twenty one pilots: My Blood [Official Video]

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MetalNYKer - 26 минут назад
Krutaja pesnja!
raposinha ciumenta tata
raposinha ciumenta tata - 27 минут назад
Horrível seu filho da puta
Eduardo Alencar
Eduardo Alencar - 27 минут назад
Queria mostrar essa música para meus amigos. Mas deus sabe o quanto quero ela só pra mim. *-*
gredasov19 - 29 минут назад
ппц, до слез...
Random - 32 минуты назад
RetroLemon - 34 минуты назад
My father told if i get 1000 subscribers by end of the year he will buy me a new computer! Can you all help me i need u help...
Balta Bueno
Balta Bueno - 40 минут назад
At first I didn't like the beginning beat but it grew on me pretty quick 👍
Beria Hynes
Beria Hynes - 44 минуты назад
Meike M
Meike M - Час назад
Anybody interested in starting a tøp whatsapp group?
maciek kowalski
maciek kowalski - Час назад
Damn they have skull trooper
Инесса - 2 часа назад
Почему такая концовка , я не втупила , объясните
Eli A
Eli A - 2 часа назад
I swear to god if this was a movie I wouldnt be surprised
pony swag 5000
pony swag 5000 - 2 часа назад
this song is trash with out the video
Мой Лорд
Мой Лорд - 3 часа назад
I'm cry,it's so sad...
Harry - 3 часа назад
lhonpya bjorn
lhonpya bjorn - 4 часа назад
yeah, you dont need to run, stay with me and have some fun.
eder portilla cerna
eder portilla cerna - 5 часов назад
TriscHelle Bones
TriscHelle Bones - 5 часов назад
The more I watch this video the more I want to cry
Samantha McCoy
Samantha McCoy - 5 часов назад
I love the direction they took with this video. Perfectly acted and edited. The music is sick! All around, just awesome.
santi lol
santi lol - 5 часов назад
Alyssa Smith
Alyssa Smith - 5 часов назад
This is incredible!
Asta Nielsen
Asta Nielsen - 6 часов назад
Josh isn't real. Remember that?
romel ramirez
romel ramirez - 6 часов назад
soy el unico que piensa que tiene un parecido a fairy local
Chris G
Chris G - 6 часов назад
Hi! You found me. Now go to the video titled "why you don't want teleportation" by because science. If you find me there, comment ☯️. Happy hunting!
· feles ·
· feles · - 6 часов назад
не могу остановиться, все слушаю и слушаю
Spacey Grey
Spacey Grey - 6 часов назад
*Save me from myself* ||-\\
Haylord - 6 часов назад
my friend is extremely depressed and he was going to ask his crush out on a date and she said no to then date his other friend. That night he cutted a lot more with an empty soul. I don't want my friend to be depressed.
Marchaschas98 - 7 часов назад
Soy del clique
Pero dejame decirte Tyler que aveces hablas webadas
Y la verdad que en vez de ayudar
Molesta ...
Lo digo en general para todos
No necesariamente para él

Tio Tyler pto. ;VV
Lentilha - 7 часов назад
Tyler Durden is his name
bop pop
bop pop - 7 часов назад
This is my point of view for this video: This boy was really close to his mom. After she died, he decided to create an alter ego, like an older brother who would always suppport him. "The brother" character represents happiness, creativity, and a free spirit who would do whatever he wants. The boy represents sadness,being scared, anxiety, anger, etc. Whenever he wants to do something, he leaves the boy aside and lets "the brother" come out so he doesn't have to worry and be able to have fun (that's why at the end of the video whatever the older brother did, it would show that is was actually him doing it, like hitting the mailboxes or dancing at parties) . At the end of the video, when the football players start screaming, "the brother" or happy side comes out and be like "idgaf about the mean stuff you say", but then they start to punch and kick him. That instantly triggers "the boy" or sadness side to attack them for hurting his happy side. I know this is confusing to read but this is just my point of view :)
Zaida P. Davila
Zaida P. Davila - 7 часов назад
anyone else find the video too smilar with the fight club movie?
JoeyTube Gaming
JoeyTube Gaming - 7 часов назад
My theory is the fake person is blurry face. The kid is afraid to use his hands and voice to stand up for himself but the fake person isn't. Aka blurry face. And when the kid stood up for himself the fake person disappeared
Skel Frumentarii
Skel Frumentarii - 7 часов назад
What's the story about this song?
