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Marlene Distancia
Marlene Distancia - 16 дней назад
You mixed the too faced with what other liquid lipstick?
maleeha xx.x
maleeha xx.x - 4 месяца назад
Please restock the More creamer please lip shade to be restocked
maleeha xx.x
maleeha xx.x - 4 месяца назад
We want the More creamer please to be restocked
brumbrum987654321 - 6 месяцев назад
COULD NOT stop staring at your lip colour and nails.
Sumaiya Rumjhum
Sumaiya Rumjhum - 7 месяцев назад
What's her lipstick color???
Maggie Battersby
Maggie Battersby - 7 месяцев назад
Let me say the belief moisturizer is really good and my skin texture has improved. The Foam Cleanser from belief in addition to the moisturizer makes all the pimples vanish!!! And that only happened after a week a use for me!!!
I Santoro
I Santoro - 10 месяцев назад
Super random, but I really like how you get right into your videos! No unnecessary rambling at the start of the video!! Thank you! Love your videos 💗XOXO
kakashisaitama - Год назад
desi looks like fergi in her display pic
Majandra Delphino
Majandra Delphino - Год назад
Zayra Hernandez
Zayra Hernandez - Год назад
Desi! It’s time for an updated Favorites!!!! 😭 porfa! also would like to see your favorites for jackets and clothing type of stuff lol. and focus more on hair and skin favorites too 💋 xoxo
AmbsM14 - Год назад
Ugh I need a tutorial 😍😭
Amal Malik
Amal Malik - Год назад
Is it just me or could Desi be a model?
Hillary Voo
Hillary Voo - Год назад
What lashes are you wearing? they be looking snatched!!!!!!
Natascha Whii
Natascha Whii - Год назад
you just have to do a tutorial on this look plssss
Adreeiii B
Adreeiii B - Год назад
What is the name of the lipstick you’re wearing ?
Jolin Chou
Jolin Chou - Год назад
This background paired with your eye and lip color. Gorgeous!
Emme Modica
Emme Modica - Год назад
Please do this makeup look!!❤️
Teodora Misic
Teodora Misic - Год назад
Can you please do a video on this makeup look💕
jessica cerdan
jessica cerdan - Год назад
Desi pleaaassseee can you told me what is you top? where doest it comes from? the color look so great ! obcessed!
Ashleigh Inglis
Ashleigh Inglis - Год назад
Rocio Benitez
Rocio Benitez - Год назад
What lipstick are you wearing?
Rocio Benitez
Rocio Benitez - Год назад
Lol you just answered my question on the video!! Thank you
Victoria Caldarii
Victoria Caldarii - Год назад
My favorite product is Vichy Dermablend foundation which is the only one that is better than Estee Lauder Long wear! Please give it a try!
Stephanie Velazquez de Garrick
Stephanie Velazquez de Garrick - Год назад
Please do another one of these!!!!!
Madelyn Fryer
Madelyn Fryer - Год назад
okay your intro was literally 10 seconds i love how you are straight to the point while others take five minutes to start the video 🖤🖤🖤 in love!
Lesette Delatorre
Lesette Delatorre - Год назад
You're so beautiful, you're seriously goals 😭😍
RAQS - Год назад
Snatched pony 😍
stephanie debono
stephanie debono - Год назад
Daaaamn gurl you look so good with that red lip on!!
FLdancer00 - Год назад
What lashes are you wearing???
david - Год назад
look very sexy!
Janay Wright
Janay Wright - Год назад
I'm not sure what I've been doing with my life but I just found your page and I'm in love!
Sarai Saija
Sarai Saija - Год назад
You look amazinggg ✨😍
Vivian Terpstra
Vivian Terpstra - Год назад
I tried the lash paradise and I absolutely hated it, it clumped my lashes really bad. I wouldn't recommend it.
Lara F
Lara F - Год назад
Which lipstick are you wearing?!
ashley conor
ashley conor - Год назад
What lipstick r u wearing
si yana
si yana - Год назад
I just can watching you forever!
si yana
si yana - Год назад
J. X
J. X - Год назад
Wooooooo, looking so good
ilham fayd
ilham fayd - Год назад
what color / brand is your lipstick?
Aleksandra Valchanova
Aleksandra Valchanova - Год назад
Are you kidding me?!! When I'm on my period i look like e fucking burnt potato. YOU ARE FREAKING GORGEOUS.
