twenty one pilots - My Blood (Official Video)

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The - 27 minutes ago
Someone needs to make a wattpad book about these two, with the other dude disappearing
artsyyychild - 2 hours ago
Forest Fic feelings
TropicoleYT - 4 hours ago
I’m officially depressed
Andrea Theron
Andrea Theron - 7 hours ago
This video killed me a lil inside, I'm fighting the tears.
archana soren
archana soren - 10 hours ago
Unlike pop singers, twenty one pilots make original content. Hats off to both tyler and josh for their contribution to the music industry.
Maddox Williams
Maddox Williams - 11 hours ago
Miss Calorie
Miss Calorie - 11 hours ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOSH!!! I'll take this chance to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to both you and Tyler! You, your music and lyrics made a difference in my life. You helped, are helping and will continue helping me by each and every song you made and will make. My boyfriend and I wish you ALL THE BEST, JOSH!!! And of course, to Tyler, Jenna, Debby and both of your families.
kennedy clough
kennedy clough - 12 hours ago
i cry every time i watch this video no matter where i watch it or who’s with me i always do and i’ll probably cry at the concert i’m going to as well
sophia mikelle
sophia mikelle - 12 hours ago
Deva Jara
Deva Jara - 13 hours ago
Diana Santiago Lopez
Diana Santiago Lopez - 13 hours ago
parece una peliculaXDXDXDXDXDXD
Guillermo Bolaños
Guillermo Bolaños - 14 hours ago
My blood
Guillermo Bolaños
Guillermo Bolaños - 14 hours ago
Mi sangre
Guillermo Bolaños
Guillermo Bolaños - 14 hours ago
Guillermo Bolaños
Guillermo Bolaños - 14 hours ago
E iré contigo
lia alexandra ozi v:
lia alexandra ozi v: - 16 hours ago
Does anyone know the name of the two guys who act in my blood?
Emmas World
Emmas World - 16 hours ago
the fact that Tyler comes up with this.. I’m proud of him, but at the same time, it makes me feel so bad.. I mean, he doesn’t just come up with this.. things he writes about mean something to him. some, maybe even happened to him.. and that, is why I love him so much. he is such a strong lil bean xx ❤️
- your new fren ||-//
Spamm Online
Spamm Online - 18 hours ago
brother : Stay with me. No, you don't need to run.
plempy05 - 18 hours ago
Zayn . R
Zayn . R - 21 hour ago
Seems Like Fight Club Movie
2k Tanky
2k Tanky - 21 hour ago
This is so sad and true I love twenty one pilots
milie bev
milie bev - 21 hour ago
This reminds me of “fight club”
ẅḧäẗệṿệŕ - 23 hours ago
Reminds me of the forest fic
sergey olhovka
sergey olhovka - Day ago
Кто вообще эти люди, ставящие дизлайки???
Pom-Pom - Day ago
*A boy with bright blue hair and mocha eyes (and C major lips and blue-sky hands and tiger-growl teeth) stands up.*

😭😢I'm just getting the forest fic vibes from this but like JOSH WAS REAL
ẅḧäẗệṿệŕ - 22 hours ago
I felt that
REY RIVERA - Day ago
amazing brought tears
yhh thh
yhh thh - Day ago
Polima cualquier wa vo soy shishigang
Lauren M
Lauren M - Day ago
hands down... this is my favorite music video
O like me
Justin Russell
Justin Russell - Day ago
Beautiful words. I like the song , video made me like it more .
Natey Boi
Natey Boi - Day ago
What happened to the brother?
ẅḧäẗệṿệŕ - 21 hour ago
@Natey Boi aha yeah
Natey Boi
Natey Boi - 21 hour ago
@ẅḧäẗệṿệŕ Now that's what I call a plot twist
ẅḧäẗệṿệŕ - 22 hours ago
He wasn't real. It was like, his alter ego
mini toud Esquivel Parra
Muy buena música
M1n3r Cr4ft3r G4m3r
Fried *oranges*
Ino Janssen
Ino Janssen - Day ago
I can’t listen this without singing the lyrics
Email Phone
Email Phone - Day ago
Well I gave it a second listen and to be honest with you I have to tell you these guys really suck
Email Phone
Email Phone - Day ago
Good God this guys suck, I mean they suck so bad they have cum on their face.
