1 Star vs. 5 Star Summer Products Test

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Nick Vu
Nick Vu - 3 hours ago
2:17 RoboBeard and Mrs. Rain
Just Justin
Just Justin - Day ago
What breed is Jade??
Wanupgurl - Day ago
that blow up thing that link is wearing reminds me of when Violet turns into a blueberry in charlie and the chocolate factory lol
Foxygirl505 Gamingandmoreisbackinbusiness
Rhett that's not how you put a mermaid tail on
Ivy Sengsouly
Ivy Sengsouly - 2 days ago
3 months?
Jesse Collin
Jesse Collin - 6 days ago
This is your best work yet!
Jessica Reitmeier
Jessica Reitmeier - 6 days ago
Omg, I just bought the FinFun tail!
Cat Lover
Cat Lover - 6 days ago
You guys got 3 months of summer? I get May 26 to July 31.
Stephsaguudefan - 8 days ago
I feel like Link had a LOT of fun in this episode.
Grace Faith
Grace Faith - 9 days ago
I have a Fin Fun mermaid tail and love it!
Chloe Sage
Chloe Sage - 10 days ago
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy??? Is that you???
_PanDart - 11 days ago
David....hit the gym, David...hit it!
Christina Holmes
Christina Holmes - 11 days ago
Omg Link... Link Link Link.... "You need to cover your legsin baby oil first." Omg
AwesomeCat2012 - 11 days ago
That well timed outro made my night!
Shane V
Shane V - 11 days ago
Is link gay?
Lindsay Atkinson
Lindsay Atkinson - 12 days ago
I was expecting a lot more people to comment on Link kissing Daven on the forehead. It was so unexpected and cute
Alison McGregor
Alison McGregor - 17 days ago
next you should do a thing where it’s 1 star vs 5 star ds games where u go on amazon and buy them and on the show, u will play the games for a brief while and decide which one is the 1 star and 5 star games
Alex Sherfield
Alex Sherfield - 17 days ago
Bruh my summer is barely 2 months at the minimum
Fantasy Fire
Fantasy Fire - 17 days ago
I remember the Puff and Fluff from Markipliers video on it
Mallary Toner
Mallary Toner - 17 days ago
A++ for the name of this game
Green beast pro
Green beast pro - 18 days ago
Daryl Allen
Daryl Allen - 18 days ago
Davin has an ability to make something that's already awkward painfully awkward
Danni Lowe
Danni Lowe - 19 days ago
Davin is so precious 😭
Johnny Williams
Johnny Williams - 21 day ago
the rain hat looked like a cond*m
Savannah - 22 days ago
Mermaid Man and Bikini Boy
Miss.P 17
Miss.P 17 - 22 days ago
Am I only one that felt like Jade was getting ready to flyaway lol
Matthew Drobek
Matthew Drobek - 22 days ago
Did Link just kiss his employee on the forehead? xD
Robert Chonkowdki
Robert Chonkowdki - 22 days ago
Rhett and Link r cool
Wolverine Spirit
Wolverine Spirit - 22 days ago
8:03 Yes
SpikyTuber - 22 days ago
Great episode!
The Shy Skeleton
The Shy Skeleton - 22 days ago
The mermaid tail is for swimming, and you put your feet in the stif part or the tail...
Kirby Dinglebear
Kirby Dinglebear - 23 days ago
link is bombing
The Demon Lord
The Demon Lord - 24 days ago
The lack of 'mermaidman and barnical boy' comments furthers my lack of faith in humanity
Dumb Edits
Dumb Edits - 25 days ago
Who’s here after seeing Markiplier use the puff n fluff?
Savannah Pless
Savannah Pless - 26 days ago
Jade when link turned on the dryer: 👀😬
Liss - 28 days ago
Smittywerbenjegermanjensen 2.0
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - 28 days ago
8:00 ......... xD
hitsujiyume - 28 days ago
link in the rain shield thing looks like space ghost.
Kieran Mackenzie lh
Kieran Mackenzie lh - 29 days ago
I think the floor is Thursday
SLIPPY73 • - 29 days ago
1,527,000 views wow
reva farley
reva farley - 29 days ago
Is it just me or does link look more muscular than usual?
typetrouble - 29 days ago
This video could be the sole source for a youresoloud compilation
Deep hug
Deep hug - 29 days ago
sjb2006 - 29 days ago
Jade *looks unimpressed* Link: I think she loves it!
Ernest Rossi
Ernest Rossi - Month ago
The mankini looks like the starter kit for a Razor Ramon Halloween costume
Plainrock124 - Month ago
2:12 human condom!!!🤘🏽
Sarah Ugarte
Sarah Ugarte - Month ago
In the fin and bikini they become Mermaid man and barnacle boy!
HeyItsMeDaisy - Month ago
I got Daft Punk vibes with the mirrored visor they look great!
Panda Illusion
Panda Illusion - Month ago
Can you guys do a game with struggle foods? Foods commonly eaten during a time of economic downfall in various countries. Im most excited about grapefruit pit chicken!! Please try this!!
Amber Mitchell
Amber Mitchell - Month ago
Jade and Barbara are so patient.
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