Sam :v
Sam :v - 7 часов назад
Where I get a skeleton suit like the one in the video?
Girl Power
Girl Power - 7 часов назад
Kinda bummed I finally watched the music video to this song. I listened to it a million times, but this was the first time I actually watched it..
Guess I was hoping to keep the illusion that this was a beautiful ode to the devotion and closeness of siblings, but now I'll never be able to get it out of my head that it's just another music industry anthem to the degradation of society..
I absolutely LOVED 21 pilots, and really thought they were different. Whether people liked it or not they were actually "Christians" and though they didn't put out "Christian music", it still had a positive message, but now I see that they are like every other band. Really hoped their Heathens song was just written for that stupid Suicide Squad movie, but this apparent slide is really starting to become obvious.. It never fails, ever new artist seems to lose themselves eventually. They all must conform after a while. They all end up peddling some form of depravity, rebellion, anger, lust, envy, jealousy, revenge, pride, and I just guess it's 21 Pilots job now to praise depression and mental illness.Time to tell the kids it's ok to be broken and to stay broken..
It's working too.. Floored by the number of people here that are calling this video "beautiful"... There's nothing pretty about a sad, tortured, soul.. Or a band that gets behind a video, that will give their song a double meaning, to nurture and embrace a fractured personality disorder..
ROYAL PIZZA - 7 часов назад
This just reminded me so much of Fight Club.
Michael Eduardo Tapia Gaytán
Michael Eduardo Tapia Gaytán - 7 часов назад
So cool it is the greatest song of this year ... I love of their songs ...... since his Twenty one pilots, Regional at best, Vessel,Blurryface and now Trench ..... the style of this guys it is amazing
Jhere Espinosa
Jhere Espinosa - 8 часов назад
nunca dejare de ver su video, es muy bonito su video, me saco unas cuantas lagrimas....
momo momo
momo momo - 8 часов назад
I no have brothers or sisters😄,😒,😞,😭😭
I'm alone in this world
Spidernymph the Catholic Girl
Spidernymph the Catholic Girl - 8 часов назад
D-Does the older brother die? I don't understand! NOoooo!
Edit: Okay I get it it's his alter ego/coping mechanism. But... what does that have to do with the song? Is My Blood about an alter ego and not a real person then?
ana _
ana _ - 8 часов назад
wait...guys...…………..the forest fic
Mi name is Alisa
Mi name is Alisa - 8 часов назад
luis muga morales
luis muga morales - 8 часов назад
How is the movie called?
Tyga dearest
Tyga dearest - 8 часов назад
Wow Twenty One Pilots just Forest ficed us 😂😂
L e m o o n
L e m o o n - 8 часов назад
I think here in the video means that always were just one person with a rebel side, and the meaning of the video is to take care of oneself. I mean, it's obvious in the end. The same moments with the 'brother' but now it's just one guy. (Sorry for mistakes)
TimelessFTW - 8 часов назад
TØP's new that skull trooper was returning to the shop
I - 8 часов назад
Damn ☹💔
ChannelZero - 9 часов назад
This video sucks
Dae 대대 Dreamer
Dae 대대 Dreamer - 9 часов назад
“ I hope I’m not my only friend ”.
The Trash Prince
The Trash Prince - 9 часов назад
I hated the forest fic but now I’m just uncomfortable and confused.
Neko san :3
Neko san :3 - 9 часов назад
Me destruyó 💔
qephetziel ??
qephetziel ?? - 9 часов назад
Someone: Romeo and Juliet is one of the greatest stories of all time
Me, an intellectual: That's so sad, Alexa play the My Blood music video
Anthony Cutter
Anthony Cutter - 10 часов назад
this was so real
ALB - 10 часов назад
I'm in love for this song ❤🏳️‍🌈
lucasabriel - 10 часов назад
forest fic
I'm M.T.B.K
I'm M.T.B.K - 10 часов назад
Anyone notice the younger brother looks a little bit like Gerard Way?
Rizal Loading
Rizal Loading - 10 часов назад
Fight Club mini version
Baylee Smith
Baylee Smith - 10 часов назад
Wow that was really deep and really sad and now I have a headache from crying so hard😭
o 1
o 1 - 10 часов назад
The thumbnail is a fortnite skin
Uriel Navarro
Uriel Navarro - 10 часов назад
I love this song
Lord Succ
Lord Succ - 10 часов назад
Is that clancy?