Bel D. Moore Joseph
Dios mio, lloro cada vez que veo el video ayuda. LOS AMO
Rafael Molina
Rafael Molina - 2 days ago
They pulled a Fight Club mind twist, seen that movie thousands of times and didn't see it coming on this video. 🤯
Iziah Austin
Iziah Austin - 2 days ago
How do you type in the live chat
PilzWaerter 09
PilzWaerter 09 - 2 days ago
It was a Premiere
loner girl
loner girl - 2 days ago
Can someone explain the reason for the 9.8k dislikes bc everyone I know loves 21 pilots
ETTEM - 2 days ago
In this vid I don't only see a guy who lost his mother, brother due to his mother's death ( she was probably pregnant ) and father ( due to his alcohol love ), but I see a guy who also have no friends ( outsider? ) .
Just... Wow, everything in that video makes it dark...
august Ament
august Ament - 2 days ago
Am i the only guy getting sp 1979 house party vibes when they are at the house party
Jobi Rocio
Jobi Rocio - 2 days ago
I love music #twenty one pilot ||-//
Carlos Muñoz
Carlos Muñoz - 2 days ago
Yo estoy aqui por mi cruhs 😹😹
Riley Boi
Riley Boi - 2 days ago
Me: im sad :(
*goes on phone and plays levitate*
Also me: *sigh* im depressed *goes on phone and plays my blood*
zombielandman12 sean joesph walter
Riley Boi i feel you and i get you ☺️ but just keep fighting
Nathan Machado
Nathan Machado - 2 days ago
:v :v
:v :v - 2 days ago
Introversy - 2 days ago
Nice representation of fight club
Avi Stewart
Avi Stewart - 2 days ago
I watched a movie like this once. It did not disappoint.
Smooth Milk
Smooth Milk - 2 days ago
This was inspired by teh forest fic. Change my mind
Pom-Pom - Day ago
Elite Sniper 21
Elite Sniper 21 - 2 days ago
So he's mom try give birth to he's brother but he died and he's mom
elizabeth - 2 days ago
Karo - 2 days ago
So after watching this video we can all agree that Josh isn't real, change my mind.
M1n3r Cr4ft3r G4m3r
@Karo grape flavored cheese
Karo - Day ago
@M1n3r Cr4ft3r G4m3r Oh, I deserve worse. Like. Mocha eyes.
M1n3r Cr4ft3r G4m3r
Karo - Day ago
@M1n3r Cr4ft3r G4m3r Blue black
M1n3r Cr4ft3r G4m3r
Fried orange
aziza m.
aziza m. - 3 days ago
im crying wtf
kemsci locos
kemsci locos - 3 days ago
I love it
Benja DH
Benja DH - 3 days ago
¡¡¡Shishi gang!!! ¡¡¡shishi gang!!! ay chucha me equivoque
lazy - 3 days ago
Just saw these guys live here in Florida. Completely blown away. Fucking amazing concert and experience. Thanks for making it worth the money 💛💛💛
Ali - 3 days ago
Daniel Knighten
Daniel Knighten - 3 days ago
I'll go with you
Not Ryroo
Not Ryroo - 3 days ago
I'm the lovely one. I put myself into shit and then i don't remember doing it alone when really... I did.
Taleah - 3 days ago
This is the forest fic as a video
subscribete A mi canal
subscribete A mi canal - 3 days ago
Me provoca escalofrios
Clarisse Aurora Morales Madrid
Like si los actores son hermosos y mas el mayor.. y la canción es hermosa😏💗💖💗💖
anuelaa cisneros
anuelaa cisneros - 3 days ago
twenty one pilots is the best
Norman Tzoc
Norman Tzoc - 3 days ago
My favorite
Zombiust Omg
Zombiust Omg - 3 days ago
Lena Boukouris
Lena Boukouris - 3 days ago
this video always makes me feel really sad like really really sad. it's so good so i keep rewatching it, but now im crying. again.

edit: i watched it again. worth it.
Mythron - 3 days ago
Same 😥
a ONE - 3 days ago
Mel - 3 days ago
Does anyone know if the songs lyrics are about what the video is about, just talking to yourself, like your actual blood?
Jun Torres
Jun Torres - 3 days ago
Fight Club
Mark Medina
Mark Medina - 3 days ago
If he pulls a pen, does that mean he pulled a harpoon?
