Eve Slammed for Comments on Chris Brown Rape Allegations

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Alisha Francis
Alisha Francis - 3 hours ago
I think eve needs to watch what she say and how she says it. You can still tell it like is. But you dont cross the line. I'm surprised chris didnt clap back at her. Eve is now married with kids. She cant be reckless at the mouth and think no one will check her
August Wind
August Wind - 16 days ago
You females Need to learn how to treat real men too.
And I'm not referring to Chris Brown right now! I'm talking about regular people.
Ode to Aphrodite
Ode to Aphrodite - 22 days ago
chris brown is garbage. An actual shit he is.
Christopher Payne
Christopher Payne - 2 months ago
You think it’s harsh now because you feel stupid that it wasn’t true.
Ana Simone
Ana Simone - 2 months ago
I LOVE EVE. She was spot on.
Erron Black
Erron Black - 2 months ago
These hoes ain't loyal
Deb M
Deb M - 2 months ago
No you didn't! And this kind of crap gets innocent men locked up!
ALL I C N - 3 months ago
ALL I C N - 3 months ago
sherill edwards
sherill edwards - 3 months ago
She need to fix her brain because her husband might be beating her and Chris needs to sue her as well
sherill edwards
sherill edwards - 3 months ago
Eve need to be fired
Tyrell Smith
Tyrell Smith - 3 months ago
I know majority of the comments are talking about Eve's comment but that Resident Evil under Netflix joint??! Can't wait!!
RocBoy4Real - 3 months ago
Fuc Eve comments
jay lucas
jay lucas - 3 months ago
Eve shut yo ass up😑😑
Josh Banes
Josh Banes - 3 months ago
Eve out here whitesplaining
Donald Jackson
Donald Jackson - 3 months ago
Eve just saying he need to fix his brain for what he got more money than her. Eve need to stay in her place. Btw i forgot she just stated CB allegation on rape charge because she's dating a white guy. Women like eve quick to rub a white guy in black brother's faces and pressing us, lie and ruin are reputation
Brother's wacth out for women like this.
BasirFellow - 3 months ago
Eve married Massa and forgot Massa raped her grand mammy.
Black women entertaining white people with their own narrative of us- f'n pathetic
Jumaane ROBINSON SR - 3 months ago
Fk that bed wench sellout
IFechi Music
IFechi Music - 3 months ago
People was clapping at the trash she was saying . humans are trash period . they will clap to anything you say on a show .
the beginning
the beginning - 3 months ago
Sex tape bitches shouldnt talk about nothing ....stfu!!!
hector estremera
hector estremera - 3 months ago
@ charline eve is saying the absolute truth !!!!!!! Ree ree hello!!!!! Behavior should be represented professionally before during and after and the allegations will be at most !!! To a minimal..... not to say there won’t be allegations but it will most likely be minimum like the value of your opinion!!! Yeah !! I said it !! What!!!
Mrs. W
Mrs. W - 3 months ago
Wow these comments. People seem more mad that Eve is married to a white man rather than the actual comments she made. Lol 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Shawn L Avant
Shawn L Avant - 3 months ago
Damn im at work, forgot my earbuds and cant listen to this shit yet! Can only read the comments...this is killing me! 😂☺
Duke Standard
Duke Standard - 3 months ago
Food for thought....this is exactly how the world responded the first time R Kelly was accused 🤔....
Glo glo go
Glo glo go - 3 months ago
Wow! Is he guilty?
Yagyrlr Boogy
Yagyrlr Boogy - 3 months ago
Yay for Resident Evil
bubbles5186 - 3 months ago
All that money and success.. Why would he rape someone when there's thirsty people out there that will throw themselves at him? SMH just saying
Henry Lawrence
Henry Lawrence - 3 months ago
Eve is right. Chris Brown has been in enough mess behind women to know not to put himself in certain situations. He does need to grow up.
Jake Ryan Booth
Jake Ryan Booth - 3 months ago
Chris ain’t did shit. The pussy comes to him. He don’t chase the pussy.