PS: I NEED a tutorial on this look. ASAP. So natural
Lauren Krue
Lauren Krue - Год назад
I also was using the Tarte- drink of H20 moisturizer & switched to the Belief- the true cream aqua bomb & it's hands down absolutely the best moisturizer that I've ever used!!
I also have VERY sensitive skin but, it being a water based/gel formula instead of being an actual cream based, it doesn't clog pores & doesn't irritate my skin whatsoever. I'm obsessed with it & recommend it to everybody!!
SolelyVanessa - Год назад
I seriously need to try the top faces melted lipsticks!
MrsBungle78 - Год назад
I know, I know, so mature! It's just one of those words!🤷🏻‍♀️
felisha malave
felisha malave - Год назад
You are EVERYTHING! So beautiful, so talented!
Mariella Galliani
Mariella Galliani - Год назад
"i'm using all the best words right now " lmaoo
Quelle_UK - Год назад
Have just started tuning into your channel & I can't stop watching. This look is so insane, would love to see a tutorial for this one. Do you mind if I ask what lashes you're wearing?
Sam Sivanesathasan
Sam Sivanesathasan - Год назад
Every time I watch your videos I'm staring at your nails!! Are those acrylics? Or just gel? 😍💕💕
Lynn LiYing Ng
Lynn LiYing Ng - Год назад
Amber Rexford
Amber Rexford - Год назад
i see you desi... girl i see you. Talking about dose of colors and dropping hints while we are out here hopeless😁😝
Kriss Krissy
Kriss Krissy - Год назад
Nadia Palacios
Nadia Palacios - Год назад
I've been messin with the aqua bomb for years! Their whole skincare regime is life changing!!
Tarin Sultana
Tarin Sultana - Год назад
What lashes are you wearing 😍😍😍
ayanis - Год назад
Navin Rahman
Navin Rahman - Год назад
The Vichy Laboratory Serum is really good too! I use it with the Belif Bomb.
Aya Chang
Aya Chang - Год назад
you look so pretty omg!
Live Freely
Live Freely - Год назад
Could you make a workout and protein shake routine video soon? We want to know how you get your amazing Bod. 😄
mikeo8908 - Год назад
What camera do you use to film? And do you have a video on what your filming set up looks like? 😊
Mai Vang
Mai Vang - Год назад
i love the makeup look here!!! soooo gorgeous!!! please a makeup tutorial!!
Bridgette Gibson
Bridgette Gibson - Год назад
When she said girth lmfaoooo
lisseth sinchi
lisseth sinchi - Год назад
What's the name of the lipstick that you are wearing please
Hope Gerlay
Hope Gerlay - Год назад
So glad I found you!
Salome Popiashvili
Salome Popiashvili - Год назад
Love the look!!
Madalyn Strickland
Madalyn Strickland - Год назад
You should try the Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter and let me know how it compares to the Belief The True Cream Aqua Bomb! I have more oily skin than dry but the Josie Maran one leaves your skin super soft!
Maria Therese Hatløy
Maria Therese Hatløy - Год назад
I love the lash paradise mascara too and I also love the brow pomade that came with it!
Jordan Steele-Menadue
Jordan Steele-Menadue - Год назад
Pleeeeaaaase review the new Mecca Max products keen to know your thoughts 😙
Naty Alvarez
Naty Alvarez - Год назад
Your top😍😍😍 WHERE DID YOU GET IT!?
Ellaine Iglesias
Ellaine Iglesias - Год назад
I'm a new youtuber and will sub back to anyone who likes and sub to me, comment when done 😊
Angela Milosevic
Angela Milosevic - Год назад
Congrats on the collab
Juliann Ponce
Juliann Ponce - Год назад
PLEASE DO THE 20 Song Tag 😩🙌🏻🙌🏻💓💓💓😍
Leighanne Sheila
Leighanne Sheila - Год назад
Eeeekkk love this video desi!! I need more dose of colours in my life!! Cant wait for your collab with katy to relase...HUGE CONGRATS to you both the collection looks so beautiful!!! :) I just picked up the new loreal mascara today!!Cant wait to try it out :) I need the marc jacobs and iconic london drops so so much...!! Definitely charlotte tilbury for my most favourite beauty products to use...check them out :) xo
forevermuam makeupArtistmum
forevermuam makeupArtistmum - Год назад
I'm a bussy mum so the cutting on your videos helps. thanks Desi m amor linda.Te quiero
Jessica Atkinson
Jessica Atkinson - Год назад
does anyone else think that the way she talks kind of sounds like Michelle Phan??
