Why I'm NOT Vegan or Plant Based Anymore | What I Eat in a Day #4

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Tori Sterling
Tori Sterling - 2 years ago
Thank you babes for all the love!! At the end of the day it's eggs - no meat no dairy. I am still 95% plant based!!! I have to do what is best for MY body & we all need to focus on not labeling our diets and lifestyles. What's important to ME is feeling my best and being the healthiest I can be (everyone has a different idea of healthy and to me this is the right track for ME feeling healthy). We are all different and our bodies react and respond differently to diets. I have done both plant based & HCLF and I still have felt stuck. To me, right now in my life, this feels like the right decision. &&& at the end of the days, it's eggs. EGGS. E G G S !! I love you all!!!
Victoria Biała
Victoria Biała - 5 months ago
Tori Sterling don’t act like eggs are harmless?
Kiran Govind
Kiran Govind - 9 months ago
Hope you are still reading the comments. Look up Eric Berg on RUvideos KETO plus intermittent fasting. If you like it maybe show it to your dad.
hari - Year ago
auggiedoggy seafood is not a superior source of omega-3 fatty acids. it can be contaminated w/ salmonella, microbes, feces, plastic, and mercury, and it is filled with saturated fat and cholesterol. what are superior sources of omega-3 fatty acids are chia and hemp seeds, brussel sprouts, and walnuts.
Lilac Lizard
Lilac Lizard - Year ago
_"ours is composed of unfertilized eggs being shed"_ ROFLMAO & you tell ME to do some research? No hari, our periods are NOT unfertilised eggs! human eggs are too small to be seen. They travel from the ovaries, through the uterus & if fertilised, they implant there, if not, they continue down the vagina & into the toilet (if not dissolved first) & are undetectable. 2 WEEKS later, the uterus lining is detached & removed from the body, THAT is the period. Like it or not, you make yourself sound like an uneducated idiot when you talk about chickens having "periods". I'm guessing your mother told you you were delivered by a stork & you've never questioned it, despite everyone laughing at you for it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do some basic research so you can stop making such a fool of yourself!
hari - Year ago
Lilac Lizard eggs actually are a byproduct of a hen’s ovulation. They essentially are a chickens period as they’re discarded eggs that have not been fertilized. This is exactly the same as humans periods as ours is composed of unfertilized eggs being shed, although ours is not in a calcified shell. Maybe you should do some research.
D90Girl - 10 days ago
That would have been yummy with some ham and cheddar 😂
NorthStar Astrology
NorthStar Astrology - Month ago
Go to YouTube channel "Bobby's Perspective" he opened my eyes about why we don't need plant materials in our system. I'm so glad I came to my senses in time, because I was blacking out, short of breath and dizzy while Vegan and Raw Vegan. And I invested a lot of my time creating recipe books from old photo albums. And I had five. Now, I'm creating an Omivore/Paleo-plant based album. And, to think I was Vegetarian for 36 years! Eggs are so good and vital to all Ex Vegans to restore their health. I ate Eggs, too, to end my suffering.
wingedguardian - Month ago
props to not being vegan anymore, it is really detrimental no doubt about that and the longer you stay vegan the worse things get for your body.
Natassha - Month ago
how is your health now with no meat?
ShayaPay LovesJesus
ShayaPay LovesJesus - 2 months ago
I lost all my muscle I've been vegan 8 months ....I'm sad... I have to build muscle now...and I don't know what to do! 😭
Mel Gallagher
Mel Gallagher - 2 months ago
I'm confused too. I have had fibro for a long time and have worked out i react badly to some foods like gluten dairy etc. I am uncomfortable now eating meat but am concerned about not getting what I need. When I don't eat meat for a while I go through phases of really craving it. Then I crave veggies. Then fruit. Etc etc. I think we need to listen to our bodies and what it is saying we need. We are all different and have different needs for lots of reasons. The one thing I would say don't listen to are sugar cravings lol
Tenzing Namdhak
Tenzing Namdhak - 3 months ago
Women shouldn't do high carb low fat, women need more fat.
St Marc Arias
St Marc Arias - 3 months ago
Glad you came to your senses.... You are an ex vegan now... Perfect way to eat ... Plant based with protein on top... eggs salmon or pollo...
Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards - 4 months ago
wow, she eats so much sugar. no wonder she's having cravings
Dadul Maharaj
Dadul Maharaj - 4 months ago
Victoria Biała
Victoria Biała - 5 months ago
Some really good resources are...
How Not to Die
What the Health
The Cheese Trap
CatwomanBrie Gaming
CatwomanBrie Gaming - 6 months ago
Ive been thinking about going pescetarian for a while. Ive been vegetarian for nearly 2 years and went vegan back in February. It's cool and not that hard but I've been missing seafood more than anything!!if I did, I still wouldn't eat eggs and dairy, I'd just be adding back fish.
Dickie Blues
Dickie Blues - 6 months ago
Meat and eggs and animal products are good for us! Veganism is a cult and will make your body malnourished. I'm an ex vegan and I have also done countless studies! Also, not sure if you're a follower of Christ or believer but the Bible explains why to not abstain from meat and what happens to our bodies without it.