Brittany Edwards
Brittany Edwards - 3 months ago
These comments are ruthless... dnt come for Chris Brown !!
Dana M
Dana M - 3 months ago
She should of mind her own business don't speak on something you know, nothing about. She was just trying to put on a front for that talk show. And females some! need to stop trying to use people and get a real damn Job instead of trying to sleep y'all ways to some coins that's what she should of said. It's just not Men out here being a thirst trap either!
tdyjtrxyrksrur6tu 4
tdyjtrxyrksrur6tu 4 - 3 months ago
He didn't rape nobody. Hoes ain't loyal
Ian Duvall
Ian Duvall - 3 months ago
You just trying to get clout or recognition off breezy because your rap career is over take a seat chick🖕🏾
Tykeria Woods
Tykeria Woods - 3 months ago
ion see nun wrong wit what she said she apologized ‼️
C E.
C E. - 3 months ago
I fw Eve said especially she been a victim as well
tanya schenck
tanya schenck - 3 months ago
I see eve have for gotta who she is..
Lorene Luiz
Lorene Luiz - 3 months ago
Awwww c’mon Eve I used to love you 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
Masutora - 3 months ago
People crack me up. They act like chris brown doesn't have a history of abusing women.
Rosalyn Jelks
Rosalyn Jelks - 3 months ago
Woman u mean not women, cause the only altercation he's been in is with Rihanna. so what other history are u taking about?
jacob T
jacob T - 3 months ago
Everyone on here is judging someone else, people live your own lives, no one cares about comments that celebrities wont be reading, God help everyone!!!!
Trilla Da Vinci
Trilla Da Vinci - 3 months ago
Where's her anger at the woman who made those false allegations???
Kenneth Garrett
Kenneth Garrett - 3 months ago
Shiiit some of these women dont be telling the truth themselves any women caught telling a lie should do the jail time they were trying to get the celebrity to do.
Dan Gable
Dan Gable - 3 months ago
She actually had a point! Did people forget how bad he beat the hell out of Rihanna? He has a controlling demeanor about himself, don’t know if it’s true or not but he does have some mental issues.
Tavish - 3 months ago
She’s fake asffff😂😂😂😂she know she ain’t even on his side. Said no apologies too, just back tracked
Tavish - 3 months ago
Jessica Lauren that’s what I’m sayin 💯💯
Beautiful Indigo
Beautiful Indigo - 3 months ago
Tavish Fokum her apology is so fake and it’s so flat
Ian Corrigan
Ian Corrigan - 3 months ago
who gets low key accused of rape, raise your hand? Yeah, it's nothing that gets thrown around, listen to survivors.
A. R. TV
A. R. TV - 3 months ago
Eve you’re wrong for this can’t wait to u have s miss understanding and someone throws u under the bus..... speaking without knowing the facts some respect loss
Adam Dzuda
Adam Dzuda - 3 months ago
That apology was whack Eve. You just jumped on a band wagon and worse, you got the people (ladies in your audience) going. Chris Brown has been convicted and sentenced for what he was found guilty of. Let it be. You want someone to be good? Stop bringing up old shit.
B G - 3 months ago
People be so quick to jump on the bandwagon.. Damn shame
Cleve Stone
Cleve Stone - 3 months ago
This another example of when you forget you a Negro chill out Eve y'all taking that women rights shit to far...
RAIN DROPS - 3 months ago
Her old tired a** needs to shut up.
ALL-IN-ONE - 3 months ago
that apology was crap
macho carr
macho carr - 3 months ago
Wow! Women are not as INNOCENT as they used to be please understand that it's all about a dollar $$ now and days
Mr Haggard36
Mr Haggard36 - 3 months ago
Eve if you dont know, then shut your mouth
D!ZZY Vila Nova
D!ZZY Vila Nova - 3 months ago
He THINKS he's a superstar? 🤣
1 1
1 1 - 3 months ago
All these b****** just want to talk s*** about men just so they can look good and feel good about their self Eve is a lesbian stupid sorry ass b**** who just mad cuz the only fame she going to ever get now and forever is on the talk and not her horrible ass music
Jax K
Jax K - 3 months ago
I see no issues with what she said. He stay putting himself in these situations & he's consistently mad disrespectful to women
Dee Wavy718
Dee Wavy718 - 3 months ago
Eve is a 🐦 with her Sour Patch Pussy!! She married a white boy 4 💰!!!!
