1 Star vs. 5 Star Summer Products Test

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Gender fluid Pansexual
Gender fluid Pansexual - 19 hours ago
I've been dying to get that mermaid tail because the only way I can swim underwater is if I move like a dolphin/mermaid cause I'm self taught to swim
Mystic Fox :3
Mystic Fox :3 - 3 days ago
My friend has one of those mermaid tail so I tried it at her house in her pool at first it was hard to get on but somehow it's super easy to use and was actually really fun
Jupiter Yu
Jupiter Yu - 6 days ago
I was drinking water and I choked for 20 seconds Oml 😂😂😭😭😭😭
Austin Connelly
Austin Connelly - 6 days ago
It’s mermaid man and barnacle boy...
Superking 13
Superking 13 - 9 days ago
Summer is only 2 months
Pixie Sky
Pixie Sky - 12 days ago
My little “sister” has one of those mermaid tails and I swear it is one of the coolest I’ve ever used! I want one of those for myself! Freaking great!!!!
Lauren Hanna
Lauren Hanna - 13 days ago
How are there no mermaid man and barnacle boy comments on this video?
Kathi - 18 days ago
All I was thinking about was „Don’t cook Jade!” 😂
Dustin Richards
Dustin Richards - 20 days ago
With the sunglasses thing he looks like max on goofy when he's dressed like powerline haha
bon bon
bon bon - 21 day ago
jade looks like she's remembered about the 6 bodies in the closet
TheOGMachine - 21 day ago
Its Markipliers Puff n Fluff
Supah Banana
Supah Banana - 21 day ago
In the first one Rhett looks like a future cop which is epic, and Link just looks like an adorable toddler on his way to preschool in the rain 😂😂😆
Tim Sims
Tim Sims - 22 days ago
The mermaid fin looks like a drowning hazard
memethyst - 17 days ago
yeah i really thought that was going to be the one star... it looks like a kid could get some sort of leg injury if they tried to swim in that
Andrew Hornby
Andrew Hornby - 22 days ago
When link has the drink hat on he legit looks like Rick Moranis from Honey I Shrunk the Kids 🤣
Carl Vedin
Carl Vedin - 22 days ago
**wakes up **
**clicks on video**
*sees **2:55*
Me: well that’s a good start to the day
Michael Averna
Michael Averna - 22 days ago
the insulated drink purse more like the VSCO girl bag
Laura Leiter
Laura Leiter - 24 days ago
Mermaid man and barnacle boy
Vladmir Putin
Vladmir Putin - 25 days ago
11:16 so no-ones gonna mention how messed up the arm of the woman on the left is?
Alec Wyse
Alec Wyse - 27 days ago
Just use the hat to drink your covfefe it's not just for beer........😂
Matthew Cofield
Matthew Cofield - 28 days ago
Who tailgates in the summer?
louisenotonfire - Month ago
Link looks like a pacifier in the first one
7alsamla - Month ago
Where can I get that purse
Seth Morrow
Seth Morrow - Month ago
"Oh, you called the cops on me, you f--…. you teeter-head!"
Esther Yan
Esther Yan - Month ago
I can't
Brandon Negus
Brandon Negus - Month ago
Paul Blart mall cop
Cringe-Kringle da Horrible
Cringe-Kringle da Horrible
Abigail Way
Abigail Way - Month ago
omg Link looked adorable in that rain hat thing
376_cosplay_and_gaming 42
I have 2 finfun tails AND THEY ARE AMAZING that’s why it has a good review
Emilee - Month ago
"I think this could actually locomote a person in a pool scenario" -Link Neal, 2019
Hootzle Grimont
Hootzle Grimont - Month ago
Link looks like a banana XD
McGrapeinatorMagic - Month ago
5:20 mermaid man and barnacle boy
Misanthrope Television
7:25 link is giving me serious Smitty WerbenJagerManJensen vibes
Misanthrope Television
5:50 mermaid man and barnacle boy 😂
LRDM 4 - 2 months ago
Link is an alien nerd and Rhett is a robocop knockoff. Oh and they are both wearing funny protective gear lol.
Agent Zero 3432
Agent Zero 3432 - 2 months ago
Honestly, I thought all of these were 1 star products, but who wouldn't want to wear a rain hat?!?
Julian Quarles
Julian Quarles - 2 months ago
Can we get a Rhett "Drop It!" Tshirt? I would buy the crap out of that!
Lorna Idk
Lorna Idk - 2 months ago
Okay but you had three months for summer as a kid?! I dont even get two months
n a
n a - 2 months ago
12:51 who remembered when michael scott kissed oscar😂
Forever_ Limelight_19
Forever_ Limelight_19 - 2 months ago
10:10 she looks like a sleeping bag 😂
Kathrine Burrows
Kathrine Burrows - 2 months ago
That yellow rain thing makes him look like that one villain in spongebob lol
Jake Beneski
Jake Beneski - 2 months ago
That link with the helmet bit had me dead
Jann S
Jann S - 2 months ago
1:52 Condom?
Lisa Sim
Lisa Sim - 2 months ago
11:58 huh ho uh
DEATHTOSNO! - 2 months ago
Talulah's World
Talulah's World - 2 months ago
Are link and Rhett brothers?
J - 2 months ago
Childhood best friends
CBrasko - 2 months ago
1 star vs. 5 star summer products AKA the episode where Rhett & Link turn themselves into Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy #eeevviillll
danielle king
danielle king - 2 months ago
Its gotta be this one
Michael Schaezlein
Michael Schaezlein - 2 months ago
Combine rain protector and sunglasses for maximum effect
TheRed5 5
TheRed5 5 - 2 months ago
Mansion in wishcansion
Abdulrahman Althani
Abdulrahman Althani - 2 months ago
The rain thing looks like condom
Mahira Abid
Mahira Abid - 2 months ago
It was All about Link today....he stole the show and made me laugh😂💓
James Loveland
James Loveland - 2 months ago
3 months?.?.
Jacob Seep
Jacob Seep - 2 months ago
Merman and aquaboy?
John Smith
John Smith - 3 months ago
swim suit would be perfect to wear at the Caesar's Palace pool..lol
Ali Jensen
Ali Jensen - 3 months ago
11:57 was impressive. I absolutely thought he was going to fall on his head.
Quentin T
Quentin T - 3 months ago
Funniest episode. The beer hat vs water purse had me dying!
Juan García
Juan García - 3 months ago
Actually the best 3 months of the year at least for me. October (Halloween) November (thanksgiving) December (Christmas )
qmcguire - 3 months ago
It's Mermaid Man and Barnicle Boy @4:35
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 3 months ago
I remember the Puff and Fluff from Markipliers video on it
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