Jade Higgins
Jade Higgins - 11 часов назад
Loneliness is my biggest demon rn
The Brilliant Savage
The Brilliant Savage - 11 часов назад
TSM_Myth copied their skin
Octavio Lemus
Octavio Lemus - 11 часов назад
_legends never die_
Abnelys Paez
Abnelys Paez - 11 часов назад
I Love TOP!!!
What are the names of the actors in the clip?
James Moreno
James Moreno - 11 часов назад
i saw them yesterday it was awesome
Alfredo Izquierdo
Alfredo Izquierdo - 11 часов назад
Es es la mejor por qué me hace recordar a mi carnal 😎🤟🏻
Lexy - 11 часов назад
como se supera este video lpm
Venancio Barbosa de lemos
Venancio Barbosa de lemos - 11 часов назад
Fight Club references
wattled91 - 12 часов назад
Me ha pasado varias en las que siento que falta alguien que nunca ha estado. Como si hubiera gente que desaparece de la existencia y nadie se da cuenta excepto yo.
soyalanlol xd
soyalanlol xd - 12 часов назад
Me recordo a foster the people
Lily Hutchinson
Lily Hutchinson - 12 часов назад
This is such a deep meaning and I really get like what it’s about is someone wanting someone else to be loyal to and be a friend to and maybe it’s deeper than that like maybe he created the older brother so he wouldn’t feel bad about the stuff he does or feel like what he does is wrong or out of control? Because the younger brother is always watching nervously like it’s his inner conscious watching but this is a really sad song if that’s true
Starswag TV
Starswag TV - 12 часов назад
I'm not crying your crying
Starswag TV
Starswag TV - 12 часов назад
If you have lost some one please like because I have
diamond horse
diamond horse - 12 часов назад
Man this shit hit me hard because if I saw some one I love get the crap kicked out of them I would do the same thing he did
Mikiyah Gray-Phillips
Mikiyah Gray-Phillips - 12 часов назад
Who else cried
a yang
a yang - 12 часов назад
我很希望你能从灰暗的情绪脱出, 保持一个乐观, 平静的心。
Mayra Rivera
Mayra Rivera - 12 часов назад
I feel bad about he didn't have a brother he was all alone
Kevin KR
Kevin KR - 12 часов назад
Amazing 🤘🔥 You music is cool
Emma Ochoa
Emma Ochoa - 12 часов назад
Today they are coming to my city, and i can't go to their concert, I'm feeling so bad rn
Mimo JP
Mimo JP - 12 часов назад
My blood
CheetoHates Shane
CheetoHates Shane - 12 часов назад
Forest fic
DrheadripperJr - 12 часов назад
Fight Club Inspired??
Marion S
Marion S - 12 часов назад
Sooooo good
Karol Verdesoto
Karol Verdesoto - 13 часов назад
so, in the end, we are all alone...... and depend on ourselves. that is what I understood.
Sheila Perez
Sheila Perez - 13 часов назад
Vale este videoclip me ha puesto depresiva, pero me encanta :'v
TytanTy - 13 часов назад
Your finally back!
PA Antomck7
PA Antomck7 - 13 часов назад
*Wish we could turn back times to the gud ol days* who remembers?
Céline LM
Céline LM - 13 часов назад
Fight Club: Emo version
the torch gaming
the torch gaming - 13 часов назад
Who came here for the fortnite skin
Leandro skate
Leandro skate - 13 часов назад
ivory twigs
ivory twigs - 13 часов назад
I’m crying
Delfina Sanchez
Delfina Sanchez - 13 часов назад
No me jodan estos flacos vinieron a llevarse todo el mundo por delante con este album, lcdll los amoooo
Local Dreamer
Local Dreamer - 13 часов назад
Wait a minute, what if they're *blood* brothers, so even though he isn't there, a part of him always is?????
ayianxa - 14 часов назад
Im screaming
the next tour is in oakland and im just 2 hours from there ;-;. AND IT'S IN NOVEMBER
Jung-Mai Song
Jung-Mai Song - 14 часов назад
this is way less innocent than i thought it would be
Sugar Cute
Sugar Cute - 14 часов назад
Amo esa referencia al skeleton clique lol
Rockstar Freddy :v/
Rockstar Freddy :v/ - 14 часов назад
Restart Buttons:
Heloise De Mauleon
Heloise De Mauleon - 14 часов назад
what ate the boy's ig
ymk. tv
ymk. tv - 14 часов назад
can alexa play this?
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