DESTINY - Best Motivational Video Speeches Compilation - Listen Every Day! MORNING MOTIVATION

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lorraine arnett
lorraine arnett - 13 hours ago
I am motivated to become the worlds greatest counselor.
Seebzoo - 15 hours ago
“Reading Is To The Mind, As Exercise Is To The Body.” Love from a small youtuber
Saskia de Moor
Saskia de Moor - 3 days ago
so painful in my view that this compilation of great speakers perpetuate the idea that only men can be motivational speakers ... stopped after 5 min .....
Priority 777
Priority 777 - 4 days ago
Awesome stuff. Who knows the name of the main speaker? 8:43
Priority 777
Priority 777 - 4 days ago
Forget it lol Nathan Harmon! I was listening to it but no seeing it
May Gevero
May Gevero - 4 days ago
who is this speaker?
Natalie Stempel
Natalie Stempel - 7 days ago
The challenge is accepting that the struggle is the reward.
Josh Ace
Josh Ace - 7 days ago
Love the videos but I can't listen to them while I'm sleeping. Don't want remember the bs ads
J M - 9 days ago
If you control it, it's not destiny.
Miss V
Miss V - 9 days ago
Great motivational speech! I preach this all the time, make good choices.
Derek Sagar
Derek Sagar - 10 days ago
ann-marie degroot
ann-marie degroot - 11 days ago
I have lost "FAITH!" in Churches & Religion ... BUT! ... my FAITH! is still STRONG!!! ... always BELIEVING! in THE POWER of THE WORD of HEAVENLY FATHER, YESHUA/JESUS & HOLY SPIRIT -- HOLY TRINITY!!! I confidently "STAND!" on THE PROMISES!!! of THE WORD of HEAVENLY FATHER ... knowing that HE CAN NOT LIE!!! THE LIGHT & THE TRUTH is being revealed MORE & MORE in these Last Days! "MY PEOPLE suffer because of LACK of KNOWLEDGE!" "DO NOT be CONFORMED to the things of This World!; but be ye TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of your MINDS!!!" LOVE * LIGHT * TRUTH
Gary Roth
Gary Roth - 11 days ago
I love this stuff. When will you post your next video?
Gary Roth
Gary Roth - 11 days ago
@Motiversity and you probably don't know this but I'm a big fan
Motiversity - 11 days ago
Thanks we try to post 2-3 videos a week.
Soy Javier
Soy Javier - 14 days ago
We may not be able to do it all on our own, but I rather be alone than with individuals who don't mean any good for me or my life. Plus, I get things done when I'm alone.
Sachin Bisht
Sachin Bisht - 16 days ago
Carla Barbosa
Carla Barbosa - 17 days ago
I've been knocked down so many times. I just keep getting back up. Now I'm stronger a force of nature. I want it I go get it. I don't even see the obstacles anymore. I just see opportunity.
Christie Martinez
Christie Martinez - 17 days ago
Remember this name Milton chrisjay lopez I will make it to the nba
DxTerial - 17 days ago
Confidence rising.....*ad begins* ands....there's your depression

What lovely timing
Mr. Eighty
Mr. Eighty - 18 days ago
Change your wants into needs. Imagine seeing the hottest girl ever and you want to talk to her would you do it? No? Now image having a bomb strapped on your waist and if you didn't talk to her then kaboom. Thats extreme, but there is a reason why most live in quiet desperation
The PINK THRIVE DIVA - 18 days ago
Ci Ka
Ci Ka - 19 days ago
Why always this loud f*ckin music in the background in those motivational speeches 🙄??? Overdramatizing in order to get the message?? I got it!!!! Jeeeezz, my ears are fucked up!
Odie Canales
Odie Canales - 20 days ago
The power of determination. !!!!! hi everyone, I'am Odie Canales new youtuber from Philippines.
azaan khan qadri
azaan khan qadri - 20 days ago
We all sinner but limit dont go to far that u feel just u even a lord leave u dont do this mistakes
Andiz Mazter
Andiz Mazter - 21 day ago
Don't give up. Don't ever give up. - Jim Valvano.
Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei - 21 day ago
who you surround yourself matters proves the social network analysis theory.. look it up
Non-Stop Motivation
Non-Stop Motivation - 22 days ago
Hey man; you scrolling the comments, don't give up!
Jerryman Ohachu
Jerryman Ohachu - 16 days ago
@Important man Commenting God bless you.
Jerryman Ohachu
Jerryman Ohachu - 16 days ago
I have been bless by this video, wao God is great, his men are doing great and mighty work in my life. I have been motivated. God bless all the crew of this video.
Important man Commenting
Important man Commenting - 19 days ago
Thank you
Eli Bradford
Eli Bradford - 23 days ago
This video sparked a realization... that in life it is a struggle to become who you desire to be...but I truly wouldn’t have it any other way...than to work with all my being to become what I know I can be.
professor300 - 23 days ago
Remember my name darlo murray i will make it to the nba just watch
AcidicDelusion - 4 days ago
That's such an NBA name. Is destiny,bro.
Eli Bradford
Eli Bradford - 7 days ago
Get after it bro
Benjamin Bingham
Benjamin Bingham - 10 days ago
Darlo Murray.....saving that name to memory for the championship winning San Antonio Spurs team. Good Luck to you.
mea Gonzalez
mea Gonzalez - 14 days ago
RastaPapa - 14 days ago
If I hear your name in the NBA I will buy a ticket.
Walk The Talks
Walk The Talks - 23 days ago
this is my destiny, I will succeed
Keep it pushing2019
Keep it pushing2019 - 24 days ago
162 people that thumb this down, must hate life.....
Jean Baptiste Jacques Fils
Thx for the motivation....
TheOpulenceEyes - 24 days ago
20:43 If you believe it you can achieve it baby... best part for me.
Selmir Hrnčič
Selmir Hrnčič - 24 days ago
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Forseti - 24 days ago
tears for my soul,
Alexutzu54 - 24 days ago
That's it guys. I'm cleaning all my past and I will start over again. No more bad choices. No more procrastination. Be right back in 1 month with my progress. Who's with me?
kirsten dauphinais
kirsten dauphinais - 24 days ago
I'm down!
Ana Elizalde
Ana Elizalde - 24 days ago
Lets do it! Kill em with success
Icarus Digital Marketing
Icarus Digital Marketing - 25 days ago
In 10 days my parents are kicking me off house. Because I don't wanna go university. First I terrified, than I understood something. Now it's time to work like hell survive, and years later kill them with my success. Nikolas Natsioa 7 years from now net worth 450m+. Do I do it for money? No, but for freedom got huge plans
Ryan Martinez
Ryan Martinez - 25 days ago
And if you give up no matter what
Sick Pens Vlogs
Sick Pens Vlogs - 25 days ago
13:24 he started speaking directly to me... wow!
Jean Baptiste Jacques Fils
That's good
MrGruffy 44
MrGruffy 44 - 25 days ago
We are the ones for whom we have been waiting.
"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.--Malvalio, "Twelfth Night", William Shakespeare
Greatness has been thrust upon you. It is up to YOU.
Your daily mantra for pursuing your purpose and your passion:
"I accept the people in my life as they are, not as I would prefer since they are not as spiritually advanced as I am. People in my life recognize the wisdom in me. And my wisdom attracts them to me, awakens their desire to learn from me, to follow my lead, and to align with me. I offer to them, the opportunity to learn, to rise above ignorance and to rise above those around them, to grow in spirituality, and to strive for excellence. I can’t force this to happen. I can only let it happen.
"I see how people respond to me because I have changed my energy field. I am now embodied in the true love and wisdom that I am. I pay attention to, and become more observant, without judgment, of the people, the events and the experiences in my life."
You attract only what you are. What do you see as you look into a mirror? A LEADER or a FOLLOWER?
"Do every day or two, something for no other reason than that you would rather not do it. Everybody should do at least two things each day that he hates to do, just for practice.” --"The Principles of Psychology", Chap IV Habit, William James, page 82 , in “Britannica Great Books”
Todd Toure
Todd Toure - 22 days ago
@MrGruffy 44 Likewise. See you at the Top, because the bottom is too damn Crowded.