Hannah Murphy
Hannah Murphy - Год назад
Ah you are so stunning Desi. Personality and appearance
Rawan Dosari
Rawan Dosari - Год назад
Try the aussie 3 minute conditioner if u have a 🦁 hair that shit works wonders!
Rawan Dosari
Rawan Dosari - Год назад
Instead of using that expensive body cream you should use baby oil so good, as you get out of the shower apply it locks in The moisture and I have dry skin works miracles.
iamsugarcoated - Год назад
Love the red lips on you Desi
Dahlia Hardin
Dahlia Hardin - Год назад
What camera do you use Desi? I neeeed to know! ❤️
krina kothari
krina kothari - Год назад
Can you mention the products you used for this look in the description You look amazing!
Lia.Andrea - Год назад
please do a tutorial on this look desi! ❤️
Lottie Marshall
Lottie Marshall - Год назад
What camera do you use!!! I love this look ❤️
Sanna Beauty
Sanna Beauty - Год назад
Love Desi's makeup in this video 😍😍😍😍😍
Sharni Longman
Sharni Longman - Год назад
Your hair, eyelashes and lipstick are drop dead gorgeous! You know how to rock style! :)
Darcey 'Harriet
Darcey 'Harriet - Год назад
Your makeup 😍 please do a tutorial!!
Samantha March
Samantha March - Год назад
i need to get some Dose lippies! But now I'm saving for that DesyxKaty collab!!!
GISHI BEAUTY - Год назад
Wow desi you so freaking beautiful😍😍😍😍😍😍
Adrian Mathew
Adrian Mathew - Год назад
post the kim k vid
Maria Gudiño
Maria Gudiño - Год назад
I love Desi, but why can't she finish a whole sentence without editing 😕
Julia Gamez
Julia Gamez - Год назад
Hey desi TYSM for recommending the new L'Oréal mascara... it made my eyelashes look like I had fake eyelashes! Tho I do struggle to take it off easily, do you have a recommendation ?
Gabriella Putri
Gabriella Putri - Год назад
would you like to make a tutorial on this makeup look?? :""
predictable07009 - Год назад
omg it just clicked to the desiXkaty collab going to be with dose of colours?!?!?!?!?!!!! AHHHHHHHH! @Lustrelux
Gigi 99
Gigi 99 - Год назад
My only comment that I want you to read is to stop cutting so much throughout the video. Literally after every sentence! It's annoying! 😘😘
Mary Franks
Mary Franks - Год назад
Watch old episodes of Three's Company and you'll see where Mrs. Roper comes from. Lol Love this red tho, I just can't seem to pull off ref lipstick. 😔
Fumi Desalu-Vold
Fumi Desalu-Vold - Год назад
Your red lip is absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!
ATL Guera
ATL Guera - Год назад
HEYYYYY everyone just so you know today Ulta is having a sale I believe it's online only the Too Faced Born This Way foundation and concealer is 40% off I think that makes the foundation around 15 bucks just wanted to let everyone know because it's such a great formula
badthunder00 - Год назад
PLEASE do a prom makeup look
Julia Lin
Julia Lin - Год назад
Pleaseee do a favorite eyeshadow palattes video!!
Lissette Aguilar
Lissette Aguilar - Год назад
The squad should do the spicy ramen noodle challenge 🔥🔥
Evelyn John
Evelyn John - Год назад
God I wish I could measure time in terms of my international travels.
Ella_ Ir
Ella_ Ir - Год назад
Hey Desi I am not sure if you will see this or not but i just wanted to say i have been watching your videos for a while now and you inspire me so much. I have a lot of makeup too and i suck at doing it. Watching your videos help me and inspire me and make me suck less at doing makeup haha. I am only thirteen and already love it. I use a lot of the products you use and you still look way better lmao. I just wanted to say thank you though because you helped me discover my love for makeup. Almost everyday I come home and do my makeup for fun. Again your such an inspiration and I love you so much .
Jenessa Sheffield
Jenessa Sheffield - Год назад
Hmmmm looking so flawless ❤️
Christine Sievert
Christine Sievert - Год назад
Hi Desi! Could you PLEASE do a Video about your eyeshadow "life palette"? PLEASE! 😘
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