be Killer7 centric based on the 2nd DLC information
travis Rm
travis Rm - 9 months ago
I love the fact how even without voice acting, the performance of dialogues are very good implement with sounds like in Okami game. that is a great achievement to reduce the cost of development .
SuperHothead14 - 9 months ago
Is there any reference to Sylvia in this game
SuperHothead14 - 8 months ago
Phaazoid it is a spin off. But still. I guess they're just saving it for no more 3
Phaazoid - 8 months ago
@SuperHothead14 Yeah, it's kinda weird that they left out such a huge component of the NMH series, but at least we got some sort of recognition.(even though it's crazy small)
SuperHothead14 - 8 months ago
Phaazoid not even by name? That sucks.
Phaazoid - 8 months ago
Travis mentions that he left a wife and a kid back at Santa Destroy
Eggy - 8 months ago
Yeah, after the first boss
Bassult Doom
Bassult Doom - 9 months ago
Worst no more heroes game I have ever seen they just cash grab this gold mine of a game.
Dawid Sadzak
Dawid Sadzak - 9 months ago
just play it dump
Moist Chungus
Moist Chungus - 9 months ago
Bruv it's a spin off don't take it so seriously, 3 is in the development if you actually watched the video
Noah Hartman
Noah Hartman - 9 months ago
Tbh, even if this is a troll game, I might still pick it up. Gotta change things up every once in a while, y'know?
Dave B.
Dave B. - 9 months ago
I'd say it manages to clear the bar into "Good Game" territory, I played it and I give an 8.
Toaster Strudel
Toaster Strudel - 9 months ago
I wouldnt call it a troll game...This is fans game at best, and mediocre at worst...As a fan, this game is a good distraction, if you're a fan of Suda51 previous games/NMH then, you'll get a kick out of all the references they show.
WeaponXSigma - 9 months ago
Did Suda 51 just give out hints that he's making a sequel to Let It Die, No More Heroes, AND Shadows ofvthe Damned? Holy shit dudes!
Christian Wright
Christian Wright - 9 months ago
15:14 *cue attack on titan intro*
M3l4nin P4r7icl3
M3l4nin P4r7icl3 - 9 months ago
That 8 Hearts battle tho...
Mr. Lettuce
Mr. Lettuce - 9 months ago
So, this game is teasing No More Heroes 3 and Shadows Of The Damned 2? Holy shit.
joshua frazier
joshua frazier - 9 months ago
It’s funny how all the chips you win from bosses are Gundam names. Probably SUDA51’s favorite Gundams
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