MrGruffy 44
MrGruffy 44 - 22 days ago
@Todd Toure I thank you. Have a great life!
Todd Toure
Todd Toure - 23 days ago
Wow. I feel this. Thank you. I am taking this Advice to Heart.
Conchesa Paul
Conchesa Paul - 26 days ago
Best changed my life
dockcom - 26 days ago
Immense!! Whose World is it? The world is yours
Dezzy Mercy
Dezzy Mercy - 27 days ago
🌟 It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves 🌟
Mind Pro Lab
Mind Pro Lab - 27 days ago
"You must unlearn what you have learned."
SuperMega22 SM22
SuperMega22 SM22 - 27 days ago
Because of you I talked to the girl of my dreams the girl that that I was to scared to talk to and It felt so good to stop letting fear control me I was in control not fear and I learned that from you so thank you 🙏 .
Hezekiah Williams
Hezekiah Williams - 28 days ago
Angel Mendoza
Angel Mendoza - 28 days ago
You can you must you will!
Trice Pruitt
Trice Pruitt - 28 days ago
Live your life like it’s the only one you got. 🍒❤️
Lexi Cesario
Lexi Cesario - 26 days ago
it is the only one you got..
Trice Pruitt
Trice Pruitt - 28 days ago
Make good choices excellent things happen. 🍒❤️
Lexi Cesario
Lexi Cesario - 26 days ago
yeah but sometimes when you make a bad decision the same effect can happen, you grow and evolve into the person you are meant to be. no pain, no gain(.)
*Uptown* - 28 days ago
There’s no such thing as destiny, or meant to be. There is simply the choices you make or path you take. We have the need to believe something guides us and that there’s an ultimate purpose so that we feel less helpless, so we think there’s something outside of ourselves helping us.
Believe in yourself. Choose your own life. Stop believing in outside forces. Because it’s all just you.
Tristan Thorpe
Tristan Thorpe - 21 day ago
Zack Zack
Zack Zack - 28 days ago
Destiny only happens when you are not aware of your choices.
JPB productions
JPB productions - 29 days ago
Alright, someone invent a time machine
XwX Music
XwX Music - 29 days ago
My Queen 🌹🙏🏼
X Nation
X Nation - 29 days ago
I need to surround myself around people like me. I'm 18 and trying each and every day to build a business and follow my passions. I want to make a discord server for anyone who needs people to motivate and support them throughout any journey they come across. I hope I don't sound insane but I don't care who you are or what you do or where you live. We need to stick together as one so that every time we all get to work we know that we're not alone. We all want to change why not make it happen. Let me know if i should make a server
30dayRawFood Challenge
30dayRawFood Challenge - 29 days ago
Hi good morning thank you for the video!
Elisabeth Thunderberry
Elisabeth Thunderberry - 29 days ago
#DENSITY. Lol .couldn't resist
Workout Time
Workout Time - 29 days ago
I have problems with my legs. I need to practise to make them feel better and stop hurting me. Today will be my 7th day that I'm doing it. I was about to say screw this I'm done . I was searching for something to motivate me. But it's hard. I came here. For motivation. I'll keep doing it. I'm Struggling with this. It's a long process it will take months and I need to practice a lot. Wish me good luck . I love you all and I hope that I will succeed.
Carla Barbosa
Carla Barbosa - 17 days ago
Remember on the other side of your struggle is something good.
Levi Heaton III
Levi Heaton III - 25 days ago
Don't HOPE you will succeed. KNOW you will.
Theendman - 26 days ago
There is no doubt that you will succeed. This is your goal and you will achieve it!
Rochelle Pratt
Rochelle Pratt - 27 days ago
and love you back friend !!
Jocee 2020
Jocee 2020 - 27 days ago
Workout Time Good Luck 🍀👍 You can do it Believe It You Can Mind over Matter from Within🙏😇👍
Gabriel Cueto
Gabriel Cueto - Month ago
Subtitulenlo al español
Young N Official
Young N Official - Month ago
I Love You Guys Channel Very bIg inspiration to a small Motivational channel like mine. Keep on Inspiring Motiversity!
Ali Queen
Ali Queen - Month ago
J Ray
J Ray - Month ago
Next videos