Sonof Osiris
Sonof Osiris - 6 months ago
For those who've never heard of " Dark Alliance & Champions of Norrath" are 2 of the best rpg of all time
Sonof Osiris
Sonof Osiris - 3 months ago
@PKPLUM ' hoh man they're epic!
PKPLUM ' - 3 months ago
Never heard of them
Sonof Osiris
Sonof Osiris - 6 months ago
@Stefano Bozzi whomever was fortunate to play those games I'm sure they've got great memories ! 👌
Stefano Bozzi
Stefano Bozzi - 6 months ago
The memories between me and my brother fighting for the ps2 controller playing with my uncle lol. Amazing games
Never Be Alone
Never Be Alone - 2 months ago
And then Albion.. You get killed in red by 3 gankers and you lose everything
Pizzagulper - 2 months ago
He lost a lot of credibility to me, for mentioning a shooter as a diablo type game, but instantly got it back when he mentioned titan quest. That is a good game!
Adrian Rajzner
Adrian Rajzner - 3 months ago
Insane that you missed Sacred.
Andrewbreeze316 - 3 months ago
Dungeon Siege
Vukašin Đorđević
Vukašin Đorđević - 4 months ago
There is no Titan Quest 2
Rollah - 4 months ago
games similar to diablo: borderlands 2

Mylifeis funny
Mylifeis funny - 6 months ago
good list
Patrick Schlosser
Patrick Schlosser - 6 months ago
Devilian II and Marvel Heroes are unfortunately dead.
Todd - 8 months ago
Titan quest does not work at all. Way to laggy servers.
Brian Goldstein
Brian Goldstein - 8 months ago
literally every game I want to play right now is windows only, and my processor can't handle a virtual machine... the pain of owning a mac.
Sobek Cenbite
Sobek Cenbite - 9 months ago
Wolcen is a nice upcoming ARPG. Look out for that one
Daniel Gabriel Secară
Daniel Gabriel Secară - 9 months ago
Grim Dawn: Forbidden Gods -- here we go!
PinbalWizzard - 9 months ago
Devilian = bye bye
Geoffrey Kelli
Geoffrey Kelli - 9 months ago
Loved the Baldur’s Gate games on PS2.
moon milk
moon milk - 9 months ago
Diablo 3 is suck
Mario Namewontwork
Mario Namewontwork - 9 months ago
Grim dawn is currently on sale at GoG... I might get it.
Lucky You
Lucky You - 10 months ago
Its almost 2019 and stil no lost ark in EU. Ill update you guys on the progress again in 2022.
Ninja Sushi
Ninja Sushi - 11 months ago
Diablo 3 is utter and awful garbage.
dany - 11 months ago
mate why post lost ark thats in korean i cant find any thing on it? where can i download and play in english ... or do i need to learn korean to play good games now?
Cero powa
Cero powa - Year ago
how do u download these games?
Matthew Vice
Matthew Vice - Year ago
One that surprised the hell out of me is Record of Lodoss War on the Dreamcast, of all bloody platforms. It's one of the best Diablo-like games I've ever played and was probably developed on a cheaply-acquired license. I didn't like the anime even when I was young and stupid and into anime, but the game is a butt-load of fun --- especially considering how far I managed to get without figuring out how to play the damn game properly.
A friend of mine who owned a game store simply gave it to me as unsellable stock and I took it without expecting to give it more than a quick go to see what it was like - but it hooked me for ages. In this day and age, I don't think it's unreasonable to download an ISO of it and use Demul or something to run it. After all, how the hell else are you going to play the damn thing?
Tritian - Year ago
lol @ borderlands in a best arpg list heh
SemiAuto Thanos Car
SemiAuto Thanos Car - Year ago
my first Action Rpg is Fallout
StahliBoi - Year ago
I love that you threw lord of the rings gba in there. Ive been playing it for the past couple weeks on an emulator on my phone haha.