Sami X
Sami X - 6 months ago
Also veganism isnt a diet it is a life style, a movement against animal cruelty and exploitation. Typical of someone who is uneducated and doesnt give a shit about anyone other than themselves to come out with crap like that. I also dont care this was a year ago. 🖕
Sami X
Sami X - 6 months ago
You were never vegan!!you even admitted that. You were "plant based" you were using veganism for views and attention.
Samantha Clements
Samantha Clements - 6 months ago
Literally same. Everything about this video... same. Except I was vegan 4 years before stopping
Kayla Goforth
Kayla Goforth - 7 months ago
*Unsubscribes* (Not to be mean, but that why I subscribed in the first place.)
Kalah Collins
Kalah Collins - 8 months ago
Why do vegans take it so personally when people stray away from being vegan?
Kalah Collins
Kalah Collins - 6 months ago
liv I obviously wasn’t talking about her, but referring to the comments.
liv - 7 months ago
She wasn't even vegan in the first place she literally said that in a video
Development - 8 months ago
I think Tori means she is not eating a Plant Based diet right? Vegan isn't a diet. Plant Based Whole Foods are a dietary format (and it doest sound like she did that properly). Being Vegan is an ethical stance about not harming, enslaving or torturing and killing to any animal. Veganism also includes not funding animal testing and animal clothing as well as using other beings used for food. She may be saying she tried taking an ethical stance for other animals, but that wasn't working for her... It is like if you saw what the Buddhists were eating, tired their diet, you didn't feel it was working for you - and now you say you have giving up being a Buddhist.... Does that make sense?
Z E - 8 months ago
Checkout this video
Priestess of the Ancient Flame of Freya
You do the right think on eating eggs... it helps me too. The bloating was terrible :(
Priestess of the Ancient Flame of Freya
I am Vegetarian for 20 years, I was vegan for 5 yeas and now I am Pescetarian, because veganism made me sick, I too was bloated and gained weight... If I dont eat the one fish a week, a bigger fish will eat it, so, it is a natural cicle of life and dead. I have noticed, that many vegans were fanatic and this have nothing to do with animalprotection anymore, it has all to do with ego. Many vegans were not healthy at all and they gulp down synthetic supstitutes and poison theyr bodies. I am not interested if someone is vegan or vegetarian or what else, I am only interested if someone is a good person or not and a special diet didnt make you a better person. So for me it didnt count if you are vegan or not if you are a nice person :)
zaira vega
zaira vega - 8 months ago
Watch Frank Tufano
Brandon D
Brandon D - 8 months ago
Sounds like you were just not doing your "vegan" diet correctly. A whole foods plant based diet is the healthiest diet. It’s just a scientific fact.
genevieve hazel
genevieve hazel - 8 months ago
i luv having tofu scramble & veggies for breakfast
Alexa Cr
Alexa Cr - 9 months ago
I have a big, big question about eggs, what was the feeling when you first ate the egg when you stopped being vegan? 😄 I want to be ovo - vegetarian because of my health (i’m vegan for 3 years), i’m scared to custome animal products 😄😄
hc - 9 months ago
Watch The Magic Pill
Sophie Morrison
Sophie Morrison - 9 months ago
If you lost weight you were in an energy deficit, therefore your energy levels will eventually run out, you can thrive on plant based diet, as well as saving millions of animals from a life of torture, if you simply eat more.
David B
David B - 10 months ago
That’s just all shitty carbs and sugar. Especially that Soy/Coconut yogurt
From Hellish,to Wellish!
From Hellish,to Wellish! - 10 months ago
everyone's body is different.
Kamil Podeszwa
Kamil Podeszwa - 11 months ago
To much fiber, not enough water?
gen naughton
gen naughton - 11 months ago
A vegan diet is the healthiest diet for every human. If youre experiencing any negatives, alter the type of vegan diet you are on. Eating animals/animal products definitely does not solve anything that can't be solved with vegan food and will certainly be an overall detriment. And its absolutely not only about you, its about the animals.
Jacked Jackson
Jacked Jackson - 11 months ago
gen naughton Fake news.
Ailissa Lew
Ailissa Lew - Year ago
Do what’s best for your body... and the animals please, different forms of veganism exist. So sad to see more animals at harm.
Bradley Suarez
Bradley Suarez - Year ago
I eat meat and dairy like 2 times a week.
Becky Gonzalez
Becky Gonzalez - Year ago
It’s great in the beginning then my muscles deteriorated and my hair was falling out.
Liberty Daniels
Liberty Daniels - Year ago
Have you and your mom thought about consulting with a wfpb nutritionist? It could be something as simple as what your eating and the times you eat? Also check into leaky gut - it can cause all your symptoms. Also Dr Klaper will do Skype consults - he is wonderful.
KrO - Year ago
Veganism = depopulation agenda. You made a good choice dropping that nonsense.