Pascal Nazaire
Pascal Nazaire - 3 months ago
Why are black women the first to come at black men about shit like this butbsay nothing about all these white guys raping young women in the industry ? Somebody help me out please because I don’t understand this
Vernard Fields
Vernard Fields - 3 months ago
Sorry but if you guys listen to what she said she CLEARLY said "You guys" and not Chris Brown or anyone in particular needs to change. Her statement was 100% correct. This is simple grammar cognitive listening instead of hearing only what you want to hear. "Chris Brown" is singular and "guys" is plural. Now go back with this knowledge and listen to what she said again.
She started off on Chris Brown but landed on a general statement. Simple as that.
Handsome Guy
Handsome Guy - 3 months ago
We travel with our own groupies cause of the current situation with these jail bait chicks out here. All the real ones know forget all these fake ass chicks, we got the eager ones on deck ready to roll and we hand pick them ourselves. So any star, superstar, mega superstar getting caught up in these shenanigans need to rethink what they're doing. Cause there are lots of women who love being treated and used like a groupie. For example how come fifty cent never gets caught up in this shit. Cause he knows bring your own hoe like it's bring your own bottle. You bring your own chicks like she on vacation, treat them to a back stage pass or front row, then they hype the crowd for you. Then you do photo ops with them in the club of the city you were touring then you take them back to the hotel where you drill and slay. They enjoy this time well spent and take home the experience and excitement with them for years. #facts
Madon Kemet
Madon Kemet - 3 months ago
Eve! Eve! 😂😂The Whiteman bottom hoe. "In Soulja boy voice".😂😂
tyrone james
tyrone james - 3 months ago
I think ppl need to leave her alone. Let's be real, Chris Brown has been in a few confrontations about women, not just Rihanna or this rate allegation. If she feels he needs to grow up, that's her right. A lot of people don't like his behavior in general. And they have a right to that opinion.
Paul Ogilvie
Paul Ogilvie - 3 months ago
Not in france , and are we not seeing a pattern in chris brown over raping girls, Bill cosby
Gabriel Malefetse
Gabriel Malefetse - 3 months ago
Chris Brown has a history of women assault... so Eve is speaking to a trend here. We can’t ignore that. I agree that every allegation should be scrutinized and proven, but I kinda get why she got passionate about the issue. Whether he’s guilty or not remains to be seen
ceb316 - 3 months ago
Didn’t CHTG do the same thing to Joe Budden?? He talked shit about his friend for years and gave him dod for a domestic violence case that was false. Love the show but the hypocrisy tho.
All Smilz
All Smilz - 3 months ago
Go Chris!!!Always tryn to trap him...Eve stfu you go along with media and claps! my Ass!!!! She sorry she stupid
Eric Parson
Eric Parson - 3 months ago
Message to Eve, young and dumb may be cute, but old and stupid is pathetic and she ain't no spring chicken.
Shaun M
Shaun M - 3 months ago
Eve sounds so ignorant, just stay in your lane and stop smashing other light skinned dudes that talent far out weighed yours!!
Dillon Williams
Dillon Williams - 3 months ago
Lmaooo she is a goofy
Joseph Blacksam
Joseph Blacksam - 3 months ago
Think before u talk Eve
Tia Yvette
Tia Yvette - 3 months ago
So she accused him only to come back and say she is not sure. 🤦🏽‍♀️giiirl bye and that apology was lame.
Disciple of The Way
Disciple of The Way - 3 months ago
The This Guy Experience!!!
I don’t accept her apology. Sorry Eve I love u, I love your music and your show “Eve” and wish it would come back, but I don’t accept your apology.