Hareem Bukhari
Hareem Bukhari - 3 days ago
Lemon Debarre
Lemon Debarre - 3 days ago
Bello il video
Manwix 306
Manwix 306 - 3 days ago
0:00 -> talent -> 3:55
KenyaBooBoo 12
KenyaBooBoo 12 - 3 days ago
this would have to be my fave song from this album
Anna-Lisa Cohen
Anna-Lisa Cohen - 3 days ago
If you are like me right now, scrolling through the comments tryna find someone with a theory about this song,
I made one up:
The brother that disappeared was never there, it was like an imaginary friend leading him through life,
One day he told himself he grew to old to have an imaginary friend, so he stops thinking about it. Then...

Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar - 4 days ago
Song? Amazing!
Voice? Brilliant!
Clip? Perfect!
Hotel? Trivago!
Angga Triansyah
Angga Triansyah - Day ago
Rakesh Kumar fck i forget this shit
Bobo TheOne
Bobo TheOne - 4 days ago
What's happening with that two brother in the final? They was brother right?
Familia Vargas
Familia Vargas - 4 days ago
Olivia Asencarov
Olivia Asencarov - 4 days ago
Why am I crying, God damn it
Dinis Rodrigues
Dinis Rodrigues - 4 days ago
Is he the brother he never had?
TheMracniCarobnjak - 4 days ago
Ruiner i need u. |-/
stardust_and_ashes - 4 days ago
I love the storyline with the brothers!
Marty McChicken
Marty McChicken - 4 days ago
Don't know if this song is about having yourself but I've always felt that way growing up when I was alone, I had fun cause I had music, games, movies, whatever, even when I was alone at times, it somehow felt good, cause I knew myself.
Roberto Barrera
Roberto Barrera - 4 days ago
is beautifol
Lil Rice
Lil Rice - 4 days ago
i am confusion
Sage Lily
Sage Lily - 4 days ago
This is the most emotional video 21 pilots has ever made. They are the better than ever! ❤❤❤
RESTER HIGH - 4 days ago
Skittle Hewo
Skittle Hewo - 4 days ago
Honestly this reminded me of the Forrest Fic for some reason
Henryk Karpinski
Henryk Karpinski - 4 days ago
Przepiękne utwory, zespołu, pozdrawiamy.
Ksenia Crowell
Ksenia Crowell - 4 days ago
i think it's a masterpiece
Drake Gaioni
Drake Gaioni - 4 days ago
what does the ending mean? what is the video about????
King7Bob - 5 days ago
My recommended is either Twenty One Pilots or Panic! I'm happy.
Taha Muhammad
Taha Muhammad - 5 days ago
i wish i could forget and watch it again
Daniela Romero
Daniela Romero - 5 days ago
jazzy girl
jazzy girl - 5 days ago
Twenty One guys are my life! I went to the concert in charrlottlesvile Virgina and it was the best night of my life. I was at the tøp but it was still so AMAZING. When you said that if you could you would take us everywhere i cried. I cried a lot during the show because it doesnt get any better thenthat night. The way that you involed the audience was SICK. I can't possibly say how much i want to go back. You guys and my everything. I listen to every song on repeat! I relive that night over and over again...i don't want it to be over!!thos was my first concert and the best thing that I've ever experienced. When i go back and look at the videos and the pictures it makes me sooooo happy. I will forever charish being at that concert. No mattwr how many times i listen to y'all it never gets old. Josh You are a god at playing the drums and tyler you have the voice of an angel. I cannot imagine my lige without your music. You guys inspire me and give me hope in the world. You have hearts of gold and a talent like no other. Thank you for being YOU! i will never forget tyler calling the crowd beautiful and i will never forget the way you looked at us singing and you stoped singing and had the most heart felt smile on you face. Your lyrics are a gift from guys help so many people through so many things. Y'all save lives every single day and because of that... The sun will rise and I wil try agian.-jazmin
P.s. Thank you for everything! Y'all are my idols and i dont know what i would do without y'all in my life
Jose Rodríguez
Jose Rodríguez - 5 days ago
♤☆•M Į Ğ Ű Ę Ł•☆♤
Christy Hill
Christy Hill - 5 days ago
Cesar - 5 days ago
me at the 3:16:
...mmm wait WTF???
Nina - 5 days ago
fuaaa todos sus temas megustan ☺♥
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