Robert C
Robert C - Year ago
ex vegan here. i was a vegan for 3 years. i had completely forgotten what being unbloated felt like. when i added meats back in to my diet and heavily cut back on grains, a layer of what i thought was stubborn fat just disappeared from my stomach area in about 1 week.
melody lovelife
melody lovelife - 10 months ago
Eating lifestyle shouldn't be difficult it doesn't make sense to throw everything out the door it should be a balance so applaud to that
Burnik Tae
Burnik Tae - Year ago
Lots OF crazy vegans here let her eat whatever she likes. Let her live her life
NunyaBiz - Year ago
Hey. Eat some damn tofu and take a supplement. Jesus Christ. Everyone is so dramatic and whiny these days.
Notorious J
Notorious J - Year ago
Yeah eating suffering torture and death will heal you...so much ignorance
Lauren Bell
Lauren Bell - Year ago
This is literally me!!! I had been vegan for about a year and a half & in the beginning it was amazing but recently was getting really frustrated w the fact that I woke up & stayed throughout the whole day constantly bloated. I also had an insane acne flare up & thought I might have candida. So I reluctantly stopped being vegan. I followed this candida diet that included meat & eggs but no diary. I didn’t eat the meat tho at the time but I remember the first time eating eggs for breakfast as opposed to oatmeal and lots of fruit and I felt soooo good. My stomach was for the first time not bloated!
Whole Food Plant-Based Man
Oh, cool. You are vegetarian too. Awesome. At least you are somebody who saw the middle ground instead of those who revert all the way into the land of meat. I wish more people would see that too.
Redhead 21
Redhead 21 - Year ago
I had the same experience as ur mom. Veganism sucks
gojko velicanstveni
gojko velicanstveni - Year ago
WATCH sv3rige !!!! thats all I am going to suggest to you :D (btw im not sarcastic, dude is awesome, and his diet is awesome!)
Ophelia Bixby
Ophelia Bixby - Year ago
When I went vegan I gained 10 kg in like 1-2 months. That’s a lot!! And I’m always bloated, exhausted and I just don’t feel happy eating vegan food anymore. It makes me so sad since I’m actually vegan for the animals as well. I’ve preached about veganism since I went vegan and I know people will start hating on me if I start eating any kind of animal products again, and I can’t really blame them. I’m not sure what to do... because when I was on a healthy lifestyle (non vegan) I felt kind of good. I lost around 15 kg in about 6 months or less when I was the healthiest. This really frustrates me! :(
Helter Skelter
Helter Skelter - Year ago
Every time I watch one of these they reveal they eat too much bread and grains. Grains should be super minimal in the diet whether you eat meat or not.
Caleb Lash
Caleb Lash - Year ago
Wahl's Protocol. Was an excellent read, written by a doctor who suffered from and healed herself of MS through diet
Robin Harris
Robin Harris - Year ago
high carb maybe you became insulin resistant
Azor Ahai
Azor Ahai - Year ago
Time to eat organic meat, eggs, fermented, deseeded, peeled veggies and no dairy!
moondoan - Year ago
hey, just be a vegan and eat what you want on this diet, not following strict rules like on hclf, but just listening to what your body wants... i love love onions, garlic, beans and so on, but also being bloated is just such a bad feeling, that i am cutting down the intake of those foods drastically. as long as i can still eat everything i love, just altered, i am happy - i don't put my taste buds or moreover my looks over the choice of fighting for a better world. so, veganism is not just a diet, it's a life style.
moondoan - Year ago
BUT: i completely respect your decision!!! please do things that make you thrive, i don't accuse you to not think about your life choises, because obviously, you do!
Sophia Novara
Sophia Novara - Year ago
This has really inspired me omg. After I started watching these videos I finally started losing weight. Also, I love how she pronounces "acai"
Caro xo
Caro xo - Year ago
you could try b12 shot
Ashley Johansson
Ashley Johansson - Year ago
Women should drink more milk and beer because it encourages more estrogen (yes more than soy) and helps women with flat chest and no ass to grow them.
D Money
D Money - Year ago
Your story is the same as so many vegans ... once they do it long enough and are honest with themselves they realize slowly deteriorating is no way to live. Eat what makes you feel good, not what other people tell you is “healthy”.
Alight86 - Year ago
...because HCLF is the new fashion fad for ortorexic egocentrical people looking forward to feel accepted and loved as a public person, ignoring the impact of their actions on others. sorry not sorry.
Richard Sternberg
Richard Sternberg - Year ago
I have been ( more or less ) vegan for the last 50 years. Actually macrobiotic / vegan. What I learned from macrobiotics was to CHEW my foods very, VERY well. I suspect that vegans feel "bloated" eating whole grains mainly because they swallow before the grain is totally masticated. Whole grains are filling & produce much energy as a marathon runner will attest to ( carb-loading). We MUST learn to chew until what is in your mouth is just about liquid. Almost every civilization has had a whole grain - based diet .... with the Eskimo & few odd cultures being the exceptions.
MNasty - Year ago
Kimberly Dawn
Kimberly Dawn - Year ago
I’ve been vegan for a year, and have been debating going back to vegetarian (I was vegetarian for four years) and I’m starting to feel the same way you’ve been describing. I’ll never go back to eating meat. But now I’m torn and feel incredibly guilty. But what do you do? Love this video, definitely subscribing
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