1104 Productions
1104 Productions - 3 months ago
rodneyj2 - 3 months ago
Just One Time
Just One Time - 3 months ago
Don't care what anyone says, I still like Eve 🤷‍♀️
POTTY MOUF DOOM - 3 months ago
Eve is not relevant and never has been (not even hating just honesty) but can someone right now name their favorite Eve song?
(Jeporady Music Plays)
MrCHARLESGATES - 3 months ago
Eve hoe ass should’t talk...... go home to your slave master that wont even give you a child, biiiiatch.
U Work 4 Me Now
U Work 4 Me Now - 3 months ago
She sold out and married a rich ugly white billionaire. She has no opinion
Mina’s World
Mina’s World - 3 months ago
Learn the facts and stop speaking out of turn about ppl
Sankofa Bey
Sankofa Bey - 3 months ago
smdh some people idk about any of these dam celebs who cares! Those who do not know Chris Brown personally should just be quite period! On all comments!
Andrae Elite
Andrae Elite - 3 months ago
Toxic Feminism. The man is always guilty until proven.. nope just always guilty.
Lamel Jarvis
Lamel Jarvis - 3 months ago
Hold the fuckin L Eve!
Clayton Ives
Clayton Ives - 3 months ago
Chris Brown is seriously on drugs
Flx Gld
Flx Gld - 3 months ago
why Eve mouth look like she sucking something sour.... "permanently"!
Terrance Taylor
Terrance Taylor - 3 months ago
We clearly don't accept that fake-ass apology that's why you should speak on what you know not what you hear speak from the heart and not for ratings you speaking to a whole community that listens to you so don't put out fake news and don't forget where you come from
Chaka Tasby
Chaka Tasby - 3 months ago
U been around white people to long quick to blame a nigga, damn u EVEn start to look white wonder how Dark Man X (DMX) feel about that✊🏿
ItzTeebaybee - 3 months ago
She talking like she was there thats crazy
Eddison Thomas
Eddison Thomas - 3 months ago
Eve out there fuking up. Girl this ain't a Ruff Rider record
Dream Bowyz
Dream Bowyz - 3 months ago
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Lil Earl JR
Lil Earl JR - 3 months ago
Dont kno why folks are so surprised....this is how 90% of women in the world talk/act anywayz.... women aint no better than the men they talk shit about ..
John Grant
John Grant - 3 months ago
Why is she even on the show? Because she married a white BILLIONAIRE🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️. HE WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT COULD TAME HER. TRUE STORY. HER WORDS. LOOOK IT UP!!!
cs Paul
cs Paul - 3 months ago
Neg Ayisien
Neg Ayisien - 3 months ago
When sluts get money, they forget and turn into advocates!
Young Grizzly
Young Grizzly - 3 months ago
"state of the climate" is this a spin off of the Joe Budden show?
AwakenedDryBones 777
AwakenedDryBones 777 - 3 months ago
Shes a bedwench. I expect nothing less 🤷🏾‍♂️
Iliyas Davis
Iliyas Davis - 3 months ago
She’s such a disappointment to philly with that white man
YAY YEE - 3 months ago
Slam eve in real life for that , im passionate about that
Sweet Rose
Sweet Rose - 3 months ago
I understand and I agree with what eve is saying, but it was a little irrelevant to the issue. Like CTG said, she can't double talk on it. But what I will say is that, these celebs need to be more mindful of the type of people they surround themselves with. People are out to get your money so you gotta keep that in mind and watch how you talk and act towards people in all circumstances. Just because you got money and a stack full of security guard don't mean you can't be touched, you are not invincible.
Shanicque Preston
Shanicque Preston - 3 months ago
Have several seats breakfast club!!
Shanicque Preston
Shanicque Preston - 3 months ago
So.. now everybody saying don't go off of allegations 🤔🤔🤔
GooNOrNothing - 3 months ago
Her comment on Chris Brown went more viral then anything she felt "passionate" about in over 10years...
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