$5,000 2010 Ford F350- Cummins Swap 6.4L to 12 valve Cummins Part 4

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Cristo Hidalgo
Cristo Hidalgo - 2 days ago
Can you guys do the same to my 2009 f250 with a 6.4 engine?
If so how much are we talking about? Thanks.
Kevin Ascencio
Kevin Ascencio - 3 days ago
Love torque method
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers - 5 days ago
Where youins live
Slap-Ahoe Texas
Slap-Ahoe Texas - 5 days ago
Russian Bot
Russian Bot - 6 days ago
Dude i love your personality! Seems like you would be a fun dude to be around.
Dad Life
Dad Life - 6 days ago
“It’s going in! It’s going in! Ohhhh!!!!”
I remember my first time....
Marshall Davis
Marshall Davis - 8 days ago
Speaking of diets next project drop a diesel in a hybrid or f150 now I watch that shit
Lamont Gray
Lamont Gray - 8 days ago
Am the only one who only owns one floor jack I feel like I need two more
Kevin Gonzalez
Kevin Gonzalez - 10 days ago
“i dont like diets” me too brother me too 😂😂😂
Trevor Brooks
Trevor Brooks - 13 days ago
Apache helicopter is loder then a black hawk ....seems like they were a 4 blade apache judging by the thump and the speed
Trevor Brooks
Trevor Brooks - 13 days ago
But the shape doesnt mach a apache
Zach Stephens
Zach Stephens - 13 days ago
I'll buy the Fummins lol great videos as usual y'all are awesome
Dn52 N
Dn52 N - 15 days ago
Hey guy, alright, i had pneumonia, and i was told by my dr's NOT TO TAKE THAT FLUE SHOT. IT IS A HAZARD TOO YOUR HEALTH. INSTEAD, take the pneumonia shots instead. every 5yrs you should get that shot. I taken the flue shot with out knowing, and i came down with the walking pneumonia. Stopped taking the flue and got the pneumonia shot and never came down sick since. But every 5 yrs you have to get that shot.
I do enjoy watching your vids. Show more on tractors ok. Thanks
elvisstopper 420
elvisstopper 420 - 16 days ago
Excuse me I should have puked!
Corey Gibbons
Corey Gibbons - 17 days ago
“I don’t like diets”. Not a joke I love this dudes attitude
Rock Fish
Rock Fish - 19 days ago
Somthing ells
junior 303
junior 303 - 26 days ago
Where do you get a Cummins for 5k?
Raymond Acres
Raymond Acres - 27 days ago
LOL 😂 say something cummins roooar 😎
Guy Anderson
Guy Anderson - 28 days ago
You guys are a blast..What's for dinner? That's the important stuff,my son is a big guy and he's a worker and he's fun to be around.
Kaden Watt
Kaden Watt - Month ago
I'm jealous of you, not gonna lie. Not only because of the kickass fummins, but living in Kansas you didn't have to worry about slathering those dowel pins with antiseize because they'll come out later! Lol living in Indiana has taught me to never underestimate the power of rust and corrosion
C10 Syndicate
C10 Syndicate - Month ago
Louis Shankey
Louis Shankey - Month ago
best of two worlds maybe thats what ill do when my 6.7 dies.
Henry Guzman
Henry Guzman - Month ago
Does the 8th digit of the VIN have to match for swaps to work? trying to swap a 2016 2500 5.7 hemi to a 6.4 hemi
Anthony Nelson
Anthony Nelson - Month ago
Screw Youtube and their damn commercials.!! If I decide to start wearing pantihose I will go over to the Short and Fat man's store and buy me some. That goes for Acme snatch shavers & deodorant, Pokies nipple erection cream, and all the other chick stuff you try to sell me while I watch some guy swapping an engine. If you are going to show commercials match them up with the video content that's playing.
Gavin Nichols
Gavin Nichols - Month ago
2:00 beautiful
Danny Dooley
Danny Dooley - Month ago
Where did you buy the new line for inside the oil pan?
Lorenzo Williams
Lorenzo Williams - Month ago
You had me when you swapped a Cummins. I used to own a '93 Cummins, missed the sound. You, your pals are doing a super job. Love all the little comics, most working with engines.
David Means
David Means - Month ago
Once had four Apache gunships and a Blackhawk fly over my house at one time. Talk out loud.
Gary Barnstable
Gary Barnstable - Month ago
Looking good
YUKI JINJUJI - Month ago
Flys are attracted to a horses ass.
ken standish
ken standish - Month ago
We was going to try to start doing cummins swaps at thr dealer I work at. We did one and that was the last one we did. I wanted to start doing them but guess it would look bad doing the swaps at a ford dealer lol
Sti B
Sti B - Month ago
My cummins got low turbo mount out of ford truck,in my f250,got ford on the cummins I'd plate,I'm in Australia, love you channel
Mgrand99 - Month ago
What did you do with the hydraulics on the braking system? Was still in good condition? I could use your parts
Nathan Skalicky
Nathan Skalicky - Month ago
Anyone else notice the loader creating down during the time lapse while he pulled the pan?
Chuck Yeager
Chuck Yeager - Month ago
Please brothers next time you used angled grinder wearing face shield u don't want the grinding discs broken flying towards your faces I seen a lot people loses their eyes..great setup way to go...
David Libby
David Libby - Month ago
Fummin's or not. I watched the whole video just to see the 175,000,000 commercials. Thanks Youtube for messing up another one!
outlaw trucks tv
outlaw trucks tv - Month ago
Had to sub. Lol love the Cummins swap may have to do one in my f250 . Hmmmmm
TheSevenJr86 - 2 months ago
"That looks like a bee, but that's ok." *Subscribe* Was a good chuckle
Gustavo Cordero
Gustavo Cordero - 2 months ago
Hello I'm Gust from Costa Rica I love the American Car Do you know how can I buy Iit I don't matter if iit is old Here is difficult found it I
Robert Kizer
Robert Kizer - 2 months ago
clean your shop sir
David Creson
David Creson - 2 months ago
Next time at auction get some engine stands a crushed chest is no fun!
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