Friend And Machine
Friend And Machine - Year ago
Bito - Year ago
and why da hell you compare Lost ark to Diablo 3 ? : / it's all different genre games
Adventure - Year ago
boredlands are fps my friend not rpg
Snynhalt - Year ago
You forgot Sacred 1 and 2 (not the 3 please, like Diablo, the 3 was the casualization of this saga).
derp mcderpson
derp mcderpson - Year ago
Baldurs gate: dark alliance is one I would have mentioned
Albert Marion Lim
Albert Marion Lim - Year ago
dude borderlands should NOT be on this list. If you are basing the list of picking up items THAT is every rpg game. think Isometric games
Anabell Miles
Anabell Miles - Year ago
i want an account :'(
Adam Gisselman
Adam Gisselman - Year ago
Baldurs gate dark alliance 1 and 2. Champions of Norrath 1 and 2 and also Fallout Brotherhood of steel. All on ps2 are great diablostylehack n slash adventures.
PsYChOxSOLD13R Xbox - Year ago
Diablo2 pvp was the best
mph seti
mph seti - Year ago
Titan Quest has a 2nd expansion taking you into Norse mythology. Yeah, I thought TQ was dead. It isn't. This was news to me just a few days ago, lol.
jutubaeh - Year ago
sacred is super nice... if it wasnt for those pesky long walks / rides --.--
all the other old ones wouldnt work for me
jutubaeh - Year ago
tq2. . . --.--
düh they make these ön pürpöse ? are you ridicüllync us diablönists ^ why ^ ^
(there wasnt anything around after 96 för lötsa years ^ ^
jutubaeh - Year ago
no bl ps was / is trash -.-
can only dream öff a bl1 remake. would pay aGain given wölcen etc v v
jutubaeh - Year ago
grim dawn torchlight and with strong limits van helsing and the ingenious but über shört victor vran. . .
nö möre -.-
ok titan quest. for ugly graphics. poe ? ?
Chrisv1965 - Year ago
PoE is the king of ARPG's. Grim dawn is amazing as well
Milkaš - 8 months ago
What about titan quest
Tokster - Year ago
Dude....what platforms ?
Mr Major
Mr Major - Year ago
Rinoa Einhearth
Rinoa Einhearth - Year ago
torchlight mobile is a disappointment...
Ma tías
Ma tías - Year ago
I'm a D2 fan, and D3 is shit. Path of Exile and Grim dawn are much more closer to be a successor (but still far from its greatness).
Erin Morales
Erin Morales - Year ago
Darkness Reborn, was the best
multiestonian - Year ago
Try out Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Great arpg, but it's in aplha but still has alot to do.
Maderchood Narendra Modi Mayray Lund Ka Jhaant
Diablo 3 is still the Best !
Sacred Truth
Sacred Truth - Year ago
Unfortunately, Marvel Heroes has shut down.
Der Teedledum
Der Teedledum - Year ago
Path of exile?
drinkyourtea - Year ago
Diablo 3 is trash though Diablo 2 and even Diablo far surpass it in quality.
KingProne - Year ago
1:30. I remember LOTR 2 on GBA was insane. One of the few (if only) really really good movie adaption games. I spent hours on this with my mate and we kept New Game+ing.
Friend And Machine
Friend And Machine - Year ago
That game was oddly amazing.
nandor sztanko
nandor sztanko - Year ago
Torchlight 2+Synergies and Unearthed Arcana mods the Ultimate ARPG!
Ynnlarcron - Year ago
Dungeon hunter 4 and 5 on Android. Graphics looks even better than on diablo 3
Yamcha Dragonball
Yamcha Dragonball - Year ago
Having played a bunch of arpg's in my time, i can safely say this: Just play Diablo 2. All the others are just worse versions of it.
Spot AbeeR
Spot AbeeR - Year ago
Wolcen will be included in these lists.
Stabby Crabby
Stabby Crabby - Year ago
Lotr two towers is october 2002 :P its definitely not 20 years lol
Francesco Spuntarelli
For what i see..... is Diablo 3 still a good rpg???
Friend And Machine
Friend And Machine - Year ago
Yes it's good.
Ro Jones
Ro Jones - Year ago
never heard of the devillion 2 game.. looks decent and a marvel reboot 2016 sounds good also.. grim dawn was meh couldnt get into it.
Launchpad McQuack
Launchpad McQuack - Year ago
Diablo 3, PoE, Grim Dawn, Torchlight 2 and the upcoming Wolcen are pretty much the only good choices for ARPG's right now. Saved you 8 minutes.
Friend And Machine
Friend And Machine - Year ago
... part 2 my dude soon
bubu mic
bubu mic - Year ago
Ark and Lineage eternal are here just to piss us off ... I don`t believe they will release in Europe or any other part of the world except South Korea
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